2/13 Instance: I'll Take all the Blame

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2/13 Instance: I'll Take all the Blame

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:50 am

Timelined a few days after With a Snap

<Hope> Obi and Hope had gone to the school for the day, but she'd long lost him. She couldn't blame him. Cleaning out the lab was boring. She looked carefully through her work station, trying to remember what was her's and what belonged to the school.

<Bobby> That Corvette in the parking lot was hard to miss, so Bobby started looking for its owner immediately. There were faster ways to find Hope, but they involved getting naked and that hadn't gone so well the last time.

<Hope> Hope couldn't help it. She sent Obi some selfies with some of her tools in some... suggestive... positions.

<Bobby> Bobby stopped at the classroom door just in time to see her doing something veeeery interesting with a wrench. "....uh..." He recovered quickly. "If you'd like some time alone, I can come back later..."

<Hope> She dropped the wrench and jumped around, facing him. "What are you doing here?"

<Bobby> "I live here," he said with a nod. "I even have keys."

<Hope> "They should revoke those," she pointed out. "At least you're clothed. Now are you going to leave, or do I have to hit the button?"

<Bobby> He raised both hands. "No buttons! No buttons!"

<Hope> "Okay then what do you want?" She asked, crossing her arms.

<Bobby> Bobby wrinkled his nose up, hands still in the air. "To apologize?"

<Hope> She gave him a skeptical look. Really now?

<Bobby> "I-I mean, I want to apologize... t-to you."

<Hope> Hope studied him, feeling to see if he was putting out anything obvious as a lie. Feeling nothing out of the ordinary, she continued. "Okay."

<Bobby> "Okay? Like... okay I can apologize or okay we're okay or just... okay?" He slowly lowered his arms, cocking his head to try to get a read on her.

<Hope> "Okay like, where's the coffee." She smirked at him.

<Bobby> "Shiiiiiiit." His nose twitched. "I can get you some? Come with?"

<Hope> She laughed and moved to him, taking his arm. "Lead on."

<Bobby> Bobby let out a relieved sigh and patted her hand. "So, how are yooooou?"

<Hope> "Didn't David tell you? I'm a hot target now," she sighed, keeping her grip on him as they headed to the kitchen.

<Bobby> "David hasn't talked to me since he kicked me off your detail." He gave her a curious look. "So what's up, buttercup?"

<Hope> "Well, after Dad pardoned Obi... I started getting threats. Okay one threat... but I bet there are more." Her fingers twirled her hair a bit, nervous again as she thought about it.

<Bobby> "Yeah, I did get that memo, and then saw it on the news. Got buried pretty quick which must have been the plan." He made a slightly sour face as they walked. "What kind of threat?"

<Hope> Hope paused their walk, glancing around. Obi wasn't close, and neither was anyone else. "Someone sent me the video from the assassination."

<Bobby> He stopped as well, mouth dropping open. "The fuck?!"

<Hope> She nodded, shaking a little. "I would bet there have been more of some kind, but if there have been, David and Sebastian are keeping them from me."

<Bobby> "Fuuuuuuck..." He rubbed one hand over his face and looked her over. "You okay?"

<Hope> "No," she admitted in a whisper. "If it's not me... it's Tony. One or both of us.." She finally met his gaze. "Either way."

<Bobby> "Aww, babe..." He moved in and gave her a hug. "Where's David now? You can't be here alone -" Bobby craned his head back and gave her a look. "Tell me you ain't alone..."

<Hope> Hope held him close, shaking her head a little. "No, I have a team here. Not really a threat in the building," she pointed out," except for you," she teased.

<Bobby> "You know better, right? I-I know I was outta line, but it was just because I was freaked out and worried for you and I just didn't think a-and..." He had to stop to breathe finally, then frowned. "Got either of the sharks here with you?"

<Hope> Hope snickered as he rambled. "I'm messing with you, Drake. Obi's here with me. Sebastian isn't."

<Bobby> "Okay," he nodded, relieved. Staff meetings with the elder shark had been kind of a tense affair lately. "The lesser evil," he said with a wrinkled nose and a grin.

<Hope> "The cuter evil," she teased him, grinning up at him.

<Bobby> "Bleh. So says you." He took her arm again to continue to the kitchen.

<Hope> She laughed at him and kept walking, smiling a bit. "You know... I know he wouldn't do anything to hurt me... but I still worry about his brainwashing taking over. Like... like what happened to me after I thought War was gone, but it wasn't really."

<Bobby> "Yeah... I mean, it's possible..." Finally at the kitchen, he went to the monster coffee maker and let go of her to fire it up. "That's kind of what I was worried about, although I wasn't in my exact right mind there either, and I was never actually brainwashed... PTSD is a bitch sometimes."

<Hope> "Yeah...." Hope hopped up on the counter, rubbing her arm a bit once she was there. "I just hope that if he does... he remembers who I am."

<Bobby> "Hard to tell." After putting the coffee grounds into the machine he caught her gesture and winced. "Sorry... about... that," he said, motioning at her arm.

<Hope> She looked down at her arm and shrugged him off. "I'm fine... I just... I wish I knew he was okay."

<Bobby> "Well, I know he gets his head shrunken regularly, but you're the telepath, babe."

<Hope> "That doesn't mean I can detect something like that," she twirled a bit of her hair in her fingers, watching Bobby. "Although Xavier could..."

<Bobby> "Yeah..." He sighed. "Too bad he's still a potato."

<Hope> She shook her head a bit. "It's not that... it's... if he could... then I can. I just need to know how. Right?"

<Bobby> Bobby looked up at her, realization slowly dawning. "Yeah... think you could?"

<Hope> She caught his eyes, pausing. "I don't know. And... I don't know that I want to use him as a guinea pig."

<Bobby> "Well, yeah, I assume you don't wanna make shark junior a potato either." He got her a cup and went to the fridge to get a soda for himself.

<Hope> "He wouldn't be nearly as fun as a potato," she smirked, wagging her eyebrows at him.

<Bobby> The face he made was lost in the depths of the fridge, but he was sure she saw his elaborate shudder. "TMI, babe... I did not need that image..."

<Hope> Her laughter erupted, grin firmly on her face. "So worth it."

<Bobby> "I almost tossed cookies into somebody's Chinese leftovers. Not worth it to them." He straightened up with a Mountain Dew.

<Hope> She laughed even harder, grinning at him. "Oh, Bobby," she laughed again.

<Bobby> "Just admit it - ya missed me." He poured her a cup of coffee and handed it over, cracking open his soda.

<Hope> "I always miss you. You are high quality entertainment," she assured him, taking the cup with both of her hands.

<Bobby> "Hell yeah I am!" He took a slurp of soda.

<Hope> "How does Paige put up with you?!" she asked, laughing before taking a sip.

<Bobby> "I'm a lot more fun than a potato too." He waggled his brows and swung up to sit beside her on the counter.

<Hope> "I doubt that," she smirked back at him.

<Bobby> "I find your lack of faith disturbing." He shook his head and took another drink, bumping her shoulder.

<Hope> She snickered at him, taking another sip.

<Hope> "So does this mean you get to be on my detail again?"

<Bobby> "Well... that's up to David, I guess, but if you'll have me back..." Bobby turned on the big, sad eyes.

<Hope> "Save that look for Paige. Maybe it works on her," she teased, nudging him. "But really... I'd... I'd really like it if you were around right now," she admitted quietly.

<Bobby> "Awww, then I'm all yours, babe." He grinned. "Maybe I should try those eyes on David?"

<Hope> "He might like them," she teased him. "You never know! Maybe he likes blondes."

<Bobby> That caused the big blue eyes to scrunch up. "Bleargh."

<Hope> And it caused Hope to laugh again, grinning. "You never know!"

<Bobby> "Yeaaaah, well now I'm keeping Paige away from him..."

<Hope> "Probably a good idea. I mean... I don't think anyone wants to leave him alone with their woman. Except Obi. Interesting." She thought about that one.

<Bobby> "Asian fight club rules?" Bobby shrugged and took a drink.

<Hope> "Maybe so," she smiled and sipped with him. "I'm glad you're back."

<Bobby> He grinned at her brightly. "Me too, babe." This time he jostled her knee with his own. "And at least you know with me around you're safer."

<Hope> Hope rested her head against his shoulder, nodding. "Yeah. I know that."

<Bobby> Bobby smiled and swapped soda hands so he could slide his arm around her shoulders. "C'mere..." He hummed a few snatches of a tune. "Just no ditching me, 'kay?"

<Hope> "I already promised Paige I'd stop doing that," she pointed out. "Plus... I might have done something to help with that."

<Bobby> "Good." He bent down to look at her. "Yeah? Whuzzat?"

<Hope> She giggled just a little. "Not tellin."

<Bobby> "Did the big shark tag your ass again?"

<Hope> She punched his leg (not hard) and glared a bit. "No."

<Bobby> "Damn. It was one of the smarter things he'd done... if it hadn't been him to do it..." He wrinkled his nose and made an exaggerated face at the punch. "Ow. Abuse!"

<Hope> "Serves you right!" She sighed a little. "No, but I didn't know it was a tracking device. I just knew it would counter the sentinels. I could guess... but yeah. What evs."

<Bobby> "At least it helped them find you guys. I'm totally on board with lojacking you," he concluded with a nod.

<Hope> Hope wrinkled her nose at him. "And if I don't want to be lojacked?"

<Bobby> "Them's the breaks of being a Stark, I think." He shrugged and slurped his soda again. "So other than the shit stuff, anything good happen?"

<Hope> "Well... I will graduate... I got into MIT... and Obi and I might get married."

<Bobby> Bobby gave a nod and an appreciative sound at each revelation, until that last one. That's when the choking started. "Huhwha!?"

<Hope> Hope just laughed at him again, grinning. "You heard me."

<Bobby> "Why?" His voice was higher than normal and when he finally stopped coughing he had to clear his throat.

<Hope> "I thought we talked about this already?" she asked, watching him. "He's my person."

<Shinobi> Hope's person had been taking his time exploring, and gotten lost, but after using their link to track her to the kitchen he stopped just outside the door, hearing his name and Drake's reaction. Typical.

<Bobby> Bobby sighed loudly. "Yeah, I know, babe... I was just kind of hoping you'd decide your person detector was defective..." He said it lightly and prepared to duck the punch.

<Hope> She laughed and nudged him. "Well I forgave you didn't I?" She leaned back against him sighing a bit. "He's... exactly what I need."

<Bobby> "If you say so..." He laughed a little, mirroring her sigh and shaking his head. "And..." If he was back on her detail now, he knew this was important to her. "I'll make sure he stays safe too, babe... for you."

<Shinobi> Obi closed his eyes at Hope's quiet words. He felt a little guilty for listening in, and surprised she hadn't caught him yet, but... yes. She was exactly what he needed as well. Exactly.

<Hope> "You know I'd want you to save him over me... but we all know he and you both wouldn't allow that. But I want it said." She swallowed, catching his emotions. Exactly, she emphasized back to him.

<Bobby> "Consider it said and duly ignored," Bobby said with a nod, saluting her with his soda.

<Shinobi> He smiled and closed his eyes. Caught. Rounding the corner, he took them in on the counter. "For once we agree. Hey, Drake."

<Hope> Her face brightened, hand going out for Obi as soon as she saw him. "Doesn't mean I can't want it."

<Shinobi> "I'm just going to try to avoid falling into the position where I'm in need of saving, okay? I'd rather be saving you." His trip across the room ended with taking Hope's hand and giving her a wide smile.

<Bobby> "Mini Shaw," Bobby said by way of greeting, giving him the Dew salute too. The kid didn't bother him nearly as much as the elder, but it was still weird. Oh well, time to get used to it!
<Hope> Hope smiled and pulled him into her arms, pressing her cheek against his chest. Have fun? "Bobby made coffee."

<Shinobi> I got lost. This place is huge, and terrifying. "I see. That's an impressive coffee maker. Bit of overkill, but I won't complain." He slid his arms around Hope and kissed her crown.

<Bobby> Bobby scootched his ass further down the counter to avoid the canoodling. "You want some?"

<Hope> But you found me.. so not too lost. She relaxed in his hold, breathing him in.

<Bobby> He didn't bother to wait for a response, instead just jumping down to make the coffee. Those looooong awkward (for him) silences were something he hadn't missed.

<Shinobi> I'm never so lost I can't find you. He closed his eyes, her words still very much on his mind. She still wanted to marry him... he was her person. Obi smiled, nuzzling her hair.

<Hope> So long as you always find me, she smiled softly. "Thanks Bobby," she muttered to him.

<Bobby> "Yeahuh, fo'sho boss. Happy to be of service." He looked over at them, regretted it, and went back to the coffee maker. Yep, it was good to be back.

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