12/31 Instance: School Spirit

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12/31 Instance: School Spirit

Post by Slarti » Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:23 am

Timelined before the bug invasion

<Shinobi> Obi was supposed to be completing his reading assignment for his course, but instead he was playing with Flounder. He tapped his finger on the side of the small tank, smirking at the fish as he puffed up and followed his fingertip.

<Hope> Hope, on the other hand, was finished with her undergrad classes and just had graduation to complete. She wrinkled her nose as she filled out the applications to Georgetown, MIT, and Cambridge. This sucked.

<Shinobi> Personally, for entirely selfish reasons, Obi was rooting for MIT. The fish followed his finger all the way down the side of the tank, dipping and diving. This was far more entertaining than economics theory.

<Hope> A glance over at Obi made Hope smile as she watched him and the fish. They were so cute together. She glanced back at her computer, her mind stuck on her boyfriend. Now she was distracted.

<Shinobi> Had they fed Flounder today? He frowned a bit, then reached for the fish food.

<Jarvis> "Um, excuse me sir, but I believe the betta has already been fed today. Would you like to feed him some more?"

<Hope> Hope glanced up at the voice and grinned. Best. Robot. Ever.

<Shinobi> The robot's voice very nearly made him jump. "Maybe..." He eyed the thing, eyebrow raised, then shot a glance at Hope. That thing was still a little unnerving.

<Jarvis> "Very good, sir."

<Hope> Hope just smiled over at Obi, then back at her screen. That face was so cute. As were other parts of him... and then she was off on the day dream train, remembering every bit of his penis.

<Shinobi> Returning the smile, he watched Hope for a moment, then turned back to give the fish a snack. While sprinkling a few bits of the stinky food into the tank, he had an unexpected mental image.

<Hope> Her fingers twirled around a bit of her hair as she thought of several things she wanted to do with that penis.

<Shinobi> By this time in his life, Obi was accustomed to random thoughts of sex, especially since he'd met Hope, buuuuut... He shifted in the chair.

<Hope> All thought of the application was long gone. She smirked just a bit to herself as she thought of his entire body naked. Yep. That was all hers.

<Shinobi> Since he knew what he looked like naked, that thought made his head swing around to watch Hope. He smirked.

<Hope> She was completely oblivious to him sitting in the room with her, intent instead on her fantasy. A small smile still on her face was the only clue that she wasn't actually working.

<Shinobi> She was staring into space with a smile on her face and the images continued. Obi's smirk grew and he slowly turned in the chair. His gaze wandered over her and his own imagination followed.

<Hope> She didn't notice until she caught a glimpse of herself. That caught her attention and she jumped, her eyes looking to him. Her face instantly flushed when she realized he was staring right at her.

<Shinobi> His expression spread into a grin. "No need for that... I'm right here," he said, raising a hand to wave it at himself. "And you're here, too... and adorably pink."

<Shinobi> Obi got up and moved over to the bed, hooking a lock of red hair with his finger.

<Hope> Smiling, Hope closed the lid to the laptop and shoved it aside, her newly freed hands wrapping around his waist. "Don't you have homework to do?"

<Shinobi> He played with her hair, twirling it around his finger and watching the light catch the red strands. "This is better than homework."

<Hope> That made her smile more. "You're better than applications, too."

<Shinobi> "I would hope," he said with a soft chuckle, turning to stretch out beside her on the bed. "Besides, only one application needed."

<Hope> "The one to Georgetown?" she teased, sliding up to rest her head against him, nestling into his chest.

<Shinobi> "Ha, ha," he huffed, kissing her forehead.

<Hope> Hope laughed and shifted, getting more comfortable. "I just... wish I knew if I was getting in on my own or not."

<Shinobi> That made him look down at the top of her head. "You have a doubt about that?" His tone was incredulous.

<Hope> "Yeah..." she looked up at him, watching his face.

<Shinobi> "Hope... you made... that." He cast his eyes over at Jarvis, then back to her with an amused grin. "I don't think MIT would turn you away."

<Hope> She followed his gaze, then grinned. "Yeah... I made a pretty badass thing."

<Shinobi> "Hell yeah you did. Badass, and more than a little creepy." He chuckled and slipped his arms around her, planting more kisses on her temple and cheek.

<Hope> She laughed and slid her hand up to his hair, toying with it. "I love you..." she told him, stroking his cheek.

<Shinobi> I love you. He smiled and brushed his nose against hers, before closing in for a kiss.

<Hope> A soft giggle escaped as they brushed noses, then happily returned his kiss.

<Shinobi> His hand moved to her hair and he deepened the kiss. You're amazing, and any school will want you...

<Hope> Grinning in the kiss, Hope slid closer to him. You think so?

<Shinobi> Absolutely. He smiled, nipping her full lower lip. Me, on the other hand...

<Hope> You, on the other hand, are so sexy, nobody could turn you away, she reasoned, kissing down his jawline.

<Shinobi> That made him laugh, though he tilted his neck to give her more access, sighing happily. MIT totally would...

<Hope> They totally will... or I won't go there. She told him matter of factly as she kissed ever so slowly down his neck.

<Shinobi> They don't want me, but they want the Shaw money... Even though a part of him was touched Sebastian made the effort, the greater part was bitter. Hope hit a sensitive spot and his eyes slid closed, chasing away the dark thoughts.

<Hope> She kissed the tip of his nose gently and stroked his cheek. I want you.

<Shinobi> He opened his eyes to meet hers. After a moment, he smirked. "And I want you," he paused, for effect, "to go to MIT."

<Hope> She punched his arm gently, laughing at him. "Fine. I'll go to your goofy school."

<Shinobi> Grinning, he gave her a fast kiss. "Fantastic." Then he cocked his head and rubbed his arm where she'd swatted him. "You've got your Shaws mixed up, Ariel."

<Hope> "Maybe you should remind me of just how amazing you are then," she challenged, smirking up at him.

<Shinobi> "My pleasure." His grin grew cocky and he rolled, pinning her beneath him. Obi caught her wrists, drawing her arms together above her head, then he met her eyes again.

<Hope> She let out a soft sound of surprise as she was pinned, then grinned up at him. She tugged at her wrists, checking his grip. "I'm listening..." she smirked.

<Shinobi> "Then listen closely..." He lowered his head and angled into her neck, kissing softly.

<Hope> She shivered and closed her eyes, tugging at his hold as she squirmed.

<Shinobi> Tightening his grip, he smirked against her skin before raising his head to just gaze at her. "God, you're gorgeous..."

<Hope> That made her pause, resting back against the pillows, and just smiling at him. "So are you."

<Shinobi> With an answering smile, he leaned down and kissed her again, interlacing their fingers. How did I get so lucky?

<Hope> She returned the kiss, squeezing his hands as tightly as she could. I ask myself the same thing, Obi. Finally... I finally have a family.

<Shinobi> The lump formed in his throat immediately and he broke the kiss to search her face.

<Hope> "I have you," she whispered to him, swallowing the own lump in her throat.

<Shinobi> "You do." His voice came out hushed, a little choked. Freeing one hand, he traced her brow with his fingertips, his touch feather light. "My family... mine..."

<Hope> It was impossible not to smile at him. She closed her eyes, savoring the touch. She nodded her head ever so slightly. "Yours."

<Shinobi> He still managed to be a bit embarrassed about the noise he made, but covered it by kissing her again.

<Hope> Hope returned the kiss, still squeezing his hands tightly. She'd never really felt like she belonged to anyone before him. She was far too independent for that... but she wasn't complaining. He was all hers too.

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