8/10 Instance: Winged Cuddles

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8/10 Instance: Winged Cuddles

Post by Scumfish » Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:02 pm

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth was doing the last finishing touches to unpacking her room and cleaning it, in the months she'd been away someone had packed her room up just in case. So far, she'd spent nearly two hours on a phone with Martin and about an hour trying to get in touch with Jess.

<@Elizabeth> Now with the freshly delivered pizza on her desk she was waiting on Warren to arrive as she'd wanted some company for the evening, and she was starting to enjoy the company of people more then being alone.

<Warren> There was a knock on the door that suggested someone was trying to be as unobtrusive as possible - almost apologetic about disturbing her. "H-hey, Elizabeth, it's Warren - am I okay to come in? I brought drinks..." His wings were a little fluffed against the cold, and for some reason he'd been really looking forward to this.

<@Elizabeth> "Hold on!" Quickly scrabbling around she pulled on some jeans and a tank top, actually rather baggy on her frame unlike her normal figure clinging clothing. She rushed over to the door to open it and let him into the room. "Hey!"

<@Elizabeth> There was boxes everywhere but empty and all her shoes piled up against the wardrode but the prominent feature was the pole in the middle of the room which looked like it hadn't been an original fixture... "Come in! I'll get the bed down in a second so you have somewhere comfortable to sit."

<Warren> Warren smiled at her, his hair down and framing his face today. "Hey." Well heeey. He held up the bag with a couple of bottles of fizzy in. "I um...hope you don't mind?" Following her in, he smiled. "You've been busy then." A pole? Damn, don't let the others know you have this, you won't be left alone.

<@Elizabeth> Smiling she rushed over and pulled the bed down out of the middle of the wardrobes, her room very space concious and yet allowing for the maxium yield for clothing space. "No I don't mind come in be comfy." You do realise all my latex and PVC isn't just for show right? I can use that thing and I did have a job using one.

<Warren> ...Now you're teasing. I did know, and I want a demonstration. Warren smiled a little nervously. "Is he flirting with you? Sorry, I can hear your side but not his...god, it still feels weird talking about that. I haven't told anyone about him yet. How are you, anyway?" He took the offered seat, wings flopping over the bed.

<@Elizabeth> "He was making dirty comments about the pole and I pointed out before the coma I was working as a stripper in a bar, he asked for a demonstration. Which at the moment I'm in no condition to give." Giggling as she watched him sit down, rather liking talking with the pair.

<@Elizabeth> "I'm ok... out of sync and it, but ok I guess... I have new meds and I constantly feel tired but the doctors say that will fade."

<Warren> You wouldn't like talking to me - us - if you knew the truth, sugarlips. Warren smiled, rubbing a shoulder. "Good. I'm...I was really worried about you, I would have come looking if I knew where to start, but I barely know my way around the site let alone the city. At least you still have most things intact, right?"

<@Elizabeth> Why is that? Feeling alittle out of breath she sat down at her desk chair passing him one of the pizza boxes before opening her own. "It's ok, not like I used to tell people where my room was anyway."

<Warren> You don't have the clearance. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, and it's a waste of a nice ass. Came the smug reply. Warren shook his head, slightly weirded by the one-sided mental conversation. "One of these days I'm going to see if I can find out what the hell 'he' is. I'm...glad you're back, though. Missed our conversations."

<@Elizabeth> "He's part of you." She answered ignoring the comment then and deciding to leave it, feeling rather out of place in normal clothes. "I missed them too... being stuck in that hospital for months was boring as hell."

<Warren> "I guessed." Warren smiled, opening the pizza box and humming at the smell. "You were awake the whole time? That must have been hell." He sat cross-legged, tucking into a slice. "But at least you're here now." Fff. If anything, he's a part of me.

<@Elizabeth> "I wasn't awake. I kind of drifted in and out of nothingness but when I was here well I could hear everyone's... thoughts I guess... I spent months just listening to everyone there and wishing I could turn it off." Staring at her pizza for a while before extracting a piece.

<Warren> "Ugh. I can see why that would be unpleasant." Warren twitched a wing and then relaxed, the limbs flopped out on the bed. I don't know. Think of all the drama! I wonder if you can influence people's thoughts?

<@Elizabeth> I can, I can force people to do things, I couldn't while I was in the coma though. Eating at the pizza slice she watched the angel spread out on her bed, Warren really was such a nice guy. Like genuinely nice.

<Warren> ...Oooh. I like that. That makes things interesting. Warren tilted his head, blinking at her. "You can? I guess...he's asking about that kind of thing. That must be a scary thought, making someone do whatever you want..." He trailed off. "That would be horrible in the wrong hands." He shuddered, not sure why he was uncomfortable with the idea. Because your memories are tasty, fluffbrain.

<@Elizabeth> "I guess it would, luckily I don't really like making people do things, minus leaving me alone but I have shields for that." Nibbling at her pizza for a bit watching him. Archangel could be fun but sometimes well... "Never really considered my powers scary... just disturbing, hearing everyones thoughts is kind of creepy."

<Warren> "That must make me doubly so." He winced a little. "Sorry." No, you're not creepy, idiot, you're just stupid. I'm the creepy one. Don't mind me, Elizabeth, I've just been stuck in this idiot's head for the last...oh...god knows how long. Warren shook his head, biting into the pizza. "I guess working at your old job must have left you with a severe need to shower, right?"

<@Elizabeth> It shows. She was actually starting to dislike the way Arch treated Warren even if he couldn't hear it. "No Warren you're not a creep, you just have one living in your head. And only on certain nights, honestly the boss was more of a perv then the customers - also hard to touch someone you can't get near right?."

<@Elizabeth> "I actually liked the dancing. Kinda nice for the attention."

<Warren> So sue me. I'm only allowed out occasionally, and it gets a little cramped in here. Must give you a headache, two minds thinking at the same time on different levels, mmm? Warren just smiled. "I'm sure he's not that bad. I mean, he's basically me, right? I know I don't have any memories, but I can't be all that bad." Oh you poor, poor sap, you have no idea...

<@Elizabeth> "Actually you're like... really nice and sweet and he's funny, but he makes certain comments you could slap him for." No not really because I'm not reading Warren's thoughts, I'm reading yours. It's like talking to two people, and you might get let out more if you were alittle more nice?

<Warren> Not a chance. 'Nice' isn't what makes the switch, Liz. But you don't have the clearance for that either. And I'm not 'nice'. I'm never 'nice'. Warren finished his slice of pizza, half-wishing he could 'hear' the other...him. "I wonder if he's...my memories, maybe? Like...I don't know how multiple personality works. Oh god, I have multiple personality, don't I?"

<@Elizabeth> "I don't think so? And I think he does have your memories because of the jokes and comments he makes however I'm being told politely to sod off any time I enquire." Finishing a whole slice of pizza and shifted her bare feet in the carpet, watching her purple toenails. "Hey Warren?"

<Warren> "So...he has my memories, but won't tell them to anyone." Warren huffed. "At least my memories are still there...maybe I should go under hypnosis or something." No, don't do that, it didn't work so well for you last time. Last time was messy. "Yes, Elizabeth?" He picked up another slice, smiling at her.

<@Elizabeth> "Don't do that, bad idea. Just.... I don't know, we'll work it out some how." Taking another slice as well and looking up to find him smiling at her, kinda like Jimmy used to. "Do you... do you like hanging out with me? ... Minus that one time we got stoned and things got weird."

<Warren> He chuckled a little. "Alright, no hypnosis. But yes...I do. Even that one time. You don't...treat me weird, you know? I like you." He found himself blushing for some reason, taking a bite out of his pizza to distract himself. "That and...you take the weird other-me in your stride too..."

<@Elizabeth> "I like hanging out with you too... its kind of nice still having one friend here, with Cassy off getting married, Jess is gone, Hisako's gone... feel like I've come back and no one cares." Her big eyes dropping to the pizza once more and feeling like so much of an idiot for this slump that her pencil pot got chucked off the desk by itself.

<Warren> Warren put his pizza down and shuffled over, gently pulling her into a hug and even wrapping his wings around her automatically. "Hey, it's okay. Cassie'll be back soon, and I'm sure Jess will be too...and they'll be over the moon when they hear you're back. Until then, I'll just have to bore you, right?" He smiled at her worridly.

<@Elizabeth> It was a bit of a shock fer her then the sudden hug, normally there was so much clothing in the way and now... She hugged back anyway even if it felt like she suddenly had Warren and Arch sitting in her head, both of them clear as day. "Thanks... I'm not normally this emo and you don't bore me."

<Warren> "You've just come out of a coma, I think you're allowed to be as emo as you like." He smiled at her, honestly wanting her to cheer up and make her feel better. "Don't worry, I don't care. And I am pretty boring, let's face it." Yes, you are, but at least you're comfy. Fluffy's got a point, though. Be a bit selfish, girl.

<@Elizabeth> "No you're not, and if you are, then I am to because I like talking to you and we can be boring together." I am selfish all the time, trust me, it's why barely anyone cared when I went missing. Huffing she held onto Warren then taking in the heat and the rather unintimidating feel of him next to her.

<Warren> Warren actually liked holding her like this. It was...nice. He supported her with a wing, reaching over and snagging her box of pizza and putting it on her lap. "You're not that selfish. At least, I don't think so." He said quietly. "But either way, I'll keep you company, I don't mind." I'm sure you don't.

<@Elizabeth> She kind of liked being hidden in his wings like this, offering him a slice of her pizza as his was still on the bed. You know you don't have to shout right, I am like right next to you. Also does the word *friends* mean anything here or are you projecting?.

<@Elizabeth> It took a little work but she was soon settled on his lap while he was on her chair, barely having to nudge him. "Oh trust me I can be, kind of learnt to be as it's the best way to survive sometimes."

<Warren> I'm not shouting. And no one wants to be friends with me, darling, trust me. An odd chuckle followed that thought. Warren blinked, rubbing a temple before nibbling the pizza she offered with a smile. He had a pretty girl on his lap...wow. "Yes well...everyone has to be. I think even I was when I was on the streets."

<@Elizabeth> Then can you whisper? You're suddenly very loud, and I'd try to be but all data seems to be redacted. Wishing she could pull faces at Arch just for the hell of it. "You are like the least selfish person I know, I think all that is in the other you." Eating her pizza happily now she was hidden.

<Warren> "...Redacted?" He echoed. "Well...from what I've heard about him, I suppose that's about right. He does sound like a bit of a...well, a wanker, really." He chuckled nervously. Oh-ho, they got a file on me that's a mile long, and they say I gotta face the truth, that I'm just another piece of arrested deveeelopment - I'm just another wasted yoooouth...Meatloaf, by the way. Big fan.

<@Elizabeth> I can't tell.... Smiling alittle bit then as she finished another pizza slice. "Do have some good news though, and yeah he is." Leaning back against Warren's warm chest.

<Warren> "Oh?" He had his arms around Elizabeth, just to steady her on his lap, his wings half-curled around her - he liked this, having a friend he could do this with, though he wondered if she could help him with his memories - psychics could do that, right? "Tell me." He smiled

<@Elizabeth> "I have a trial run with Jack's new place when it's finished being built, went for the interview this morning and he was impressed." It felt so nice to actually be held in someones arms, the last time had been so long and far away.

<Warren> "That's awesome!" Warren broke out into a grin, hugging her just because, wings fluffing up. "But then you are a pretty good dancer. Uh." He blushed. "N-not that - I mean - not that I've really been to any clubs you worked in..." No, but you like dreaming about it. Did you know he dreams about you?

<@Elizabeth> "All I have to do is put weight and muscle back on to prove I can do it." Blushing then, the idea of Warren dreaming about her made her feel quite happy? "Thank you." Thanks for the update, you know you don't need to tell me these things right? "You could always come see me when I start you know."

<Warren> "I - I could, though I'd probably be glowing with how much I'd be blushing, you know that, right?" Warren gave her a shy grin, rubbing the back of his neck before reaching over for his pizza. "I mean strip clubs - Jack's clubs...well..." He blushed even worse, ducking his head. Nope, don't have to, going to anyway. "Wh-what's he telling you about?"

<@Elizabeth> "I'm getting updates over how much he wishes he had a cock worthy of doing me." Smiling and booping Warren's nose with a finger before getting another slice of pizza. "I know and it'd be adorable, you look cute when you blush."

<Warren> That got an even worse blush out of the winged mutant. "I-I um." He didn't know if he was blushing because of the compliment, the boop or the comment, so he just ducked his head shily. "I'd probably put the other customers off." He muttered, almost giving into the urge to shuffle his feet. Archangel, notably, kept his peace.

<@Elizabeth> Smiling at the silence she took a few moments of it to eat her pizza and enjoy being pressed against him, wow she really wanted to cuddle him properly didn't she? "I don't think I'd care, I like your blush."

<Warren> That got an unintelligable squeak before he distracted himself by eating more pizza, but his wings were fluffed up as he hugged her. "I-I guess I could come...if you want me to." He said quietly, smiling.

<@Elizabeth> "Up to you, not like you can't just come watch me in the school gym if you're too uncomfortable to come to the club." One arm going over his, she held it against her just wanting to fall asleep in his warmth. "God you're so damn warm."

<Warren> Warren smiled. "I-I'll see. I need to g-get out more anyway...not just fly around the school grounds, you know?" The blush died back a little. "So are you. Um. Is this okay? You don't want me to move?"

<@Elizabeth> "No, well only if you want to move. I rather like it like this." Finishing her pizza slice and then holding his arm against her stomach alittle more with a smile. "I'm rather comfy and you're warm and nice to cuddle."

<Warren> "No, I want to stay like this, only...um...could we..." He paused. "This is goint to s-sound wrong but...could we move to the bed? Chairs aren't...easy for wings..." He smiled nervously.

<@Elizabeth> "Of course - sorry I should have thought about that." Smiling at him before slipping off his lap to walk over to the bed, wondering what it would be alike to fall asleep in his arms wrapped up by the wings and safe from everything.

<Warren> Warren smiled, standing up and stretching - well, as best he could, he couldn't stretch his full wingspan out in here - before flopping on the bed. After a moment, he hesitantly held his arms out in invitation. "You um...still want hugs?"

<@Elizabeth> Smiling she nodded and crawled onto the bed, moving up the bed until she culd lie down in his arms and get her back comfy against his chest once more. All of her hair just pillowing everywhere and even covering her alittle for how much there was.

<Warren> She was lying on one of Warren's wings, but he didn't mind - she couldn't exactly hurt it, after all. The other covered her then, the pair cucooned as he wrapped his arms around her. "...Warn you...I might fall asleep like this..." He said quietly.

<@Elizabeth> "I don't think I'll mind, so long as I can fall asleep too. I'm full and warm and comfy." Smiling she reached back and rested a hand on his thigh while the other rested on the soft wing. "You feel so nice to be round."

<Warren> The hand on his thigh made him feel...weird, an odd smile crossing his face. And happy. "So do you." He said quietly, before blushing again. "And...I don't think...I don't think I'd mind napping with you...all that much..."

<@Elizabeth> Hand coming off his wing she moved all of her hair under her neck and out of his face exposing the other side of her neck. "Good then we can have a nap together." Never mind that it was evening aleady, they could just nap all night.

<Warren> ...For the love of god, if you don't kiss that neck, boy... Warren beat down the sudden urge, cuddling Elizabeth tighter instead and burying his nose in her hair. "I like this plan." He murmured, closing his eyes and smiling gently, actually strangely content.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth managed to actually let out a giggle snort then at Arch's comment wondering if the tight cuddle was Warren's reaction, nuzzling him alittle and giggling abit as she settled in his arm. Night. Both of you.

<Warren> Archangel muttered something unintelligible, but Warren was already half-dozing. "Night to you too." He murmured, smiling a little.
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