10/10 Instance: Temporary Exile

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10/10 Instance: Temporary Exile

Post by Slarti » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:03 pm

Timelined concurrent to Melted

<Shaw> After parting with Paige with a squirming toddler Drake in his arms, Sebastian passed Yukio on the way up to her apartment. The woman knew her duty was to now protect Paige.

<Shaw> He had other duties to see to.

<Shaw> Once at the apartment door, he sent Jess a greeting and balanced Ripley on his hip to open it.

<Jessica> "Daddy's here!" Jess smiled for Miriam and Sharky bounced excitedly, running to the door. Jess swapped her tea for her daughter and went to greet Sebastian, somewhat surprised to see Ripley minus Paige... and alarmed.

<Shaw> "Hello, love... I'm sorry for this mess." He kissed her in greeting, and then Miriam. Ripley wriggled, wanting in on the love. "Paige insisted she speak to her betrothed."

<Jessica> "Well I hope she has better luck than I did." She gave Ripley a hug and a kiss, "Hello, sweetheart, did you have fun today?"

<Ripley> "Fun shopping with uncle Bastian!" Ripley wrapped her little chubby arms around Jess' neck.

<Shaw> He couldn't help but smile indulgently at the girl, then shrugged one shoulder at his wife.

<Jessica> Jess decided to swap Miriam for Ripley to give Sebastian a break, "So... today's been interesting."

<Shaw> "Yes... that's one word for it." Sebastian accepted his daughter and gave her a cuddle, moving to sit on Yukio's sofa and make himself at home. I always knew someday this would come home to roost...

<Jessica> I really wish it hadn't been literally. She glanced in the direction of the house, I've never seen him like that, Sebastian... I really thought he might hurt us....

<Shaw> It would be his last act in this world. He nuzzled Miriam and held out his hand for Jessica.

<Jessica> She took his hand and joined him on the sofa, settling Ripley on her lap, You can't kill him... she pointed out, All I can do is slow him down... I was hoping it could knock some sense into him but I didn't want to hang around to find out just in case...

<Shaw> What did he say again? Precisely? He sighed and slid his arm around his wife, turning his head to kiss her temple. If necessary, he might need to find a method...

<Jessica> He said some not very nice things about you... which is, admittedly, not all that uncommon... and something about wiping out the gene pool... which is why I thought I should get Miriam out of there. I don't know, I was kind of freaking out...

<Shaw> His mouth tightened, the cold rage rising. Miriam was tugging on his collar and he closed his eyes. Without his abilities he is as mortal as any of us...

<Jessica> Don't. He's not in his right mind, Sebastian... and we're okay. I'm just a little shaken up....

<Shaw> If he is so unstable that this news unhinges him to such a degree he would threaten a friend and an innocent baby then he should be back in that cell with SHIELD.

<Jessica> I don't want to fight with you... can we not...? the look she gave him was reproachful, He overreacted. Don't try to pretend you've never done that.

<Shaw> Sebastian frowned, but he truly wasn't in the mood to argue either. Sighing, he urged her closer. I'm just concerned... and once again, I wish I had never heard the name Nathaniel Essex.

<Jessica> I tried to tell him how much you regretted what happened... but he wouldn't hear it... She leaned against him, letting Ripley go to play with Sharky, I think I made it worse because he was extra pissed when he found out I already knew...

<Shaw> He terrified Paige and threatened to track her phone if she didn't tell him where she was. He kissed her through her hair, forcing himself to relax now that he had his family in his arms.

<Jessica> He was worried. He came tearing through our house looking for her, asking me if you'd locked her up in the basement somewhere - and I feel like I should be offended that he didn't believe me when I said she wasn't there.... she frowned a little, People get crazy when they're worried at the best of times... and I guess the name 'Essex' takes people back to the worst of times...

<Shaw> Rightfully so, considering. Essex had ambitions of which we were completely unaware. The basement? Did he think I planned to keep her with the wine? In the washing machine perhaps? He chuckled drily at the idea. I offered to go with her, but she believed - probably rightfully - that it would make matters worse. Still, it is our home...

<Jessica> Yeah... I dread to think what state it might have gotten into since I left.... She cringed a little at the thought.

<Shaw> We could check. Between Widget and Yukio's surveillance system we should get a good idea what's going on. He didn't feel like moving, however. Good God, he didn't leave ice all over everything again, did he?

<Jessica> A little bit, yeah... I tried to get him to stay downstairs when Miriam woke up from all the shouting... but he followed me up... and then he got really creepy and he wouldn't stop so I had to zap him....

<Shaw> He paused and brushed her hair back to see her face. He must have truly frightened you for you to have reacted in such a drastic fashion. Did he threaten Miriam? Tell me.

<Jessica> Not directly... I don't think he knew what he was saying... She avoided his gaze, hiding her face against his shoulder instead.

<Shaw> You said he said he could wipe out the gene pool... A crease formed between his brows at her avoidance. Or was it Shinobi?

<Jessica> I'm sure he meant Michael... he said he wouldn't hurt Miriam... but he was dropping the temperature in the nursery at the time and she was screaming so I wasn't really sold on that...

<Shaw> Sebastian swore softly and held her closer, nuzzling both her hair and his daughter's soft fluffy hair. I need to call Sum. He cannot be here any longer.

<Jessica> She frowned, not sure which 'he' Sebastian was referring to. She lifted her head so he could see her confused expression.

<Shaw> He raised an eyebrow in question, sensing her confusion. If he's unstable, he can't be in our house, and he can't be trusted to guard Hope objectively.

<Jessica> And you think David is going to be able to get him out of our house? In one piece? She raised an eyebrow, I know he's a badass... but seriously?

<Shaw> Then Fury. He shrugged slightly.

<Jessica> Because he's totally going to listen to Fury in this state... let Paige try... and if she can't maybe we should try to find someone that's immune to being turned into an ice cube to get him out of there...

<Shaw> Well. He smirked and leaned in, kissing her forehead. Point of fact, I have an inhibitor spray, but I don't think anyone would like the outcome of a confrontation between us today. But, truly, I mean for the future... today he'd believe I'm holding his child hostage... Sebastian glanced over at Ripley playing with one of her toys in a nearby chair.

<Jessica> Today he believes I'd let you torture people in our basement where I do the laundry... she had to roll her eyes at that a little.

<Shaw> I at least have the decency to take them elsewhere, he sniffed.

<Jessica> She laughed and cuddled against him again, For the love of God, do not ever say that in front of him.

<Shaw> I suspect I will say very little in front of him ever again. The little girl looked up curiously at Jessica's giggle. "Funny?" she questioned.

<Jessica> Jess smiled at Ripley, "Uncle Sebastian's being silly," she reached over to tickle the girl.

<Shaw> "Yes. I manage that from time to time." He smiled at her, settling Miriam on his lap. "Look how big she is now, yes? Do you think she'll be up and ready to play with you soon?"

<Jessica> "And crawling up the walls and everything," Jess added. She bent to press a kiss to the top of Miriam's head then got up to get another cup of tea.

<Shaw> Ripley giggled and Sebastian pretended to look horrified, comically studying the baby in his arms and then the ceiling.

<Jessica> "It's funny because I'm serious," Jess gave them both a grin over her shoulder.

<Shaw> That just made the little girl laugh harder and Sebastian gasped, then laughed as well.

<Jessica> She was feeling a little better now for Sebastian's presence and she had a fresh cup of tea. She leaned against the wall and took a sip, watching him with the children. How could Bobby think he'd mean any of them any harm?

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