3/30 Instance: Texts from this Afternoon

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3/30 Instance: Texts from this Afternoon

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:33 am

Timelined after Roll Tanks

<Bobby> (914) "omfg. hope still crazy. might be back for dinner. or might be dinner."

<Lorna> (914) "If she goes off we can stamp an expired experation date on her so the cannibals will just leave her alone since she's gone off."

<Bobby> (914) "this is why I married you <3"

<Lorna> (914) "Bring Doritos or I'll see you when you've reconstituted yourself from a cannibal's toilet."

<Lorna> (914) "And love you, too, Sweetcheeks. Ice cream as well."

<Bobby> (914) "i'm not sure how that would work... also, ew"

<Bobby> (914) "you ate all the ice cream??"

<Lorna> (914) "I imagine like any other time you pull yourself together...which, yeah, ew. And hell yes I did. It's for...planning. I eat ice cream in the war room."

<Bobby> (914) "i don't think i want to pull together from that... would you want me to? i'd be like... shitty"

<Lorna> (914) "Hey, I've gotten used to poop, you'd just be another poop-covered family member. If you have to please shower before doritos and ice cream."

<Bobby> (914) "…"

<Bobby> (914) "ok!"

<Bobby> (914) "oh... and hope needs to not scream. Ever."

<Lorna> (914) "Have you been rendered deaf? Also, may be making cultist robes for in case we end up infiltrating; and people said theater costuming wasn't an important skill."

<Bobby> (914) "fun! we can use them for peekaboo with ripley!"

<Lorna> (914) "Peekaboo, I see you, and I'm gonna gobble you all up?"

<Bobby> (914) "exactly! we were going for therapy anyway weren't we?"

<Lorna> (914) "I like to think if we raise her with dark humour she'd be pretty well adjusted. Plus it's fun!"

<Bobby> (914) "mostly it's fu"

<Bobby> (914) "sorry... hope drives like a nut"

<Lorna> (914) "So where is she driving to?"

<Bobby> (914) "nowhere."

<Bobby> (914) "srsly... middle of nowhere... no idea where we are. lucky i have signal."

<Lorna> (914) "So we have cannibals and you two have decided to reenact a cheesy horror flick? Are you playing Jeepers Creepers?"

<Bobby> (914) "there is no you two... there is hope being crazy and i have to go because if she dies i'm fucked"

<Bobby> (914) "not the fun fucked... the other kind... can we do that later, btw?"

<Bobby> (914) "oooo and watch jeepers creepers?!"

<Lorna> (914) "Definitely and definitely, just as long as you don't mind coming home to me trying on a cult robe. Consider this fair warning, I should have pulled a model down here."

<Bobby> (914) "bonus! i'll bring extra ice cream for that! phish food here we come!"

<Lorna> (914) "You are the best husband. Get home soon and if Hope doesn't cooperate just put her in the trunk."

<Bobby> (914) "might do that anyway. give ripley a kiss from me!"

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Re: 3/30 Instance: Texts from this Afternoon

Post by steyn » Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:14 am

LMAO those two, awesome.

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Re: 3/30 Instance: Texts from this Afternoon

Post by Esynthia » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:49 pm

Most. Fun. EVER. I particularly loved the 'afterthought' type texts. :toothy

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