7/6 Instance: The Adventures of Cookie and Jelly Bean

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7/6 Instance: The Adventures of Cookie and Jelly Bean

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:47 pm

timeline: sometime after Jelly Belly

Shaw: For once, the robotics lab was quiet, so Sebastian was taking advantage of the opportunity to look over student progress reports. Hope must have tapped into someone's speedster abilities to catch up as quickly as she seemed to have done. And yes... she was definitely Tony's flesh and blood.

Rachel: Rachel wasn't sure she'd spent any time in the robotics lab since she was a student… before the original professor exploded. At least that's what she had heard happened, if she was even remembering correctly. It was unfortunate there were so many deaths to keep track of. Wandering into the room, she found a workbench in front of Shaw's desk to sit on and considered him before speaking, "So, Cookie, how much did you enjoy pumpkin carving?"

Shaw: He'd heard her come in, of course, and turned to watch her watching him. Once she spoke, his lips curled. "Oh, it was most enjoyable."

Rachel: She matched his grin and nodded, "Of course it was. Paige is always enjoyable."

Shaw: "Precisely." Sebastian's grin became slightly more predatory and he gave Rachel an appreciative once-over. "You would know best, after all."

Rachel: "I believe I do," Rachel agreed, deciding she'd ignore the fact he'd just checked her out. Raking her fingers through her hair, she bit down on her lip and eventually sighed,  somewhat reluctantly offering, "I suppose I should be thanking you… Your ridiculous nickname inspired her to give me a new one. …Well, and she was ridiculously overjoyed about having a new friend."

Shaw: "I must say the nickname was a bit of a surprise, yes." He leaned against an adjacent workbench, stretching out his legs in front of him in a practiced look of relaxation. "What has she chosen for you?"

Rachel: "Jelly Bean," she answered with a slight smirk.

Shaw: His head tilted, then he laughed, an old saying coming to mind. "Peachy keen, jelly bean."

Rachel: Rachel snorted at the phrase and gave a shrug, "I'll take it over Rachie."

Shaw: "Ah yes, she suggested a black pumpkin for Rachie." Sebastian crossed his arms and studied her again. "However, I'm certain you're not here to discuss our charming nicknames."

Rachel: "Well, Sharky, you'd be right," she replied as she leaned back on her elbows.

Shaw: "Oh, yes, now that's more like the Rachie I know." He grinned at her broadly, still leaning against the work station.

Rachel: "Hey, I haven't punched you in the face yet," she pointed out, adding after a moment, "Or destroyed anything. In fact, I've been pretty nice for me."

Shaw: "That you have. It seems Paige has a calming effect on you, and for that I certainly applaud her." Not that he particularly cared if she did destroy anything in here, since they were his students' projects - not his.

Rachel: "Very calming and deserving of applause," Rachel assured him with a smirk as she sat up. The smirk left her face as she considered him, leaning forward to rest her elbows on her knees instead, trying to work out what exactly she wanted to say to him about this apparent friendship. Still unsure, she decided to keep the pleasantries going, asking, "You have anything to drink, Cookie?"

Shaw: "Likely I have something squirreled away." He studied her a moment longer. "I've been trying to cut back, however."

Rachel: "That's unfortunate," she commented, "I heard you were far more enjoyable while plastered."

Shaw: He laughed softly. "That's very likely true, however, I don't like to find myself out of control." Giving her the once-over again, his lip curled. "I suspect you've learned the same, yes?"

Rachel: Rachel knew exactly what he was talking about and gave a bit of a shrug, keeping her expression passive as she answered, "I've found it can be pretty nice… Well, depending on the circumstances."

Shaw: "Does a little mindless destruction do wonders, then? Does it make all the pain just go away?"

Rachel: "Works about as well as bed-hopping."

Shaw: "Touche," he chuckled.

Rachel: "Speaking of which…" Rachel started, looking back up at him to continue, "Is that how close you were to Madelyne Pryor?"

Shaw: Sebastian stiffened. "I don't believe that's really any of your business, Miss Grey."

Rachel: "Oh, don't like me mentioning her, huh?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she added, "Sorta like how I don't really like you spending time with my girlfriend, yeah?"

Shaw: "Ah, so now we reach the crux of our discussion." Sebastian pushed himself off the work station surface and moved closer to her, arms still crossed. He leaned into her personal space. "Are you, by chance, jealous, Miss Grey?"

Rachel: Rachel slid off the table to stand and straightened, squaring her shoulders as she met his gaze. They were practically nose-to-nose, and she couldn't say she enjoyed having him this close. The last time ended with her breaking her hand on his face, which was still a possibility. "There's not a whole lot to be jealous of."

Shaw: Sebastian straightened to his full height and looked down at her with a slight smile. "No, there really isn't, as I'm not trying to steal your lady love."

Rachel: "She'd have to be interested for that to happen, so I wasn't overly worried anyway," she replied, now having to look up at him, "Regardless, that doesn't mean I trust you with her."

Shaw: "And why would that be?" His smile just grew. "Trust is a two-way street, after all. If you trusted her as implicitly as you claim, then my motivations would be a moot point, wouldn't they?"

Rachel: Rachel ignored the latter question because he was likely right there, but there was no way she was admitting that. Forcing a smile in return, she suggested, "Maybe if we knew each other better…"

Shaw: "Oh my," he said, leaning close again. Sebastian came near enough to brush his nose over the wild, brightly-colored hair covering her ear. "Is that a proposition, my dear?"

Rachel: She snorted, tilting her head in an attempt to put some distance between them, gaze drifting over to him as she smirked, "Possibly."

Shaw: One corner of his mouth twitched upward. "Oh really?" He didn't let her move away, following her movements instead.

Rachel: "Yeah, really," Rachel gave a slight nod, "Where would you like to begin?"

Shaw: Sebastian came even closer, eyes locked with Rachel's, and dipped his head to bring his mouth oh so close to hers. "Perhaps here?"

Rachel: Her eyebrows went up, but she didn't back down. "Is it where you start with all the girls?"

Shaw: "You seem to be the newly-minted expert on wooing women," he said, still close enough to share breath with her. "So, you tell me."

Rachel: Rachel flashed him a grin as she commented, "I generally start with a bottle of vodka."

Shaw: It made him huff softly in amusement. After another moment, he straightened up again, crossing his arms. "Cake vodka? So I've heard."

Rachel: "Yeah… So much I kissed her and told her I was saving her from ending up with another asshole of a guy." Though, standing here likely made her just as much of an asshole. "Capped the night with some petty theft and decorating I don't even remember. Then, I was so sick the next morning, I haven't drank cake vodka since. We've moved on to tequila."

Shaw: Sebastian grinned in surprised approval.

Rachel: "Because Paige is too much of a wimp for whiskey," Rachel clarified, leaning back against the table and brushing some hair from her face.

Shaw: "I do enjoy my scotch, but yes, after your Paige found me spinning in an office chair I confess it's time for a bit of a break."

Rachel: "Ah, well…" she started, pulling the package of cigarettes out of her pocket. She'd been going to offer him one in place of a drink, but there weren't actually any cigarettes in the pack. Not of the kind to smoke, anyway. With a slight frown, Rachel held it out, "Candy?"

Shaw: His brow furrowed as he looked into the pack, then jumped upward when he realized what he was looking at. "No thank you," he chuckled. "I take it she found your pack."

Rachel: "Not exactly hard to," she sighed, stuffing the thing back in her pocket. They'd have to have a discussion about that later. "Anyway…"

Shaw: "I do believe she's managed to undercut your menace." His lips were twitching with suppressed laughter.

Rachel: "I'm trying to be nice because she'll lecture me, and I don't really want another talk about how you aren't actually that bad," Rachel rolled her eyes, "Plus, I can wait until you screw up somehow and upset her to kick your ass, and this time I won't be stupid enough to break my hand on your face."

Shaw: "My face thanks you, Miss Grey." So, he wasn't that bad, was he?

Rachel: Rachel shrugged, "Your brain might not."

Shaw: Sebastian gave her a mock shudder. "Oh, we're back to threats, are we?"

Rachel: "I can't be too nice," she shook her head, grinning slightly, "I don't want to melt or something."

Shaw: "Well, I'll consider myself duly threatened then," he said, crossing his arms with a wink. "So as not to tarnish your image."

Rachel: "Cool," Rachel replied as she glanced around the room, uncrossing her own arms as she straightened, "Guess I'll leave you to whatever it is you do alone. I like to imagine it's scheming nefarious plans or something though."

Shaw: "Well, when here I mostly grade when I'm alone, however sometimes I do multitask a tad and plot to sacrifice young children after work." He gave her a nod and stepped back.

Rachel: Moving to back down the row between the various benches, she offered a shrug, admitting, "…Can't say I have anything to complain about there. As long as it's not Ripley. I sorta like her. A little."

Shaw: "I'll be sure to take note of that," he said with a smirk and headed back to his desk.

Rachel: Turning around, Rachel started out the door, calling back with a smirk of her own, "Have fun, Cookie!"

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Re: 7/6 Instance: The Adventures of Cookie and Jelly Bean

Post by TechPrincess » Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:55 pm

Hahahah great instance.
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