02/1 Instance: Angels and Demons

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02/1 Instance: Angels and Demons

Post by JackSkulls » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:41 am

Timeline-Day after Ghastly Tour

Warren: Warren sat in the recroom scrolling through different sports articles reading up on his team and a few of his favorite players. He was completely absorbed by the articles on his tablet, the only thing distracting him was the occasional time he'd flip over to check his stocks and look up a new company that interested him.

Cassie: The room was dark enough for Cassie to emerge unseen from a shadowy corner, making no sound until she had crept up right behind her victim. "Whatcha reading?" she asked with a sweet voice.

Warren: Warren yelped outa surprise. She had caught him completely offguard "Holy shit girl what are you the boogeywoman?" His feathers were ruffled and eyes wide, a visible sign she'd accomplished her goal if it was trying to scare him.

Cassie: "No, silly," Cassie answered, wearing a grin as she leaned on the back of the couch. "I just like to spook people."

Warren: "Well you do seem to be quite good at it." He tried to smooth down his feathers as best he could. "If you weren't so cute I might have to get mad at you." Warren gave her a little wink and moved over on the couch so there was room if she wanted to sit with him.

Cassie: Cassie followed his silent invitation and climbed over the back of the couch to flop down next to him. "Aw, I'm just having a little fun," she said, and put on her most innocent looking pouty face. "You wouldn't get mad at me for that, would you?"

Warren: "Like I said, only cuz you're cute. I mean that's how I get away with everything. It's all thanks to these astonishingly good looks of mine. So I can't really blame you for using my own tactics." Warren gave her a warm smile and tried to ignore how especially cute she looked when she was pouting at him.

Cassie: Her expression switched to a smirk full of mischief. "Why else do you think you've become one of my favourite victims?" she asked. "You're cute when you blush."

Warren: Warren did just that at her comment, blushed. "Hey now. No need to insult my manliness by calling me cute."

Cassie: "Oh, come on, there's nothing unmanly about being cute." Cassie snickered. She bit the edge of her mouth when she tilted her head. "Besides, you're manliness isn't in any danger as long as you keep off that shirt."

Warren: "Well now it just sounds like you want to get me naked not scare me. Though if I'm already shirtless and you scare the pants off me you'll accomplish both goals I guess." He shrugged a little and gave her a smile but went back to watching the player updates.

Cassie: "Is that a challenge?" Cassie laughed as she lay down to lounge by his side on the couch, her legs dangling over the armrest. "Because you might come to regret tempting me to scare you. So if you really think I'm after your pants, you might as well drop them right away."

Warren: Warren blushed a darker shade of red at her logic. "I uhmm well... I don't think that wise in a common room." He stammered on a little completely caught off guard by how brazen she was.

"No, it's probably not." Cassie laughed. "Of course, I don't think anyone ever called me wise."

Warren: Warren chewed on his lip. Cassie had successfully shut down his brain without a single power other than her looks. "There's a first time for everything?" He asked weakly.

Cassie: Cassie showed him an impish smile and shuffled closer across the couch. "Welcome to college."

Warren: "And how are you planning on welcoming me to college?" He shifted a little to face her. "And aren't you a little late I've been here a little while now."

Cassie: "Guess I just have to make it worth the wait then," Cassie replied, her grin turning lewd, sliding into Warren's lap with the graceful ease of a housecat.

Warren: "O...oh?" He was a nice shade of red in contrast to her pale skin. "You're a uhmm really friendly boogeywoman aren't you?"

Cassie: Cassie snickered and put her arms over his shoulders. "Oh, you'll wish I haunt your dreams at night," she said, before leaning closer, tilting her head to place a gentle kiss on the bare skin of Warren's neck.

Warren: "Oh? I will?" He was still stammering a little but his instincts quickly started to take over as she kissed at his neck. Slowly, his hands shifted to her hips. His wings moving to wrap slowly around behind her.

Cassie: "I'm sure you'll at least dream of me," Cassie said, grinning to herself as she raised her head to nip at his ear.

Warren: "I'm starting to agree with you." Warren titled his head to give her more room to work. "I would be a little scared to see this turn into a nightmare."

Cassie: "Why would you think that?" Cassie asked, looking at Warren with her sweetest smile. "Don't you trust me?"

Warren: "Only as much as two people who just met can. I'm still not sure if you're some sort of malevolent spirit just put here to torture me or not." He leaned in to kiss her on the lips.

Cassie: Cassie parted her lips and returned the kiss. When they separated again, she grinned at Warren. "Why don't you come to my room and find out?"

Warren: Feeling like he had gotten back into control of the situation he pulled away from the kiss with a smirk on his face. "I thought you were pretty keen on getting my pants off here weren't you?"

Cassie: "And weren't you concerned I might end up devouring your soul just a moment ago?" Cassie asked in turn, a sly smirk on her lips as she shifted on Warren's lap. "I figured you weren't this forward, and wanted to give you the chance to make this a little more private."

Warren: "Can't see much past a pile of feathers right now." He shifted his wings a little to brush against her back. "I still think you might devour my soul." Warren laughed a little. "Maybe I just decided it might be worth it?"

Cassie: Cassie's smile turned into a wicked grin, while her hands slipped down Warren's bare chest towards his pants. "Oh, something is definitely going to be devoured, and you bet it's going to be worth it."

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