1/30 Instance: Bullseye

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1/30 Instance: Bullseye

Post by Slarti » Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:45 am

Timelined sometime before New Mentor

<Clint> Clint had set up a deer target a good distance from the school and pointing away from it. His bow fully drawn as he aimed down at the bullseye. He figured he'd warm up a little before he tried any trick shots. Four shots later he ran out of room for arrows to get into the dead center and started to aim for different targets. Lines down the spine, pinning the legs, and even a few into the skull through the ears.

<Bobby> Apparently, walking the dog just got a whole lot more dangerous. Bobby had spotted one of the new kids by the woods filling fake Bambi full of arrows, and stopped to watch, scooping up Yoda protectively.

<Clint> Once Clint was nice and warmed up he started to think a little about what to try first. When he was done sizing up the trees and other scenery he took a few shots meant to ricochet into the target, each one finding more success as he turned the target from a deer into a porcupine.

<Bobby> The kid was actually really good, and Bobby watched him pull off some Robin Hood shit, wondering if he should ice up or put an ice shield in front of his dog at least.

<Clint> When Clint ran out of arrows he put the bow down to go survey the damage on his arrows from the ricochet shots and get his good arrows out of the deer target. "Gonna have to save up for another one of these." He sighed as a chunk of target came with the arrow.

<Bobby> "I think you killed it good, dude!" he called, letting the wriggly dog down. Yoda yipped and immediately tried to strangle himself on the leash running over to investigate.

<Clint> "I think your dog tried to kill itself. Is that a dog? Or tube sausage with legs?" Clint raised an eyebrow.

<Bobby> "Hey now, he is the finest Jedi you'll ever meet. Judge him by his size, will you?" He wandered over and poked at the target. An ear fell off. "Yeah." He waved a hand at it. "That's... something."

<Clint> Clint chucked a little. "Yeah targets don't last long with how much I shoot. They don't cost that much though so I'll just have to sell a few things or find a car to fix." He was used to the money juggle for when he wanted to get something for himself.

<Bobby> "You're really good, actually, I mean, I have some practice with projectiles and all, but not like that." He whistled at Yoda to stop him from nomming the target parts.

<Clint> "Thanks. I'm Clint. Don't I have a class with you or something?" Clint managed to get all his arrows into the quiver and inspected a few of his broken arrows.

<Bobby> "Probably, do you come to class?" He held out a hand to shake. "I'm Bobby. Well, Professor Drake, but, bleh. Agent Iceman is also acceptable," he added with a grin.

<Clint> "Oh uhmm... shit, guess I miss your classes a lot." Clint shook his hand.

<Bobby> "It happens a lot around here," he laughed. "I'm sure I've read your file, but I can't remember... what's your power, exactly?"

<Clint> "Dunno." Clint shrugged. "As far as I can tell I'm pretty normal. I'm guessing you do something with ice?"

<Bobby> "I do everything with ice, man," he winked. Circling the perforated deer, he shook his head. "I got news, that ain't so normal."

<Clint> "You sure? Cuz I do that all the time." He shrugged.

<Bobby> "Yeah, pretty sure. I mean, I'm not a hunter, but where I'm from a lot of people are... and I've never seen that before."

<Clint> "Yeah, I just practice a lot. I usually hunt all season, whatever's in season. Saved us a lot of money. Where are you from?"

<Bobby> "Missouri." He gave the target a doubtful side-eye, then back at the new kid. "That's a whole lot of practice. I've met mutants with luck powers before... they, like, always get things to turn out their way."

<Clint> Clint laughed a little. "Heh I wish I had that. You shoulda seen the shit hole me and Natasha used to live in. Winter was horrible."

<Bobby> "Well, okay, maybe not luck powers then... or maybe you just haven't got the hang of focusing them outside of the hunting setting."

<Clint> "Maybe." Clint shrugged. "I guess you'd know more about powers than me."

<Bobby> "Eh, they're all different so not necessarily, but you might wanna talk to Dr. McCoy or something, see if he has any ideas how they might be working." He waved at the target. "I still say that's more than just a little practice at work."

<Clint> "Well... If you ask Natasha I shoot religiously. That and my car, it's a surprise she puts up with it." Clint laughed a little. "She does yell at me if I stay out too late though."

<Bobby> Oh yeah, they were the married couple, weren't they? The required reading he must have done but didn't really remember was slowly coming back to him, and his thumb rubbed over his own empty ring finger.

<Clint> "You uhmm okay Professor?" Clint saw the absent look on his face.

<Bobby> Bobby shook himself. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said with a sigh, running a hand through his hair. "Sorry. Anyways, still... that's impressive."

<Clint> "Dad wanted me to do competitions but he was always too drunk to get me there." Clint shrugged. "So I just always made sure we had food on the table. I've felt a little useless since coming here. Nothing really for me to do but practice."

<Bobby> "Well, dude, that ain't useless." He turned back to face the kid. "You ever tried anything other than a bow?"

<Clint> "Not really. It's harder to get caught hunting with a bow out of season than it is with a gun."

<Bobby> "Your aim as good with a gun as with a bow?" Bobby thought about this. Maybe there was such a thing as aiming powers?

<Clint> "Probably. It's all just point and shoot. Nat's parents can attest to how good I am with rocks." He laughed thinking about how many windows he accidentally broke trying to wake her up every so often.

<Bobby> "Huh. Well, cool." Cocking his head, Bobby nodded. "You should go to Doc McCoy, do some tests under his supervision, see if he can figure out if it's a new mutant power. If so, that's pretty fucking cool."

<Clint> "Dunno, I mean it's not like I can do anything if I don't have a projectile." Clint shrugged. "Guess I should go see him. Put the whole normal or different thing to rest."

<Bobby> "Yep, knowing is half the battle and all those other sayings," he laughed, whistling for Yoda.

<Clint> Clint just gave his teacher a shrug. "Even so it's not like being able to shoot things will ever really help me unless I wanted to rob a bank."

<Bobby> "Oh, you never know about that." Bobby flipped the leash in his hand and gave the guy a grin.

<Clint> "Uhmm...Okay." Clint just shrugged. Okay now he was starting to get a little creeped out.

<Bobby> Bobby cocked his head at the tone. "What? It is. I shoot things, but my aim isn't always so great, y'know?" He raised a hand and mimicked a shooting gesture, six-shooter style. "So I guess I go more for shotgun... with ice..."

<Clint> "Hey at least you don't run out of ammo as easily. Come zombie apocalypse or were-wolf Nazis and I'm done after I run out of ammo."

<Bobby> He laughed. "This is true, and if I didn't have my powers I'd be hosed."

<Clint> "Heh, yeah. No more than anyone else though. So I guess we've got an advantage."

<Bobby> "Yeah, maybe we should start a zombie apocalypse training program."

<Clint> "Heh, it'd pay off if they existed." Clint adjusted some of the different parts of the bow.

<Bobby> Bobby rolled his eyes. "Oh, they exist."

<Clint> "Uhmm... yeah," Clint just stared. "Next you'll tell me vampires and djinn exist too."

<Bobby> "I don't know about that, but zombies sure as shit do. I've seen 'em." He considered this. "Several types, actually, though some of them I suppose technically ain't zombies, but same idea... although, I guess, if I count those, then I've been one too, but it was more bee flu than 'grrrr, argh!'" Bobby helpfully illustrated by rolling his eyes back.

<Clint> "Well then.... You're interesting for a teacher." Clint just stared at him.

<Bobby> He seemed to be using that tone that said he thought Bobby needed a padded room. "Dude, you realize one of the other students animates corpses. It's her power. She was on the news because of it. That's kind of how we found her."

<Clint> Clint just stared at Bobby. "Wait what...."

<Bobby> "Yeahuh," he nodded, looking way too happy and with his eyebrows up. New students were fun.

<Clint> "I think I'm going to go and zombie and all sorts of spook proof our room now."

<Bobby> "See," he drawled, dragging the word out, "Now the zombie apocalypse training doesn't sound so crazy, does it?"

<Clint> "I think I need more arrows." Clint looked down at his quiver.

<Bobby> Yoda gave the leash an impatient tug. "I think so too, sparky. Well, if you decide to come to class, I'll see ya then, and maybe you should give that zombie prep some thought."

<Clint> "Sure. We'll need more bows and arrows, and probably zombie targets."

<Bobby> "Good idea." Bobby grinned as he was pulled along by the little dog. "Who knows, Melody might even be nice enough to animate some real ones for you."

<Clint> "I'm okay without that." Clint just shuddered. "But an archery thing sounds fun."

<Bobby> "Cool!" With that, he turned around to face the deer target again. Raising his hand, he studded it with daggers of ice, then gave Clint a salute and headed back to the house.

<Clint> "Cheater." Clint scoffed as he gathered up his stuff to head back to his wife.

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Re: 1/30 Instance: Bullseye

Post by steyn » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:59 am

"One... zombie apocalypse.... training day. Anything else?" Broo asked as he wrote the idea down for Danger Campus programs.

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