02/13 Instance: Hired

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02/13 Instance: Hired

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:13 am

Timelined concurrent to [Instance]Missing the Bus.

<Meggan> Checking the address again, Meggan paused to check herself over in the reflection on a nearby shop window. She had to look presentable and make a good impression. First impressions were everything. She took a calming breath and approached the coffee shop, pushing the door open.

<Shaw> Sipping his coffee, Sebastian turned his attention to the door when he heard movement. Well. She did look like her photo, he had to admit.

<Meggan> She recognised Sebastian Shaw from long ago when she'd been to the Hellfire Club and from Google. She tried not to look as nervous as she felt as her gaze slid to the woman sitting with him.

<Jessica> Jess offered the girl a small smile and gestured her over.

<Shaw> He stood and stepped around the table, holding out his hand. "Good morning, Miss Jones."

<Meggan> "Good morning," she took the hand for a good firm handshake. "I hope you weren't waiting long."

<Shaw> "Not at all." He introduced himself, then turned to the table. "And this, of course, is my wife, Jessica, and our daughter, Miriam." Sebastian pulled out a chair for her and signaled to Chad, who looked sullen about the whole affair.

<Meggan> "Pleased to meet you." She smiled, sparing another for Miriam and a small wave. She took the seat with a small thank you.

<Shaw> The boy waited until the blonde sat down, watching her, and then asked if he could get her anything to drink. Pleased that the Starbucks employee could at least follow orders, he took his own seat and rested his arm across the back of Jessica's chair. Any first impression yet?

<Jessica> She's nervous, Jess offered him a smile too, And she likes tea so there's a bonus. She had a small internal cheer when Meggan requested her drink.

<Shaw> He suppressed a smirk and brushed his thumb against Jessica's back. Heavens help me. "I hope you didn't have any trouble finding us?"

<Meggan> "Well... there are a lot of Starbucks... but I can fly so it's not difficult to get around," she smiled, "I was worried I'd be late."

<Shaw> "Flight is a most convenient ability." He watched Chad bring the drink, then gave him a stare.

<Meggan> "It is pretty useful," she nodded in agreement and thanked Chad for her tea. "Saves you a fortune in travel expenses, that's for sure."

<Shaw> "Indeed, although hardly the most discrete form of travel, and that is something of which we often have need, even though President Stark has outlawed further production of Sentinels." He took a sip of coffee.

<Meggan> "Well that depends how you choose to fly... if I want to, I can shapshift into a bird instead and then I blend in pretty well." She added sugar to her tea and prodded the bag with her spoon.

<Shaw> "That's fascinating... of course, I realize part of your resume was a summation of your abilities, but it's always more valuable to hear them described first-hand," he prompted, glancing at Jessica, then back to the blonde.

<Jessica> Jess took the hint, "Yes... actually... one of the reasons I was so interested was because it mentioned empathy..."

<Meggan> "Oh... well, yes... I'm an empath... but you don't have to worry about me using it on your baby, if you're worried. I wouldn't do that without permission."

<Shaw> "How do you use it, if it's not too much to ask?" He watched her intently.

<Meggan> She blinked at him, "Um... I'm not sure what you mean by the question..." she glanced at his wife.

<Jessica> Jessica sighed, "The reason he asks is because I've recently gained the ability... and I have no idea how to control it."

<Shaw> Sebastian shrugged one shoulder and sipped his coffee.

<Meggan> Frowning a little, Meggan thought about how she used her powers. "I've not really thought about how I do it... I tried once and got confused..." she admitted with a slight blush, "In the beginning, I used to get really influenced by the emotions of others... but I've gotten better at recognising my own and separating them out..." She was sure she'd be better at it if she had any psychic defenses at all.

<Jessica> Jessica nodded, absorbing that information and looking over at Sebastian.

<Shaw> "That does seem to be a... common hardship." His eyes slid sideways to his wife. "The separation of emotions."

<Meggan> "It's really hard at the start... not to get influenced by other people or influence them too. But... I can try and help you, if you want me to... even if you don't want to hire me to be a nanny."

<Jessica> "That would be very welcome, thank you," she gave the woman a grateful smile.

<Shaw> "Thank you, indeed. That's a kind offer..." He reached into the stroller, to stroke Miriam's soft, dark hair, pretending not to pay the blonde any attention as he spoke. "What interested you in a nanny position?"

<Meggan> "I love children," she replied without missing a beat, "Tiny bundles of potential."

<Shaw> Do you sense anything... worrisome? He looked up at her and smiled. "She is that."

<Jessica> Nothing, she seems pretty genuine...

<Meggan> "They're also super cute," Meggan added with a smile for Miriam, "And they deserve to grow up safe and happy."

<Shaw> He reached into his breast pocket and pressed a button on his phone before lifting Miriam out of the stroller. "What have you been doing since you left Xavier's, Miss Jones?"

<Meggan> "This and that," she took a sip of her tea, "I was a youth counsellor for a while and I've been helping my parents raise my little brother - he's a handful."

<Shaw> "Oh? And where is your family?" He glanced at Jessica. Shall I let her hold Miriam?

<Meggan> "Oh they're back home in Wales. My brother's in school now so hopefully things should settle down there."

<Jessica> It's probably a good idea to see if Miriam likes her....

<Shaw> "It will be some time before this one is in school, of course." He shifted the baby in his arms. "Would you like to meet her?"

<Meggan> Her smile got even brighter, "I would love to!"

<Shaw> Sebastian rose and moved around the table, carefully handing his daughter over, and quickly glancing at the camera to ensure their shadow was watching.

<Meggan> Meggan gently took Miriam in her arms and gave her a cuddle, "Hello Miriam, I'm Meggan." She smiled at the little girl, "If you want, I can help your mum and dad take care of you."

<Shaw> He raised a brow and glanced at Jessica as he towered over the woman and his daughter.

<Jessica> Jess watched Meggan with Miriam, focusing her empathy on her daughter to see how she was taking to the stranger. At least she wasn't afraid of strangers. Seems okay....

<Shaw> Would you like to ask her some questions? He crossed his arms, observing them all.

<Jessica> Suppose I should ask her the important stuff because you've obviously chickened out... she shot him a small amused smirk. "So... this is kind of important because we attract crazy... how confident are you that you could protect Miriam if something happened?"

<Meggan> Meggan nodded slowly, "I was a member of the X-men for four years... I'm familiar with using my powers to protect people and I'd never let anything happen to a child."

<Shaw> No, I simply would prefer to gauge her reactions while you ask the important questions. "Why did you leave the X-Men?"

<Meggan> "I finished school and it was time to go home... nothing special really," she offered a small smile, "It was just time to move on."

<Shaw> There was no circumspect way to ask her about her abduction - none that he'd been able to brainstorm, at any rate. "Are you familiar with a Dr. Nathaniel Essex?"

<Meggan> The question surprised her and it showed. "Um... Yes.... why?" That didn't seem like standard fare for a job interview.

<Shaw> "As my wife put it, so, ah, succinctly... we attract crazy, in a manner of speaking. I am Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Club, and my wife and I and Miriam are not the only residents of our home." He tilted his head. "What are your feelings about Dr. Essex?"

<Meggan> Meggan cocked her head on one side as she considered the question. "Confused." She replied eventually.

<Shaw> "Confused in regards to my question, or your feelings?" He tilted his head in a similar fashion.

<Meggan> "The second one..." she sighed, looking down at Miriam for a moment, "Everyone said he was a bad man... and I can understand why... but he wasn't bad to me... at least I didn't feel like he was," she frowned, "And I learned how to control my powers thanks to him... so I find it hard to feel any animosity toward him."

<Shaw> To say he was surprised would be an understatement. Sebastian glanced over at Jessica. Fascinating... "I see..."

<Jessica> Jess hadn't expected that at all, Not sure what to say to that...

<Meggan> "If that makes you not want to hire me... that's okay. I know there's a lot of strong feelings about him at the school and you have close ties there..." she offered a small smile.

<Shaw> "Actually..." Perhaps she is the one we need? Miriam seemed content in her arms, peacefully sucking her pacifier and reaching for the long blonde hair. "My son was... raised by Dr. Essex."

<Meggan> She blinked, "Oh... really? Um.... good for him?" She wasn't sure what the correct response was to that.

<Shaw> "I hope you realize you would be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement? Some of my work is very sensitive - though I tend to leave the classified work at the office - and Hope Stark lives in our home as well..." He looked at Jessica again for some input. "And there is a Secret Service background check..."

<Meggan> "That's all fine," she smiled happily, "Whatever you need me to do."

<Jessica> Jess raised both eyebrows at Sebastian, I like her. I think Miriam does too... and she doesn't seem to mind that her hair is being tugged on...

<Shaw> Well then, perhaps that's that? He smiled at his wife, then turned the expression to Miss Jones and extended his hand again. "Congratulations, then."

<Meggan> She had a moment of confusion but then she grinned, "Really? I got the job?"

<Jessica> "You got the job," Jess laughed a little at the obvious happiness.

<Meggan> "Yay! Thank you! I won't let you down!" She jiggled Miriam a little in celebration and was rewarded with spit bubbles and a gummy grin.

<Shaw> "I do hope not," he said with a smirk, and his hand retreated. Perhaps she was a natural blonde.

<Jessica> "When can you start?" Jess glanced at Sebastian.

<Meggan> "As soon as you want," she smiled, "I don't have anything else going on."

<Shaw> "Excellent." He returned to his chair and took Jessica's hand. "We have been converting a building behind our home into guest quarters and an indoor parking garage. We can arrange for your quarters there, or in the main house. There is an apartment in the basement, but my son has been living there until recently."

<Meggan> "I don't mind, wherever's easiest for you." She let Miriam chew on her hair, "I don't take up much room."

<Shaw> Sebastian raised a brow. "Well, perhaps we'll give you the tour and then you can decide, yes?"

<Meggan> "Okay, that sounds fair," she offered another smile, "Are we close by?"

<Shaw> "Quite close, actually, if you're free for a bit longer today..." This time, his grin was toothy.

<Meggan> "I'm free," she nodded, "I thought I'd just explore the city later."

<Shaw> "Well. In that case..." Sebastian stood, drawing Jessica up with him and raising his free hand to gesture at the space around them. "I own this Starbucks, so anything you need here is on the house." He smirked at Chad.

<Meggan> "Oooooh!!" Cake!

<Jessica> Her excitement was infectious... or was that the combined effect of their empathy? Either way, Jess laughed, "Poor Chad."

<Shaw> "They do have some excellent coffee cake, and I hear the peanut butter cookies come highly recommended." At that, he pulled Jess against his side and laughed. "Although, we must keep them out of the house due to the first daughter's allergies."

<Meggan> Meggan nodded, making sure to remember that piece of information. "I think I'm going to have to try everything."

<Shaw> "Feel free. My home is yours." He inclined his head and moved around the table, edging the stroller toward the door. "And, my home is just next door, if you'd like to come along?"

<Jessica> Jess walked with Sebastian, letting Meggan carry Miriam as she seemed quite content there.

<Meggan> "Sure," Meggan got to her feet carefully to follow them without disturbing the happy baby.
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