11/17 Instance: Stalkbucks

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11/17 Instance: Stalkbucks

Post by Slarti » Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:15 am

Timelined around Nuts to You

<Viper> Though it was an odd location by most people's standards, Viper rather liked the strategic placement of the house in comparison to the nearest coffee shop. It was hard to get closer. Plus it meant she didn't have to do annoying things like lurk in dark alleys all day. In here it was warm, she could continue to spy in a cosy corner and there was a neverending supply of coffee. She also used the time to get some work done.

<Yukio> Bored. Boring, boring, bored. Yukio had suspected this job would be boring when she'd accepted it, and aside from that one incident of chasing down and tackling Mr. Shaw's son - which had been really fun - she was right. So, when she noticed something as obvious as bright green hair going into the Starbucks, she couldn't resist. Plus, coffee.

<Yukio> After gearing up and bundling up, she made her way into the cafe and looked around to locate her quarry. Maybe she would ask for one of those silver things.

<Viper> Viper glanced up when one of her cameras alerted her to a familiar face on the approach, eyebrow raising. Either they'd both had the same idea or she'd been followed.

<Yukio> Oh good, she'd been spotted. That meant they didn't have to do the awkward pretend to ignore each other thing. She waved from the counter and ordered her coffee.

<Viper> She was being waved at. Why? She frowned a little for a moment then went back to her typing.

<Yukio> Not at all put off, Yukio waited for her coffee while chatting up the barista. He was cute, and she was memorizing the name on the tag... wait a minute. "Smile!" she told the young man, and was thrilled when he did and she snapped a photo with her phone.

<Viper> Perhaps she only came in to chat up the staff. The wave was still puzzling but the girl was strange anyway.

<Yukio> She gave him a generous tip and took her coffee, headed straight for Viper's table.

<Viper> Oh. So she was indicating she wanted to be sociable. Viper moved her things to one side without looking up from her screen.

<Yukio> Yukio sat down and put her coffee on the table, taking in Viper's... junk. "Hi! Slow day in the spying business, isn't it?"

<Viper> "Here, perhaps, but not if you're multitasking." Viper replied with a smirk, picking up her coffee cup for a sip.

<Yukio> "That sounds exciting. Taking over any small third-world countries then? Anything I should look for on my news feed?" She was honestly interested and sipped her own coffee.

<Viper> "We're currently testing some new technology in the field but it would probably be a conflict of interests if I told you any more."

<Yukio> "No fun." She leaned to look at some of the papers.

<Viper> Viper sighed, "Alright, but if you tell anyone I will shoot you."

<Yukio> Interested now, she perked up. "I promise."

<Viper> Viper turned her screen towards Yukio, displaying her latest prototype. A giant mechanised spider.

<Yukio> "Oh... well that's interesting! What does it do? Destruction, I imagine, but how?" She sipped her coffee and scooted her chair in to see.

<Viper> "It has a number of capabilities... but it is also rather good at exploring terrain. All the extra legs make it very stable and it climbs remarkably well over most surfaces."

<Yukio> "It looks like it would be fun to ride." She flashed Viper a grin, completely serious about this.

<Viper> "It probably is. I will have to ask my test driver when he returns... assuming all goes well and nothing explodes."

<Yukio> She scooted just a bit closer, her chair grating on the floor. "Can I have one?"

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow at the girl, "No. Even if you could afford one, they are not ready... and I'm not entirely certain Sebastian would thank me for selling one to you."

<Yukio> "You don't know what I could afford," she said with a secretive smile. "But fine. How about one of those silver things then?"

<Viper> "One of my predators?" She gave the girl an appraising look, "Perhaps... but you would have to promise not to disappoint me like Jessica did with hers. They are designed to kill things not do tricks."

<Yukio> "Maybe it can do both?" Yukio sipped her coffee innocently.

<Viper> "I would, perhaps... settle for both," Viper replied, carefully.

<Yukio> "And if I had it here..." She paused to look around the Starbucks, but more precisely she looked toward the house they both watched. "It could help me with my job."

<Viper> "It wouldn't be immediately useful, they need to be taught who they are to protect. Jessica has taught hers a variety of shapes, that is the only good thing I can say about it, although it does still seem to possess the will to protect her so maybe all is not lost."

<Yukio> "Hey, I have a lot of spare time on my hands." She spread both of said hands in illustration, then wrapped them around her coffee.

<Viper> "If Sebastian hadn't already assigned you to this ridiculous waste of your talents, I would offer you work."

<Yukio> "I will keep that offer in mind." Yukio sipped her coffee. "I enjoyed breaking into your warehouse after all."

<Viper> "Yes, I am aware." She nodded, taking a sip of her own coffee. It was running low. "Perhaps we should have words with Sebastian about the lack of activity in the escaping front."

<Yukio> "Yes, his son is proving very disappointing. The feral girl with the fluffy tail is living there now, too." She shook her head.

<Viper> "Yes, I did see that. I wonder at the wisdom of taking in so many strays. Perhaps Jessica's hormones are impairing her judgment."

<Yukio> "Maybe I should have just moved in there too." Yukio sipped her coffee again. "But I have a mother, so maybe not." She shrugged and again tried to see one of Viper's papers. "I think the son and the feral are becoming 'special friends,'" She looked up to air quote the words and smirk. "It's a regular soap opera."

<Viper> "It will be interesting to watch this play out.... we should take bets."

<Yukio> "We should. What should we wager?"

<Viper> "There are so many variables, it's hard to pick just one." She waved at one of the baristas to indicate she wanted more coffee.

<Yukio> "Mr. Shaw might kill his son, or his son might kill him." She considered this, looking at her own coffee. "One of those, I would need to stop."

<Viper> "Indeed... but, if Jessica catches wind of this relationship that Shinobi is developing with the squirrel girl, Jessica might kill him herself."

<Yukio> "I'm not sure if I would be expected to interfere with that... I should probably ask." She frowned at this possibility.

<Viper> "I suppose it would entirely depend on whether or not Shinobi fought back. I imagine I would be expected to intervene also."

<Yukio> Realizing Viper expected the barista to actually come to them, she huffed and grabbed her cup. "You don't get out much, do you?" Yukio returned to the counter to get a refill, and not incidentally to flirt a little more with Chad.

<Viper> "Oh, they will come. I've been here for hours." Viper had learned that stubbornness often paid off - as did the ability to intimidate the hell out of people with a look.

<Yukio> Yukio was not intimidated, and returned with the coffee and Chad's phone number. "So, I was going to suggest we bet over one of your silver things, but I don't like those odds."

<Viper> Viper laughed, "A favour then?"

<Yukio> "Hmmm... I'm not sure I want to owe you. How about I buy one, but at a friendly discount?"

<Viper> Viper laughed softly, "Where is your sense of adventure?"

<Yukio> "Oh, it's well preserved." She patted the piece of paper with the young man's phone number.

<Viper> "Then why not accept the offer of a favour? You could still win and then you might get your predator for free."

<Yukio> "That's really what you call them? That's a movie, you know. An old movie." She shook her head and sipped her coffee. "I do want one sooner rather than later..."

<Viper> "That is what they were called by the scientist that originally developed them," Viper clarified, watching the girl, "All the more reason to accept the offer of a favour."

<Yukio> "You should give them a sexier name. Sex sells." Yukio gave the eye right back to Viper. "Okay."

<Viper> Viper laughed at the suggestion, "In my experience, reputation sells better. People know what they're getting when they come to me."

<Yukio> She grinned. "Well, in that case, I'd be doing you the favor by taking on one of your silver pets."

<Viper> "Indeed, but I might wait to see if I can think of something more useful and fun for you to do, if I win of course."

<Yukio> "Of course." She sipped coffee again. "So..."

<Viper> "I expect Jessica to crack first. All those hormones... you?"

<Yukio> "The boy. I know there is more to that story, but I don't want to know it." She gave a quick, secretive smile. “I just want to see it explode.”

<Viper> "Then I suppose now we wait." She picked up her fresh coffee and took a sip.

<Yukio> Yukio did this, but just for a moment. "Yes, but if it takes time to train one of your creatures..."

<Viper> "Let's not get ahead of ourselves..."

<Yukio> She sighed, then sat back and sipped at her coffee. "That's half the fun."

<Viper> "And what then if you didn't win?" Viper raised an eyebrow at her.

<Yukio> "Then, I suppose, I pay for it." She always played to win, however, so it really didn't matter.

<Viper> She laughed, "Very well... but it would mean abandoning your post for a short time so that you could choose one."

<Yukio> Yukio waved her hand dismissively. "I get days off."

<Viper> "I'm sure you do. So when is your next one?"

<Yukio> "Day after tomorrow." She grinned. "Where shall I break in?"

<Viper> "You don't need to break in, you have an invitation.... and it is not a facility I'd recommend breaking into."

<Yukio> "If you want to take the fun out of it. Tell me when and where."

<Viper> "I'll come and collect you. It's more fun that way, I guarantee it."

<Yukio> "Oooh, I'll hold you to that." She picked up the phone number and slid it in her pocket, then got up. "I suppose I'll let you get back to your work."

<Viper> Viper offered a small smile, "I can multitask if you'd rather have the company."

<Yukio> "It's okay, I won't press." She smirked, giving Viper a once-over. "I should get back to work and keep an eye on my end of the bet."

<Viper> She inclined her head politely to the girl, "Very well. See you in two days."

<Yukio> She held up two fingers. "Two days." On her way to the door she paused and turned. "I might name it Fido." With a wave, she spun slowly back around and gave Chad the thumb's up, then left.

<Viper> Viper shook her head, seriously considering installing a self-destruct in whichever one the girl chose - for its own psychological well being.

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Re: 11/17 Instance: Stalkbucks

Post by steyn » Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:10 pm

hmmm, interesting...

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