8/17 Instance: Smash and Grab

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8/17 Instance: Smash and Grab

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:57 pm

timeline: before Thanksgiving

Rachel: Rachel wasn't entirely sure what they'd planned to accomplish when they'd decided to aimlessly wander the city on a patrol for Fabian's sister, but she wasn't opposed to getting out of the school for a while. …As long as they didn't run into any killer bugs. She stuffed her hands deeper in her pockets as they walked down the sidewalk and eyed the breath she'd blown out curl through the air, "We really need an easier way to track people down."

Fabian: "We need a way to track helicopters down."  Fabian noted.  "I mean, considering the med evac for me was damned confused when I wasn't there apparently that must have not been them we saw abandon me."  He wrinkled his nose as he looked around the area.  "Truth be told?  I'm just glad to get out of the school at this point."

Fabian: "...I've got something you're going to love though."  He pulled his phone up and found the picture of his roommate before shoving the phone in Rachel's face. "Behold!"

Rachel: "I was just thinking the same thing," Rachel admitted before she narrowly avoiding being smacked in the nose with Fabian's phone, derailing her train of thought about helicopters and tracking them. Reaching up to steady the device, she tilted her head back and blinked at the photo, mouth working as she tried to come up with words, eventually simply stating, "Well, that's Walt."

Fabian: "Yes, yes it is...had an interesting day yesterday."  Fabian admitted primly, tucking his phone away.

Rachel: "Isn't every day with you interesting?" she asked as she glanced over to him with a slight smirk, "Anyway, what was so interesting that led you to getting a picture of your roommate naked?"

Fabian: "He transformed and I got to drop a few more truths on him he couldn't handle after that...I slept at Cee's last night to let him marinate."

Rachel: Her eyebrows went up as she looked over to him again, "Really? …What'd you do to get him to transform?"

Fabian: Fabian looked surprised that she would even have to ask.  "You see, Rachel...I'm something of a natural asshole.  I don't even know, really, I wasn't even trying."

Rachel: "Well, yeah," she nodded, "I was more wondering what exactly you said to him, but now I'm imagining it was along the lines of stop being afraid of your powers and learn to deal."

Fabian: "I don't quite remember, it was all rather in the moment...but yeah, probably something along those lines.  I believe I commented on how dull he was...in nicer terms.  He panicked because his patch came off and went all ragey when I suggested he just deal and acted like a giant baby when I wouldn't drop him immediately...then he decided attacking me before he turned was a great ideal."

Rachel: "Then, you got a picture of him naked," Rachel finished as she glanced down an alley they were walking by, deciding she should at least look like she's being productive in their search. She wasn't optimistic they would find anything though. Looking back to him, she held out her fist to him, "Sounds like you won."

Fabian: "I always do."  Fabian answered this bro fist accordingly.  "Eventually anyway...we should research about that helicopter, are there any camera feeds of the area we could get?"

Rachel: "Well, the transport was through SHIELD, so maybe there was a camera in the van?" she suggested, shrugging, "That's typical of most law enforcement anyway, though they aren't most law enforcement." Considering their options, she blew out a breath, "All of their attacks involve targets… Is there anything important coming up?"

Fabian: "Well...I hope we don't have to wait for Stark's swearing in or anything."  Fabian wrinkled his nose.  "Christmas would be a good time for strikes, people being out and about and all that."

Rachel: "…Wait, after seeing that picture, how am I supposed to look at him with a straight face?" Rachel digressed, making a face of her own. How had she not considered that fact right after she'd seen it? Returning to the subject at hand, she commented, "I guess swearing in is the thing that sticks out to me since the debate was a huge thing, but you make a good point with Christmas… Times Square is a huge thing for New Years as well."

Fabian: "I love how you're surprised when I attempt to ruin everything forever.  It's good to know that I can still take people by surprise." Fabian congratulated himself quite smugly despite the fact they were still having a serious conversation as well.  "Oh God, Black Friday.  Seriously, why do you Americans think it's a good idea to make a thing out of a giant shopping day.  It's bad enough people get trampled and now you may have this shit to deal with on top of things."

Rachel: "Well, I just realized I still have to be able to look at him without commenting… It should be a challenge," she shrugged, brow furrowing, "Fuck, I completely forgot about Thanksgiving. I guess Black Friday would be a possibility there, and I like to think I'm one of many that aren't stupid enough to leave the house that day."

Fabian: "Rachel...you're with Paige now...do you really think she won't take you shopping?"  Fabian gave her a look as if to wonder if she were real right now.  "And yes, I hope you're up for the challenge!  But I was thinking we could see if there were cameras not from SHIELD in the area, just in case they got something different?"

Rachel: "My birthday is just before Christmas. I can possibly convince her it's the perfect opportunity to go gift shopping or something," Rachel reasoned as she sagely nodded, deciding this was quite a genius plan. "Well, it was along a highway, right? Surely they have cameras and stuff…"

Fabian: "So time to break into the traffic camera place?"  Theon asked hopefully.  "And that is such a cheat and you know it...is everything on sale then?  I mean, I don't really care about sales but I'm just imagining the booze a person can buy by the pallet."

Rachel: "Seems like the best plan," she replied, debating where the traffic place would even be as they continued down the street. "I don't know about everything, but I think there's supposed to be deals, and I don't know why they wouldn't be selling booze on sale. People need it to cope with their families."

Fabian: "...then I should buy a store."  He deadpanned, pulling out his phone to search for where one might find such traffic places.

Fabian: "As relieved as I will be to find my sister and take care of all of this business I think half of my relief will be because my fucking father will finally go home."  Fabian finally admitted.  "Between him and Walt it's really a wonder I have hair left.  Walt literally punched me where I was shot."

Rachel: "If you buy a store, I want all the whiskey," Rachel called dibs, as she could get behind that sentiment. "Did I mention to you that I offered to talk to my uncle and aunt for Jean?"

Rachel: She leaned over to peer at the screen of his phone, eying the various search results as she added, "Yeah, Cecilia hinted that he's been an absolute nightmare while I was visiting in the medlab…" The mention of where Walt had punched him caused her to look up, brow furrowed, "Seriously?"

Fabian: "Seriously!  I mean, sure, it's been healed but still, not overly cool...and you're welcome to as much whiskey as you can drink."  Fabian realized he would make a horrible liquor store owner as he'd just invite everyone in to drink but damn would it be fun.

Rachel: "I suppose punching people isn't overly cool, however this is coming from me. I'm typically the one losing my temper and punching people," Rachel replied, looking back to the phone once more, "Looks like most of the traffic control is in Manhattan unless we want to go out to the airport and see if they know anything about it."

Fabian: "I gave as good as I got plus I got this handy dandy picture of him so I would still say I won."  Fabian smiled proudly as he pocketed the phone.  "The spot in Manhattan is closer.  Airport would probably be a good deal more secure."

Rachel: "Most likely, and SHIELD hates it if I don't notify them when I'm headed to the airport," Rachel rolled her eyes, peering around, "So, bus or subway?"

Fabian: "Subway, the buses here still terrify me."  Fabian answered truthfully, wrinkling his face up at the idea.

Rachel: "Really?" That was actually surprising. "Usually, it's the other way around."

Fabian: "I'm used to seedy subways.  The buses...the buses."  Fabian just shook his head.  "In any case the subways are faster."

Rachel: "True because traffic sucks through most of Manhattan," Rachel nodded in agreement as she peered around for the nearest subway access, already debating the best line to take in order to reach their destination the fastest. It didn't take long before she was pulled from her thoughts and to temptation, "You wanna get a few drinks before we head back? Like, y'know, assuming we don't find anything useful."

Fabian: "Rachel, Rachel...do you really think that's something you have to ask?"  Fabian couldn't help the laughter that came after.  "You know my liver is ready."

Rachel: "Your liver is probably in withdrawal," she smirked over to him as she shook her head, leading her way to the platform to wait for the train. "You think it's too early to be breaking and entering, and we should hit the bar beforehand… Wait, no. Then, we might fail at breaking and entering as well as remembering important information…"

Fabian: "We'll make it a quick smash and go and then get smashed?"  Fabian suggested.  "Not too smashed, though.  I still need to prepare for Thanksgiving at the Reyes'.  I can't even have the scent of hungover in the last few days on me."

Rachel: "Seems like the best plan," Rachel agreed, eyebrow going up, "Really? I don't think we're doing anything for Thanksgiving other than stealing pies from the kitchen."

Fabian: "Wish me luck?  I'm doing my utmost to make sure they like me still.  You can imagine the impression I could make if I didn't try."

Rachel: Waiting for the train to come to a halt to avoid having to speak over the screeching, she stepped on, scoffing at him with a roll of her eyes, "Like you need luck. You already have plenty of it."

Fabian: "...you and I have very different ideas about luck unless you're counting the fact that nobody's killed me yet."  Fabian snorted, boarding alongside her.  "If you are, though, you've got a point."

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