1/2 Instance: Textbook Tsundere

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1/2 Instance: Textbook Tsundere

Post by Scumfish » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:47 pm

[Timeline: Current]

<Aodhfionn> It was early. Fianna had always been a morning person, so he wasn't muttering too much about being up and about before everyone else. Trailing shadows and with only an undone hoodie and jeans on, he looked like an irritable wraith, trudging into the kitchen and heading for the fridge after switching the kettle on. Tea. Tea was needed. Tea required milk. Milk meant fridge.

<Aodhfionn> He scratched his bare, white-skinned chest, muttering incoherantly to himself as he opened it. Ugh. Soy? Hell no - ah, there we go, real milk. Shutting the door, he ran a hand through his loose, ass-length white hair. He'd braid it later, but for now...fuck that effort.

<@Hisako> Unable to sleep well, Hisako had ended up walking the halls early also. Assuming she would be alone she'd elected to wear her netted nightgown and her dark short-shorts to the kitchen, fiddling with a yellow-gold bow in her hair.

<@Hisako> The bow had given her something to do. Something to take her mind off of things. Fiddling with it helped her not to think, not to worry that the silence of the night would be broken again by attack. Or by her phone ringing, and that firm voice asking for his due...

<@Hisako> She entered the kitchen, freezing instantly at the sight of Fianna.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna muttered some more for a couple of seconds, the shadows around him flickering and playing as he toyed with them, clawed white fingers tapping on the side as he licked his fangs. Then he glanced over his shoulder, solid red eyes fixing on the new arrival. "Oh! Hey, sorry, in my own world there." He turned, grinning at her. "Hisako, righ'? Japanese names confuse me."

<@Hisako> "Yes!", Hisako almost squeaked, clearing her throat and blushing, "Y-yes....Hisako. Fionn, yes?"

<Aodhfionn> "Fianna." He gave her a half-smile, leaning against the side and tilting his head. "Couldn' sleep either, huh? Want a cuppa?" He gestured to the kettle that was just starting to burble contentedly.

<@Hisako> Hisako blinked, thinking about the question longer than she probably should have, realising she was more bare than she liked and flushing deeper, and nodding finally to answer, "G-g-gomen...", she managed, closing her eye and taking a deep breath, "...still...tired.", she lied.

<Aodhfionn> It showed what sort of person Fianna was in that he didn't bat an eyelid at the lack of clothing, except to shrug off his hoodie. "Here, y' look cold." He dropped it around her shoulders as he went past her and got a cup out of the cupboard, smiling easily before going back to the kettle. Top now completely bare, his white skin almost glowed in the kitchen. "Same, hones'ly. How'd you like your tea?"

<@Hisako> "Green?", Hisako suggested, blinking again at the hoodie. She felt her heart rate pick up a little, nose accutely aware of his smell coming from the garment. It felt of his warmth, and it made her feel safer somehow. She tensed a little, "I-I don't need this or anything...", she grumbled a little, "It....feels itchy...."

<Aodhfionn> "'Course not." He smiled at her good-naturedly. "But it's cold, an' I don't really feel it much any more and you're freezin'." He winked at her before digging in the cupboard for both English tea and green tea as the kettle clicked. "Itchy? Really?" The raised eyebrow said it all but he just smiled and started making the tea. She'd tell him he made it wrong but drink it anyway, probably, claws playing with the tiny glass bottle around his neck for a moment.

<@Hisako> Hiding her blush with a pout, Hisako folded her arms around herself beneath the draping hoodie, looking away from his naked torso that she was oh-so-very aware of, "Fine, then you can just freeze instead pointlessly?", she tutted, "T-thank you, I supposed....",

<@Hisako> She leaned on one of the counter tops, turning to him, "Why are you awake so early like this?"

<Aodhfionn> "Insomniac." He smiled back. "And I don' freeze. I was hidin' here in winter - squatting, actually - an' I didn't freeze then." Pure dumb luck, mostly, but it worked, he had a home now. Even if his craving was only a little bit sated these days... "But yeah. I don' sleep so good. What's your excuse?" Her tea was placed in front of her as he came to sit down opposite her, covering his mouth as he yawned.

<@Hisako> "It's...hard to sleep.", Hisako glanced away, pulling the hoodie tighter around herself, "...hard to believe this is home again.",

<Aodhfionn> "Heh." He wrapped his hands around his cup, clawtips tapping against it. "Well, 'fore this place, never really had a home. Could say it's hard gettin' used to a bed." He ran his tongue over a fang absently. "Guessin' you were in the old school then, if you're an X-Man? Gotta admit, you guys were always kinda heroes of mine."

<@Hisako> Hisako smirked awkardly, "We tried.", she agreed, "But we couldn't save us-selves from them.", turning towards him she glanced around the room, "So, you lived here? All alone?"

<Aodhfionn> "There's always dicks." He murmured. "An' savin' the world's gonna make you a few enemies, I guess. It's stayin' strong enough t' pick yourself up afterwards that's th' hard part, but seems like you guys've managed it." He looked up at her then with a smirk. "Yup. It was abandoned, so I broke in, made myself a nest. Had fun terrifyin' the local teens though."

<@Hisako> "Heh....so you like to be lurking in shadows?", Hisako gave him a wry look, "Is that why Cassie-chan had her heart stolen away? She seems to like you...", her smile faltered a little.

<Aodhfionn> "Does she now?" Fianna grinned a little. "Yeah, could say I do." He took a mouthful of tea, shadows flickering and then whirling around him until he seemed to be wearing a hoodie made from it - before they dispersed. "Yeah...she's somethin' special, an' her heart is beautiful." He smirked. "Body parts aside though, she's...somethin' else. We share a lot."

<@Hisako> Lifting her cup Hisako nodded, staring down into it and glancing up to see Fianna's power at work, "Same power...same taste...", she returned her attention to her tea, breathing in the aroma, "...you are lucky to find someone."

<Aodhfionn> "Not quite th' same. I can't make portals like she can, and I got the whole pale-an'-interestin' thing. This is all real." He gestured to the face, giving her a fangy smile. "But yeah, could say we got similar tastes." And not just with the whole vore thing. "She's one of a kind, tha's for sure." Wait, did the other girl fancy Cassie? He shifted a little. "...Jealous?"

<@Hisako> "J-Jealous!?", Hisako scoffed, folding her arms, "Bakkano....", she frowned, blushing and sipping her drink, "I never get jealous! Why should I care?"

<Aodhfionn> He calmly took another mouthful. "Because y' suddenly blushin', very defensive and think I'm lucky to have someone. That, sweets, tells me you're jealous." He gave her a smile. "As y' don't know me so well, I'd say that means you probably think I'm movin' in on your territory - that is, tall, dark and fuckin' gorgeous. Also, I ain' an idiot. At least, if my bad Japanese ain't too bad..."

<@Hisako> Hisako scowled at him, "Oooh, listen to you like 'I am Fianna-sama, and I am so smart and clever!'!?", she shook her head, "I am not gay, you know!", sipping more of her drink she let that sink in a moment, suddenly jumping back up, "A-and that does not mean I....I-I mean, I don't care about any of this things!"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna just gave her a mild little smile. Oooh, this one was easy to wind up... "Hey, chill, I wasn' sayin' anything." He took another mouthful. "What I meant was you thinkin' I was gonna steal your friend - I ain't, believe me. An' for the record, yes, I do think I'm smart an' clever. I'm still alive, so I gotta have some sorta intelligence, hmm?"

<@Hisako> "Then good for you.", Hisako huffed, sipping more of her tea and nodding promptly, "You can keep Cassie-chan, if that's what you want. Not like I care or anything...", she muttered, eager to change the subject, "....anyway, talk about the X-Men. What is happening now?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna chuckled, though what at was anyone's guess. "Well thank y'." He ran his hand through his hair, trying to get it out of his face - no such luck. "What's happenin' now? Uuuh." He tilted his head. "Some government spooks're lookin' after this place, and some spookier spooks are fuckin' the investigations into Hydra up. Everyone's tryin' to settle, some have left, most've stayed..."

<Aodhfionn> He shrugged. "Honestly, I don' know entirely what's happenin'. I'm taggin' along for th' ride, and they're still going out on rescues an' such, but...yeah. Sorry. That's all I know."

<@Hisako> "I guess you don't know so much after all.", Hisako grinned playfully, "Well, if I come back, then maybe more will. May-chan, is she...?"

<Aodhfionn> "Hey now, I jus' joined, an' I can't hear you over the magnificent bosom I found myself cuddled to not long after I arrived." He grinned at her just as playfully. "I know most've stayed. May...uh...no idea. Haven' met anyone by that name - guessin' you mean Mayday, right? Yeah, haven't seen her, so I'm guessin' no."

<@Hisako> Hisako frowned a little. That wasn't what she wanted to hear, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been, "She will come back.", she affirmed, "She is the Spider-Girl...she never loses."

<Aodhfionn> "Take y' word for that, never met the girl." He said cheerfully. He glanced up at the clock, wondering if Cassie would be awake and what she thought of Hisako being like this, and whether they were serious in their exploration of the fun part of cannibalism. "So...changin' subject, I'm curious. What is it y' do, powers-wise?"

<@Hisako> "Forcefield.", Hisako explained simply, standing up and closing her eye. A blue glow came from around her preceeding an amber flash, her armor frame appearing and covering her head to toe in luminous shielding, "I can make constructs like...shapes and swords."

<@Aodhfionn> "Oh, see now that's cool. Seriously, all I can do is create an' play with shadows. No forcefields, no portals, they ain't gonna protect me for shit if I get shot. Good job I got more goin' for me really." He tilted his head as he watched her, before reaching out and poking the shield. "That's kinda cool."

<Hisako> Hisako nodded, looking away awkwardly, "Of course it is. Not like I care if you didn't...", she murmurred, sounding somewhat unconvincing. Her construct faded from view, exposing her again.

<Hisako> "Anyway, I suppose you are smart enough to know a good power.", she nodded, matter-of-factly as you like, "I guess I should be thankful you have some brains, unlike most..."

<@Aodhfionn> Fianna hid his amused grin behind his cup of tea. 'Tsundere' indeed. "Hey, any power tha' means I can hide behind someone when th' bullets start flyin' is a good one." He winked at her, tone lightly teasing. "Can I ask y' what this place was like before it went t' hell? Just...curious, you know? Ain' ever run with a crowd like this..."

<Hisako> For a moment Hisako simply stared down into her tea. She took a deep breath, unsure of what to say at first. Looking up at Fianna she shrugged, laughing dryly, "How to explain heaven on earth?", she finally managed;

<Hisako> "Imagine a place as big as this. No, bigger. And almost hundreds of people like you and me and Cassis-chan, all different and special. Some play sport, have cars, do music, like these video games or cooking.", she opened, words flowing as she painted her old home in her mind,

<Hisako> "Picture ground so big, like there is a pool, a garden, a graveyard and even forest is close. So many people, teachers to help them learn to be greater. Basements with this robot walls and mission rooms. The Cerebero machine. Danger Room for training."

<Hisako> "Heaven. Now imagine it all burning. Pain and blood and scary fear. Screams and...nothing coming, nothing all around but cold and dark...", she blinked away a tear, "I-I...sorry..."

<@Aodhfionn> Fianna wasn't sure what to do or say, actually getting up and hugging the girl for a moment before letting go. "No, don' apologise, that was my bad for askin' and makin' you remember." He smiled. "Sounds like it was a good place though...an' worth buildin' again."

<Hisako> Hisako stiffened at the embrace, eye remaining open, almost fearing to move. She managed a trembling inhalation as he released her, closing her eye, "Don't just...touch me like that...", she grumbled, giving him a mean look, "Ok? Ask first. You have a girl to touch, so....", her cheeks flushed, "...just...stop being so weird."

<@Aodhfionn> Fianna smiled a little. "Sure thing, but jus' because I have a girl-" maybe, "-don' mean I can't hug someone who's upset, alrigh'? You looked like you needed a hug, sweetheart, so you got one. I ain' all that much of an asshole, don't let my attitude fool y'." He winked.

<Hisako> "A-as if you could fool me!", Hisako blurted, looking away again in embarasment as she remembered his hoodie was draped over her shoulders, "You weird person...", she tutted, smiling to herself,

<Hisako> "....t-thank you."

<Hisako> She looked back at him, "But don't read inside this!", she raised a finger to him, "I'm just kind and polite, so you should be happy!!"

<@Aodhfionn> "Into. Read into, sweets." She was too easy to tease, really was. He grinned at her. "I dunno, for some reason everyone assumes I'm a dick. Can't think why." He finished his tea, standing up and stretching. "But yes. I am weird. Y' have no idea...though Cassie seems to like it." He smirked a little.

<Hisako> Hisako blinked. Had he just corrected her? She swallowed, taking a long few gulps of her tea to finish it and placing the cup down with a clatter on the counter, "Of course she likes it, she is weird too! You should marry her and have weird freak babies...", she grinned, folding her arms, "Gross..."

<@Aodhfionn> "Ah ah, I don' think it's quite that far yet, an' I'd make a shit father." Fianna held up his hands with a grin. And considering she was technically dead, would she even...? Wait, did they use protection? Oh. Hell. "Anyway, I'm gonna go see if I can find a good point t' go paint the sunrise. I'll catch y' later, yeah?" And he needed to think, apparently...

<@Aodhfionn> Touching his forehead in a lazy salute, he started for the door, already frowning slightly.

<Hisako> "Have fun being weird!", Hisako teased, folding her arms as he left. She smiled to herself, mentally congratulating her composure. Well done, Hisako! She looked up, hands grasping the hoodie on her back, "F-Fionn-sama?", she looked around, sliding it off of her shoulders fir a moment.

<Hisako> It was still cold. She slipped it back on, deciding she'd take it back later. Proceeding back to her room she paused to sniff it. It...smelled pleasant...

<Hisako> She grumbled to herself, blushing all over again, "I better not stink like you tomorrow, Fionn-sama...", she muttered to herself. 'Bakkano...'
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Re: 1/2 Instance: Textbook Tsundere

Post by Chaos » Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:39 pm

Hisako be all:


"I don't even like you, moron.....!"

And then Fianna be like:


*activates burning sexual T-HENSION*

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