11/30 Instance: What Else Could Go Wrong?

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11/30 Instance: What Else Could Go Wrong?

Post by steyn » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:22 am

Timeline current

<Broo> Broo was humming to himself as he set up all the instruments, repeatedly wiping surfaces to get things looking spotless. The little guy was a bit agitated about something, but he tried to ignore the nagging feeling. THe second he was done cleaning the umpteenth time he pondered for a moment what exactly he was supposed to do. He probably needed to get back to closing the hole in the basement.

<Christopher> Chris tapped on the door making a slight scraping sound when he pulled his fingers away. The claws were still hard to get used to. "Well you can just do anything you set your mind to can't you." Chris still remembered when he asked the genius little ex-student of his to make him a special little screwdriver.

<Broo> Broo snapped out of his thoughts when he looked up at Christopher. "Ah, friend Nord, I knew I had to do something in here today at this time. Ready for your next series of painful injections with nauseating side effects?"

<Christopher> "Well when you put it that way absolutely. Any closer on fixing these bad boys?" Chris wiggled his fingers to remind him of his claws.

<Broo> "Well if you want a quicker way than the treatments, we can always just surgically remove your hands and grow a new pair for you and attach those. Not in that order of course"

<Christopher> "Uhmm.... I think we'll stick with what's working." Chris stared at the student trying to ascertain whether he was serious or not.

<Broo> "Oh... was hoping I could practice my knife and needle skills. Oh well, this will just take a little longer though." Broo assured Chris as he went to the fridge to retrieve the dose of treatment.

<Christopher> "That's good." Chris was a little scared now. "How about we practice on dummies or dead pigs. Isn't that what surgeons usually use?"

<Broo> "Yeah, but eventually they go on to live, human subjects, and that's where the fun comes in." Broo added, setting the tray with doses and injection gun on the table next to the examination bed. "Please have a seat." he said as he pulled his tiny stepladder closer to get to Chris' height.

<Christopher> Chris sat down on the bed. "Remind me not to get on your bad side." He looked about the room wondering what else Broo was up to that would scare the piss out of him.

<Broo> "Well I can assure you that I don't have a bad side... unless if I lose my head. Not literally I mean. Doubtful I can still operate normally without my head. Definitely not something I should look into. hat were we doing again? Oh yes, injections. Let me just load this up..." Broo said as he uncapped the first vial with green liquid and snapped it into the injection gun.

<Christopher> "Yes I think a headless doctor would be very detrimental to any procedure. How about you keep that head on your shoulders for as long as humanly possible?"

<Broo> "Well I was actually pondering whether my body would still be able to function without my head, seeing that my physiology is that of an insectoid nature." Broo explained. "Sleeve up and and arm out please."

<Christopher> Chris rolled his sleeve up and held his arm out for Broo, waiting for the worst. "Most insects still die once their heads are removed. Just takes a little while."

<Broo> "Did you know there was a chicken that lived for several months after its head was chopped off?" Broo said making small talk while sterilizing the area on Chris' should and the putting the nozzle of the gun there. "Turns out that the brainstem of the chicken still worked most of the motor functions including its internal organs."

<Christopher> "Yes but I'm pretty sure they had to feed it with an eyedropper." He tensed up a little waiting for the painful part.

<Broo> *Psft!* The gun quickly made as it popped the liquid into him. "There we go, that's one of four." Broo said, using a cotton swab to wipe the drop of blood left on his arm.

<Christopher> "Shit that hurts." Chris sighed. "Welp keep um coming mini-doc."

<Broo> "Stretch out your arm," Broo said, before sterilizing the inside of his forearm, loading the gun again with blue liquid and shooting the second treatment in his arm. "And we're done with the one side for today." he added wiping the drop of blood, before putting a small round bandaid on the little dots. "Now fo the other arm."

<Christopher> "You're going to make me look like a druggie. I don't think my girlfriend will like that since that's what got me into this mess in the first place."

<Broo> "Hmm... Wait, I have an idea." he said, climbing down his stepladder and turning towards the cupboard with the bandaids. He took out a packet and held it up to Chris. "How about superhero themed bandaids? We got Green Lantern, Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed at that. "I think I'll go with Wonderwoman. Give Hope something to laugh about."

<Broo> Broo smiled and moved the stepladder to Chris' other side, "You know the drill, sleeve up and arm out."

<Christopher> Chris did as he was told, slid the sleeve up and just prepared for the next injections. "This wouldn't hurt so bad if I could have my powers back."

<Broo> "And the treatments wouldn't work as effective either." Broo countered as he sterilized, loaded and shot the green serum into hsi shoulder, before wiping and putting a wonderwoman bandaid on him.

<Christopher> "Damn kick a man when he's down. So anything special you're working on besides me?"

<Broo> "Hmm, well there's the portal in the institute's basement that I need to close up. However I have a better plan with that. And then there's Danger's upgrades. Plus I need to look more into space travel. Long distances. Need to convert my teleportation technology for space, to cut down on travel time for when we head out to far reaches in space."

<Christopher> "Well...." Chris just stared at him, completely dumbfounded. "That's uhmm shit.... sounds. Fun?"

<Broo> "Very much so, very exciting." He said repeating his process with Chris' forearm.

<Christopher> "Well go big or go home I guess. And here I thought my metallurgy class was forward thinking."

<Broo> "Speaking of, I will need your input for my projects involving the mechanical bits and pieces. I find that some metal alloys just won't cut it." he said, finishing up with the last shot, before leaning up and adding another Wonder Woman bandaid.

<Christopher> "I don't think I'll be of much use until I'm back to my former self." Chris rubbed the first spots gently. "But whatever help I can be is my pleasure."

<Broo> "That's excellent." Broo said with a huge grin, stepping down from his little ladder and putting it away before gathering the used vials and instruments. He paused. "Oh dear."

<Christopher> "Please tell me that's a good Oh dear...." Chris just stared at Broo.

<Broo> "I... seem to have given you twice the dosage than what I should have given you. Hmm..." Broo said, pondering and rubbing his chin.

<Christopher> "Well.... maybe I'll get better twice as fast then?" Chris shrugged a little. "Or seize out from overdose?"

<Broo> "Well your nausea will be twice as bad, and you might pass out for an hour or two, most probably while vomiting. It will most probably be with you throughout the day and night. On the bright side your body will be regressing back to its normal shape a little faster."

<Christopher> "Well.... I guess it's good none of that stuff has been really bothering me. But I'll make sure I fall asleep on the john."

<Broo> "Glad to hear that. You might also suffer from some hair loss. Full body hair loss. I do hope you don't mind losing any pubic hair along with your head's hair."

<Christopher> "Dude you just don't have any good news do you." Chris laughed a little. "Hair grows back I'll be fine."

<Broo> "Excellent. And there's a slight chance you might suffer permanent erectile dysfunction. But I'm sure if that happens, then you'd put your focus on other hobbies." Broo said, still keeping his friendly smile that he uses when breaking bad news.

<Christopher> "Just get me fixed up so my healing factor can be turned back on." He laughed a little.

<Broo> "...yeah, there's an even smaller chance that your healing might not be able to fix most of the adverse effects. I just want to apologize for the future discomfort, I am not sure why I did such a mistake. I seem to be making quite a few of them as of late."

<Christopher> "Maybe we should have Dr. McCoy here next time...." Chris raised his eyebrow a little.

<Broo> "Oh dear..."

<Broo> "Oh dear..." he said again, and facepalmed himself.

<Christopher> "Do I even want to ask or should I just start running?"

<Broo> "I forgot Dr McCoy in the isolation chamber. He was busy with an experiment concerning his mutation and he's stuck in there. I forgot to take him out. Two hours ago."

<Christopher> "Okay.... you go deal with that and I'll just head back to my trailer...." Chris rolled his sleeves down and got up.

<Broo> "Yes... oh dear oh dear, I need to get a big box of Twinkies in case he is a bit on the upset side." Broo kept mumbling as he scuttled about getting things packed away before ushering Chris out.

<Broo> "Oh and the minute you start bleeding from your anus or urethra, please come seek me immediately!" Broo called behind him towards Chris, while several students were in the hallway.

<Christopher> "See you later little man." Chris gave him a wave as he walked away. "Yeah.... How about I go talk to Carol about getting my healing ability back....."

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