2/13 Instance: Sweet Ride

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2/13 Instance: Sweet Ride

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:10 am

Timelined a few days after the pardon

<Shinobi> Having never had cause to shop for cars, especially not at a place like this, Obi cast Sebastian and Hope a skeptical look. "Herb doesn't sound like a very luxurious name, considering."

<Hope> "He adds... spice to our lives," she cast him a grin in return.

<Shaw> He could hear them behind him as he spoke to the salesman, and when the man turned to go pick up his phone he looked back at his hilarious children. Really? He aimed it at both of them.

<Shinobi> In mid-smirk at Hope, he winced and shot Sebastian a look. Out of the head!

<Hope> Hope grinned a brilliant grin at Sebastian, snickering a bit. It's a good thing I'm cute?

<Shaw> Rolling his eyes, he cast Michael a friendly sneer and flicked his eyes between the two of them. Your charm of cuteness only works on one of us, he concluded, nodding at his son.

<Shinobi> "Stoppit," he said without much real annoyance, wrinkling his nose at the telepaths. "I'm right here."

<Hope> She pouted at Obi, kissing his cheek quickly, "Sorry."

<Shinobi> Obi smiled, taking her hand. "It's fine."

<Shaw> He gave them his shark grin. "My point made."

<Hope> "Ass," Hope muttered to Sebastian as she took Obi's hand. "See anything you might like?" she turned her attention back to her cute boyfriend.

<Shaw> I'll let you two look uninterrupted. Chuckling, he started down the hall to distract the salesman. You're welcome.

<Shinobi> "I don't know..." He looked around the showroom again and then back to Hope. This was uncharted territory.

<Hope> Yes yes, thank you, she sent back at him and gave Obi a soft smile. "Well... you have a license now. Try them all out."

<Shinobi> The time since his pardon had been a whirlwind. It was taking time to adjust. He watched Sebastian's retreating back. And I'm not sure I want to be further in his debt.

<Hope> Stop that, she told him as she pulled herself closer to him. He wants to do this for you.

<Shinobi> The corner of his mouth twitched and he decided to drop it, looking down at her with a nod. Stepping in close, he bent and rested his forehead against hers for a moment, eyes closed. "Okay."

<Hope> Hope closed her eyes and breathed him in for a moment. Thank you, She smiled just a little. You are a Shaw, aren't you?

<Shinobi> So says my new birth certificate. It made him smile and he gave her a fast kiss, then straightened up, tucking her into his side and starting into the showroom.

<Hope> Well then you need a car that fits... and that you love. She stayed close to him, leading him toward the higher end black cars. "Though I guess... I should have asked.What color?"

<Shinobi> "I like your Corvette, and I know it's your baby, but it is a cop magnet..." He gave her a squeeze as they passed through some ridiculously angular sports cars.

<Hope> "David deals with the cops," she shrugged. "Or Tony," she smirked. "Secret Service has saved me several tickets."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, well since I don't really have that benefit, and I just got on the right side of the law..."

<Hope> Hope wrinkled her nose at him in protest. "Fine, fine. Be logical. What about... black? Black is sexy." She especially liked his black clothes on the floor.

<Shinobi> "I do like black..." He picked up the drift of her thoughts and smirked, pausing to look down at her and add a few images of his own. That black lingerie was very sexy, after all...

<Hope> Now that was more like it for sure. Careful... or we'll have to find a bathroom. She warned him, keeping close to him.

<Shinobi> I'm sure at least one of these cars has a back seat... His hand slithered from her waist to her hip and he pretended to search the floor again for something suitable.

<Hope> And with her telepathy blocking them from being seen... she smirked. Take your pick, she nuzzled him.

<Shinobi> The grin that spread across his face was entirely predatory. Well... Now looking in earnest, he decided he liked a challenge of a classic and headed for a boxy Bentley.

<Hope> She kept close to him, following his gaze to the car. Now that looks like a luxurious backseat.

<Shinobi> We can give it a thorough test ride. He led her in a circle around the car, admiring its curves as well as Hope's.

<Hope> She went ahead and began that perception filter around them, leaning back against the car for him to properly admire both. What do you think?

<Shinobi> Smirking, he stepped up to her and rested his hands on her hips, feeling the fabric of her skirt. Convenient. He let his eyes trail from the neckline of her shirt, up her neck, then to her lips where he lingered. Finally he met her eyes. Beautiful lines... great details...

<Hope> As always, he knew exactly what she had been referring to. Her arms slid around his neck, fingers finding his hair. I think it's time for a test drive. Her lips found his for a kiss.

<Shinobi> He brought one hand up into her hair, threading his fingers into the stands at the base of her neck and angling her head to deepen the kiss. I'm assuming you're doing something to hide us?

<Hope> I am... though getting caught would be a whole different kind of fun, she admitted, moving easily for him and returning the kiss. Another time maybe.

<Shinobi> Another time, he agreed, pressing himself against her as he grinned into the kiss.

<Hope> ---Time Passes---

<Hope> Hope took the time to reapply her lipstick and fix her skirt, glancing to Obi for his final approval on whether she looked presentable.

<Shinobi> Her tights would never be the same, which was a shame, but she looked good enough to eat. Again. Letting her get a sense of his thoughts, he smirked and ran his hand through his hair, his other on her leg.

<Hope> Soon as you pick one we can do that in your car, she told him, sliding up against him and kissing his jawline and sending him some ideas of her own.

<Shinobi> He tilted his head, groaning and appreciative. Maybe I should have been more patient and found my car first...

<Hope> She felt bad pulling back from him, but she did, taking his hands in her own. Sebastian will be getting restless.

<Shinobi> His expression told her exactly what he thought of that, and since his hands were now figuratively tied he instead leaned in and brushed his nose against her cheek and down to her jaw.

<Hope> You're trying to distract me... she pointed out, but didn't pull away from him.

<Shinobi> There's no trying involved. He let her feel his smile and nibbled along the long muscle in her neck and just beneath her ear. She smelled entirely too good.

<Hope> It was so hard to think with him doing that. Her mind grew fuzzy and she pressed herself against him.

<Shinobi> Unfortunately, she was probably right that they didn't have time for round three. He nipped her earlobe and pulled back to enjoy her dazed expression, his own more than a bit smug.

<Hope> She shook her head, as if that would clear it, her sight landing on his jawline. Oh they were so busted if she didn't fix that. "Here..." she leaned in again and carefully wiped off the stray lipstick, making sure it couldn't be seen.

<Shinobi> That made him laugh softly, brushing back her hair and arranging it as she wiped. "Thanks."

<Hope> That earned him a soft smile and a finger tap to the nose. "Ready, Obi?"

<Shinobi> He wrinkled his nose and adjusted his trousers one more time. "Always, Ariel." After a wink, he opened the door and climbed out, offering her his hand to help.

<Hope> She took the offered help, grateful for it. "Thanks," she flashed him a smile as she got to her feet and stable.

<Shinobi> His hand went to the small of her back, and he closed the door and turned. "Now I kind of want this one... has plenty of leg room..." His commentary trailed off when he saw Sebastian, just across the aisle. He wasn't looking at them, per se, but he had that furrowed brow and was looking over the general area.

<Hope> "If that's what you want, get it," she reasoned, facing him. I'm going to take the cloak down.

<Shinobi> "Hmm... it's too... British. Like it might have compartments for tea, or something." He nodded over at Sebastian and then smirked at her. "It looks like you were right. Go ahead."

<Hope> She dropped it, not bothering to move from her spot in Obi's arms. "It might. I have to have American made everything, so I can't really help you. I had an orange Lamborghini though. Loved that car."

<Shinobi> "Orange?" He laughed, reaching for a lock of red hair and winding it around his finger. "You do love your bright colors."

<Shaw> Aha. The couple appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and Sebastian knew exactly what they'd been up to even if he hadn't been able to pinpoint their actual location during their tryst. He started toward them.

<Hope> "I do," she agreed, smiling up at him as she watched him. "They are much more fun than boring black."

<Shinobi> "I like black," he said, looking at the car one last time and then at his father bearing down on them. "It seems to be a family trait, after all."

<Shaw> He smirked as he approached, glancing at the Bentley. "Not what I would have expected, but then it is conveniently roomy." Sebastian gave them both a pointed look and a sharp grin.

<Hope> Hope just gave him her best innocent smile, not moving from where she was. She could still get between them easily enough if one of them lost his mind. "We were just discussing how he's not sure this is the one."

<Shaw> "Mmm. Although I suspect we might suggest they have it detailed on our way out."

<Shinobi> "I think we might need more time." He ignored Sebastian's comment and returned the toothy grin. "There are so many options, after all."

<Hope> "So many options," she agreed, nodding seriously.

<Shaw> He sighed, deeply, and smirked to himself, casting a look at the ceiling of the showroom for guidance.

<Shinobi> Taking that as a win, Obi turned and steered Hope to another row of shiny vehicles.

<Hope> Hope ran her fingers over one of them, even though it was black. It was really, really nice. "Hmmm so foreign or domestic?"

<Shinobi> "Well, that's a good question." He watched her touch the car and couldn't fight the thrill of arousal even that held for him. "Should I get an American car? Considering?"

<Hope> His question caught her attention, her head jerking up to view his face. She swallowed hard, nodding a little. "Considering. It would look good."

<Shinobi> He felt the flicker of emotion in the link and gave her a little smile. "Then I'll look at American cars." Obi caressed her side as they walked.

<Hope> "We could have matching Corvettes," she teased him, resting her head against his shoulder when they paused again.

<Shinobi> "I do like that Corvette..." He smirked, leaning his cheek on her crown and thinking about it. "That would be weird..."

<Hope> "His and hers Corvettes?" Hope snickered. "Not weird at all."

<Shaw> He'd been following them from a distance and considered several tart responses. Instead, he pulled out his phone and started texting Jessica.

<Shinobi> His nose wrinkled. "Yeah, that's what I thought. What are some other good American cars?"

<Hope> "Well... Viper SRT... Camaro Z28... oooh let's check out the Camaros." She perked up, picturing him in the driver's seat.

<Shinobi> "Viper?" He arched an eyebrow at her for that one, but headed into the American section. "I appreciate her healing power -" he cut himself off, wondering if he still had it. "But no."

<Hope> "So Camaro then?" she recommended, snorting at his automatic connection to the green haired villain.

<Shinobi> "Maybe..." He picked one out of the lineup. Unfortunately, it wasn't black. "Nice..."

<Hope> "Very nice," she agreed, breaking contact with him to circle the vehicle and inspect it.

<Shinobi> He found himself watching her and not the car. "Very..."

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted.

<Hope> "What do you think? Worth a test drive?" she questioned, her eyes looking at where his eyes were as she came around the far side of the car... and smirking.

<Shinobi> "Always." He met her eyes, gaze intent.

<Hope> That actually made her face flush with Sebastian riiiight there. She tucked a bit of red hair behind her ear and approached him again. "Yeah?"

<Shinobi> Obi had to clear his throat. "Yeah." The word still came out rough. Once she was close, he slid his hand around her ribs and pulled her in, his eyes never leaving hers.

<Hope> Hope swallowed hard as she moved with the pull, her eyes locked on his too. We buying this one then?

<Shinobi> We both know I'm not talking about the car. He smirked, taking in the blush and the swallow.

<Shaw> Rolling his eyes, he looked down at his phone again. "Perhaps he might be more comfortable in a sub-compact coup," he offered in as innocent of a tone as he could muster.

<Hope> "He wouldn't fit," Hope pointed out, realizing that deep breaths didn't help since she just breathed him in and he smelled fantastic. We agreed we were waiting to use yooour car... remember?

<Shaw> "Mmm, of course." Smirking to himself, Sebastian didn't bother to look at them.

<Shinobi> Oh, I remember, he assured her, still holding her eyes. "Funny. Since I wasn't the one who bought a tank recently," he threw at his father. "Feeling a little sensitive in that area yourself?"

<Hope> Well Hope certainly couldn't look away, having a small flash back to their staring contests before they became a couple. Why was she wanting to wait right now? Oh right. Sebastian. What were they talking about? Car... size... oh. Ew. She wrinkled her nose as she made the connection to the conversation.

<Shaw> He just laughed, but he did give them a once over, noting Hope's immobility with interest.

<Shinobi> Catching the drift of her thoughts, Obi smirked again and shrugged one shoulder. I couldn't just let that pass, now could I?

<Hope> She wrinkled her nose at him again. I guess I can let you handle him now. You did it better than I could have, she relented, though he made it hard to think when he was looking at her like that. Wasn't that cheating?

<Shinobi> The smirk grew and he leaned down, brushing his nose against hers. Why thank you. Is that pride I detect?

<Hope> Very much so, she brushed her nose back against his, giving him a quick kiss.

<Shinobi> Thank you, he smiled, then broke their staring competition to lengthen the kiss, catching her cheek with his free hand.

<Hope> Most welcome, she returned the kiss, pulling him closer. Sebastian be damned.

<Shaw> It was time for a drink.

<Shinobi> When they came up for air, they were alone. Obi laughed and rested his forehead against hers.

<Hope> I like this new war you have with him. I benefit greatly, she grinned, wrapping her arms around his neck.

<Shinobi> I'm enjoying it too. He moved his own arms, encircling her waist and giving her a happy squeeze. "We're not doing too well at car shopping, however..."

<Hope> "Perhaps I should remove your distraction," she offered, kissing the tip of his nose.

<Shinobi> "You're staying right here where you belong." He bumped noses with her, laughing.

<Hope> She laughed, looking up at him. "Well... I think I saw a silver one over there that you might like."

<Shinobi> "Oh yeah? Silver?" He looked up, scanning the aisle and spotted it.

<Hope> "Not sure what it is, and it's not black... but it looked sexy." she turned to follow his gaze.

<Shinobi> "Hmm. Sexy." He smirked, then shifted and scooped Hope up into his arms to go check out this new car.

<Hope> "Not as sexy as you, mind you," she kissed his temple as he carried her, grinning happily. I love you, Obi.

<Shinobi> "Well, of course not." He smiled at her, stopping in front of the car, not yet looking at it, since he had his arms full. I love you, Ariel. When he tore his eyes away, his brows went up. "Hmm... maybe close."

<Hope> She forced herself to look at the car, taking it in for a moment before grinning. "What do you think?"

<Shinobi> "It's almost as sexy as you..." He nodded at the car, putting on a suitably impressed face.

<Hope> "Not even close," she countered with a smirk, watching his face.

<Shinobi> The grin spread slowly across his face and he looked at her from the corner of his eye. "I don't know..."

<Hope> "I dunno then... do I need to give you two a moment?" Her smile was innocent, though it was hard to keep from laughing as she said it.

<Shinobi> "Oh, no..." He carried her around the car, then set her down near the driver's door, leaning her back against the vehicle and moving in close to smirk down at her. "I definitely think this calls for a threesome."

<Hope> Face flushing, she grinned and nuzzled him just a little. How did she say no to that?! Her fingers found his cheek, stroking it softly. "Then let's get it." Then we can ditch Sebastian.

<Shinobi> "Sounds like a wonderful plan." He met the nuzzle and raised her a caress, leaning in to steal a quick kiss. Although, we probably should look it over first... Practicality won out, but only barely.

<Hope> It would be the logical thing to do. She kissed the tip of his nose and turned to take a better look at this car. "It's really nice, Obi."

<Shinobi> "It is." He slid his arm around her waist, fingers still moving on the fabric while he checked it out. "Shelby," he said, testing out the name of the souped-up Ford. "I don't know a tremendous amount about cars, but I know that name. It's as classic as your car."

<Hope> "Except it's a Ford," she pointed out with a smirk, resting her head against him.

<Shinobi> "Well... if you insult her, she may not let you ride..." He gave her a nudge.

<Hope> "I'll be nice to her," she relented, pouting a bit. If she had to. "As long as I get to take her for a drive."

<Shinobi> "We'll see how she feels about it." Obi saw the pout from the corner of his eyes and smiled, then stepped up to open the door and check out the interior of the convertible.

<Hope> Hope peered inside, picturing him in the driver's seat. She approved. "Love the interior."

<Shinobi> "It's a beautiful machine..." He ran his hand over the seat, savoring the soft leather.

<Hope> She watched him, caught up in the moment. Seeing him appreciate a car like that did something for her. "It really is," she agreed softly.

<Shinobi> Smirking, he turned and sat down in the driver's seat, pulling her onto his lap.

<Hope> He was distracting her from the car! But that was okay. She adjusted to get comfortable, moving her hands over the steering wheel as she leaned back against him. Yeah she wanted to drive this! "I like it."

<Shinobi> The movement of her fingers over the wheel had much the same effect on him, and Obi slid his arms around her. "Mmm. I think we'll all be very happy together."

<Hope> Smiling, she turned and kissed his cheek, her arms sliding over his. It suits you.

<Shinobi> It's not black, but perhaps it's time to break with tradition? He smiled softly and rested his head against hers, nuzzling beneath her ear again.

<Hope> Sets you apart, she pointed out. It's every bit as classy too.

<Shinobi> Sets me apart, in all the best ways... Breathing softly into her ear, he nipped her earlobe and smiled, testing the fabric of her tights again.

<Hope> She shivered at his attention, nuzzling into him. Think we can get away with another round?

<Shinobi> "Mmmhmm." Since he was already edging the hem of her skirt up, he gave a casual glance around. Sebastian was long gone, and he smirked. This car needs a proper test ride before we commit, after all...

<Hope> Telepathic shield back in place, Hope relaxed and pulled him into a kiss. Well, we have to be thorough.

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