4/2 Instance: Cute and Kinda Dumb

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4/2 Instance: Cute and Kinda Dumb

Post by Slarti » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:20 am

Timelined after The Last Supper and Eternal Promises

<Jean> Jean sat in the living room, chewing her nails. It was a bad habit she'd gotten over in high school, but it was a great time for lots of bad habits.

<Jean> In fact, she wanted to light one up right here. The team hadn't been back long, but some of them looked green, and since they shouldn't she assumed it was because the news was bad. Really bad.

<Rachel> Rachel wasn't entirely sure what she was going to tell Jean about the whole thing with Jamie, but she felt like she had to tell her something. Or how. That was also an important part. With a deep breath, she ventured into the room, scrubbing at her face. When she pulled her hands away, she let the breath out and eyed her cousin for a few moments, reaching into her pocket for the pack of cigarettes.

<Rachel> After plopping down next to her on the couch, she wordlessly dropped it and the lighter into Jean's lap.

<Jean> "Thanks," she mumbled, uncurling from her position against the arm of the sofa to take out a smoke. "...I guess... it's bad?"

<Rachel> She nodded before letting her head fall back against the cushions, swallowing. "Really bad."

<Jean> She lit the cigarette, trying twice because her hands were shaking so badly. "Did you... um..." She didn't even want to ask it... not out loud. Did you find Jamie?

<Rachel> "In a way... I mean, we found parts," Rachel stopped herself right there and inwardly cringed at her poor choices of words. While it was true that they had found parts of Jamie, she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to tell Jean that bit. "...Like, duplicates of him."

<Jean> "…"

<Jean> "Parts?!" she shrieked, dropping the lit cigarette into her lap and flailing until she found it and ripped it apart with her teke. "PARTS?!?!"

<Rachel> Oh, this was bad. She was not the person that should break bad news to anyone. Once she was positive she could hear out of that ear again, Rachel responded, "Yeah... I, um... I found one's head, and there were two others. I don't think they made it through the fight..."

<Jean> "Oh God..." Jean's face crumpled and she tackled Rachel, sobbing loudly onto her shoulder. "His head? That's... oh my God, that's like the old guy they threw at the door! What the fuck?! What the fuck is wrong with these people?!"

<Rachel> This must have been how Paige felt a little bit ago, except Rachel liked to think she was less hysterical. She shifted slightly to awkwardly wrap an arm around Jean, deciding the questions were rhetorical before she added, "He was thinking about you..."

<Jean> If anything, that made her cry harder. "H-he was? Oh my God... I'm the worst girlfriend ever! I fucked a cannibal! And then he aaaaaate him!"

<Rachel> "Oh, I know... That was something I never wanted to see," she muttered as she patted Jean's shoulder.

<Jean> "T-they can just kill him, like, over and over!" she sobbed. "And-and how would we even know they're dupes? One of them could have really been him!"

<Rachel> "Why would they kill him if he can just keep multiplying though?" Rachel pointed out.

<Jean> "That's... horrible..." Jean curled into Rachel's shoulder, not even caring that this was her semi icky crazy cousin at the moment.

<Rachel> "Yeah... It's all pretty horrible..." she sighed, biting down on her lip as she found a spot on the floor to stare at, "We found Cassie."

<Jean> "Alive?" Sniffing, she looked up, sounding hopeful.

<Rachel> Rachel felt awful about crushing that hope, but she shook her head, answering quietly, "No."

<Jean> "....oh." Jean didn't want to know any more. "How about the other guy? Um... the hot one?"

<Rachel> "I don't know," she said, shrugging her shoulder that wasn't occupied.

<Jean> She sniffed again. "I liked him, you know..."

<Rachel> Rachel blinked and looked over at her, "The hot one?"

<Jean> "NO! Well... he is hot... but I meant Jamie!" Jean's lower lip popped out, then trembled. "He was nice! And cute! ...kind of dumb, but that's okay."

<Rachel> "He might still be nice and cute and kinda dumb," she replied. "We just have to find him."

<Jean> "...really?" She smiled a little, pulling back to look Rachel in the eye. "You really think so?"

<Rachel> "Really," Rachel nodded as she forced a slight smile in return, hoping she wouldn't regret it as she assured Jean, "We'll find him. You could even help, if you wanted."

<Jean> Nodding, Jean wiped her puffy eyes, still sniffling. The tears just kept leaking anyway. "What do you want me to do?"

<Rachel> "Well, I guess we could go out patrolling... I mean, not tonight, but maybe tomorrow," she suggested, "Or we could see if any leads come up, go check them out..."

<Jean> "Okay." She moved back from Rachel, eying the pack of cigarettes again. "Can I try another one?"

<Rachel> Rachel nodded, "I think we both need one..."

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Re: 4/2 Instance: Cute and Kinda Dumb

Post by Ferguson » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:24 am

This was strangely adorable and I don't know what to think of myself for thinking that. ^_^

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Re: 4/2 Instance: Cute and Kinda Dumb

Post by Esynthia » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:34 am

That was actually super adorable. And poor Jean... "Parts" :shifty

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Re: 4/2 Instance: Cute and Kinda Dumb

Post by Starfish » Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:11 pm

They could have been considerate and brought back some of the important ones for her. :shifty

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Re: 4/2 Instance: Cute and Kinda Dumb

Post by steyn » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:18 pm

<Jean> "....oh." Jean didn't want to know any more. "How about the other guy? Um... the hot one?"

lol, that was funny

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