12/4 Instance: Growing 'Up'

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12/4 Instance: Growing 'Up'

Post by steyn » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:09 am

Timeline: Before instance MarvelUs Multiverse

<Broo> Broo tapped repeatedly the marker on his chin while staring at the big board with the confusingly large amount of equations on it. "Yes, this would close it, but it won't exactly do what I want it to do." he told the spider on his head. "No... that's wrong. Why did I write it like that?" he added, climbing up his stepladder to correct a mistake in the equations. "And now the rest of it doesn't make sense. this won't close the tear in space at all, Cinnamon. You're not being much help lately."

<@Mayday> Curious to explore the grounds of the Danvers Insitute, Mayday had allowed herself several days to get better aquainted with the various areas. Her tour had taken her to one of the many R&D areas on the premises, and finally taken her to this room.

<@Mayday> Upon hearing the name of her old pet, she couldn't help but become curious, and without knocking the redhead peeked around the door, "Excuse me? Hello?"

<Broo> In the middle of the chaos of his workshop, Broo looked around and called back, "Hello?". The entrance was practically hidden from where he was, with inventions and pieces of inventions all around him, practically making it a mechanical labyrinth. "Am I talking to myself or someone real?"

<@Mayday> The voice was unfamilliar, cute even, and Mayday found herself laughing softly in response, "No, I'm real", she assured the unseen speaker, pushing the door open and stepping through it, "My name's Mayday Parker, I....recently transfered here from other work."

<@Mayday> She looked around, "A-are you in the cupboard, sir?"

<Broo> "Oh hello Ms Mayday Parker!" Broo called, "No, Ms Mayday Parker, I'm in the middle of the room. If you look down to the floor, I have color coded lines. Follow the yellow line to get to the middle. The blue is for the restroom. The red is the emergency escape route. It lights up in the dark." he helpfully informed. Cinnamon on his head was starting to move about quite a lot.

<@Mayday> Mayday focussed in on him, "Oh, you're...", she considered her next words. The humanoid/insectoid creature with the spider on his head wasn't the strangest thing she'd ever seen. He was clearly Brood (and she'd been told to expect that) but....

<@Mayday> "You're so small", she blinked, smiling and approaching him, "You're really young to be looking at such complex mathematics, aren't you?"

<Broo> Broo frowned. "Well... yes... in the practical sense, but I age faster than the normal person. Twice as fast. Therefore I can be seen as a genius level eighteen year old." He replied, a little clawed hand coming up to scratch under his spiderwig, and having a hard time not to stare at her.

<Broo> He snapped back to his senses, "Oh, my apologies, my name is Broo, and this is my workshop. And I believe you already know Cinnamon, correct?" he said climbing down his stepladder and shuffling towards her, looking up at her and holding his hand up to her to shake.

<@Mayday> "That's my Cinnamon?", Mayday gasped, approaching him and kneeling down, "M-my pet from....back home!", she took a deep breath, "H-how did you find him?"

<Broo> "When we went back to the Xavier Mansion, in search of Ms Danger, Ms Hisako Ichiki and I found Cinnamon in the wreckage. He wasn't harmed. In fact he found quite the hunting ground there. He felt out of place there." Broo explained.

<@Mayday> Mayday's smile widened, "And you saved him, huh?", she looked at the little spider and waved, "You're a real hero, aren't you? Hisako told me about you. She likes you very much."

<Broo> "Are... are you talking to me or Cinnamon?" Broo asked.

<@Mayday> Her eyes glanced down into Broo's own, "You.", she smiled at his face, unable to see anything more than a sweetness in the way his mandibles twitched, his speech wavered slightly, and his autumn carapace seemed to redden as she looked on him.

<@Mayday> "Thank you, Broo.", Mayday grinned.

<Broo> "I... um..." Broo grinned as much as his little monster face could distort. "Thank you." he replied. "Do you wish to hold him?" Broo asked, leaning a little forward without thinking, to offer Cinnamon to May, but ended up getting his face much closer to her chest than he should have. The insect boy felt a wave of heat through his body when he breathed in and smelled her up close.

<@Mayday> Mayday felt one of his mandibles tickle her nose and laughed, twitching and moving back, "Yeah, sure.", she nodded, her hands sliding up his forehead and scooping the tiny taranrula into them, "Hey, little spider man!", she giggled, "Oh, mama missed you so much, Cinnamon-bun..."

<Broo> Another flushed feeling washed through him the second she touched him. He also felt like he had several things crawling around in his tummy. He will have to speak to Danger about that second sensation, but the first he had been feeling several times and already spoke to his mechanical companion about it. And she just said she would get back to him on it. And all the time he pondered, he kept staring at the girl.

<@Mayday> Mayday allowed herself to enjoy the sensation of her little spider tickling her hands with every movement. Her blue eyes lit up as she looked up at Broo again, "Are you alright? I'm not making you unhappy, am I? Getting in your way like this?"

<Broo> He blinked back. "In my way? Oh, no, not at all. Not that I can think of. I appreciate the company and the distraction. I can't seem to concentrate on my equations and inventions anyway, and it is getting very irritating to say the least." the boy replied.

<@Mayday> "Maybe I can help.", Mayday stood, looking up at the board and scanning the equations, "It's very detailed...what are you working on?"

<Broo> "Well I seemed to have caused a rip in space and time down in the basement of the institute. I was curious as to the origins of all mutant powers. Turns out it's an energy that was undetectable until Danger and I devised a way of detecting it. Long story short, there are hotspots where more of this energy flows into our world..."

<Broo> "And I was able to turn one such hotspot into a hole. Now there's a gateway to some sort of hellish dimension in the basement, and small naked blue demons keeps stealing alcohol, panties and snacks." He took a moment to breathe. "I'm trying to close it now."

<@Mayday> Mayday nodded, the symbols made more and more sense as he explained them, "A quantum fissure in local timespace....and it leads to a chartable dimension capable of humanoid life. Fascinating but dangerous I suppose.", she frowned a little, "The door works both ways though..."

<Broo> Broo's face seemed to have found a new level of happiness as he brightened even more. "Exactly! Here, look, look." he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards anotehr board. "I was trying to devise a machine to work as a doorway, causing it to completely shut the other side, while still able to open this side, but be also able to change the frequency of the dimension, thereby being able to open portals to even more places." he said, while still holding on to her hand.

<@Mayday> Mayday allowed Cinnamon to wander onto a table and apprehend a lonely pen while she was led closer, unconciously gripping Broo's hand tighter as she thought, "I see...so the fisure doesn't neccessarily need only one destination.", she raised her wrist and hissed out a spray of webbing to pull a pen to her hand and approached the board, doodling in a small area.

<@Mayday> "So...you have a door this side that opens...", she drew a circle labled 'DANVERS' and an arrow to one side, "But this dimensional eddy isn't neccessarily a 'point to point' wormhole, in your mind. Right?", she drew another circle with a '?' within it, and then a series of lines stemming from it, "So you think this 'middle ground' can be used as a conduit area?"

<Broo> "Yes, there seems to be a thin universe between ours and the others. Sort of like space between two planets. And just like teleporting by bending space and time to move from planet to planet, I should be able to change the frequency of the... what can I call it... noverse. Yes, I should be able to change the frequency and therefore the thickness of this noverse, and cause our side to connect to another dimension."

<@Mayday> Mayday nodded, rubbing out her '?' and replacing it with that word. "Noverse", she repeated with a grin, "This is incredible work, Broo. I've never seen anything so....", she stepped back and struggled for a word, "...immense, I suppose.",

<Broo> And there it was, his face nearly broke by grinning past what it was capable of. "Yeah, I got a big brain, so I think big. Much bigger than any other guy."

<@Mayday> "Well, now I have to insist you show it to me.", the redhead laughed, turning towards him and pulling her glasses out of her cardigan pocket, "Can I help with this? It's...really nice to find something I might be able to contribute to here. Everyone else seems to have it so 'together', you know? They all have a role?"

<Broo> "Of course! Please, Mi taller si su taller. My workshop is your workshop." he quickly replied without thinking. "Can I get you anything to make you more at home here?" he asked, looking around. "I think I can make space for you to work... somewhere around here. Umm... maybe if I move... no that'll explode. Or if I move... no that'll cause a small earthquake..."

<@Mayday> Mayday shook her head, "No need to worry about that this second", she assured him, "Lemme go get some coffee and I'll be right back? I can get you something too, if you want?"

<Broo> "I'll join you!" he said rather louder than usual. "I have several more projects I'm working on, you know." he added as he, yet again, unconsciously grabbed on to her hand to start escorting her to the kitchen area. The idea 'She felt so soft and nice' flashed through his big head.

<Broo> The large screen flashed to the image of Danger. "Broo, good, I was hoping you would still be in your workshop. I have analyzed the scans I have done on you before I left. It seems the reason you have difficulty concentrating is because of the flood of blood and hormones to your groin. You seem to becoming incredibly aroused, on average of twelve times a minute. I would suggest you seek a female partner and copulate with her in order to be able to focus on your work again. Good day." and the screen flashed dead once more.

<Broo> Broo somehow turned crimson red in less than a second as he stood frozen, holding May's hand.

<@Mayday> Mayday flushed deep red, looking down at Broo and only half realising Danger's presence, "....erm...", she had wondered about the hand-holding, "....well, that was...I-I sometimes have cold showers if that'd help...."

<Broo> Broo immediately let go of her hand. "Um...I think I'll just meet you in the kitchen." he said, ushering May out of the room quickly, closing the door behind her. He thudded his head against the door, "I need a cold shower."

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