6/6 Instance: Divorce for Dummies

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6/6 Instance: Divorce for Dummies

Post by Slarti » Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:42 am

Current timeline

<Fabian> "Oh hell, I think he stuck mint in these as well, these things are amazing." Fabian stuffed the rest of the brownie he had in his hand directly into his mouth, the rest of his words of praise lost in the food. "Can we just make Sean cook everything in the school? I'd be on board with that. Anyway...I was going to say something."

<Fabian> The question was, what was it?

<Jean> "Yes! I am ooooon board with that!" Jean was nibbling around the edges of her brownie, circling it down and down into a small, round lump of minty chocolatey goodness. She used her teke to spin Fabian's desk chair slowly around and around in time with her nomming. "Words... are overrated."

<Walt> Walt took in this scene over his laptop where he was currently trying to make a gear in SolidWorks and failing miserably. "Damn it," he muttered. How many times could he screw up before he got it right?! He only had a week to do this!

<Fabian> "But I like words. Words can do so much, plus they're fun to say! I mean..., that is a thoroughly ridiculous word to say but it's fun. Anyway, crap, what was it?" Fabian was grasping at air trying to come up with it. "Jamie! Explain Jamie, I don't get Jamie."

<Jean> "Jamie's not a word!" The chair stopped spinning when she had to concentrate on this abstract concept. "Or... I guess... is he?"

<Walt> Walt sighed and closed down his laptop. This was too frustrating to continue and the current atmosphere was sort of distracting. The only thing good he could say about this was at least this girl wouldn't be staying overnight...at least he really hoped not. "I take it neither of you have class tomorrow?" Walt said disapprovingly to Fabian.

<Fabian> "He wouldn't fit into a dictionary or else I would just go there for an explanation so I don't think he qualifies as a word." Fabian replied after taking a moment to think that statement over. "But seriously, your boyfriend is beyond me."

<Fabian> Walt's question was beyond Fabian at the moment, however. "Yeah, I do."

<Jean> "He's just, like, I don't know.... he's..." Well, since he was currently in her head and her head was kind of fuzzy, she wondered if she should really talk about him. Oh well! "He's kind of messed up since... he got eaten. Lots."

<Jean> Jean turned the chair so she could see the cute roomie. "Why, is school canceled tomorrow? That would be sweet!!"

<Walt> Walt blinked. "Uhm...no it's n-not," he said to Jean, more than a little bit uncomfortable that she was openly oogling him, especially since she had a boyfriend. A very clingy and unstable looking boyfriend at that too. "Err...did a lot of p-people get kidnapped?"

<Fabian> "Less than the last time" Fabian replied with a shrug. He looked back to Jean though, going for another brownie. "Well yeah, that'd drive everyone over the end but I didn't understand him from before anymore than I do now."

<Jean> She licked the brownie from her fingers. Wow, roomie stuttered! "This kidnapping thing seems like a thing. That's... like, not a good thing to have as a thing, don't you think?" Licking again, she checked her link. "Like... right now? Jamie's in his room."

<Jean> "He's trying to do homework, but, like... he's thinking he should be .... investigating... like, the bug thing in the subway? But he scared to, because... you know... eaten."

<Walt> Walt shifted uncomfortably on his bed. "I don't t-think it's a good idea to go l-looking for trouble. It's probably best h-he's scared."

<Fabian> "Trouble generally finds you no matter what." Fabian looked down at his brownie. Caramel and mint? well, this was truly the frontier of baked goods with pot in it. "I think it's more his logic I don't get, not about this, just in general. Talking to him is like watching a game of pong. It goes back and forth and you've just lost an hour of your life."

<Walt> Walt was a little surprised. Huh, finally something they actually agreed on. "...Two things even," Walt noted a little surprised. "Erm...sorry, Jean. But Jamie's s-sort of hard to f-follow."

<Jean> "Oh. That. He thinks he's a detective." Jean shrugged and reached for another brownie like this was just the most normal thing.

<Fabian> "...maybe he's worried I'll get he munchies and try to eat him." That...well, Fabian had never considered that but it was the only reason his brain, in it's current state, could come up with a reason why he could really be blamed for any cannibalism happenings.

<Walt> "Err...yeah, I t-think I got that," Walt said. It was pretty much the first thing he'd learned about the other guy. He just stared at Fabian...who the heck thought they'd make good roommates again?

<Jean> "He.... like... well he spent years alone on his parents' farm after they died and he was kind of sheltered anyway, so he's just... really naive?" Jean bit into the brownie. Those were dried cherries! OH MY GOD! She grabbed the brownie bag to claim ALL the cherry ones!

<Fabian> "Is Sean not a genius? If this stuff were legalized nationwide he would be a millionaire." Fabian looked mildly confused at all things Jamie but he decided understanding was a fruitless endevour. "I think I'm going to stick with just smiling and nodding. I think he got most of his 'you got me eaten' emotions out after the initial telling anyway."

<Walt> "Wait...how d-did social services n-not take him away?" Walt asked, confused. "He should've e-ended up in foster c-care at least." God, what the heck was this country doing with it's taxes anyways? "Even I g-got taken into a h-home and they k-knew I was a mutant."

<Jean> "Because he was in Kansas," Jean said, with an implied duh at Walt.

<Jean> Back to her nibbling, she looked at Fabian. "I don't think he thinks you're gonna eat him, but why he thinks you got him eaten... yeah I'm only so far in his head. Like... I kind of... well... you know... he doesn't know about... me and...." she shuddered "Quentin."

<Walt> "But..." Walt sighed. "No, you k-know what? Just f-forget it..." There was no point in arguing with her when she was like this.

<Fabian> "Yeaaah, if he tries to talk to you about that I'd like to apologize. I didn't tell him anything but I may have snapped something off at him." Fabian wasn't even going to question the whole Kansas thing. He was still amazed that Jamie seemed to be self sufficient enough not to starve or to decide to take up riding deer when left on his own.

<Jean> Jean made a face at Fabian. "I don't know how to tell him!" she whined. "I, like, totally fucked a cannibal! The one that kidnapped him! That's like.... the worst girlfriend move ever!" Oh... Walt. She gave him a sheepish smile. "You... didn't hear that part?"

<Walt> Walt cringed. "Erm...you c-cheated on your boyfriend?" That...that was awful. "Why would y-you say something l-like that in front of m-me?"

<Jean> Jean looked down at the brownie and back up at Walt.

<Fabian> Fabian couldn't help it. If he hadn't been as buzzed as he was he may have stood a chance but there was nothing saving this moment and he just tipped over sideways on his bed laughing.

<Fabian> "I'm sorry! I know it isn't funny but...Jesus. They don't make an episode of Jerry for that."

<Jean> Jean tried to kick Fabian but missed and instead sent her chair over backwards. "EEE!"

<Walt> Walt frowned at Fabian. "I don't know why you're laughing. That's not funny at all." He hesitated for a moment, then got up and yanked Jean to her feet, setting her down on Fabian's bed (like heck he was putting her on his).

<Walt> "I'm not going to s-say anything," he said to her. "And I d-don't think you s-should either."

<Jean> She looked up at Walt, half stunned that she'd fallen in the first place. "Really?" With a frown, she leaned sideways and aimed a kick at Fabian, this time connecting. "I wasn't his girlfriend when it happened... not really... we weren't, like... exclusive..."

<Fabian> "Ow! I didn't put it in anywhere!" Fabian defended himself quickly. "No no no, that is a terrible secret to keep in the long run. Each time you have sex you're going to be thinking about it and then it's going to turn into weird guilty sex! Nobody likes sad sex, Jean, nobody but sad people. And I'm laughing because it's all ridiculous."

<Fabian> He tried to sit back up without looking too ruffled and grab a brownie at the same time. This proved a delicate balance. "...have you considered puppets?"

<Walt> "Yeah, really...I d-don't think it's a good idea," Walt said, giving Fabian a look. "Trust m-me. All that will happen is h-he'll be hurt and he'll p-probably want to leave and t-then you'll be s-sad too. If it was j-just once and y-you weren't really together then it's not worth saying anything."

<Jean> Jean stopped mid-brownie recovery and looked at Walt. She looked at Fabian... who was so getting another kick for the puppets! She looked back at Walt. Confused, she just stuffed a brownie in her mouth and flopped back on Fabian's bed to make herself at home.

<Fabian> "Ow, hey! I just thought they'd clear up any confusion!" That kicking business was beginning to hurt. "So you're actually suggesting she has this huge lie in their relationship? I'd think they'd owe each other enough to come clean on something like that."

<Walt> Walt frowned. "I don't think it'll benefit anyone considering the circumstances. Why, would you say something?" Now that was surprising. He'd expected Fabian to be...well, not so honest in his relationships.

<Jean> "I don't know... we kind of have this mental link and, um, like, it's been hard hiding it from him... so if he knew it would be a load off, but if he knew... well he might start treating me like he does you." She looked at Fabian and this time didn't kick him.

<Fabian> "I doubt he'd do that." Fabian tried to reassure her and eat another brownie at the same time. He found himself awfully distracted by the brownie but eventually continued. "I mean, me he's never liked but you he obviously does something...I don't proclaim to know what you two do but the mental voodoo just confirms this being a bad thing to keep back for a long time."

<Walt> "But if he breaks up with her what's going to happen then?" Walt demanded. "The mental link thing doesn't sound like it just goes away. And people do a lot of terrible things when they've been betrayed...believe me, I know."

<Jean> Jean was just watching their ping-pong match now, nibbling her brownie. Ooooooo.... cherries.... soooo gooooood.... At Walt's tone she looked back at him and wrinkled her nose. "I don't think he would... what kind of terrible things?"

<Fabian> "He's dumb but he's not a dick...usually anyway. I'm a special case." Fabian preened proudly, then frowned as he realized he was getting brownie crumbs in his hair. His hair would be delicious...bitches best not eat his hair. "And anyway, it'd be worse if he just found out and, while I'm keeping the secret, this school isn't the best place to have secrets like that."

<Walt> "Uhm...well, m-my mom burned all her w-wedding photos and smashed her e-engagement ring with a hammer when she f-found out my dad had an affair," Walt said, not entirely sure why he was telling her this. "She a-also threatened to t-take him to court to g-gain sole custody of me and t-take a lot of his m-money. Uh...but y-your not married...she also hit him and k-kicked him out of the house for awhile. He had to go live with my g-grandparents."

<Jean> "That sucks, like... a lot..." Jean ran out of sympathetic words then. Words were hard. Instead, she patted the air in front of Walt. "I'm sorry."

<Jean> Then she looked at Fabian. "Oh my God, if you spill I'll like.... I'll Rachel your brain like she did to that mashed potato brains in the medlab!"

<Fabian> "...you be careful about your threats! I may just stop sharing my brownies." Fabian jokingly scooted the tray over. Holy shit, his hands were huge. "Your secret is safe with me, I just mean we've a lot of telepaths here and who knows what'd happen."

<Walt> Walt shrugged. "Sometimes things j-just don't work out."

<Fabian> "Walty Wilter here is putting the eggs before the buggy or something like that. You'll only figure out if things don't work out by putting it all out there...and it may work out."

<Fabian> "You didn't know what Quentin was and the two of you weren't 'a thing' yet so he has no right to hold it against you. I'm not saying he'll be thrilled but still.”

<Jean> Jean turned on her big sad eyes and nudged the tray back. "Yeah... I don't know... I mean, he's kind of old fashioned and stuff and he knows I've been with other guys but not how many... or, like, how recently..."

<Walt> Personally Walt felt this whole mess could've been avoided in the first place if Jean hadn't gone and slept with whoever, but he kept this to himself. "Who w-wants to know something l-like that? Past r-relationships are not a t-topic of discussion." At least they weren't to Walt.

<Jean> "Yeeaaaaaaah and he hasn't had any past anythings to talk about." Jean stopped picking at her brownie when she realized she'd probably overshared Jamie's sex life. Oooopsie?

<Fabian> "...I think when the guy was a part of a group that ate him repeatedly it does need a mention, though." Did cannibals make 'Special" special brownies? Fabian stared long and hard at the few remaining brownies, suddenly not so ravenous.

<Walt> Walt just stared at Fabian. "I can't believe you just said that."

<Jean> Jean made a face. "Yeah, well, they ate him but Johnny killed him."

<Walt> "Well, I'd never put you guys in charge of the marketing campaign for here," Walt said, a bit of smart aleckness coming through.

<Fabian> "Come to Xavier's, we have pot!" Fabian would hire himself.

<Jean> At that, Jean just lost her shit. Staring at Fabian for a long moment, she started giggling and sprayed brownie crumbs, until finally she fell over sideways on his bed in a giggly heap.

<Walt> Walt blinked. "It w-wasn't that funny."

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Re: 6/6 Instance: Divorce for Dummies

Post by Esynthia » Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:22 am

HAHAHAHAHAHA that was greatness, y'all.

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