1/21 Instance: Hospital Bed Bugs

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1/21 Instance: Hospital Bed Bugs

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:28 pm

Timelined while Jess is still in hospital.

<@Jessica> Jess sighed as she slouched in the chair that Sebastian normally occupied and watched the traffic outside. She still wasn't sure about the getting in the car on the way home part of leaving the hospital.

<Broo> Broo waddled a little as he looked at all the doors, having to side step quite a few times when the taller people needed to get past him in the hallways. He breathed in deeply, and sighed. That was the smell of medical science! He stopped when he found her door and peeked in, knocking as well. "Jess? You awake?" he asked.

<@Jessica> Jess was a little startled by the voice, turning around in her seat and raising a hand self consciously to her hair. "... Broo?"

<Broo> "Hello," he said, not even noticing the injuries on his sister, just walking in, and pausing for a moment, "Would you like me to close the door again, or keep it open?"

<@Jessica> "Um... better close the door... please... thank you..." She pulled her feet up onto the seat and hugged her knees to herself.

<Broo> Broo shut the door and walked over to Jess, then held up some flowers and a plush spider with its limbs in casts and the words 'Get well soon!' embroidered on to its belly. "I was unsure what the protocol was concerning gift giving when the patient is nearly ready to leave the hospital. I do hope this is fine." He smiled.

<@Jessica> Jess smiled tremulously at him, "It's really nice, thank you..." she took the plush spider and cuddled it then pulled Broo into a hug too.

<Broo> "Oh..mmm" he hugged her back. "I am really getting to like this hugging. Especially from females. It is a more pleasurable experience for the olfactory nerves, plus they feel much softer than males." he mumbled during the hug.

<@Jessica> She managed a small laugh before she started crying on him.

<Broo> "Oh I'm sorry, am I hugging too hard?" he asked, "I still need a lot of practice with this, especially with someone who is still healing." he said, lessening his grip and trying to look at her while still making physical contact.

<@Jessica> She shook her head, "No... no, it's not that..." She pulled him back close again.

<Broo> Broo hugged her again, snuggling a little and then asked, "There anything I can do to help you not be sad?"

<@Jessica> She shook her head again, "Not really... there's not a lot anyone can do..." and Sebastian had been trying.

<Broo> "Okay then." he said, resting his head against her shoulder. He thought hard for a moment then considered the next question. "Would you like to talk about it?"

<@Jessica> "The doctors keep telling me I should... but I don't see how that would help... it's not going to change anything."

<Broo> "Very well. But I should warn you, I might end up trying to cheer you up some more later." Broo said

<@Jessica> "That's okay... I'm sure I'd cheer up if the tea here tasted better but I'm going home soon so that'll be nice..."

<Broo> "Then tomorrow I shall bring better tea, exactly how you prefer it." He told her, then when he was finally released from their hug, he started looking around the room. "This room is more bleak than mine at Hyd... at the H place." he added.

<@Jessica> She nodded, "Yeah... I guess it's because they don't expect people to stay here for very long... they might try harder otherwise..."

<Broo> "Strange though, seeing that there are several studies showing how much faster people would recover when in a relaxed environment. I did a little bit of research while on the bus."

<@Jessica> "I don't relax in hospitals anyway so it wouldn't make much of a difference..."

<Broo> "What also helps is interaction with other people, even if it's on chat rooms over the internet." Broo added, "So I took the liberty to email you a list of one hundred interesting chatrooms, in order of your interests. You might notice around number 89 I deviated slightly. So. Um. There are some chatrooms who's topic is of a more private nature."

<@Jessica> "Uh... okay... but I am going home soon... and Sebastian is here most of the time when I'm awake... so I think I'm good for interaction..." she chewed her lip, "Thank you, though...."

<Broo> "You're welcome!" he smiled, then climbed up on the tall bed to sit on the edge, dangling his feet. "So, I have news about the teleportation thing, I decided to revisit it, but this time, I'm trying to just copy mutant powers to achieve it. My original design was getting too close to destroying the fabric of space and time."

<@Jessica> "Oh well that wouldn't be good...." she managed a small smile for his enthusiasm, "Is it going well?"

<Broo> "Well it is interesting. I experimented on Miss Cassandra St. Commons in the nude... well she was nude, I had a pair of shorts and a shirt on. Quite the amazing test results."

<@Jessica> "That's good, I hope you figure it out... I mean, I'm sure you will. You're smart." She smiled at him, though she was a little concerned about the nakedness thing.

<Broo> "Well she definitely proved that there are alternate dimensions, which only opened up more paths for ideas for other sorts of devices."

<Broo> Broo was severely excited about the experiments and projects and inventions he wanted to do, and kept naming up more and more of them.

<@Jessica> Jess held up her hands in defense, "Okay, okay, information overload!" she laughed a little, "Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. But at least we know teleportation by technology is possible - Viper had something that did that and if she can figure it out I know you can."

<Broo> "...yeah... that might be partly my fault. I started my designs there... in fact some of my experiments were there as well, but they kept taking them away when I thought I was getting somewhere with it. "

<@Jessica> "Well that's because they were exploiting your brain. Meanies." She got carefully out of her chair to join him on the bed, settling beside him and wrapping him into another hug. "I'm glad we got out of there together."

<Broo> "Me too. I figured out what my treatments there were." he added while hugging her. "They were cutting bits of my brain out. Don't worry, it's only a teeny tiny part of my amygdala. Just enough to get rid of my aggression and anger and rage... and other stimuli."

<@Jessica> She hugged him a little harder at that news, "Oh Broo..." Hydra had a lot to answer for.

<Broo> "Don't worry... I think my brain is actually healing." he added in the hug, "I found Miss St Commons more attractive than I normally would."

<@Jessica> "Well healing is good... but that does mean you'll probably have to tell her to wear her clothes in the future because otherwise she'll take advantage of you and I'll have to go all overprotective big sister on her."

<Broo> "Awww, that's so sweet! Thanks Jess!" he replied, "But I'm pretty sure, using other students around the world as a control to compare against, I would in fact eventually try and not tell anyone of any nudity happening around me."

<@Jessica> "Eventually... but until that day and probably still after it I'm going to be protective of you." She cuddled him some more and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "You're going to be the baby of the family for a little while longer."

<Broo> Broo looked up at her, giving her the biggest brightest smile, and snuggled against her. "It might not feel like it, but things will get better over time. It's.. um.. a science thing. Trust me. Things get better."

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Re: Hospital Bed Bugs

Post by Slarti » Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:47 pm

Broo, as usual, is too adorable, and the spider with its legs in casts is fantastic.

Although a tad ironic its belly says get well soon, considering. :shifty

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Re: Hospital Bed Bugs

Post by Chaos » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:09 am



......Slarts, too soon, man.

Too soon.... </3

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