6/19 Instance: Night at the Museum

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6/19 Instance: Night at the Museum

Post by Slarti » Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:59 am

Current timeline

<Jamie> Jamie's eyes lit up as he looked at the outside of the building. The National Private Investigator Museum. He was in Heaven. "Look, Jeannie! Look! There it is!"

<Jean> She looked at Jamie and her interest became a bit more genuine. He looked so cute all excited like that!

<Jean> Jean knew this was when she was supposed to act interested, but she had this annoying little notch on the side of her nail and it was totally ruining the line of her finger! Giving it a buff, she tucked her file into her pocket and looked up. "Oooh, cool."

<Jamie> He grabbed her hand and started sprinting to the doors, "Come on! I want as much time as possible before they close!" He pointed to the wall beside the door, "Look at that!" Then at the opposite wall, "And look at that!"

<Jean> Jean wasn't sure what she was looking at, but she was happy on his behalf and let herself be dragged. "Cool!"

<Jamie> Jamie pulled them through the doors and to the little window to pay their way. "Where do you want to go first? Fictional? Non-Fiction? A certain era?"

<Jean> "Um..." She had no idea. "Whatever you want to see first?"

<Jamie> "Let's do fictional first. So we can end with the really good stuff." He gave her her ticket and pamphlet. "You're going to love this!"

<Jean> Blinking at both, she opened the pamphlet and promptly dropped her ticket. Without thinking about it, she stopped it with her teke, then panicked and flailed. "Oshit! Sorry!" The ticket fluttered to the floor and she gave him an apologetic smile.

<Jamie> Jamie's eyes darted back to the ticket counter and then over to the other singular tourist in the room, "It's okay. I don't know that they saw... I hope." He bent down and picked it up for her. "Do you want me to just hold it in my pocket for you?"

<Jean> "Well, hopefully they aren't the best detectives in the detective museum?" She shrugged and grinned. "Yeah, maybe you better keep it."

<Jamie> He instantly tucked it into his pocket with his own ticket and looked down at the pamphlet, "Okay, according to the map, we have to go this way," he pointed, "then go left at a hallway and it should open into the area."

<Jean> She nodded and took his hand. "Is finding it like the first test?"

<Jamie> "Maybe." He intertwined their fingers and smiled at her, "I'm glad you wanted to come with me." They started down the path and he paused at a plaque that told them which way to go for things. "Well, it can't be too hard of a test. They're telling us where to go."

<Jean> "It's fun!" She grinned brightly and stuffed the map into her pocket with her file. "Well, it's fun coming with you 'cause it's you and you're fun." Glancing at the sign, she got distracted by a display of old photographs of old guys in suits. Thrilling.

<Jamie> Jamie frowned at her and pulled her away, "Not yet! That's all real stuff! We gotta go in order! Come on!"

<Jean> "Fun but strictly organized?" Jean poked out her tongue but let him drag her along again. They came into a room and at least she recognized something. "James Bond! ...wait, he's a spy... that's not the same..."

<Jamie> "It kinda is, actually." He pulled her over to a plaque, "See? He was a spy, yeah. But in order to be a spy, you have to investigate and gather intelligence to take back to your boss. Same theory as a private investigator, only the investigator's 'boss' is whoever is paying them for that particular job."

<Jean> Jean's eyes started to glaze over halfway through that explanation, but she got the gist. "So James Bond is kosher. Cool!" At least she had seen some of those movies. She moved over to stare at a poster. It looked old. Real old.

<Jamie> "Oooh, Martin Kane! Awesome! I didn't think they'd have him here! Did you know that he was the very first Private Investigator on television? I've seen bits of it on youtube." He whirled around to look for Dick Tracy to show her, he was so excited about tha...His face fell, "Jeannie... They don't have Dick Tracy."

<Jean> Martin Kane? She mouthed the name, utterly clueless, then turned in place to look for whatever he was looking for. "Dick Tracy?" That sounded a little more famil.... oh, that square faced guy! "Awww, I'm sorry."

<Jean> It was enough to stop her from poking the radio-looking thing labeled as an exclusive Doctor No prop, which was probably for the best.

<Jamie> "He's my favorite fictional PI... And I really like his hat." He pouted but then took a breath and tried to enjoy the rest of the exhibit. "They have Roger Rabbit! But no Dick Tracy? That's just plain stupid."

<Jean> "I've seen Roger Rabbit!" She was a little too proud of that, and may have bounced a bit.

<Jamie> Jamie laughed at her excitement, enjoying the bouncing, "Well then at least you won't be completely in the dark, right?" He was kind of done with the fictional and wanted to head to the real life private eyes. "C'mon, Jeannie. Let's go this way."

<Jean> "Sure! His mustache is starting to freak me out anyway," Jean said, bouncing her way over to Jamie to take his hand again. She pointed at a poster for Magnum PI and shuddered.

<Jamie> Jamie grinned and put his finger over his upper lip to make a mustache for himself, "Heya baby, whaddya say we blow this pop stand f'r the other side of the big house, eh?"

<Jean> Jean's nose wrinkled and she pulled his hand away from his mouth. "Don't do that." With this, she grinned brightly, gave him a kiss, and picked up a lock of her long red hair and held it over his upper lip. "There!"

<Jamie> Jamie laughed and wriggled his nose over the hair, "Yeah, see. Yeah!" He leaned in to give her another kiss, "C'mon. You have to see their collection of spy cameras! I was reading all about it online!"

<Jean> "They better have cameras in, like, teeth fillings and wristwatches and stuff." She nodded and decided to take the lead to drag him down the hall with the boring photos... and hopefully riiiight past them.

<Jamie> Jamie pulled her to a stop in front of a picture of Pinkertons from the early 1900's. "Jean, look. Don't they look brave?"

<Jean> What they looked was extremely mustached as well. "Well... in an old-fashioned kind of way?"

<Jamie> "They didn't take crap from anybody, Jeannie. They solved cases before they had special tools"

<Jean> "Sooo, how did they do it? Without the James Bond stuff and spy cameras?"

<Jamie> "Good, old-fashioned, detective work! They snooped and spied and followed and investigated!"

<Jean> "And apparently shot people." She edged down the line to a photo of the detectives posing with an impressive array of really old weaponry.

<Jamie> Jamie made a face, "Um, yeah... I mean... Sometimes that's part of the job. Didn't you know that? I mean, I've never shot anybody, but my old boss has."

<Jean> "Oh! Jesse James! I know who that is!" Then the words sunk in and she looked at him. "Really?"

<Jamie> He looked at her funny, "Yeah...? I mean, you have to protect yourself somehow when you don't have powers, right?" He shrugged and pointed out Wyatt Earp, "Do you know him?"

<Jean> "Guess it's not just us mutant terrorists you gotta watch out for, huh?" She moved over to the poster and frowned. "Wow, they liked their 'staches back then..." Squinting at Jamie, she eyed his upper lip again. "If that's a detective thing, why don't you have one? Noooot that I want you to have one because OMG itchy, but..." She shrugged.

<Jamie> "Um... No, I don't really think I'd look good with a mustache..." He wrinkled his nose, "Yeah, no. Don't want one." Jamie leaned over and kissed her, "Besides, I don't want there to be anything between your lips and mine."

<Jean> Kissing was way more interesting than this museum, so she eagerly dove into the liplock.

<Jamie> Jamie grinned and pulled back from the kiss, "Come on. I have to show you the spy cameras, remember?" He pulled her over to the display. "Look! There's the first ever push-button camera!"

<Jean> "How did they think they were sneaking up on people with these?" Jean looked at the comparatively small cameras with open disbelief. After glancing around and at Jamie, who was engrossed, she picked one up. Selfie time!

<Jamie> Jamie leaned over a case, reading each plaque for every item... Until he heard a click! He whirled around and stared at Jean with wide eyes for a split second before rushing over to try and get t from her. "Jeannie!"

<Jean> "Jamie?!" She was proud of her historical selfie!

<Jamie> "You can't do that," he hissed as he set it back down on the glass shelf carefully. "This stuff is like... Ancient!"

<Jean> "Well, then I'm just remaking history!" Grinning, she pinched his cheeks with both hands.

<Jamie> Jamie blushed instantly and half-heartedly swatted her hands away, "We're in public, baby..."

<Jean> "And in a museum with lots and lots and lots of cameras. Pervs are probably recording us right now!" She gave the corners a cheerful, beauty queen wave.

<Jamie> His eyes got wide and he reached for her offending hand, pulling it down into his, "Stop! What if they saw that?"

<Jean> "They'd see we're just having fun?" She giggled, not sure why he was so worried. Hey, she hadn't even made anything float or catch fire! Yet.

<Jamie> "They could kick us out, Jeannie... I want to finish looking first..." He pouted at her, "Please?"

<Jean> Jean returned the pout, then bit her lip and giggled. "Awwww, okay." She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss and nodded, her hair swinging. "I'll behave." She put her hands behind her back and intertwined her fingers, pretending to look at the cameras quietly.

<Jamie> Jamie grinned at her fake behavior and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "I know this isn't what you like, Jean. But I really love that you're here with me."

<Jean> "I know," she grinned, wriggling into his embrace. "I'm pretty awesome like that."

<Jamie> His grin grew, "Yeah. You're pretty awesome like that and lots of other ways too."

<Jean> "Hell yeah!" Jean rested her head against his and used their link to share a few other choice bits of her awesomeness.

<Jamie> Jamie's blush came back in full force and he whipped his head around to look for anyone else in the room. "Um... Maybe we should come back another day to finish the museum?"

<Jean> "No, I said I'd behave! Don't be silly." She giggled and moved away from him, noticing a boring enough looking display of optics. "I'll be here, learning, about..." she leaned in to read the plaque "Flat folding brass micro binoculars."

<Jamie> Jamie adjusted his pants and shook his legs out. "Um... I'd rather..." He cleared his throat. "I'm... You've gotten me... Can we?"

<Jean> "Wait... you have a secret thing for folding brass optical devices?" Jean shimmied her hips, giving the antique eyewares the sexiest introduction ever. "Baby, I never knew!"

<Jamie> Jamie's lips twitched and he moved over to her, taking her hand. "Only when you say it, Jeannie."

<Jean> "Is your long range cylinder monoscope acting up again?" She waggled her eyebrows. "Maybe we should go... service it."

<Jamie> He coughed out a laugh at that. He couldn't get used to her dirty talk. She was so good at it. And he... wasn't. "Um... Yes... Let's do... Yep."

<Jean> Jean moved in closer and gave him shifty eyes. "I think we should do it riiiiight here."

<Jamie> Jamie's eyes got as wide as saucers, "No! ...I mean... No, we can't."

<Jean> "But it'd be a challenge! Like... Mission Impossible!" She knew that one, so she hummed the music as she hooked her fingers into his sides to tickle him.

<Jamie> Jamie tried hard, really hard, to keep a straight face, but then she started tickling and he lost it. "Stop! Stop! I'll tell you anything you want to know Goldfinger!"

<Jean> "Ohhhh... wow, I should, like, paint myself gold sometime!" Jean kind of liked that idea.

<Jamie> Jamie grinned and kissed her, "You can be my Oscar for if my detective business fails and I have to resort to acting."

<Jean> "We can resort to acting right now," she said with a giggle, returning the kiss and taking his hand. "And act casual until we sneak into that closet over there." She started to drag him.

<Jamie> Jamie's eyes got wide, but excited and he hastily looked around for people that could be watching, "I, um..." He laughed nervously and let her drag him. "Okay."

<Jean> Jean grinned. She totally knew she'd win him over! She was awesome! "Yaaaaay!" After giving him a happy kiss, she just kept on dragging and when she had to resort to teke to get the closet door open it was totally worth it.

<Jamie> Jamie giggled with nerves but was excited all the same. They were so going to get caught. "We're so going to get caught."

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Re: 6/19 Instance: Night at the Museum

Post by steyn » Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:42 pm

<Jean> "I've seen Roger Rabbit!" She was a little too proud of that, and may have bounced a bit.
Jack : "Think she saw a rogering rabbit. Hur hur hur."

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Re: 6/19 Instance: Night at the Museum

Post by Slarti » Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:00 pm

Or she rogered the rabbit herself while Jamie was away. :shifty

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