2/13 Instance: Cracks

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2/13 Instance: Cracks

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:54 am

Timelined for right after Missed the Bus and concurrent to Baptism by Fire

<Bobby> He braced himself with a hand on the dash, looking back over his shoulder to the front door. It stood open, but empty.

<Hope> Hope floored it, unable to look back at the door. She gritted her teeth and stared straight ahead, trying to think.

<Bobby> "Where are you going?" He needed his phone, but his clothes weren't in the best state after the unexpected shift to ice and he started checking pockets.

<Hope> "I... I don't know," she admitted, just following the road.

<Bobby> "We need to call Fury..." And David. He needed David. Stat.

<Hope> "Sebastian," she added to that list.

<Bobby> Bobby shot her a look. "What? Why? That piece of shit probably set him on you!"

<Hope> "The fuck are you going on about?!" She questioned him, glancing from the road to him. "Of course he didn't!"

<Bobby> "Goddamn Shaws..." He glanced behind them again. "One less to worry about now though..."

<Hope> Hope had to pull over immediately, nausea overtaking her. She shook as she threw the car into park and placed her forehead on the steering wheel.

<Bobby> He jolted with the car's motion and thought about what he'd just said. Well, fuck. And there was a possibility... "I-I'm s-sorry... I know you... um..."

<Hope> What exactly had happened back there? She'd been so intent on getting the hell out of there that she hadn't been paying attention to Bobby and... Oh shit. Was he dead?! Hope's stomach lurched and she barely managed to not be sick.

<Bobby> "Hey... babe..." What the fuck did he say? He'd already gone for an 'I told you so' and 'sorry I might have killed your crazy boyfriend' didn't seem a good tactic either. Instead, he scooted over in the bucket seat and put his arms around her. "Shhh... you're okay."

<Hope> At the touch, she lost it, sobbing into her hands and leaning against him.

<Bobby> "Hope..." He sighed and held her, trying to get as comfortable as you could get in broad daylight, half naked, in a bright yellow Corvette. Bobby took a look around and over his shoulder again, just in case.

<Hope> "I thought he was better...."

<Bobby> "What the fuckity fuck exactly happened in there?" He needed to know for his report, and.... general sanity. "I thought everything was fine and then all of a sudden you were yelling - he had a gun?" Bobby wracked his brain, but couldn't remember seeing one. "Fuck... it all happened so fast," he breathed.

<Hope> "I walked in and he slid one into the chamber," she managed, wiping her face.

<Bobby> "Motherfucker..." Okay, maybe it was justifiable homicide.

<Hope> "We need to get out of town," she shook herself back into action, checking the road before pulling out again.

<Bobby> "We need clothes, and we need to call your dad." He let go, sliding back to his seat.

<Bobby> Shooting her a look, he amended. "Your real dad."

<Hope> "I've got a bag in the trunk... there might be some things... you can wear." For Obi. She might have put some clothes in the bag for Obi.

<Bobby> "Right... bag." He had to call Paige too. "Things I can wear? Taken up crossdressing?" It was then he realized who the clothes probably belonged to and swallowed, hard. "Oh... n-nevermind." Bobby laughed, nervously. "Not like clonesicle is gonna have a use for 'em now I guess." He closed his eyes the moment the words flew from his mouth.

<Hope> Her hands gripped the steering wheel, knuckles white. "Shut. Up." she snapped at him.

<Bobby> Yeaaaaah. He cleared his throat. "Right. S-sorry. Shutting up now..."

<Hope> "Or you'll be joining him. I'll find a way, so help me," she swore to him, staring at the road.

<Bobby> That made him blink. "Hey! I was defending you! Y'know? My job?"

<Hope> "And he might be DEAD? Is that in the job description?!"

<Bobby> Bobby swallowed three or four times. "You think I wanted to kill somebody today! You said he had a gun and he had you! I was trying to stop him so you could get away!"

<Hope> She hit the exit toward the state park and relaxed a little... until he spoke. "He did have a gun!"

<Bobby> He quieted and looked over at her. "I didn't see it... not when I..." Bobby stopped himself and frowned. "Why would he even try to use a gun on you? He knew I was with you..."

<Hope> "Because he was trained to use one for the mission," she reasoned, speeding up.

<Bobby> "So he was having, like... a flashback?" Bobby's face screwed up and he didn't know if this made the situation better or worse.

<Hope> "Yeah... yeah I think so." Or she had. It was... weird. "We're almost to the park. Then we can get dressed and get the hell out of the way."

<Bobby> He dug the heels of both hands into his eyes. Fucking A. He knew about flashbacks, and if he'd just... wait, what? Bobby looked over at her. "Out of the way?"

<Hope> "You really want to be around when Jess finds him?"

<Bobby> "Oh..." Bobby covered his face again. "Fuck me."

A little later...

<Hope> Cell service had dropped sometime after Hope and Bobby had entered the state park. She'd grabbed her pack from the trunk, thankful that it had rations. There was no hunting in a state park.

<Hope> However, sometime during the walk up the mountain, Hope had to stop. She slumped against a nearby tree and slid down to the ground, scraping her arm as she went.

<Hope> What was happening? What was going on? Obi was dead or dying, he'd tried to kill her, and her vision was swimming.

<Bobby> "Fuck! Hope!" Bobby sped up, sliding to his knees beside her, still feeling awkward in his borrowed clothes.

<Hope> "He's... dead," she got out, shutting her eyes tightly.

<Bobby> ....fuck. Bobby bit down on his lower lip. "We don't know that." He squeezed his eyes closed. "Not for sure..."

<Hope> Her arms slid around her knees, holding them close to her chest. "If not dead... dying... I should have gone back."

<Bobby> "He was... not phased, but, the opposite..." Bobby settled his ass on the ground beside her and cleared his throat. "He's, uh, tough... when he's like that..."

<Hope> She nodded, remembering the footage of a bus dropping on top of Obi... and got stuck in the flashback.

<Bobby> Bobby noticed the change, immediately. "Hope?"

<Hope> Hope shook as she watched the fight, somewhere between spectating and from his point of view.

<Bobby> Shit, shit, shit! "Hope... babe?" Bobby grabbed his phone, checking for signal. Nope. He hoped Paige got his message... "Please, babe." He reached out and gripped her shoulder.

<Hope> She flailed, reacting to the touch by moving to counter it and attack him.

<Bobby> Fuck! Shifting to ice, he fell back just a little. "Fucking A Hope! Stop!"

<Hope> "My suit!" She shrieked.

<Bobby> Bobby blinked. What? The fuckity fuck? She wasn't even wearing a suit! "Hope!" He scrambled back and away from her.

<Hope> She held her head with her hands, whimpering as it replayed over and over. She fumbled for her phone, an emergency file already opening up. It was her voice. It read to her a list of basics. "I was Hope Spalding. I was born in Alaska. I'm Tony Stark's daughter. I live in Boston...." Her voice began to sooth her, calming her slightly. Slightly.

<Bobby> Looking between the phone and Hope, he blinked again. Oh... hell. Bobby opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened again. Um... Well. Shit.

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