2/13 Instance: Missing the Bus

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2/13 Instance: Missing the Bus

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:05 am

Timelined a few days after I'll Take All the Blame

<Shinobi> Yes, he knew Jarvis fed the fish, but sometimes he just wanted to do it himself, dammit. The thing was, he was pretty sure the robot would hide the food from him. "No worries, Flounder," he said, tapping the tiny tank again. He'd already searched right around the tank and on the desk, and now he sat at the desk, chin propped on his forearm to put him eye-to-eye with his Ariel's pet.

<Hope> Hope had spent the day at MIT meeting with her counselor, filling out paperwork, and discussing graduate options. They were shocked (not) to discover she needed the business more than the technology. She was a Stark after all. Snuggled up in the back seat of her limo, she let herself be driven home as she checked her social media

<Shinobi> "I'll find it. It smells like shit, but you like those blood worms, so you'll get blood worms." Sitting up, he checked the desk drawers and got up to poke around the room.

<Hope> While scrolling through the feed, Hope found links to several videos having to do with the assassination. She took some time and watched them. Most of them were boring, but some, like Tony's speech, were touching.

<Shinobi> Obviously, he knew what was in his drawers, which left Hope's. He checked his phone to see what time it was. She should be home soon, but he still had time to kill. Smirking to himself, he slid open one of her draws and saw lace. Looking for fish food just got fun.

<Hope> And then suddenly... one video was not so touching. It was one she hadn't seen before. Hope sat up straighter in her seat, watching it, glad she had earbuds in. It was the X-Men... and Shinobi.

<Shinobi> He was completely unconcerned with the possible perversity of pawing around in his girlfriend's lingerie. Oh... he loved that green one on her. When he reached for it, his hand brushed something hard and most definitely not made of silk and lace.

<Hope> Hope watched in silent horror as the X-men fought against Shinobi. His powers were insane! It gave her some ideas... until the fight really started to get to her. Her fingers shook as she found her hair, twirling it around.

<Shinobi> A half-dozen thoughts sprang to his mind, but he was unprepared for the reality when he located the source of the hardness. That was not at all what he expected.

<Hope> And then a bus was dropped onto Shinobi, making her gasp. A freaking bus? What the hell!?

<Shinobi> The handgun was small, and fit in the palm of his hand. Shouldn't she be carrying this, considering she'd been receiving threats? Not that he doubted David's abilities, but it never hurt to have backup.

<Hope> Hope locked her phone and set it down in her lap, swallowing hard. She mulled over the events of the video over and over in her head as they approached the house.

<Shinobi> Lost in thought, he sat on the edge of the bed.

<Hope> At some point their thoughts began to blend. Blood... Armani... diamond bodies... Hope shook as she got out of the car.

<Shinobi> Was it loaded? Obi looked down at the small handgun again and flicked off the safety, racking it back and flinching when a bullet popped out onto the floor.

<Hope> She made her way up to the door, lingering before pushing the door open. She could see the gun. She could feel the weight.

<Shinobi> He bent, picking up the bullet and dropping the magazine in one move. He snapped the bullet back in place and only then realized he sensed Hope.

<Hope> Her feet found the stairs to their room, which was fortunate as her brain was full. She took them slowly, wincing as the shell fell from the gun. Possibly in the memory... possibly in real time. She pushed open the door to their room, her eyes landing on Obi.

<Shinobi> Obi turned toward her. His movements were automatic now as he slapped the magazine back into place and racked the weapon back, hearing the click of the bullet sliding into place.

<Hope> She could hear the order for her death. Her face drained as the temperature in the room dropped drastically. Her hands flew up, shooting a wall of ice at Obi as she turned and ran for the stairs.

<Shinobi> "Hope?" He had just enough warning to phase before the ice hit, though it stopped and formed a wall between him and the door. Hope! The fuck!? Then he remembered and looked down at her pistol in his hand. "Fuck!"

<Hope> "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby," Hope slammed that link shut, calling for Bobby as she took the stairs quickly to get out of the house. "Now, now, now, now, now!"

<Bobby> Bobby's head was currently in the fridge, looking for the soda that Jess generally kept on hand when she knew he would be around. Hearing his name and the panic in Hope's voice wasn't in his plan for his Mountain Dew break and he cracked his head on the inside of the fridge door. "What?!"

<Shinobi> "Hope!" He called to her with his mind, then sucked in a shocked breath when he felt their link cut with a snap he could actually feel. "Oh shit... oh, no..." Flicking the safety on the gun, he tossed it onto the bed and phased through the wall to go after her.

<Hope> "I said, NOW!" she yelled, fumbling for the keys to the corvette by the door and dropping them.

<Bobby> "Now what?" What was with all the yelling? He slammed the door and searched for Hope, following her down the stairs.

<Shinobi> "Hope! I wasn't- I just found it!" He could hear her and knew the fastest way to cut her off was to go through the house.

<Hope> She threw another wall up, this one between Bobby and where she figured Obi would be coming down the stairs. "Car. Now."

<Bobby> Great, he was stuck in the middle of another of her spats with the lesser shark. He sped up, but yelped a little when she put up the ice wall.

<Shinobi> Obi was not coming down the stairs, and dropped lightly through the ceiling of the foyer, landing in a crouch.

<Hope> Bobby was so getting his ass left. Yep! She picked up the keys and rose slowly. Where was David when you needed him?! She went for it. She ran for the door.

<Shinobi> Her charge was unexpected and he straightened up, aiming to catch her. "Hope! Stop and listen to me! It's me!"

<Hope> "He had a gun!" She finally shouted, icing over as he grabbed for her.

<Shinobi> "Your gun! Hope, it's me! Not him!" Obi slung his arm around her, hissing at the cold.

<Bobby> "Whoa, whoa, whoa! A gun?!" He shifted to ice and moved in.

<Hope> "Bobby!" Hope screamed, trying to get free.

<Bobby> "Get the fuck off her!" His iced hand closed around the clone's throat and squeezed, hard.

<Shinobi> Choking, he was forced to harden his skin, arm tightening around Hope. "Please..." he gasped.

<Hope> Hope activated Obi's power and shifted through him, rolling to get to her feet again and run.

<Shinobi> She slipped away from him and he let out a strangled, frustrated cry.

<Bobby> "The fuck you do to her? I fucking knew you goddamn Shaws-" He cut himself off when the clone's hands scrabbled at his forearm, scratching his ice. Since the asshole wasn't following Hope's example, he was vulnerable. Bobby crushed his windpipe, flash freezing him before he dropped him to the floor.

<Hope> Hope didn't look back. She ran straight to her car, struggling to get inside it.

<Bobby> He gave the clone a kick and followed her out the door. "What the fuck happened, Hope?"

<Hope> "He was loading the gun and getting it ready to fire. What the fuck did you think when I said he had a gun?" She slid into the car, slamming the door.

<Bobby> Bobby jumped into the passenger seat, swearing up a storm. "Fucking Shaws, I told you they can't be trusted!" He ran a hand through his hair, shifting back to flesh and blood.

<Hope> Hope had to shift back in order to start the car and floor it.

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