12/10 Instance: Chris' Night-Light

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12/10 Instance: Chris' Night-Light

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:20 pm

Timelined for a couple of hours after [fic]Hotel Transylvania.

<Christopher> Chris had managed to get to Boston and still hadn't heard back from Carol. He was starting to get really worried after he dropped off the rental car. He tried calling her again to see if she was in Boston or still at the school. "Come on pick up pick up."

<Christopher> When he couldn't reach her again he left yet another message and started to walk home. It would be a long walk but safer than getting, and possibly than flipping out in, a cab on someone. He didn't know that he was being followed, a few men were just a little behind him. They fidgeted with anticipation as they neared their target. Two of them were ready for a fight but their apparent leader calmed them down.

<Christopher> As soon as they were away from the larger groups the calmer man signaled the two to capture him. They rushed forward to pounce him, the only warning was a lone woman screaming when their coats fell off to reveal their monstrous visages. He was no match for them with the inhibitor cuff on, but that didn't stop him from trying to fight back.

<Carol> Carol had received his message on her office answering machine (because she'd killed her phone again) and had already set off for the city. She wasn't sure where to look and she couldn't exactly call him up and ask him where he was so she looked for trouble. She was not disappointed.

<Carol> "Hey!" she fired a blast near one of the attackers, it struck the pavement and showered them in bits of asphalt.

<Christopher> One of the monsters looked up to see what had done that but quickly went back to helping the other wrap up Chris with some sort of cables. "Ignore her. Just secure him so we can leave!"

<Christopher> Chris thrashed about trying to get away but their clawed hands dug into his skin and held him. "Carol they're mindless!" He tried to pry the inhibitor off himself in a last ditch effort.

<Carol> Ignore her? Not happening. "Fine, have it your way." She fired a blast directly at the one that seemed to be leading them and followed that with diving fast at the remaining two to pry them off Chris by force.

<Christopher> The leader dodged the attack but dropped far enough back that he was out of the fray. "Take care of her. He's not going anywhere." The two attempted to attack their new target as she attempted to remove them.

<Carol> "Claws? Really?" She rolled her eyes, punching one of the guys in the face pretty hard and throwing the other one off. "Do you see my uniform?" Putting herself between them and Chris she bent to check him, "Hey, you okay?"

<Christopher> "I'm going to go with no. But I'll survive. Whatever this shit is I can't do anything - I've got my inhibitor on..." He let out a sigh. "Also yeah I might become one of those soon."

<Christopher> The monster who had created the vines made more, this time they had nice large thorns jutting out of them. It didn't waste any time in launching another attack on her as she checked on Chris.

<Carol> "Well take the inhibitor off, dumbass!" She yelled when the vines wrapped around her and tore at her uniform. The cuts they left on her skin were minor but it still stung. She tore her way out of the vines and aimed a blast at the one responsible for them.

<Christopher> "I can't move! I'm wrapped up like a fucking caterpillar." Chris struggled to get his hand free.

<Christopher> The monster was quickly knocked down but got right back up to attack her with his buddy. His buddy in the meantime was covering himself in flames before he attacked again.

<Carol> Carol grabbed for the wrist Chris wore his inhibitor on and pulled it off before she was knocked down by the two guys. Fire, however, was hot and heat was energy. She aimed a blast over her shoulder at the non-hot one then rolled to pin the flaming one beneath her, "You guys should do your research."

<Christopher> It took him a few moments but Chris quickly built up enough energy to use his clawed hand to cut through the vines. "Okay... claw can be useful. But I still don't like it."

<Christopher> The leader threw a few cylinder shaped devices (flashbangs) at all of them, signaling the retreat. They didn't expect company.

<Christopher> When the flashbangs went off the monsters didn't seem to be effected. They used the commotion to get away.

<Carol> Carol covered her eyes and offered no resistance when she was shoved off her captive and onto the road. Once the effects had worn off she sat up and looked for Chris, "What the hell was that?"

<Christopher> "I don't know... They were like me though." Chris rubbed his eyes as the spots slowly went away. "I'm guessing whoever did this to me wants me back..." He held up his clawed arm for her to see the damage.

<Carol> "Well that's not going to happen." She got to her feet and offered her hand, "Good thing I arrived when I did, huh?"

<Christopher> "Yeah. I was pretty fucked." He sighed. "Well I think I still am."

<Carol> "Why because of your hand? We can fix that."

<Christopher> Chris took her hand with his good one and let her help him up. "Last fix didn't take..."

<Carol> "Well then we'll just have to figure out why and try something else, won't we?" she offered him a smile, "Where's your car?" she looked around.

<Christopher> "Extended stay at the airport. I took a rental - there's no way they'd let me get on a plane like this."

<Carol> "So... you were going to walk home?" Her tone said just how dumb she thought that idea was.

<Christopher> "Well I tried calling you. But yeah I was going to walk." He flexed his hand a little. It didn't feel right to him. It was heavier and less responsive.

<Carol> "Yeah... I killed another phone. I got your message in my office and came straight out..." She looked down at her uniform with a sigh, "Well... this can't look any worse... want a lift?"

<Christopher> "You could be naked. Preeeeety sure the public would define that as worse. Well some of them at least. Yeah I guess, how do you want to do this?"

<Carol> "I don't know... what would be less awkward for you?"

<Christopher> "Whatever you want Carol... I'm ready for this vacation to be over. And hey we've already kissed so we got that outa the way." Chris teased her with barely any enthusiasm.

<Carol> She laughed a little and shook her head, "I think you imagined the whole thing." She stepped closer to him and scooped him up before she lifted into the air.

<Christopher> "Maybe. I distinctly remember being the rational one and that doesn't happen often." Chris held onto her tightly at first when she took off but eventually loosened.

<Carol> "Solid proof that you imagined the whole thing," she nodded sagely, picking up speed a little bit. "Give me a shout if I'm going too fast, okay?"

<Christopher> "You'll know when if I start glowing like a Christmas tree."

<Carol> "Well I try to look where I'm going when I'm flying, not at my passengers... so you probably will have to tell me."

<Christopher> "I'd say I'll be fine but that's relative right now." He kept opening and closing his clawed hand.

<Carol> "Don't worry, we have a lot of brains at the school. One of them will think of something."

<Christopher> "It's already outsmarted one..." Chris was still just staring at his arm. "Can you promise me something Carol."

<Carol> "That depends what it is?" She glanced down at him, worried by his tone.

<Christopher> "Just promise me..." He couldn't turn back into that thing. "I don't care who does it. I don't care what you have to do. I turn back, put me down."

<Carol> She frowned, chewing her lip, "I... I can't promise that. It's not really up to me... I can promise I'll do whatever it takes to stop you from hurting anyone... will that do?"

<Christopher> "I don't care what paperwork I have to go through. Donate my body to science... Just please don't let me become that monster again. I... I can't. I won't survive it again. Even if you bring me back."

<Carol> "Well... let's hope it doesn't come to that." She tightened her grip on him a little.

<Christopher> "Yeah... I hope it doesn't."

<Carol> "There is hope, you know... we have a brain we didn't have last time. Greer's a chemist, maybe she'll be helpful."

<Christopher> "It's not looking that good Carol. Not only is it coming back. There's more out there and they want me back. I thought it was all mental. But now, now I'm thinking you shouldn't have brought me back..."

<Carol> "Don't be stupid," she slowed down to look at him, "When we get back, I'll get on the phone to Fury and SHIELD will get to the bottom of this."

<Christopher> "Stupid is what I'm good at. But I'll try Carol." He wasn't hopeful. "If not hey I'm sure someone there would like to experiment on me."

<Carol> "Not going to happen." She gave him a small squeeze before increasing speed again. "No one experiments on my friends."

<Christopher> "Little late." He held up his hand. "My own fault. At least this time it'd be my choice."

<Carol> "Do I have to repeat myself?" She glanced down at him, "It's not going to happen."

<Christopher> "Yeah... Alright Carol. I, I just can't kill anymore innocent people."

<Carol> "I won't let that happen. I promise." She looked down at him, "Trust that we can take care of you."

<Christopher> "If you say so Carol. Shit's just getting worse. I'm sorry if I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel."

<Carol> "You don't have to see it to know it's there." She slowed down again as they neared the school and dropped altitude.

<Christopher> "I'll take your word for it." Chris watched as the school approached. Part of him wondered if anyone cared that he was back.
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