9/2 Instance: Tickled Treachery

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9/2 Instance: Tickled Treachery

Post by Slarti » Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:51 am

Current timeline

<Bobby> "I wanna ride it. I mean, come on, we have to! It's... it's like required! Just think of it! You can tell everybody that we had a wild ride on The Tickler!" Bobby turned his mega-watt grin onto Rogue, with just a hint of puppy dog eyes.

<Rogue> Rogue arched an eyebrow at the ride then turned her serious expression towards Bobby only to falter and have to choke back a laugh. "Ah think that if we told people that, they'd wonder if we used tha whole chicken 'r just tha tail feathers, Bugs."

<Bobby> "The whole chicken of course! Don't ever do anything half-assed!" Bobby grabbed her hand and started dragging.

<Rogue> Rogue knew full well that if she didn't let him drag her on that silly ride, she'd never hear the end of it and the day would be full of his over-sized puppy dog eyes. "Fiiine," she groaned as she hid a smile. "Y'all owe me a ride in tha tunnel o' love then. Ah wanna make fun o' tha animatronics in there."

<Bobby> "Oooo, how romantic." He waggled his brows at her as they got in the short line. Coney Island was actually pretty damn fun.

<Rogue> "An' we gotta get a 'coney.' 'Cause, duh." She grinned and looked around her, "How many teddy bears ya think Ah could win 'fore they figure out Ah got powers?"

<Bobby> "Let's find out." He said it in his best approximation of the Tootsie Pop owl, earning him a look from the teenager in line ahead of them.

<Rogue> Rogue snickered and looked the boy in the eyes while licking air, "One, two, three," then she chomped her teeth together in a sinister grin.

<Bobby> He stifled a snort, enjoying the show. "Better watch out," he advised the kid, sliding his hands into his pockets to rock back on his heels.

<Rogue> Rogue stepped slightly in front of Bobby, towards the poor kid, "Just so ya know? He," she nodded back towards Bobby, "does tha ticklin'. Ah do tha torturin'." She smirked as his face started to drain of color, "Now, now, sugah. He can do some torturin' too if ya want."

<Bobby> After a little jostling, four teenagers left the line and Bobby applauded. "Great job, Dollface!"

<Rogue> Rogue giggled and curtseyed and bowed a bit just for fun. "Thank you. Thank you. Ah owe it all ta mah best friend, Bobby Drake, without whom, Ah'd not have such a rotten sense o' humor." She winked at him, then noticed that it was their turn to find a cart.

<Bobby> "Hey, I'll have you know I studied under the best of teachers. Larry, Moe, Curly..." Bobby helped Anna into the cart, which was completely unnecessary, but manners, dammit!

<Rogue> Rogue snickered and let him help her, "An' Ah'm sure they're so proud o' how you've grown." She scootched so he could sit by her, "Okay, what's this thing supposed ta tickle, exactly?"

<Bobby> Bobby sat and shimmied his ass in the seat. "I dunno... I may not have thought that part through. I might need a chastity belt!"

<Rogue> "Ha! Don't worry, Paigey'll take care o' fixin' that right up if it needs help." She frowned and cupped her boobs, "Ah might shoulda worn a sports bra though. Nobody ta help fix me."

<Bobby> Bobby pressed his lips together and nearly popped a vein from the stress of restraining his comment. Luckily, the ride started moving.

<Rogue> Rogue elbowed Bobby lightly in the ribs as the ride started to spin as it moved down the track. She giggled, knowing exactly what her comment had done and started to relax into the ride. "If Ah puke, Ah'm aimin' at y'all."

<Bobby> "If I pee, it's already aimed at you." He grinned brightly, then cackled when the ride whizzed around a corner and it was surprisingly fast. "Whoooo!"

<Rogue> Rogue got tossed a bit to the side and she let her arms go up for a brief second as it started spinning even faster while going down a large hill, then felt silly and put them down. But she still giggled the whole time, letting out a whoop at the bottom of the hill before it went up again.

<Bobby> He laughed and slid around the slick plastic seat, realizing he was happy he didn't really have to worry about the safety of this rickety-ass old ride. He was never ever letting Paige on it. When the ride jolted to a stop he laughed. "Well! I feel tickled!"

<Rogue> Rogue laughed along with him and shook her head in agreement, "Ah'm tickled it's over. Does that count?" She waited for the ride attendant to open the 'gate' and she hopped out ahead of Bobby. "Now. Tunnel o' Love."

<Bobby> Bobby caught up and slung an arm around her shoulders and started singing. "Come on and take a low ride with me girl on the tunnel of love..." He hummed along to the old song and grinned at her.

<Rogue> Rogue put her arm around his waist and reached up to hold his hand with hers that was on her shoulder. "Ah just wanna poke fun at how badly it's made. An' Ah've never been in one, so it should be hilarious." She bumped him with her hip and looked over at the hot dog stand. "Coney first?"

<Bobby> "I'm always up for a good dog." He woofed quietly a couple times. "Just don't tell Yoda."

<Rogue> "Don't worry, ya secret's safe with me," she smirked and pulled him to the line. "Oooh. 'Real' relish. Is there a fake kind?"

<Bobby> "Made with spinach?" He laughed at the idea and let out a gusty sigh. "Sooooo.... wedding's coming up... fast."

<Rogue> Rogue laughed, "At least Popeye'd like it?" Her laugh faded and she smiled softly at him, "Yep. How ya doin'? Gettin' cold feet yet? We c'n take Ripley an' run. Ah'm pretty good at that."

<Bobby> "Nooo, no running." He grabbed onto her hand more tightly. "You either. I need you." After a quick, nervous laugh, he went on. "No cold feet, not really. It's just... everything is good, and I'm kinda scared it'll turn to shit."

<Rogue> Rogue grinned and squeezed his hand in reassurance, "Don't worry. Ah'm only teasin'. Ah just gotta make sure y'all know Ah got ya back. No matter what." She frowned at him as they took a step forward in the line, "How? Don'tcha think ya deserve happy by now?"

<Bobby> "Yeah... I mean on some level I do, but it's scary. Good things turn bad so fast for people like us." Bobby blew out a loud breath and returned the squeeze. "Thanks, Dollface."

<Rogue> "They do. Ah think that tha two o' us are tha poster children f'r that happenin'." She smiled softly at him, "But Ah think Paige kinda counteracts that f'r y'all."

<Bobby> "I hope so. Paige is..." He grinned. "She's Paige. And she's had a lot of bad things happen too, but she's still Paige."

<Rogue> "Exactly. It's almost like she never let tha bad stuff get ta her too bad." She made a face and shuffled her feet a bit, "Unlike tha two o' us bad influences."

<Bobby> He laughed softly. "Yeah, well, we had our moments.... but all better. Mostly better." He swung their hands. "Speaking of, how's you?"

<Rogue> Rogue grinned at the hand swinging, "Ah'm doin' alright. Ah'm not just livin' each day until Ah go ta bed anymore. Ah'm enjoyin' mahself. An' lovin' watchin' Ripley grow when ya let me steal her f'r a few hours."

<Bobby> "I don't know what we'd do without Auntie Roguey to the rescue for babysitting." He laughed. "Especially when I'm babysitting the littlest Stark."

<Rogue> "Auntie Roguey will always rescue her niece. Without question nor hesitation," she made a grand show of putting her fists on her hips and standing erect and proud. "That teenager y'all got, though? Whew. She seems like a handful."

<Bobby> Bobby cackled at her display. "Oh yeah, you haven't heard! The teenager wants to get married now!" He wrinkled his nose in an afterthought. "Again."

<Rogue> Rogue blinked at him for a moment and then barked a laugh. "To who?!"

<Bobby> His nose wrinkle screwed up into a full-blown moue. "Shinobi Shaw."

<Rogue> Rogue squinted and turned slightly away from him, almost like reacting to the sun being in her eyes. "Sh-" She became unsteady on her feet for a moment with a blinding headache.

<Bobby> "An-" Bobby realized they were in public and stopped himself - barely. He reached for her arm, then stepped in and slid his own around her shoulders. "Roguey? What's wrong, babe?"

<Rogue> Rogue grasped at Bobby's arm and tried to look at him, but couldn't see him even though she knew he was right in front of her face. Other faces kept flashing in her memory, blocking her from seeing anything else. "Ah'm fine..."

<Bobby> His laugh was nervous. "Heeeey, don't kid a kidder. What's up?" Bobby steered her out of line, to the nearest picnic table bench, and parked both their asses on it.

<Rogue> Rogue let out a breath once she felt them sit down, her eyes chasing the images, trying desperately to pin one down. "Ah don't know. Ah can't... It won't let me..." She closed her eyes tight and focused in, hoping that not trying to focus on the outside world would help to slow things down.

<Rogue> Her eyes flew open after a moment and she looked at Bobby, "He's a clone," she very nearly yelled out before remembering they were in public and turning it into a harsh whisper.

<Bobby> "How'd you know?!" Bobby's tone was far from subtle either, then he checked his mental shielding and looked around. Quickly, he looked down at them both. No skin touching...

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes were wild as she took Bobby by the shoulders, "He's a clone! Of Shaw! Ah knew that man was no good, Ah just couldn't place mah finger on why! Essex, Bobby!"

<Bobby> Once again, Bobby looked around, lowering his voice and trying to catch her wrists. "I know, babe... he's a clone. He didn't even know until a few weeks ago..."

<Rogue> "Essex, Bobby!" Her heart was pounding in her chest and her hands balled into tight fists as she tried to reign herself in once Bobby caught her. She knew he understood, but that he didn't really understand. But, she also didn't know how to help him to, either. "She can't marry him. She can't."

<Bobby> "Babe... of the many reasons she shouldn't marry him, the clone thing isn't even in the top ten..." He scooted closer to her and put his arm around her shoulders again. "Breathe, babe. He didn't know he was a clone. Hell, I didn't know he was a clone!" Bobby sighed. "Fucker did work for Essex though..."

<Rogue> "No. He's Sebastian Shaw. Reborn. Sebastian worked with Essex. Who knows what kind of evil is waiting to come out of a clone made by Essex of Sebastian Shaw?!"

<Bobby> That took a moment to process. "Wait, whoa, hold up..." He blinked. "Shaw... old man Shaw? He worked for Essex too?"

<Rogue> "No. With him. Not for him." He was starting to get it. Good. "Bobby. If it weren't f'r Shaw, those medical records? That bomb? Wouldn't. Have. Happened."

<Bobby> Bobby just stared at her. What? Essex... Lorna, Rachel... him... none of it... His brain came to a screeching halt and he panted. "What?!"

<Rogue> Finally! "Ah'm still just gettin' bits an' pieces, but... Yeah." Her jaw was clenched and her muscles were tense. All she wanted to do was murder Sebastian Shaw. But that wouldn't do any good. She'd been down that road before.

<Bobby> Bobby shook his head. "But... look, I don't like the guy, but it doesn't make sense! I remember him helping us... like he was at the school! And Lizzie..."

<Rogue> "Lost Warren 'cause o' him." Rogue was so frustrated. She wished she could show Bobby what she had in her head. She missed Rachel for more than just her friendship at the moment. "He's tha reason we're 'humpty dumptied'."

<Bobby> "Fuuuuuuck." He rubbed his face, too shocked to give much more intelligent commentary. "I didn't like him because he's like... all oily and shit... Lizzie was with him for years! Jess..." Bobby looked up at her. Oh, shit!

<Rogue> "He's oily an' shit f'r a reason, Bugs. He slips right past ya radar with tha true evil he's got lurkin' underneath." She gave him a sad look, "Jess married tha bastard."

<Bobby> "Jess had his kid... Hope calls him dad..." His eyes bugged. "Paige loves him!"

<Rogue> "Paige needs ta cut that shit out."

<Bobby> "He's in our wedding, babe..." Oh, shit!

<Rogue> Rogue's nostrils flared slightly and she felt her face getting hot as her jaw clenched tighter. "No."

<Bobby> "He's her... like, maid of honor?" He rubbed his face again. "Fuck it sounds even weirder now..."

<Rogue> "You're kiddin'." She shook her head in tiny, fast jerks, "No. Ah refuse ta walk down an aisle with him. No."

<Bobby> "Fuuuuuuuuuck...." He hid his face with both hands.

<Rogue> Rogue growled back in her throat and closed her eyes, angry that this was surfacing now, wishing it had just waited until after her best friend's wedding. "Bobby. Ah've sworn since tha day y'all were taken... When Ah failed ta save ya... That Ah'd take care o' whoever was behind it. Essex was just tha puppet."

<Bobby> "Babe...."

<Rogue> "Ah know..." Her fists closed tight and she pounded the bench softly. "Ah can't."

<Bobby> "He's... he's Jessie's husband now... and Hope calls him dad..." He wasn't going to comment on the weirdness of that right now, but it was still really fucking weird. "Paige calls him Cookie..." he added with distaste.

<Rogue> Rogue made a disgusted face at 'Cookie'. "Gross... She has better nick names than that up her sleeve somewhere, right?" She sighed, "Hope calls him dad, but she has a dad. Jess..." She threw up her hands, at a loss of what to do.

<Bobby> "Her dad is his best friend, babe... he's... the president's bff!" This was hopeless, and he was still too shocked to feel much about it.

<Rogue> "S.H.I.E.L.D then! Somebody's gotta be able ta do somethin' that's legal?!"

<Bobby> "I... don't know." He closed his eyes. "Y-you're sure?"

<Rogue> Rogue reached out and put a hand over one of his, "Ah've never been more sure."

<Bobby> "Fuck... that's what I was afraid of..." He turned his hand and took hers. "Well, we're gonna have to figure out what to do..."

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