7/19 Instance: Mush!

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7/19 Instance: Mush!

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:42 am

timeline: current

Walt: Walt sighed heavily as Rankin blew his whistle and everyone started picking up all the game stuff. While he was doing much better than he had been at the start of the year he was still somewhat overweight from two years of inactivity and still had trouble with the few miles run at the end of the class.

Walt: He bent down and began collecting some of the flags left on the ground from the football game. He was really going to have to push himself this time. At the best of times he was reluctant; preferring weights and actual team games to straight up cardio. Now that Alison and Julian were gone though he was finding it hard to muster the energy for nearly everything - including things he actually enjoyed.

Fabian: Fabian was hungover and generally did not feel like running. The previous evening at the Club had been an interesting one but he wasn't sure it was quite worth the hangover as it hadn't been overly fun. This just meant he would have to try again.

Fabian: Not that many people were on board with fun at the moment considering things but he needed to just let his mind rest for a moment - which it still refused to do. He had learned to tune it out with conversation though and when he saw an opportunity run by and he, quite literally, leaped onto it. "Mush!"

Walt: "Ack!" Walt staggered and nearly fell on his face as his roommate randomly jumped on him. "Fabian! What the heck do you think you're doing!? Get off of me!" he said, struggling under the other guy's weight.

Fabian: "Come on, we're losing them!" Fabian just tried to hold on and urge Walt along. "I'm not that heavy now, use your muscle!"

Walt: Walt tossed the flags he'd been holding into the bin with some effort. His roommate was right, most everyone was already running off down the trail. "Fabian - I'm warning you - I'm not in the mood for this," he grumbled. "So quit pushing my buttons and get off."

Fabian: "That's the whole point: mood adjustment. If I were pushing a button I'd push the 'go' button. Maybe this would work better with me carting you around instead of this."

Walt: Mood adjustment? If by mood adjustment Fabian meant making Walt go from sad to mad then it was working. "Osioł," he muttered, gritting his teeth as Rankin blew the whistle and yelled at them to get going. Gritting his teeth and putting his back into it, he began trudging down the path.

Walt: ((Polish: Jackass.))

Fabian: Fabian, meanwhile just made himself comfortable as if he intended to stay for quite some time. "And anyway, I'm helping, aren't I? This will be quite the workout."

Walt: "No, you're not, actually." Walt grit out as he struggled along. "I'm already slow as it is, so you're just making this ten times worse."

Walt: "Why don't you go bug someone else?" he said, watching the others sprint ahead along the trail dotted with bright yellow, red and orange leaves.

Fabian: "Speed's not everything, I'm helping you get rid of the dough!" He reached down and poked Walt's side, providing the Pillsbury Doughboy 'woo-hoo'ing noise.

Walt: If the 'woo-hoo'ing wasn't directed at him, Walt would might have been impressed with the quality of Fabian's imitation, but since it was in reference to the weight still cumulating around his middle, he walked over to the side of the trail and leaned over a bit to let some of the branches scrape his roommate. "Shut-up! I haven't played any sports regularly since I left home! Give me a damn break!"

Fabian: Fabian let out a squawk and a laugh, brushing the branches aside as well as he could. "My God, lighten up. You know not everything about you is woefully serious."

Walt: Walt grumbled and made sure this time to brush past a group of pine needles. "Lighten up? What exactly do I have to be happy about?" Nothing as far as he was concerned. Life for him was crap right now and had been so for a long time now. "My entire family abandoned me, all the friends I had here died in a jet crash which one of my professors insinuated I was responsible for, I'm losing control of my powers and now I've got you on my back! You want I should grin like an idiot for my terrible life?"

Fabian: "Actually, I want you should get over yourself before I go out and buy you that 'All My Friends Are Dead' dinosaur book. You take yourself far, far too seriously and it's going to lead you to an early grave and not in a remotely enjoyable way."

Walt: "What do you care?" Walt said, eyeing a rather large mud puddle in the middle of the path as he shifted to get a better hold on the Spaniard. "You'd probably be happy if I kneeled over tomorrow."

Fabian: "Oh yes, because I'm such a cruel bastard that hasn't been telling you things to actually help you half the time you've been here. Just because I don't put it in a pretty, kindly worded way to consider your feelings doesn't mean it's not for your own good or that I'm wrong."

Walt: Walt just continued inching along towards the mud puddle. "I don't want or need your help. I lived eighteen years of my life without you telling me what to do - two of which were completely on my own - it's not much of stretch to assume I'll be fine for the remaining years either. So butt out."

Fabian: "So this is 'fine'? Your 'fine' depresses me," Fabian announced, still quite comfortable.

Walt: "What do you want from me?" Walt demanded. "I get up every morning, I do my work, I don't kvetch all the time and I'm pleasant enough to people. If I do all these things what does it matter?"

Fabian: "You can't even take a joke about yourself without having kittens."

Walt: "Oh shut-up," Walt said, full of anticipation for his revenge as the puddle drew closer. "You're up half the night most times because your dad's coming here and you freak out whenever anyone calls you 'bastard.' So I don't know where you get off preaching to me about 'fine' or 'taking yourself too seriously.'"

Fabian: "Well, I, for one, have never had a sulk because someone teased me. If I took myself as serious as you I'm sure I'd've all ready hung myself by now."

Walt: "Probably because you're usually the one doing the teasing and I've managed to get this far without offing myself and I've had it harder than you, I'm sure you'll get by."

Fabian: "Because your sorrow is so much greater than the sum of humanity, eh?"

Walt: Walt scowled, jumping over the mud puddle and leaning back to dangle Fabian's over it while simultaneously prying the Spaniard off his back.

Fabian: Fabian plopped right in and actually found himself laughing. "Finally, a good reaction! Well played, well played!"

Walt: Walt wasn't pleased - he was supposed to be upset! "What's wrong with you?"

Fabian: "Nothing. I'm being a normal person."

Walt: Walt gave the other guy a disapproving look before turning and jogging off after the rest of the group. He might be slow but he'd be damned if Fabian got to the finish line first out of the two of them.

Fabian: Fabian was caught up a few moments later. "In any case, let's run your ass off now."

Walt: Walt started running faster. "Stop. It."

Fabian: Well, this was turning out to be absolutely no fun at all; just a chance to witness the reason Fabian thought Walt really needed to see Dr. Guan more and maybe not be allowed near sharp objects. "Fine."

Walt: Walt took the opening he'd been given and ran for dear life. Unfortunately for him though he wasn't doing well enough to stay ahead of Fabian for long. He slowed down after a few minutes or so and stopped on the side of the trail, hands on his knees, wheezing and coughing.

Fabian: Once he had paused Fabian simply jogged up back in front of him and waited.

Walt: Walt looked up. "What?" he coughed, waiting for the pearl of wisdom that he was sure he was about to be bestowed with.

Fabian: Fabian didn't bother to say a word. Walt would no doubt do that for him.

Walt: He wasn't going anywhere - not like this - so he just sat down on the side of the path, taking a stick and poking miserably at the piles of leaves. "...Why are you still here?" Walt said, his expression stormy. "We don't get along and any enjoyment you get out of making my life hard isn't much compared to how much I manage to annoy you. So why don't you do us both a favour and find someone else to spend time with?"

Fabian: "Hard? Please. If you listened to me your live would be a cakewalk compared to the hell you put yourself through. I'm also sorry but you overestimate the impact you have on me."

Walt: "Careful, I might actually think you're my friend the way you keep nagging me," Walt said sarcastically, throwing his stick away. "If I did what you wanted I'd be living my life as an animal in the wilderness. How's that a better life?"

Fabian: "Please, you're not an animal, get over yourself there." Fabian held out his hands. "I love you, Walty!"

Walt: Walt was about to remark that he wasn't an animal but the thing that shared his body was until Fabian blurted out something that made him give him the hairy eyeball. "...Don't say stupid things like that," he said, getting up abruptly and brushing leaves off himself.

Fabian: "Are you saying that I have an unrequited love? Come on, Cecilia will understand, she won't be jealous!"

Walt: Walt actually backed away a little from the Spaniard. "Oh God...you're not coming out of the closet are you?" He really hoped not. "Stop using that word."

Fabian: "Of course not, you're just for cuddles!"

Walt: He crossed his arms, frowning. "Get away from me," he said, not at all into the idea of cuddling with another guy - let alone his roommate - or hearing someone tell him that they loved him.

Walt: Only one person in this whole world had ever said they loved him and that had been his mother and since she'd abandoned him when he manifested he had his doubts about her sincerity. His throat went tight at this thought- had anyone who was supposed to care about him ever really did?

Fabian: There was just no fun to be had here so Fabian gave up conversation, just walking along now.

Walt: Walt trudged alongside him. "...I'm not into guys," he grumbled after awhile. "Despite what most girls seem to think...and even if I were I'm not into polygamy. So…sorry. You'll have to find someone else."

Fabian: …Was he playing along? "It's all right, I'm sure Lukas will comfort me."

Walt: "Well, you're a lucky guy...his breasts are amazing," Walt said, his mouth curving into something resembling a vague smile.

Fabian: He was, he was playing along! "I won't lie. I've been drunk and motor-boated them for shits and giggles before."

Walt: Walt actually laughed wheezily at this. "I don't do stuff like that when I drink...but I've never had a lot to drink around girls," he said, forgetting his anger and settling into a mood that was almost companionable with the other guy. As had been happening more often these recent days.

Fabian: "I do a lot of things when I'm drinking...but then again I do a lot of things sober. We shall have to have a night sometime."

Walt: "Mm," Walt said. Well, technically he could now that he wasn't on his meds anymore but he wasn't sure he was ready for a pub crawl with Fabian just yet. "One thing at a time."

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