11/8 Instace: BRB - Going to Hell

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11/8 Instace: BRB - Going to Hell

Post by steyn » Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:56 am

Current Timeline

<Timebroker> It was a mere blink, one moment the entrance of the Danvers Institute was empty and quiet, the next a gentleman in a charcoal three piece suit stood there. He slipped a rather brightly coloured device from his inner breast pocket of his jacket, and squinted as he read from it to himself, before looking around him, making sure where exactly he was before deciding which direction to go.

<Santo> Meanwhile at the recreation room of the institute, Santo was throwing darts, and being rather good at it. Or just above average as the third dart missed its target by an inch. "You know I would have played way worse than this back when I was more squishy and actually got drunk drunk." he told Mel as he retrieved the darts.

<Melati> Squashing the empty can in her hand, Melati tossed it into the corner to add to the growing pile. "Then you didn't play enough when you were squishy and drunk," she replied, as she got off the floor to grab another one. She pierced the top with a claw, the foaming beer dripping down her scaly fingers.

<Melati> After taking a swig, she tossed the can to Santo in exchange for the darts. "After the right amount, you no longer care what you hit."

<Santo> Santo caught the can, emptying what little was left in it and crunched and squashed the thing in one hand like a crumpled paper ball. "I need to find harder liquor for this game then." he replied, then morphed a finger into a sharp pointy knife made from obsidian that he picked up somewhere. He stabbed a new can and started drinking.

<Timebroker> The gentleman had found his way to his targets. The lizard lady and the rock fellow, just as the little colourful gadget had pointed out to him. His steps were nearly inaudible, and as he cleared his throat, it sounded as if he was speaking through speakers instead of real life. "Excuse me, are you two by any chance Melati Kusuma, and Santo Vaccarro?" he asked while reading their names from the device.

<Santo> Santo spit his beer and spun around, "Where the hell did you come from?"

<Melati> The dart slipped from Melati's grip, missing its target completely, and instead ended up stuck in the portrait on the wall. "Fuck!" The lizard spun around and glared at the stranger. "The hell are you?"

<Melati> She glanced at the painting with the dart in it, then eyed Santo. "That totally is worth extra points."

<Santo> Santo looked at the painting with the dart right in the middle of the character in the portrait's forehead. "Only if you get his eyes... okay maybe half the extra points for that." he looked back towards the stranger. "So you the place's new butler or what?"

<Timebroker> The gentleman grumbled a little before speaking up. "I am known as the Timebroker, and I have a proposition for you two. I need your... slightly less than expert abilities to help me find a device my company lost, and in exchange you two shall be rewarded handsomely."

<Melati> "Hey there, Mister Broker..." Melati exchanged a look with Santo and leaned closer to her rocky friend. "Are we sure they didn't forget one of the old inmates?" she muttered.

<Santo> "Don't know, but let's just hear him out. I like rewards, especially when done handsomely." Santo muttered back at Mel.

<Timebroker> "You do realize I can hear you both, correct?" the Timebroker said. "Let me assure you first that I was not a former inmate of this institute, or any mental institute for that matter." he stepped closer and reached out, his hand going through Santo, then Melati. "What you are seeing now is just a projection of myself."

<Timebroker> "I am actually in, oh dear, how do I explain this," he added, "There are different world that exist invisibly next to each other. We call them alternate universes." he spoke slowly as if the other two were children.

<Melati> "Actually I had hoped you'd hear that," Melati said, narrowing her eyes at the stranger. "If you already know who we are, then you should also know that I don't care what you think of me. The only thing I care for right now is that you are in our living room and I have no idea how you got here."

<Timebroker> "Ah, yes, that is where I'm getting to. You see, I'm from an alternate universe, and what my company basically does is keep track of.. well of pretty much everything in all the other universes. I am currently projecting my image to you now. And according to our research, I shall be needing both your help in retrieving a rather dangerous piece of equipment that had been stolen from us. Like I said, if you retrieve it for me, you shall be greatly rewarded."

<Santo> "Ooh, he upped his game, Mel, went from handsomely to greatly." Santo added.

<Melati> "Does that mean I should be mean to him again?" Melati asked with a glance at Santo. "Maybe he'll keep offering more." She looked back at the stranger. "Let's assume for a moment that I had any reason to believe anything you said... why us?"

<Timebroker> The Timebroker tapped at his colourful little device and it squeeked. "Well, it seems the reason for choosing you two is the fact that you have the highest percentage of chance of surviving the mission. Pardon, I meant to say the favor. "

<Santo> Santo squinted. "This all feels strangely familiar, like some kind of tv show." He shrugged off said feeling. "So.. what exactly would be the reward?"

<Melati> After exchanging another look with Santo, Melati crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows at the weirdo in their rec room. "Well, your little toy is right about that," she said, feeling her sense of pride tickled.

<Melati> "We may not have the flashiest powers, but I guarantee you won't find a pair of tougher motherfuckers than us two."

<Santo> "Wait wait, Mel, you're getting off track here, the reward, I want to hear about the reward." Santo said with his eye on the prize.

<Timebroker> "Ah, yes, the reward." The timebroker tapped at the gizmo again and he looked a bit confused for a moment. "Well I would have thought gold or money would be suggested, but it seems your tastes lie more in the liquid side of life. How does a month's supply of the tastiest, and strongest, alcoholic beverage known to the mulitverse sound?"

<Melati> "Sounds like you should consider sweetening the deal," Melati replied, putting on her bargaining face while hoping that her tail didn't give away her excitement. "Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you have access to tasty stuff, but I don't like buying the booze in the bottle, if you know what I mean?"

<Melati> "Besides, if you shiny thingy there knew what it was talking about, it would have told you that a month long supply will last us for a weekend at most."

<Timebroker> The timebroker frowned and hit the side of the gizmo, causing it to whine. "Yes, I see what you mean. It didn't indicate that it would be a month's supply for each of you two specific. I wondered why it was such an affordable reward. Apparently it is close to two years worth of strong and rather very expensive alcohol. Well now, that would certainly put a dent into the budget. No matter, we are in a pickle, and you two are our only hope."

<Santo> Santo elbowed Melati repeatedly, hoarsely whispering, "Mel... I can get drunk drunk. You can get super drunk drunk. Please say yes, please please please."

<Melati> Melati groaned when Santo's incessant nudging almost made her topple over. "Hey, I'm just trying to make sure we're not being bullshitted here," she whispered back. "After all, we don't even know what he wants us..." The lizard girl perked up. "Two years worth? And it's no cheap stuff?"

<Timebroker> "Of course no cheap stuff. It's the only way I would be able to try and persuade you to help us." the Timebroker replied. "Would you like to hear the specifics of the favor?" he asked them both.

<Santo> "Hang on there Jeeves, how do we know that the stuff you're promising is any good?" Santo asked, smirking and nodding at Mel, tapping his non-existent nose, as if he's doing something smart.

<Timebroker> THe timebroker squinted his eyes at them and clenched his teeth. They were wasting his valuable time. "Please wait." And with that he disappeared from view as if something flipped his light switch off.

<Melati> Melati frowned, but otherwise seemed unimpressed by the stranger's sudden disappearance. She had seen way weirder things during her time at the school. "Should we tell anyone about this guy, or..." A small tray popped out of the thin air in front of them, with tiny bottles on top.

<Timebroker> When the timebroker popped back into view, he said, "These are samples, please try them. It took quite a lot of our resources getting them through the dimensions to you. I hope this will not disappoint."

<Santo> Santo stared at the tiny bottles. "Those aren't samples, those are a couple of drops." he said, picking up one of the little bottles. "I'm afraid I'll break the bottle. So tiny. Almost sad."

<Santo> He opened the little bottle and dipped his head back, emptying the contents into his mouth. Immediately afterward he swallowed and coughed and swore. "Mel! Oh geeze, Mel, you gotta try this stuff." he said, shaking his head and blinking, "Whoo... wow, it hits you like a truck."

<Melati> Melati laughed. "Come on, toughen up, big guy." She slapped his shoulder and grabbed one of the tiny bottles with the other hand. "I did shots of Everclear, so how strong can that stuff really be?" After flipping off the cap, she dumped the contents right into her mouth.

<Melati> At first her tail stopped moving. Then her crest stood up straight on top of her head. She was pretty sure her scales were standing on edge. "It's... not bad..." she said, her voice almost gone completely, while the lizard girl seemed to vibrate in place.

<Timebroker> The Timebroker stared at them, then spoke up while tapping his colourful device. "Very well, it seems I was indeed wasting my time here. I shall just have to search for someone else who is interested. Good Day."

<Santo> "No wait!" Santo said between coughs, looking back at Mel.

<Melati> "Whoa, hold it there, Timebrother!" Melati called out, her voice sounding as rough as Santo looked. Her eyes had actually started watering. "When did we say we aren't interested?"

<Melati> The held up the empty sample bottle between two claws. "If there's more where this came from, you've got yourself a deal."

<Timebroker> "Excellent, glad we could speed things along then. Now to get to the actual problem that needs fixing. An ex-employee of ours had stolen an important piece of technology from our workshop. We need that component to function back at one hundred percent. Currently, like I had mentioned, it took quite a lot of our resources to get just those samples through to you. Normally it wouldn't be a problem."

<Timebroker> "What I need of you two is to go through the portal open in the sub level of this building and retrieve that component for us. Once you have it, you can use it with the technology that one of your fellow students are currently building as we speak. The alie-" he stopped himself when the gadget beeped. "The little insectoid had just stepped out of the room where he is setting up machine that would function as a doorway for alternate universes."

<Timebroker> "It is imperative that you two go now through the portal and find the component before the mutated br-" he stopped himself again, "Before your fellow student closes the portal to the Hell Dimension permanently."

<Melati> "Hell dimension?" Melati asked, pausing her efforts of trying to shove her long tongue into the tiny bottle to suck out every last drop. "I don't think you said anything about any hell dimension before?" She looked at Santo. "Did he mention sending us to hell?"

<Santo> "No he did not." Santo said, with actual worry plastered all over his face.

<Timebroker> "It is not actual Hell as you might know it from religion. It was named that after the leadership there had discovered ways of jumping from universe to universe, adopting the name of Hell due to how close he and his... minions seemed to correlate to most religious texts concerning the afterlife and demons. I can assure you, they are just normal beings that just resembles monsters."

<Timebroker> "Now once you have crossed, I shall only be able to give you directions of where you would be able to find the component. I will not be able to keep a direct connection for long. This is an image of how the device will look like." In front of the timebroker a square object appeared, looking very similiar to the colourful calculator he was typing on, just more sleek and modern.

<Santo> "Yeah, wow, that don't worry me at all." Santo said, slightly wobbling as the alcohol in his system was still in effect.

<Melati> "Is it just me, or does this deal sound worse by the second?" Melati asked her rocky friend while watching the presentation. "So, basically, some wannabe demon assholes mugged you for your fancy phone and you want us to drop by their pad, kick their asses, and get it back? Gotcha."

<Santo> "Actually when you put it like that, it doesn't sound so bad, especially if we get a month's worth of drinks like these." Santo added shaking the empty little bottle and trying to get the last drop out of it.

<Timebroker> "So we have an agreement?" The Timebroker asked.

<Santo> "Fine and dandy by me." Santo added.

<Melati> Melati seemed to ponder the offer for one second, before shrugging her shoulders. "Sure, why not?" she agreed. "I've been working on going to hell all my life now, so what are we even waiting for?"

<Timebroker> "Excellent, I would suggest you leave immediately, you still have around two minutes to get through the portal before your small friend returns to work on his machine." and with that he tapped the colourful gizmo and disappeared.

<Santo> Santo looked at Melati. "Well he seemed legit. Should we grab a snack or something seeing that we're passing the kitchen? Chips and stuff? Guess we gotta make it quick though."

<Melati> "We can just grab some popcorn on the way down," Melati said, having already stuffed their remaining drinks into her backpack. "If the guy's right about where we're going, it should be hot enough to pop them underway."

<Santo> "That would be awesome." he said as they started making their way. "Your phone can take pics, right? Got a feeling this is going to be one heck of a field trip."

<Melati> "Of course," Melati replied, stopping before leaving the room. "That reminds me, I don't think we're going to have reception where we're going, so maybe we should leave a note for the others."

<Melati> Grabbing pen and paper from coffee table, she quickly wrote down 'BRB - went to hell! Mel and Santo'.

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Re: 11/8 Instace: BRB - Going to Hell

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....wait... what?

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Re: 11/8 Instace: BRB - Going to Hell

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