1/30 Instance: Hail

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1/30 Instance: Hail

Post by Slarti » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:34 am

Timelined immediately after Transcendental Wind

<Paige> Paige lay on the floor with Ripley, the news on, still replaying Bobby, Carol, and the others taking out the sentinels. She hadn't let Ripley watch it when it was live, but it just kept replaying the same footage. Daddy was beating up bad guys.

<Paige> The girls had watched it for a little while, but now Paige just kept it on to see if there were any more updates. She watched nervously as Ripley fiddled with the wooden puzzle piece, trying to move it into place. Paige checked her phone again, but still no word from Bobby. She hoped he was alright.

<Bobby> Bobby was more than alright, considering he was trying his best to fly. He'd fiddled with the hoverboard all the way back to the school in the new van, and had passed it and the sentinel's head around for everyone's inspection. His "alas poor Yorick" joke had fallen a little flat and he accused the students of illiteracy.

<Bobby> He very nearly jumped out of the van, recovering his new toy and firing it up again to hop on board. "Wooohooooo!"

<Paige> Paige wasn't sure how many times she had told Ripley the names of the shapes and colors on the puzzle. She wasn't really paying attention. She glanced between the TV and her phone again. Maybe a text wouldn't hurt?

<Bobby> Of course, that text went straight into limbo as one of the electronic casualties of the Central Park beatdown had been Bobby's phone. But, he was on his way to check in with Paige, though steering was still a problem. He buzzed straight by the window and into the budding tree in an explosion of leaves. "Ow."

<Paige> The noise drew Paige's attention. With a glance at the baby, she moved quickly to the window and blinked at what was outside. What on Earth?!

<Bobby> He managed to get the glider turned around and zipped around the tree, veering away when he saw Paige was right at the window now. He relinquished his death grip on the board with one hand to wave at her wildly, a giant grin on his face. "Paaaaaaiiiiigey! I got a new toy!"

<Paige> Paige shrieked and tried to open the window. "Bobberz! What are you doing?!"

<Bobby> "Spoils of war, babe!" He whooped again and zipped by her.

<Paige> A shriek escaped again as Paige ducked down to shield herself from flying Bobby.

<Bobby> "Sooooorry!" He so wasn't though, because he was flying! "This is so awesome, Paigey!"

<Paige> "Get down from there!" She cried out, peeking out over the window ledge again.

<Bobby> "But it's fun! You should try it!" He laughed and tipped the glider into a mid-air spin.

<Paige> Paige felt sick just watching him. She ducked down again.

<Bobby> He was completely oblivious and just zipped and swooped, until, of course, he tried to corner just a bit too hard.

<Paige> She had glanced up at that point, only to scream and duck down again.

<Bobby> Bobby heard her screaming, but at the moment he had 99 problems and Paige wasn't one because he took out the other side of that poor tree.

<Paige> "Bobby?!" Paige was scared to look. "Are you alright?!"

<Bobby> "I'm fine!" the tree yelled.

<Paige> Paige glanced over at the baby before standing up again to look out at her boyfriend. "Anything broken?"

<Bobby> "Just the tree," he was dangling from a branch of said tree, and looked up at the window, giving her an upside down wave. The glider was wedged between two branches about ten feet up.

<Paige> Her face paled a little as she watched him. "Can.. can you get down?"

<Bobby> "Well, yeah, but I gotta get the thing." He pointed upward at the glider.

<Paige> "Do you haaaaaaave to?" she asked, glancing up at it.

<Bobby> "I stole it from a sentinel, so yes!" He heaved himself up and caught the branch, swinging up like a monkey.

<Paige> "You stole it from the things that tried to kill you?! Is that safe!?"

<Bobby> "Well yeah, but we killed them first." He explained this as he climbed up to the glider and wrestled with it, alarming the birds that had dared try to return to their home.

<Paige> "Escape birdies! Escape! Flee!!!!"

<Bobby> Finally, Bobby got it free and climbed on, zipping free of the tree with his hair and clothes full of twigs.

<Paige> For the first time, Paige began laughing at him, leaving the window to scoop up Ripley to show her flying Daddy.

<Bobby> Bobby waved at Ripley and did a loop, always more than ready and willing to show off.

<Paige> Paige hid slightly behind the baby because Ripley loved watching and Paige didn't. She smiled a little as the baby clapped for her daddy.

<Bobby> "Daddy can fly, baby girl! It's pretty wicked awesome!" He buzzed the window, waving like a loon.

<Paige> "Watch where you're going!"

<Bobby> "It's fiiiiiine," he assured her, of course right before he attempted a more complicated move and nearly slid off the thing.

<Paige> "BOBBY!" Paige squeezed the baby a bit because she couldn't grab him. "Get down! But not that way!"

<Bobby> That time was about enough for him, so Bobby actually listened, though when he tried to come in for a landing, he crashed into the shrubbery three windows down from their room. "Fine! I'm fine! ... it's... fine..."

<Paige> Paige quickly covered Ripley's eyes as she saw him go down. "Daddy's fine... daddy's okay... Daddy's fine."

<Bobby> "Daddy's fine," his slightly muffled voice called up to them and then he tripped his way out of the bushes, the glider tucked under his arm. He waved up at them, then motioned for them to move back.

<Paige> She moved back all the way to the other side of the room with the baby, holding onto her to keep her safe. "See? Daddy's okay."

<Bobby> He formed a perfectly ordinary ice slide up to their room, stepping in through the window and setting the board aside. "Heeeeeeey!"

<Paige> It took a split second of decision on Paige's part to put the baby back down on the blanket on the floor. She half ran, half hopped, all pounced on Bobby, so glad he was alright.

<Bobby> "Paigerz!" Bobby caught her with a giggle and spun her around. "Miss me?"

<Paige> "Very much," she confessed, holding onto him tightly. "I was worried about you!"

<Bobby> "Awww, babe, I'm fine!" He thought about this. "Broke another phone though..."

<Paige> She laughed a little and kissed him, keeping a hand on his cheek. "I'm just glad you are home. And fine. Who cares about the phone?"

<Bobby> Bobby grinned into the kiss, feeling the happy flipflops of his stomach. "I'm tough, you know that. Grr."

<Paige> Nothing could stop her giggled at that growl. She gave him another happy kiss and wrapped both arms tightly around him. "I love you so much, my goofy icebird."

<Bobby> "I love you too, Paigey-poo." He squeezed her tight, and looked down at Ripley, who had just now managed to toddle over to them to latch onto his leg.

<Paige> Paige giggled at the baby and watched her while she snuggled Bobby. "Hi Princess!"

<Bobby> Letting go of Paige, Bobby bent to pick up the baby and give her a good Eskimo kissing. "Did you see daddy fly?"

<Paige> Her heart melted every time she saw Bobby with his daughter. She fuffled the baby's blonde hair and left to give them a moment and pick up the toys that were still on the floor.

<Bobby> After making faces for Ripley for a few moments and letting her babble and yank his hair, Bobby rejoined Paige, enjoying the view of her picking up.

<Paige> She jumped a bit when she realized she was being watched and smiled at him. "You're home."

<Bobby> "Sure am! Been here for a few, actually," he laughed. "I know you're blonde, babe, but stay with me here!"

<Paige> She giggled at him and pulled him into a tight hug again. "Trying!"

<Bobby> "Do or do not, there is no try," Bobby spouted in his best Yoda as they group hugged. He closed his eyes and squeezed her hard.

<Paige> A smile crept on her face as she hugged the both of them. "Just glad that you got to come home," she told him softly. "And I think we need a picnic dinner!"

<Bobby> "Kickas...er...great idea!" He made a 'nailed it' face and grinned at Ripley, then Paigey.

<Paige> She eyed him a bit, trying to determine if that counted. "Ten cents."

<Bobby> "Fair enough." He poked out his tongue.

<Paige> Paige poked it with her finger lightly and giggled. "I love you, Bobbypie."

<Bobby> That nickname made him bite his lip in barely suppressed amusement and the desire to make a filthy joke. Then, he kissed her fingertip. "I love you too, Paigeypoo."

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Re: 1/30 Instance: Hail

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