8/18 Instance: Stark Domesticity

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8/18 Instance: Stark Domesticity

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:55 am

Current Timeline.

<Jessica> Froggies were fine Broo was.... Broo, everything was right with the world except that she didn't have tea yet. She was in the process of fixing this and, as usual while she waited for the kettle to boil, she rummaged in the fridge for treasure.

<Hope> Coffee. Hope was going to kill someone if she didn't have coffee. She might kill someone who tried to swap it out for decaf too. She could have a damn cup of coffee! The kitchen didn't stand a chance as she stormed into it and began slamming things as she tried to work the stupid machine.

<Jessica> Jess straightened up when the banging started and turned to see who it was, "Wow, what did the coffee machine do to piss you off?"

<Hope> "It existed," Hope snapped, then looked over to see who she snapped out. She blinked a few times. "You don't live here."

<Jessica> "Hello to you too." Jess laughed a little at the surprise on Hope's face, "How's things?"

<Hope> "I'm pregnant and people keep telling me I can't have coffee. How are yooooooou doing?" With the pot finally brewing, Hope leaned back against the counter to wait.

<Jessica> "Hungry. All the time.... when did you get pregnant?" Someone was seriously lacking on the filling her in side of things.

<Hope> Shaw hadn't told her. She kept her face the same expression and shrugged. "Couple of months ago? Right around the time Chris..." She trailed off, sighing. Of course he'd go missing. Of course.

<Jessica> "What happened to Chris? I'm so out of the loop here..." she wrinkled her nose, closing the fridge and going to the kettle as it had boiled already.

<Hope> "Don't know. We can't find him. And it's not like I'm allowed to go look myself. I doubt Tony is even bothering. Probably doing a happy dance that he's gone."

<Jessica> Jess chewed her lip, "Well maybe SHIELD can help? You talked to Carol about it?" And maybe she'd talk to someone about it too. After pouring the water into her mug, she went over to Hope and wrapped an arm around her.

<Hope> "I don't know, I'm sure Bobby has." She sighed and awkwardly hugged Jess back. "I just hope we find him... alive... and soon."

<Jessica> "If there's anything I can do to help... does Sebastian know?"

<Hope> "Yeah I told him. I don't think he's too sad to see Chris go either."

<Jessica> "Well he'll be sad if he knows it's making you sad...." Jess pointed out, "I'll nag him, it's what wives are for, right? I saw it on TV."

<Hope> Hope laughed a little and nudged Jess softly. "Exactly. Go Wife him about it."

<Jessica> "I will totally do that... after I have all the biscuits and go back to our hideout...." She gave Hope a squeeze then went to fetch her tea and the afore mentioned biscuits.

<Hope> "No ma'am. You will not have all the cookies!" Hope wagged a finger after her and went for her mug to fill with black goodness.

<Jessica> "Hmm... I suppose I could share with you... but only because you also have a tiny hitchhiker." She went to sit at the small table and opened up a packet, offering Hope the first one.

<Hope> After setting the coffee pot back down, Hope took the offered sweet with a smile. "Thanks... hitchhiker... about right."

<Jessica> "My hitchhiker has a tiny face now - we saw it on the ultrasound picture," she smiled back, "But I don't know if I want to know if it's a boy or a girl yet... we have it written down on a tiny piece of paper in a sealed envelope for later..." she took a bite of her own biscuit and leaned back in her chair.

<Hope> "For later? Why wouldn't you want to know?" Hope took a bite of her cookie, watching Jess.

<Jessica> "Because I don't know how I'll deal with that right now... after last time..." she wrinkled her nose, looking down at the bump, "Still kind of paranoid, you know?"

<Hope> "That was a freak accident..." But Hope kind of got it. Not wanting to get your hopes up because shit always happened. "Yeah. I get it." She shoved the rest of the cookie into her mouth.

<Jessica> "It was a freak accident... but stuff like that happens.... and I haven't really dealt properly with that either... things have been crazy..." she sighed, pulling out another biscuit. "At least I'm not afraid of outside anymore... which is kind of sucky with the whole 'outside is dangerous' thing that's going on at the moment..."

<Hope> "Yeah, but that's almost normal now. It's always dangerous. Always someone trying to kill us."

<Jessica> "Yeah... but not always someone erasing your husband's memories the month after you get married to make him into their personal slave or threatening you if that backfired." She sighed, "Why is life so complicated? Is it so much to ask for a normal hassle-free existance?"

<Hope> "Apparently. I've been thinking about that a lot too. How we can never have peace for very long. And how the last peace I had, Chris and I just spent it fighting. That's all we ever do. Now look at us."

<Jessica> "You could try not fighting?" Jess suggested, "Seems obvious but the obvious solutions are always the best ones..."

<Hope> Hope laughed at her and took a sip of her coffee. "Yeah we'll get right on that."

<Jessica> "Sometimes fighting is good... cathartic, I guess and gets the point across... but there also needs to be actual talking for the problem to get resolved... It's not like Sebastian and I don't fight..." she extracted another biscuit.

<Hope> "I try that. I have tried that a hundred times. Turns out he was on drugs. You can't reason with a drug addict."

<Jessica> "No... but now that you know, you can do something about it... you know, when he turns up." She shook the biscuit packet at Hope again.

<Hope> "Like shove him in an expensive rehab until his kid is born?"

<Jessica> "Sounds like a good start..." Jess nodded and gave Hope a grin, "Or you could threaten to cut off his balls."

<Hope> Hope grinned and took a cookie finally. "Yeah, I can have Bobby freeze them off. He'll like that."

<Jessica> "See? We're an awesome team, we can solve the world's troubles... Tony should hire me. And you."

<Hope> "Well... I could just invite you to more things. You could help influence world leaders."

<Jessica> "That sounds like fun... but it'll have to wait til after this Hellfire Club thing is finished with because, until then, I have only two places I'm allowed to be."

<Hope> "Just let me know. As First Lady I get to do all the invitations for those things."

<Jessica> "Oh you'll know... every member of the Hellfire Club will know when it's over," she nodded sagely.

<Hope> "I moreso meant when you are ready."

<Jessica> "I'm as ready as I'll get... there's just all this other stuff..." she sighed, "Feel a bit trapped.... it's alright when you don't want to go outside but when you do because you're happy and you'd like to see the sky, it's sort of horrible to be stuck where you are because it's too dangerous to be out in the world..."

<Hope> "Yeah, I know what you mean. I thought my security detail was bad before..." she shook her head, her eyes landing on a cabinet. It took her only a split second of decision before she was into that cabinet and starting on brownie batter.

<Jessica> "I feel like we should stage a coup... but like, later.... after the hitchhikers are not hitchhiking because it's hard to be stealthy with this in the way..." she poked her bump and felt the baby poke back.

<Hope> Hope smiled a little as she got a bowl out. "Yeah... though you can climb on the ceiling. Still stealthy."

<Jessica> "I can fly too but I like climbing better," she nodded, taking a sip of tea and eyeing the bowl, "You baking that or just going to eat it raw?"

<Hope> Hope gave Jess a look crossed between amusement and confusion. "Why would I bake it?"

<Jessica> "Because you're pregnant and salmonella.... but okay, I'll bake." She got up and raided the cupboard for cake ingredients.

<Hope> "It's fake eggs!" Hope protested. Why were people always telling her she couldn't eat crap? How was that baby going to be a Stark with no alcohol, no coffee, and no brownie batter in it?

<Jessica> "Fake eggs are no fun, you can't juggle with fake eggs." Jess threw her a grin over her shoulder as she headed for the fridge.

<Hope> "Well, I can't juggle at all, so fake eggs work. Yahoo!" Hope grinned and kept up her stirring.

<Jessica> "You should learn how to juggle, it's good for your brain," she nodded sagely, "I can teach you! Plus kids love it."

<Hope> "I leave the juggling up to you. Never interested me."

<Jessica> "I bet you never even thought about it," she started weighing ingredients, "So.... how are you feeling about the whole... being pregnant thing?"

<Hope> "I don't know, really. It was the most horrible news ever. But it's not something I can run from. Literally. It would just go with me. It's not something I wanted, or Chris wanted, but now that it's happened?" She shrugged.

<Jessica> "Did Sebastian tell you where he found me after I found out I was pregnant the first time? I was hiding. Under the bed. And I refused to come out until he pointed out he couldn't fit under there with me. It's scary as hell, especially when you're not sure how to be a mum or even if you'll be any good at it.... but you won't be alone."

<Hope> "Hiding is pointless. It won't change anything. I just don't want this kid to wind up like I was. To grow up thinking nobody cares about him or her. It's stupid really. This kid will be the opposite of what I was, but it's still lingering there."

<Jessica> "It's not stupid... I get it, really... but that won't happen, you have friends and family here that love you and they'll love your baby too... and he or she will have someone their own age to play with," she rested her hand on her bump, "And you can watch me fail and know what not to do."

<Hope> Hope grinned at that. "Yeah, that's true. I can make fun of Shaw too. That's always fun."

<Jessica> "See? It's not all bad," she broke the eggs into her mixture, "Just think of all the hilarious things you can witness him and me going through."

<Hope> "I want to see him change a diaper!" Hope laughed at the image in her head.

<Jessica> "So do I," Jess giggled, "Don't worry, there will be photographic evidence for posterity."

<Hope> Laughing again, Hope sighed and settled back against the counter to eat her fake brownie batter. She made a face. "It's not the same... but it'll do."

<Jessica> "I have that problem with a lot of foods over here," Jess commented with a small smirk.

<Hope> "You could just have your hubbytoy get you whatever you wanted, you know," Hope pointed out.

<Jessica> "I know... but it kind of makes me feel like I'm using him or something... besides it makes visits to London more special this way."

<Hope> "Until that baby pops out, you are allowed to use him for those things," Hope laughed. "Use it to your advantage while you can."

<Jessica> She giggled, "Well, that would be simpler if we weren't in hiding right now but at least I'm not entirely out of options."

<Hope> "There you go," Hope smiled, licking her brownie spoon. "You know, it's a good thing so many mutations have fast metabolisms. I'd be a blimp otherwise."

<Jessica> "Yeah, I can imagine... you eat so much junk food." She went to grab some cake tins, "I'm still pretty active despite the bump so I don't feel so bad about eating all the cake and pie I can get my hands on."

<Hope> "Hey, I'm pretty active. You should go meet Prince Harry while you are in London though. He's like, my new favorite British man."

<Jessica> "I don't think they're really in the habit of letting random pregnant strangers introduce themselves to royalty.... I mean, I could pheromone my way in sure..."

<Hope> "Oh I'll send him a message to put you on the guest list," Hope grinned at her. "Chris gets so jealous of Harry because the press think we'd be the cutest ginger couple of all time."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Oh God, I can imagine... of course, if I did visit like this there'd be some sort of scandal now."

<Hope> "Nah, take Shaw with you. I bet he knows them already. They are just nice people." She shrugged and finished her coffee, eying the pot. She poured the rest down the drain before she was too tempted.

<Jessica> "Well... for now, going to London is kind of a sore point with Sebastian and I... or being on the same continent at all as the Lord Imperial..."

<Hope> "Well duh. Obviously after all the dust has cleared."

<Jessica> "I'm still mad about that... I really really want to punch him. Hard. Like... through a wall."

<Hope> "Well I hope you get the chance. Because if I get to him first, you won't."

<Jessica> "You won't... Sebastian already sent someone after him..." she rolled her eyes, "That was the thing we fought about a lot recently."

<Hope> "Damnit. My hitchhiker is preventing me from destroying things."

<Jessica> "Yep. It's a pain in the ass.... but not a lot we can do about it. Don't worry, I'll get to punch someone eventually."

<Hope> "Good! Thank you." Hope grinned at her. "Punch Shaw for me, will ya?"

<Jessica> "He'll enjoy that too much," Jess pointed out, sliding the filled cake tins into the oven at last, "He's kinky that way."

<Hope> "Gross," Hope made a face, especially as a flashback hit her mind. "Super gross!"

<Jessica> "It makes life interesting," she nodded sagely, "I can try something else... not sure what... at least, not sure what I can threaten him with that I can actually hold up..."

<Hope> "Eh it's alright. It was just a hello to him." She sighed and ate another spoonful of batter.

<Jessica> "Wouldn't 'hello' be more effective, then?" Jess raised an eyebrow at her.

<Hope> "For Shaw?" Hope gave her a confused look. "Nah."

<Jessica> "You know, people are going to have to start using his first name more... because Shaw is also my surname now and will also be the surname of the tiny person."

<Hope> "Yeah but you are Jess and baby is... baby. He's Shaw."

<Jessica> "But he has a first name..." Jess pouted.

<Hope> "You realize he calls me by my last name... right?"

<Jessica> "I know... I think it's weird. I should tell him I think it's weird."

<Hope> "You are allowed to find it weird... but it's our thing," Hope shrugged. "You know he's more of a dad than Tony is."

<Jessica> Jess' nose wrinkled, "Yeah.... that's weird for me."

<Hope> "Tell me about it... Aunt Jessie." Hope snorted in her laughter.

<Jessica> Jess had to laugh then too, "Ewwww, let's not do that, that's too weird."

<Hope> "Aunt Jessie! Aunt Jessie!" Hope nearly doubled over in laughing, slapping the counter.

<Jessica> "Stoooooop!" Jess gave her a light shove, "I'm not sharing cake with you if you're going to be mean!"

<Hope> "Who needs your baked nonsense! I have batter!" Hope continued to laugh, but she dropped the nickname.

<Jessica> "My 'baked nonsense' will have icing.... that I should make while it's in the oven."

<Hope> "...sprinkles?" Hope looked up, hopeful.

<Jessica> "Probably, I'm all about the sugar lately." She located the icing sugar and the butter. Mmmmmm.

<Hope> "Lots of sprinkes and I'm in."

<Jessica> "Define 'lots'..." Jess took out three containers of sprinkles.

<Hope> "All the sprinkles! Covered in sprinkles!" Hope grinned at her, reaching for a bottle for her brownies.

<Jessica> "I can totally do that... now we just need a filling and to pick a colour for the icing... which colour would you like?"

<Hope> "Yellow." Hope took the bottle of sprinkles and jazzed up what was left of her brownie batter.

<Jessica> "Oh that's just halfassed.... that's no effort whatsoever." She did start creaming the butter with the icing sugar though with the back of a wooden spoon.

<Hope> "What? I like yellow." She took a bite of batter with sprinkles from off of her finger.

<Jessica> "I like yellow too... but there are so many other colours in there..." she looked at the cupboard.

<Hope> "Ok then, what color would you want?"

<Jessica> Her first impulse was to say 'green' but she had a feeling that was all the time with Viper talking. "Red?"

<Hope> "So yellow is boring, but another primary color isnt?" Hope nudged Jess a bit. "At least make it a secondary color, like purple."

<Jessica> "Purple I can do," she reached up to pick out the right colouring and added some to the mixture. "Jam or more icing for the middle bit?"

<Hope> "More icing. Lots of icing. Lots, and lots, so much icing."

<Jessica> She giggled, "Alright then, more icing it is and then we shall binge on cake... but somewhere that no one will find us and interrupt the cake eating and steal the cake."

<Hope> "We can go out to Chris' trailer. If he does interrupt it would be a good thing."

<Jessica> "Sounds like a plan... if he does show up we can throw cake at him for making you worry. Yes?"

<Hope> "Yes!" Hope grinned. "And then kick his ass."
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Re: 8/18 Instance: Stark Domesticity

Post by Slarti » Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:39 am

How was that baby going to be a Stark with no alcohol, no coffee, and no brownie batter in it?
I snorted Dr. Pepper. Thanks.

Also... technically Jess would be her step mom...

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Re: 8/18 Instance: Stark Domesticity

Post by steyn » Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:59 pm

Jess sure loves baking cakes. This is like the fifth or sixth instance with her baking a cake, right?

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