10/16 Instance: Courage

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10/16 Instance: Courage

Post by Starfish » Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:41 pm

Timeline: Current.

Mayday: As the end of class bell's brass clatter rang loud throughout the classroom, Mayday Parker let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. There was a relief that the end of the school day that seemed to sweep across both student and teacher alike.

Mayday: As the class began their usual mad scramble to leave her room, Mayday stood from her desk: "Remember! Homework is pages eighteen, ninteen and twenty one! That includes you, Ryan - no showing off!", she beamed at her class as they left, all children blessed with the remarkable X-Gene. A gift and a curse, it seemed, in the tulmultuous world they lived in.

Mayday: Once the room was vacated, and the sound of school children could be heard outside the classroom's huge, multi-pane window, the red haired girl allowed herself to slump back into her leather chair, sighing deeply and staring up at the waxy white celling with her bright blue eyes. "Kids...", she whispered. Was she ever so young?

Cassie: "I think there were times we've been worse," the shadow behind the heavy curtain said, before peeling itself off the wall to gradually take human shape. As it formed itself into a young woman, the living blackness revealed a pale, grinning face. "Some of us still are."

Mayday: Mayday let out a terrified scream before kicking her self back and falling off of her chair, "Christ!", she shrieked, peeking over the desk and adjusting her glasses as she dared to rise, "W-what the hell was that!? How many times do I have to tell you not t-....", she huffed as she caught her breath, unable to stop the grin forming.

Mayday: Standing again and patting down her skirt, she blushed and laughed gently, "You're such a jerk.", she sniffled, offering her arms and stepping around the desk, "Hugsises?"

Cassie: Cassandra's answer came in the form of a laugh, followed by a tight hug. "I missed you too," she said, chuckling softly into her friend's ear as she hid her face in the girl's red hair. "Hello, May." Her voice was but a whisper now. "Hope I didn't scare you too bad..."

Mayday: At the touch, Mayday felt her whole body burn up with emotions and memories. "Y-you're here...", she managed in a hushed whisper, hardly believing this wasn't a waking dream or some kind of hallucination. She held Cassandra tightly as well, reminding herself of reality and to keep her composure - it was all ok now.

Mayday: "God, it's been months...", she smiled, kissing the other girl's ink-black hair and stroking it with her hand, "Months, right? Feels like forever since...."

Cassie: "Too long for sure." Cassie gave Mayday another squeeze, reluctant to let go of her friend just yet. Her lips pressed a gentle kiss to the other girl's cheek, before she affectionately brushed aside a strand of red hair. "I just hope you missed me a tiny bit, too."

Mayday: Mayday felt herself blush strawberry pink as she looked back into her friend's eyes. Those beautiful jewels, shaped perfectly in her soft, ivory face. "Of course I did", she nodded, unable to keep herself from glancing Cassie's lips, "What am I without my shadow?"

Mayday: She almost motioned for them, wanting to kiss her, but...she didn't. She felt her grip around Cassie loosen ever so slightly as she glanced aside, "I'm sorry", she said auomatically, pausing and laughing dispite herself, "Don't even know why I'm sorry, isn't that stupid?"

Cassie: Cassie looked her friend in the eyes and smiled. "Feelings are never stupid," she said. "They don't have to make sense. That's why we call them feeling." She gave in to the urge to hug the other girl again. "You're right, though. You didn't do anything you'd need to feel sorry for."

Mayday: The reassurance made Mayday feel - look visibly more - at ease. She nodded and stepped away, approaching the clasroom desk and gesturing with both arms out around hte room, "So, what do you think? Miss Nova lets me cover a few classes here and there for the kids.", she lifted her glasses from the tabletop and gave then a wipe.

Mayday: "When I'm not doing that I help in the Library,", she turned and slipped her glasses on with a happy smirk, "I even dress like I'm thirty now(!)", she put her hands on her hips as a sarcastic gesture, "Classy, eh?"

Cassie: "As if you didn't look gorgeous no matter what you wear." Cassie chuckled and joined Hisako by her desk, pulling herself up to sit on it. "I admit I liked your old style better." She let her feet dangle above the floor and flashed her friend a grin. "Honestly, I can't say I ever pictured you wearing stuff like this."

Mayday: "Well, I don't often picture you in clothes.", Mayday joked, comfortable to do so. Something about seeing Cassie again took her back to the days of that place. But it didn't hurt anymore. No, it felt....better. It felt different. Changed.

Mayday: She shook herself out of her revelry and flicked aside an idle lock of fiery red hair, "So, are you just here to catch up? Because I have a lot to talk about. W-well...I say a 'lot' - mostly work and family stuff..."

Cassie: "I can take them off if you like," Cassie offered, tilting her head while a coy smirk played across her dark lips. "And I simply wanted to see you again, and make sure you're being happy where you are now. I had actually hoped you wanted to spend some time with me. We have so much to talk about."

Mayday: Mayday laughed at the initial joke, blushing a little as she was absolutely certain that Cassie St. Commons wasn't joking, "Well, you've caught me at the end of the day and other than marking I'm free.", she hummed to herself, "So if you wanted to join me for dinner I was thinking of getting Chinese at my apartment? Y'know, the place my Mom lets me stay?"

Cassie: Cassie laughed and hopped off the desk. "You had me at Chinese," she said. "If you like, how about we skip traffic and you let me take you home? We can be lazy on your couch, eat unhealthy food, and I'll make us cocktails."

Mayday: "Y'know I haven't had alcohol in a solid month?", Mayday nodded, "That sounds awesome. I don't really use my powers much since....", she shrugged, "....meh, you can get me home faster and I dodge the traffic - not complaining!", she pulled her long red coat off of the back of her desk chair and slipped it on.

Mayday: "If I barf, it's because I haven't traveled by 'teleporter' in a long time", she grinned, "That or the hummus from earlier..."

Cassie: "Don't worry," Cassandra assured her friend, offering the other girl her left hand while summoning the shadows around the right. "I promise to hold your hair if that happens." She cracked a grin as the dark vortex formed a portal next to them.

Mayday: - - - Some time later... - - -

Mayday: There was something both calming and enkindling about the smell of freshly made greasy food when one was hungry. Mayday took a deep breath in as she uncurled the crinkled paper bag that held their evening's food and sighed, "So many calories", she swooned, "Is there anything better than greasy food?"

Mayday: The smell quickly filled her appartment's lounge as she sat on her knees at the coffee table, the T.V show they were watching a distant memory and a blur of light and sound from the corner of her eye, "Serious question, Cass."

Cassie: "Oh yes, there definitely is," Cassie replied, carrying a glass in either hand as she walked back into the small living room. "Greasy food and margaritas." She knelt down by the redhead's side and put the cocktails on the table.

Mayday: "Oh, bad girl.", Mayday laughed, leaving the food a moment to take a sip of her drink, "I missed your influence most of all, Miss St. Commons.", the redhead grinned, "Come sit! Come sit!"

Cassie: "And I had forgotten how much fun it is to be the bad influence." Cassie wore a wry smile as she settled down in a comfortable position next to Mayday, watching the other girl as she took a sip from her own glass. "If it's any consolation, I don't plan to stop."

Mayday: Mayday chuckled a little, "What, are you finally gonna pop the question?", she gestured to her glass, "This is a pretty clever way to get a 'yes', but wholly unneccessary, I assure you."

Mayday: She took another sip of her drink and paused, gazing down into the beverage, "....that isn't what you meant, is it, Cassie?"

Cassie: Cassandra's smile turned into a sly grin. "I don't know," she replied. "If the answer is going to a definite yes, I'm tempted to change my question now." Another sip from her cocktail stalled a little more time, with the full intention to tease her friend.

Mayday: "You walked back into my life after being away forever and it feels like...", Mayday shook her head a little, still smiling, "...like home.", she looked up, "You said I'd never have to look further than my shadow to find you..."

Mayday: She took a breath, "And I wish this was just another day like we used to spend with each other, but I can see it in you - I know you want to say something.", she raised her glass, "I know my shadow."

Cassie: Lowering her gaze, Cassie fidgeted with her drink for a moment, the smile still on her lips. "You're right," she then broke the silence between them, looking up at Mayday. "You do know me." Cradling the glass between her fingers, she took a deep breath.

Cassie: "You also right about another thing," she continued, her smile returning. "This feels like home, doesn't it? I guess there's no denying that this is why I'm here." She brushed a strand of raven hair out of her face. "I really missed you. And I'm not talking about us meeting every now and then. I miss you being around."

Mayday: "No.", Mayday shook her head, placing her glass down, "Cassie, I just...haven't we talked this to death? I'm different now, I've moved on. We're not kids anymore, not really."

Cassie: Cassandra looked down again to hide the look in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she muttered. "I was just being dumb." She swallowed. "I knew I shouldn't have said that." Her grip on the glass tightened as she bit her lower lip. "It's just that I..." She bit her lip harder.

Mayday: In that instant, Mayday felt her heart open. Like a hairline fracture across its surface - made hard by trial - that cut deep down into its truth, its core warm with care and love. She was conflicted. Again. Like she always was when this conversation happened.

Mayday: She didn't know what to say, and she didn't know what to do. She wanted to touch Cassie but her hand just hovered above the pale girl's shoulder. She wanted to speak words but they turned to dry, empty breaths on her tongue. Her head hurt and her chest was heavy with what could only be doubt. But why? Why every time did this conflict make itself felt?

Cassie: She took another deep breath before she was able to speak up again. "I know you still have your old suit, so I thought that maybe..." Cassie silenced herself by biting her lip once more - even harder this time. "And that's another thing I shouldn't have said..."

Mayday: "W-what?", Mayday swallowed. That was true, but....

Mayday: "That's different.", she said at once, "I only have it because....", she stammered again. Why did she have it? Because a part of her wanted to go back? No. Because she didn't want to leave? No. Or it didn't feel like it. Did she even know?

Cassie: "I saw you wearing it," Cassie admitted as she looked her friend in the eyes. "Not because I was spying on you," she was quick to assure her. That was only partly true, but the truth nonetheless. "I wanted to make sure you didn't get yourself into trouble. Not while you're all on your own."

Cassie: "I promise I didn't do it because I'm a perv," she added. Again, this was partly true.

Mayday: Mayday sighed, "Well, I was needed...", she muttered, "But I promised myself I wouldn't do it again. Spider Girl no more, Cassie. I'm just Mayday Parker now! No more masks, no more fighting. That isn't me. That mask isn't me."

Mayday: "And I don't think y-...", she sighed again, "...I don't think you're a pervert. Cassie, you just....you don't know what you're asking. And I'm trully tired of saying this to you and hurting you. I can't be that person again."

Mayday: Yet still, she doubted those very words. She looked down at her hands. Did she mean any of it? Had she ever? Was she just...afraid? Running away?

Cassie: Cassie was silent for while, simply watching the liquid inside her glass. "I'm sorry," she said, not looking up. "I didn't mean to ruin this evening."

Cassie: "Don't get me wrong, the power to control darkness is quite cool, but right now I'd rather have the ability to turn back time to before I said something stupid."

Mayday: Mayday let the silence take over for lack of words. A few moments went by while Cassie's own hung in the air, in the gap between them. The distance between Cassie and Mayday was clear. And beyond that threshold Mayday found a word, a question to ask:

Mayday: "Why?", she managed.

Cassie: "Why I want you to come back, or why I say stupid things?" Cassie asked in turn, finding the courage to meet her friend's gaze. "If you're wondering why I was secretly watching you take off that uniform, I only wanted to make sure you're not hurt."

Mayday: "What?", Mayday flushed, "A-are you for real right now?", she managed a little laugh, "No, not that, just.....", she shook her head, "It's not stupid. I just wanna know why....why do you keep asking?"

Cassie: Cassandra put her glass down, sat straight up, and tucked her wayward hair behind her ears. "Because we need you, May," she told her friend, her voice low but sincere. "Because I need you." For once she didn't feel like averting her gaze, looking Mayday in the eyes.

Cassie: "I know I have no right to ask this of you. Not after everything that happened. It's just..." She was quiet for a moment. "Sometimes it feels the whole world is out to get us, and there's fewer and fewer good people left to stand up for something. You are... you are one of the best people I know."

Mayday: Mayday gazed right back into Cassie's amethyst eyes and let the words sink into her soul. She wanted to refuse again, to insist that it was impossible but she was afraid to. Afraid to run but afraid to go back. "But we're not....what we were doing, all it did was get people hurt. It's too dangerous, Cassie, I can't."

Mayday: She closed her eyes and shook her head, "I want to but I'm afraid!", she admitted, feeling the tears and forcing them back with all her will, "I'm not her! I'm not that girl anymore!"

Cassie: "Then why did you leap right into that burning building to help save all those people?" Cassie asked, leaning forward as her voice become almost pleading. "I know you're afraid. I am, too. But I don't believe you." Reaching out, her fingers touched Mayday's. "I don't believe that the amazing Spider-Girl is gone."

Mayday: The touch made Mayday sob just once. Her hands moved into Cassie's and held tight, but she bit back the tears. She didn't cry anymore, she wouldn't. Maybe she wasn't tearful, hurt little Mayday Parker anymore. Maybe she had it backwards from the start. Maybe it was ok to be afraid.

Mayday: She swallowed her emotions, determined not to break down as she looked up at Cassie again, sniffling and taking a deep breath, "You've got a way with words, y'know...", she smiled a little, "...you're a pain in the butt, but you have a way."

Cassie: Mayday's smile proved infectious, finding its way on Cassie's dark lips. "Comes with being a carnie girl," she replied, while gently rubbing her thumb over her friend's hand as she held it. "And it's okay to be afraid. After all, without fear, there couldn't be any courage."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, another deep breath helping her body balance itself out. She gave Cassie's hands a little squeeze, "You know that I still have it, right? The suit?"

Cassie: "I didn't think you would simply toss in the trash." Cassie chuckled and returned the squeeze. "And I'm sure it would still fit you."

Mayday: "I really hope I don't regret this...", Mayday sighed, giving Cassie a playful nudge, "...I'll...try. I'll try. For you."

Cassie: "Really?" Cassie stared at her friend with a hopeful glimmer in her eyes, before spontaneously throwing her arms around the other girl. "Thank you!" Her voice dropped to a whisper as she held Mayday tight. "I promise to make sure you won't regret this."

Mayday: Mayday held her close, the cold feeling of Cassie's body and the lack of a heartbeat might have seemed morbid or terrifying to most. But it was something that Mayday had gotten over a long time ago. Cassie was like a ghost in many ways - her ivory skin, her tendency to scare or surprise people, her power over shadows - but she was one that Mayday knew, and loved to be haunted by.

Mayday: "Forgive me.", the redhead whispered, closing her eyes and holding the other girl tighter, "Forgive me for running away. Please."

Cassie: "No," Cassie replied, breathing in the pleasant scent of Mayday's perfume. "There's nothing to forgive." She pressed her pale cheek to the other girl's warm skin. "If anyone has to ask for forgiveness, it has to be me for dragging you back into this madness."

Mayday: With a little laugh, Mayday shook her head and backed away to look at Cassie's face, "It's my choice.", she affirmed, "I know that. And I know that I owe it to everyone - to myself - to at least try. I think I needed the respite but...you're right. A part of me does still believe in something better."

Mayday: "Besides", she winked, "I'm pretty sure there's nothing keeping me from stealing your heart away myself now, right?", she kissed Cassie's nose playfully, "Or did you and Jonas finally tie the knot?"

Cassie: Cassie nearly ruined the tender moment by bursting out laughing. "No, we did not. So sorry to disappoint you." She was still giggling. "He's living in our old family home for the time being. I think he might need some time to feel comfortable around me again. He still cringes every time we hug."

Cassie: "Speaking of stealing my heart, I'm afraid someone else had the same idea." Tilting her head, she gave Mayday a sly smirk and tapped her chest between her breasts. "He may have taken it somewhat literal. But I promise, the rest of me is still available. Most of it, anyway."

Mayday: "Oh, now you have to tell me details...", Mayday grinned, reaching for a prawn cracker and taking a bite out of it, "Who is this dark horse who's come riding into my shadow's life?"

Cassie: "Are you sure you want details?" Cassie asked, following Mayday's example and grabbing one of the crackers for herself. "I wouldn't want to make you feel squeamish." She took a bite out of her treat. "Anyway, there's this charming pale guy. And of course my favourite black rabbit."

Mayday: Mayday grinned, "Well, yeah - where would you be without Jack? I always figured you'd need a man like him on the side, appetite like yours.", she smirked, "So, wanna tell me all about it? Y'know, before we pack..."

Cassie: "Oh, absolutely," Cassandra replied, popping the rest of the cracker into her mouth."I missed my best friend with whom I could talk about anything." She licked clean her fingers and grinned at Mayday. "Besides, how else am I going to make you feel jealous?"
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