12/29 Instance: Vescatur Interuptus

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12/29 Instance: Vescatur Interuptus

Post by Scumfish » Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:16 pm

[Timeline: Current]

<Cassie> "Coffee or tea?" Cassandra asked as she turned around towards Fianna, holding up different packages in each hand. "Personally, I would recommend some red wine to go with the menu, but it might be a little early for alcohol." The raven-haired girl cocked her head and shrugged. "For some people, anyway."

<Aodhfionn> "Not f' this one." Fianna chuckled, taking off the top hat and running a hand through his hair. His tongue went over a fang unconsciously. "Tea f' now, though. Th' wine can be used to enhance it later." It still amazed him that they could be so damned...nonchalent about it, but why not? To them it was normal.

<Cassie> A mischievous smirk twisted the corner of Cassie's mouth. "A great choice," she said to the promise of wine, while putting teabags in both cups, before she proceeded to pour the boiling water. "I like a man with good taste."

<Aodhfionn> "Woulda thought the fact I have good taste is obvious, sweetheart." Fianna put the hat to one side, hands sliding around her hips from behind as he kissed the back of her neck, voice a quiet purr. "Three sugars, because I ain't as sweet as you." He punctuated that with a lick, chuckling.

<Cassie> "As long as it's you who says that, I know it's more than just empty flattery," Cassandra replied, leaning back into Fianna's embrace, brushing her hips against his. Smiling to herself, she titled back her head until it rested on his shoulder. "After all, who'd know better than you?"

<Aodhfionn> "No one, I hope." Came the possesive growl against her throat, a clawed hand flattening against her stomach as he pressed a little more against her. "After all, can' see anyone else keepin' your heart in a jar on their desk, mmm? Or a keepsake aroun' their neck..." He kissed her throat then, before letting her feel his fangs again. "No taste in th' world as sweet as you."

<Cassie> Closing her eyes, Cassandra let her breath escape with a sigh as a shiver crawled up her spine. "And I can't see many other girls allowing you to keep some of their most precious bits all to yourself," she reminded him with a soft voice, a smile playing across her lips while she lounged in his arms.

<Aodhfionn> "Mmm. Ain' that the truth." He chuckled a little, pulling her tighter against him and a hand starting to slide a little lower as claws traced up her abdomen. "Maybe if you're a good girl I'll let y' have it back...until I take it away again, of course." He used a clawtip to tilt her head up then, kissing her with a pleased-sounding hum, tea forgotten.

<@Hisako> The doorbell chimed through the house, unexpected as it was sudden.

<Cassie> Had it still been inside her breast - and pumping blood - Cassie's heart might have skipped a beat, while her soft moan was muffled by Fianna's lips locked firmly with hers. "And here I thought you liked me because I'm far from a good girl," she said, the doorbell interrupting his response.

<Aodhfionn> "Depends on your defi-" He froze at the doorbell, breaking away from the kiss to glare in its general direction, red eyes narrowed. Waiting for a couple of seconds told him no one else was going to get it and there was some very growled, heart-felt swearwords from the pale boy then. "Can we gut whoever that is?" He muttered, letting go reluctantly.

<@Hisako> The doorbell chimed again.

<Cassie> "And thus begins our origin story as super-villains," Cassandra commented with a chuckle, her hands lingering on his when Fianna let go of her. "Well then, shall we see what's on the menu today?" She cracked an impish grin, still holding his hands as she leaned back and pulled him towards the door.

<Aodhfionn> "I like y' style, girl." Fianna chuckled darkly, licking a fang again, letting himself get tugged along. He didn't like letting go of Cassie, the girl felt good and didn't think he was a complete freak. "Hope it ain' a postman. Too tough by far." And that woke up the other side of his little Ripper fantasies. No, just because he'd done it once... "Don' we have government agents to open the door anymore?"

<Cassie> "I thought this was Miss Danver's job," Cassie pointed out with a sly smirk, then quickly looked around to make sure the S.H.I.E.L.D officer wasn't within earshot to have overheard her little remark. "Hey, should we surprise them, whoever that is?" To illustrate her point, the teenage girl already summoned one of her shadowy portals.

<Aodhfionn> "Have I ever mentioned how much I love your mind? Because I do, almost as much as I love y' taste." Fianna grinned, his own shadows twisting around the pair. "Yes. They interrupted us, let's see how they like it." He kissed her hard then, letting the lowest of growls go through them both then.

<@Hisako> On the other side of the portal there was a flicker of amber light, and a voice - familiar to only one of the two - followed it; "C-Cassie-chan?"

<Cassie> Cassandra closed eyes opened wide before she broke their kiss. "That voice..." Her surprised expression made way for a grin. "I know who it belongs to." Without further warning, the teenage girl spun around and leaped through the portal.

<Aodhfionn> ...Leaving Fianna standing confused and unsure beside the portal. Blinking for a couple of secnds, he sighed - looked like breakfast would be postponed for now - and called up his shadows, making sure he was protected before slipping through himself. Screw the door, he liked Cassie's portals.

<@Hisako> On the other side, the glow of an amber forcefield faded. Within the fading frame stood a black haired Japanese girl, from what felt to her - and surely to Cassandra - an eternity ago. The Japanese girl released the bag from her back and left her wheeled suitcase to jump and embrace her old friend, clinging to the other girl tightly.

<@Hisako> "Cassie-chan!", she almost cried out, burrying her her head in the other girl's neck, "Cassie!!"

<Cassie> "Hisako!" Cassandra's hug connected with enough force to almost topple both girls, their heads disappearing underneath a tangled mess of black hair. "Hisako..." Her voice was much shakier this time around as she tried to hold back her tears.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna stepped out of the portal to see the girls hugging, shadows shifting a little to keep him protected from the sun but at least make him a little more visible beyond the creepy glowing eyes. He gave an odd half-smile as he watched the reunion, folding his arms and standing to the side. "Old friends, then?" He said quietly, not really wanting to interrupt.

<@Hisako> Hisako moved back, holding Cassandra's shoulders to get a better look at her face, almost scared to believe it was really her, "Cassie, I can't....I-I think....it's real? You?", she laughed, her right eye tearing up - her other covered with the eye patch she'd earned during the decimation of their previous home, "T-this is really home?"

<Cassie> No matter how hard she tried, Cassie wasn't able to form any words, her lips firmly pressed together. So she smiled at her friend and nodded instead. The next moment the joyful look on her face was replaced by plain worry, her fingers reaching up to touch Hisako's cheek close to the eyepatch. "Hisako, your..."

<@Hisako> Her smile faltered for a moment at Cassandra's touch. She hummed in affirmation, "From the escape. Anna-senpai could not fix my eye in time so....no eye.", she looked past Cassandra at the pale male behind her, blushing a little as she realised how silly she must have looked.

<@Hisako> Clearing her throat she stood back, wiping her eye quickly, "K-konich-...h-hello! I am Ichiki Hisako!", she managed in a tumble of words, bowing a little, "I was used to be...I was an X-er."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna actually bowed back, a little awkwardly but it was there. "Konnichiwa, hajimemashite Hisako." Well, the internet was good for something, apparently. "Don' push my Japanese, that's as far as it goes - Fianna at y' service."

<Cassie> "The first thing you should do is not believe her nonsense," Cassie said as she stepped up behind Hisako and put her hands on the girl's shoulders, peeking past her friend at Fianna. "She never stopped being one of us."

<Cassie> She chuckled. "As if getting thrown out of the country would change anything about that."

<@Hisako> Hisako's blush had re-formed after Fianna's use of familiar words to her. She looked away awkwardly at Cassandra's compliment, "I-I suppose that....mmh, that's right.", she agreed, smiling at them both, "I just cannot believe it. You are here!", she looked at Fianna again, trying not to stare before a thought occoured to her:

<@Hisako> "....who else is...?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna gave her a half-smile through the shadows. "Better off askin' her. I was kinda here when they arrived, an' I'm still learnin' everyone."

<Cassie> Cassandra's expression darkened. "Angel, Scott, Callie... many who're missing and we're not sure about." She bit her lower lip until it hurt. "Mick... there's no sign of him. He was with Danger when we lost both of them." The girl lowered her head. "Some also left afterwards."

<@Hisako> The Japanese girl fell silent as everything around them had seemed to. She took a deep breath, remembering that she'd promised herself not to hope for too much. In that much, however, seeing just one of her old friends felt like enough, enough to drown old pain and new, "But you are still here. The school is....here in spirit?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna shifted weight. "Well, speakin' of someone who recently kinda got...absorbed by it, I'd say from what I heard it is. From what I know, this place is carryin' on how it began, though for a school I can't say we're doin' many lessons yet, huh." He ran a hand through his white hair. "I dunno, I ain' run from it yet."

<@Hisako> "Oh, I would not mind.", Hisako assured him with a little laugh, "I have...grow very bored about schools!", she shuddered to remember Japan, squeezing her eye shut and taking a deep breath to calm herself of the sudden wave of shrill fear that filled her - that phase was over now.

<Cassie> "What are we standing here talking about schools when there are so much more exciting things to discuss?" Cassie tried to lift the mood with a bright grin as she summoned a couple inky tentacles to pick up Hisako's baggage. "Let's get you inside first. We were just going to have brunch. You can join us."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna shot Cassie a quick look at that and couldn't help the sly little grin. "Plenty t' go aroun', that's for sure." He couldn't help it, an arm hooking around Cassie's waist and pulling her closer so he could kiss her cheek. "Though th' wine can wait until later, huh." He chuckled at her, about to pick up one of the cases when the tentacle neatly took it instead. Ooooh.

<@Hisako> "Arigatou.", Hisako smiled back, unsure she got the in-joke but happy all the same. She followed the two, turning back once to look at the new grounds and letting her smile fade as she realised that this was the easy part. She hesitated a moment, looking down at her hands and remembering how she gotten here, why she'd gotten here, and what she owed because she'd gotten here...

<@Hisako> May-chan would have laughed to hear her thoughts; and thus began her origin story as a super-villain...
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