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4/1 Instance: Heads Will Roll

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:21 am
by Slarti
Timelined the day after The Last Supper and Downward Spiral

<Shaw> It had taken him and his companion far too long to pry free the piece of metal and bend it over into something more substantial. Had Sebastian been free of this blasted collar he could have done this within moments - he could have been free of this hell already, in fact.

<Shaw> One thing he had learned about his fellow remaining prisoner was that he was timid. Far too timid to use the brute strength necessary to hack the collar from Sebastian's neck with the makeshift tool. It was no wonder he had become meat for the beasts - or soon would, at any rate.

<Shaw> Sebastian was still far from giving in, however. So, he found himself alone in his effort to pry the pins from the hinges of the reinforced door.

<Quentin> Quentin was grousing to himself, wondering when he had been broken down from the provider to the go-for boy. Why did he have to come and fetch what had all ready been caught? They had lackeys to do that, surely! He was too preoccupied with his grousing and struggling to take the requested body down from its meat hook with his injuries to take stock of his surroundings. It took a lot of de-sensitization to make that a possibility.

<Quentin> When his own grumbling faded, however, he couldn't help but hear something, a metallic something. It was hard to keep their guests quiet sometimes but it was something that had to be done in case there was actually someone in the neighbourhood to hear. "Fuckers need to start getting their own roasts." He swore, limping towards what he was sure was probably going to be nothing at all.

<Shaw> With his senses dulled by the collar, he almost didn't hear the voice. Sebastian glanced to his companion - Mike? Mickey? He had already forgotten the small, large-eared man's name. "Did you hear something?" The old man shrugged, already backing away from the reinforced cooling room door, his already wide eyes grown even bigger with fear.

<Quentin> Frowning, Quentin first latched onto the more frightful mind, deciding the other mind he sensed near was too calm (it was hard for any of their prisoners to be considered calm) to be the source of whatever noise that was. Quentin focused on that mind as he made his way towards the room, frying up some rodent brain once he made it into the room with his injured leg.

<Shaw> While still and listening, Sebastian had locked eyes with the timid man, so when they glazed and he seized, it was more than a little shocking. He started to go to the man, just out of sheer surprise and even sympathy, and then he heard the halting footsteps.

<Quentin> Quentin opened the door, not realizing the mind he sensed in the other room was free to move at all as he came in to see what damage he had done.

<Shaw> The footsteps were right outside the door now, and he moved as quietly as he could to the side. He glanced again at the other man, but he had collapsed now into a twitching pile... Sebastian had a good idea who was on the other side of that door now, and closed his eyes to tighten his shields. Despite himself, his hands were shaking and he nearly lost his grip on the metal panel.

<Quentin> Not having as good of a grip on the mind as he had previously, Quentin decided to take that as just a scared prisoner seeing his fine handiwork. Well good, he invoked fear. People should fear him! It was only right. Stepping into the room, Quentin nudged the body with his foot. "You? Really? Didn't think you had it in you."

<Shaw> With a feral snarl, Sebastian jumped the pink-haired freak from behind, bringing the metal crashing down on his head with a satisfying thunk.

<Quentin> Quentin only had time to think of a particularly heart-felt swear as he went bonelessly to the floor beside the mousy little man.

<Shaw> He should end this fool, but more than anything, he wanted free of this place. Still, he struck Quire again on the crown of his head, then kicked him over to make sure he was unconscious.

<Quentin> Quentin was well and truly out, for the second time in as many days, moving limply with the blows and not moving an inch on the dirty floor.

<Shaw> Satisfied, he moved over to the other man, who was whimpering softly now. Catching him by his dirty, unshaven chin, he tried to meet the man's eyes again. There was no focus to his eyes now, and Sebastian sighed and gave Quire another kick.

<Shaw> "I'll leave you to your masters, but I'll not leave any other mutants if I can help it." Scooping up the limp man, which was a chore with his bound, aching hands, he closed the door behind him and smirked at the click of the automatic lock.

Re: 4/1 Instance: Heads Will Roll

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:38 am
by steyn
This is confusing me!

Re: 4/1 Instance: Heads Will Roll

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:11 am
by Chaos
So, we lost Cassie, but we get to keep Shaw?

Clearly, our Gods have a funny sense of humour. x3

Also, 100pts for stealth K.O! With ZERO powers!

Re: 4/1 Instance: Heads Will Roll

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:12 pm
by Esynthia
This almost makes me *like* Shaw... *shudder*