10/20 Instance: Panty Bandits

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10/20 Instance: Panty Bandits

Post by JackSkulls » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:52 am

Timeline: Current

Doreen: Doreen ran down the hall, as fast as she could, yelling at a purple little monster who had a bit of shiny fabric in it's grimy little mits. "Give me my panties back you little rat!" The fact that she hadn't thought to put on a different pair of panties before she went after the thing that stole her favorite pair.

Cassie: Poking her head out of a shadow on the wall to see what the ruckus in the hallway was all about, Cassandra found herself confronted by a small, naked, fuzzy creature chased by a bigger, naked, fuzzy creature. "What the..."

Doreen: "Get back here mother fucker!" Doreen swiped at the little thing trying to get her panties out of it's hand. "So help me if you rip those I'll murder you!"

Cassie: "Oh no, not again..." There was a poof and cloud of dark smoke, followed by the all too familiar stench of brimstone, then the creature was gone again.

Doreen: Doreen just stared at the puff of smoke. "Damn.... I really liked those ones."

Cassie: "Freaky little things!" Cassie waved her hand to get the hellish smell out of her face. "What did they steal from you?"

Doreen: "Well... I could lie and say nothing but it's a little too obvious. Bastard was in my room while I was getting changed and took off with my panties. I really did like those ones too." She pouted a little.

Cassie: Once the stench no longer made her tear up, Cassie gave Doreen a good look. "That's really a shame," she said, not even trying to hide her smirk. "Those things are becoming a real pest. They're getting bolder every day."

Doreen: "Mmm I like you, you're more interesting than I thought." Doreen just let her tail lift back up to where it usually sat. "Hmm what kinda cute things are you hiding in this here dungeon of yours?"

Cassie: "Who said we can't?" The raven-haired girl looked back over her shoulder and revealed an impish grin, leading the other girl into her room."Why don't you take a look around?" Cassie gave Doreen a smile, before she went to rummage her own underwear drawer. "I'm afraid none of mine have been designed with a tail in mind..."

Doreen: "Aww and here I thought you might be hiding something kinky under all those clothes." Doreen searched around the room playfully until deciding just to sit on the bed.

Cassie: "I'm afraid not," Cassie replied with a chuckle. "Nothing I would consider particularly kinky, anyway." She held up a lacy bit of cloth to gauge if it would fit Doreen. "That stuff I keep under the bed."

Doreen: "Ooooh a treasure trove?" She leaned over the bed her butt sticking up into the air for Cassie to see as she looked for said teasures. "Well we'll probably have to go back to my room unless you want me to ruin a pair of your undies."

Cassie: "I can offer you a shortcut to there, if you don't feel like running naked through the hallways again." She turned around and took a moment to appreciate the view. "Not that anyone would complain."

Doreen: "Oh some might complain. Sue seems to be a bit prudish about people showing off their parts outside of closed doors, and I hear some of the teachers are married." She wiggled her butt a little when she noticed Cassie's gaze was upon her assets.

Cassie: "Some students are, too," Cassie remarked as she watched the naked squirrel lounging on her bed. She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the fluffy girl and cracked a grin. "Are you in heat or something?"

Doreen: Doreen straightened up and raised an eyebrow. "What now?"

Cassie: "I'm just saying, because you don't seem very eager to get back into any clothes," Cassandra said, a smirk curling her black lips. Her gaze lingered on the other girl, and she didn't seem very bothered by her lack of clothing.

Doreen: "If you had this much fur would you want to put clothes over top of it?" She frowned. "Plus it's not like people can't just see everything I have on someone else if they get onto the internet."

Cassie: "Well, I sometimes try to get away with as little as possible myself, and I don't even have any fur." Cassie laughed. "And here I thought for a moment you were trying to get my attention."

Doreen: "Who knows, maybe I was." The frown on her face slowly turning into a grin. "Maybe I like to turn bad moments into chances for fun ones?"

Cassie: "Does that I mean I shouldn't be taking you back to your room just yet?" Cassie asked, slowly tilting her head.

Doreen: "Hmmm I dunno it seems like you have more toys to play with than I do. But if you want a fashion show for the tailed young woman then we'd have to go back."

Cassie: Cassandra laughed. "Now that sounds too good to pass up," she replied, offering Doreen her hand. "Also, I love fashion."

Doreen: "Well you might be a little disapointed in my usual attire." She laughed a little.

Cassie: "Nonsense." Cassie laughed and created another portal out of swirling shadows in the corner of her room. "You're far too pretty to disappoint, no matter what you wear."

Doreen: "Aww you're gonna make me blush now." She chewed her lip a little.

Cassie: "Says the girl shaking her bare bottom in my room," Cassie replied, flashing Doreen a big grin.

Doreen: "I don't know what you're talking about, I was just looking for your treasure." She stuck her tongue out at Cassie before following her into a portal.

Cassie: "If you ask nicely, I might lead you to it," Cassie replied, waiting on the other side for Doreen to take the step through the shadows. "It's only fair after you already showed me yours."

Doreen: "Aww you're not going to draw me a map?" Doreen found her way through the portal and to her room and went to find some clothes to show off.

Cassie: In the meantime, Cassandra decided that Doreen's idea hadn't been so bad, and got comfortable on the other girl's bed. "I thought you might prefer to see for yourself." She giggled, propping up her arms to support her chin as she watched the squirrel.

Doreen: Doreen showed off a pair of panties that she'd modified to make work with her tail, a cute little anarchy sign on the lower front of them. "Hmm I think these are my second favorites.

Cassie: "Then better keep an eye on them, or those little imps are going to run off with these next," Cassie said with a laugh. "They're cute."

Doreen: "Oh they even try and I'll cut their little hands off!" She found the bra that matched, deciding to get on her punk rock attire. "Hmm this reminds me I should dye my tail again."

Cassie: "Oh, I bet that looks fantastic on you," Cassie commented, idly kicking her legs back and forth. "Not that your tail isn't impressive enough on its own already. What colour were you thinking of?"

Doreen: "Hmm well last time I did neon green. It glowed under blacklight, which was pretty awesome." She got on her favorite band t-shit, that was conveniently ripped in places that still revealed her bra.

Cassie: "Oh yeah, that sounds awesome," Cassie agreed, rolling over to lie on her back. "Reminds me of that one time my hair did that when we've had the blacklight on stage." She gave Doreen an upside down grin. "Not because I dyed it. Was just a busy night at the Jackalope."

Doreen: "Kinky." Doreen grinned. "Can't say my hair's ever done that for that reason."
Cassie: "I think some hot pink would look good on you," Cassie suggested. "Why not put some flashy streaks on your tail?"

Doreen: "Hmm maybe some purple too?" She wiggled her tail about contemplating whether or not to put pants on.

Cassie: "I'm sure that would look cute." Cassie grinned and produced a shadowy tendril to play with Doreen's tail while she waited for her to get dressed.

Doreen: "Well hi there." She grinned back at Cassie. "When did this show start getting broadcast in Japan?"

Cassie: "I didn't know we where being filmed." Cassie chuckled and sat up, letting her shadows play some more with the other girl's fluffy tail. "Ready to hunt naked blue imps?"

Doreen: "Oooh ninja outfit! I swear I have a costume like that somewhere." She dug through all of her clothes and quickly changed into a bad knock off of a ninja's gear. "How do I look?" She laughed a little.

Cassie: Cassandra snickered. "Like the squirrel version of the Ninja Turtles," she replied. "I absolutely love it."

Doreen: "And here I thought we were just gonna have fun and not make mischief! Any idea where we should start hunting?"

Cassie: "Mischief or fun, where's the difference?" The raven-haired girl smirked and pushed herself off the bed, then shrugged her shoulders. "No idea. I don't really have any kind of plan. Unless..." She put on a thoughtful expression for a moment. "We could use your panties as bait."

Doreen: "Well fun requires less clothes." She grinned. "How about not..... I like my panties staying where they are."

Cassie:Cassandra chuckled. "Oh, let's just wait and see," she replied. "I wouldn't be surprised if you were to change your mind about that."

Doreen: "Well if you want to hunt these little bastards naked I wouldn't complain." Doreen wiggled her tail at Cassie and found a pair of undies she didn't quite care about losing. "Fiiiine I guess these will do."

Cassie: "Great!" She put her hands on her hips and grinned. "I can throw in some shinies from me and we should be all good to lay our imp trap."

Doreen: "Hmm I could probably work up a snare.... but those little bastards can teleport." She sighed. "How're we going to catch them?"

Cassie: Cassie was quint for a moment. "Well, I admit my plan still has some holes," she said. "Or it would if I really had one."

Doreen: Doreen just started laughing at that. "So maybe we should concoct a plan before we lose more of our undies?"

Cassie: "Sure, if you want to do things the boring way." Her black hair spilled down her shoulder as she tilted her head and giggled.

Doreen: "Oh planning can be fun. Especially when you have a nice view."

Cassie: Cassie laughed and flopped back down on Doreen's bed, getting comfortable again. "Now I wish we would have thought about that before you got dressed."

Doreen: "Aww I don't look good like this?" She pouted a little. "And here I thought I was all sexy in punk rocky.

Cassie: "I never said you didn't," Cassie replied, a small smile playing across her lips. "Maybe I simply prefer you undressed, though?"

Doreen: "Pfft you say that to all the cute squirrel girls you take back to their rooms don't you?" Doreen sauntered over to her own bed with the cute little gothic girl.

Cassie: Cassie looked up at the other girl with a sly smile on her black lips. "What if I did?" she asked, while reaching out to trace the tips of her fingers over Doreen's stomach. "Would you feel jealous?"

Doreen: "A little I thought I was special, I didn't know there were more giant sexy squirrels out there." She shuddered a little.

Cassie: Cassie giggled. "Oh, believe me, you are special," she assured Doreen, her hand sneaking underneath the girl's top. "And I promise you're the only squirrel there is for me." She smiled. "Just not the only girl. If that's a problem for you..."

Doreen: "Mmm sounds like a party to me." Doreen grinned. "Now we've gone from planning a trap to an orgy. I love the train of our conversation."

Cassie: "So do I." Cassie laughed, pausing to drink in Doreen's gorgeous appearance. "Who knows where else it might lead us." She shifted back on the bed to make some room for the other girl in an inviting gesture.

Doreen: Doreen crawled onto the bed next to her, her shirt slipping up higher showing her bra. "I think I'm a little overdressed for your line of thinking though."

Cassie: "Well, we can change that," Cassie replied, running her hand up Doreen's leg, looking the other girl into her eyes as she leaned close.

Doreen: "I'm sure you can." Doreen giggled a little and leaned in to kiss Cassie's soft lips. "I think I should help you too."

Cassie: "Looks like we have our plan." Cassie gave Doreen a suggestive grin, before going for another kiss.

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Re: 10/20 Instance: Panty Bandits

Post by steyn » Tue Oct 21, 2014 7:38 pm

Sex sex sex, it's all those two think about. Poor Jack's left out!

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