7/26 Instance: Dark Consecration

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7/26 Instance: Dark Consecration

Post by Starfish » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:51 pm

Timeline: Current.

Jack: Jack rested his chin on his hand as he stood and stared at the new mess in the bar-to-be. "Maybe it was a raccoon that died here. I bet a hobo killed and roasted a raccoon." He said.

Cassie: "Or a pack of raccoons caught themselves a hobo," Cassandra offered as an alternative explanation for the bloodstain on the floor. Still glistening wet, the crimson stain couldn't have been that old.

Jack: "Well... either way, bloodstains will only look good in the back rooms." Jack replied and turned to look at the plans on the table. "So the flooring will be stripped anyway, too many areas rotten away. Least we can do is help out getting the junk out. Then again... you think the constructors will complain about the blood?"

Cassie: "I know the Jackalope lies far on the wild side, both literally and figuratively, but maybe we shouldn't spread any rumors about our visitors being torn up by feral critters before the place even opens." The raven-haired girl crouched down next to the blood-soaked wooden floor boards.

Cassie: Black smoke drifted from arms and legs and crawled across the stained floor, seeping through the gaps in the splintered wood to engulf the suspicious area. Once the impenetrable clouds evaporate, a large hole exposed the concrete underneath.

Cassie: "Now someone else can wonder where this came from," Cassandra said as she stood up again, shaking imaginary dirt off her hands.

Jack: "And that's why you're my favourite employee." Jack said watching her quick work of the problem. "Much better than just putting a rug over it as well. So, wanna see the pictures of how the interior designers think the place should look like?" he asked, opening a folder and spreading out the printed images on the table. "Gave me three options to choose from, what do you think?"

Cassie: "That's so sweet of you." Cassandra wore a smile as she stepped up behind Jack and wrapped her arms around him, flopping her chin down on his shoulder. "And you know what's the best part of being someone's favourite employee? They get paid." She tilted her head to the side to look at the rabbit. "Speaking of, when do I get paid?"

Jack: "When The Prancing Jackalope opens and we actually have an income." Jack replied, tilting his head so his one ear flopped down on her head. "Now come, this.... bordello sort of look, or... this one here."

Cassie: Leaning against the boy's softly furred body, Cass took a closer look at the pictures of the interior designs. "It reminds me that classic Victorian style - the good old age of powdered wigs and rampant syphilis." The teenage girl chuckled softly to herself as she flipped one of the images.

Cassie: "Still better than the neon nightmare," she added, tapping the second set suggested to them. "How about the gothic vampire dungeon? Everyone loves whips and chains. Well, I do, anyway."

Jack: "Oh sweety, the back rooms will have as many whips and chains you want. And I will personally lock you up in there whenever you're naughty." Jack held up the bordello picture. "This. Fits with the name as well. Might even have a nice tavern-like sign made for outside."

Cassie: Cassandra pursed her lips and put on a thoughtful look. "You're right, but I still think it's missing that special something," she commented, while her left hand acted mostly by itself when it reached up to caress Jack's fluffy ears. "Something... cabaret." A wry smile found its way on her face. "Something... Moulin Rouge."

Jonas: Jack cocked his head to the other side, squinting at the picture. "Okay... are we talking about the real moulin rouge or yhe movie version? I prefer the movie version."

Cassie: "Mmm, who would have guessed?" Cassandra purred, taking her eyes off the design pictures so she could nuzzle Jack's neck. "You actually seem to have some good taste." After giving him a gentle kiss, the raven-haired girl cocked her head and frowned. "Then again, you picked me - that should have been a sign."

Jonas: Jack kept his attention on the picture, ignoring all the cuddling and kissing. He loved torturing her.

Cassie: A little while later Cassandra stopped her caresses, a soft sigh coming across her lips as she let go of Jack and turned away. She took a few steps through the rundown, squalid room with its rotting flooring and flaking walls. "I think we should clear this place out," the teenage girl suggested, letting her gaze wander. "Save the workers some effort."

Jack: "Hmm?" He asked, turning to look at her. "You mean you use you powers to clean up? Awesome, hoped you would, because the contractors are starting tomorrow. Never actually planned on paying people just to clean up.

Cassie: "And I hoped you would let me," Cassandra replied, a mischievous little smile curling the edges of her mouth. She held out her arms, the amorphous darkness curling around her slender limbs. "When you asked me to come help with the club, I wasn't so sure if I really felt like it."

Cassie: A large shadowy hand formed in the air above the girl, shortly before she directed it with a swing of her arm, smashing it into a pile of old moldy chairs and caused them to burst into countless splinters. "Now I think this is just what I needed."

Jack: Jack cringed and flinched at the destruction. "Cass smash..." he said. "I thought you would have just teleportdd it all out... but that works. Kind of."

Cassie: "Oh, I will - once I'm done having some fun." The flying debris got caught in swirling clouds of black smoke, a portal forming in the center of the dark vortex that swallowed all the wreckage. Cassandra floated amidst the chaos, a violet glow lighting up her eyes, as shadowy arms tore up the club's ruined interior.

Jack: "Okay... this is slightly unsettling." Jack said as he backed up a bit more, pieces of furniture and broken bottles going past him.

Cassie: "You can help if you want," Cassandra said, not realizing just how eerie the smile looked she was giving Jack. "Just toss anything we don't need into the portal." Loud cracking sounds filled the room when shadowy tendrils slithered through the gaps in the floor and began to tore out the wooden boards.

Cassie: "But make sure you don't get sucked in yourself," the floating teenage girl added, grinning helpfully at the rabbit boy. "I have no idea where all this stuff will end up, but there's a good chance it's not a happy place."

Jack: "You do realize this is bordering on Carrie, right?" Jack asked as he stood there, wincing when he got hit in the leg by a rogue chair leg. He kicked it towards the abyssal hole.

Cassie: "I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you," Cassandra replied, her body almost completely cloaked in shadows now. "I'm only doing as you suggested and let loose a little." Her ethereal form vanished in the dark and reappeared right behind Jack.

Cassie: "You were right," she said, her black arms wrapping around the rabbit boy to pull him back into an intimate embrace, the inky darkness curling around his limbs and chest. "This is a much better way to deal with all the pent up tension. Apparently you can laugh it away for only that long."

Jack: Jack tried to force a smile, and squirmed a little as he felt the tendrils of her darkness slither up his sleeves and down his short, among other garments. "Okay! Cassie, I was actually referring to mindless zen-like work and-ahah---aaah..."

Cassie: The pitch-black mask of Cassie's visage revealed an impish grin, the violet fire of her eyes flaring up with excitement. "You're not scared, are you?" she asked, while dark, claw-like fingers ran through Jack's soft fur. "You don't have to be. Actually, I think you're going to like it."

Cassie: "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." Picking up where she had left off before, she resumed nuzzling his neck, while her hands took care of the boy's clothing. "Not in the bad way, anyway." The shadowy girl chuckled darkly. "Unlike the people who took my friends - and my family."

Jack: "...yeah...ah... I think we need to have a heart to heart tah-ahhgh.." he ended his sentence with one of her tendrils seeping into his mouth, stopping him from making any coherent sentences. Darkness tastes unusual. For his clothes, the poor garments were slowly shredded from his body and slid off of him only to disappear into the darkness. "Ngugh?" he asked. At least her fingers going through more of his fur were nice

Cassie: "Now, what do you say? Shall we be the first to consecrate the backrooms?" With her shadowy limbs curled tightly around his body, the trapped rabbit-boy was no longer in any position to decide one way or the other. "Or maybe... let's better call it desecrate, no?" Laughing to herself, Cass took Jack's helpless mumbling as a 'yes' and had both of them vanish in the darkness.

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Re: 7/26 Instance: Dark Consecration

Post by Slarti » Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:37 pm

Hoooot. :cracked

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Re: 7/26 Instance: Dark Consecration

Post by Chaos » Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:00 am

....would bang.

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