3/30 Instance: Roll Tanks

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3/30 Instance: Roll Tanks

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:05 am

Timelined after Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Yum

<Hope> Hope paced her room, calling Johnny's cell yet again. Voicemail. She hung up and dialed again, this time putting shoes on while she listened to it ring. Where the hell was he? He hadn't come back that night and he still wasn't in his room this morning. Voicemail. She swore and waited until she heard the beep. "Hey it's me. Where are you? I'm really starting to worry. Call me back. Love you."

<Hope> She hung up and sank onto the bed, running her hands through her hair. Where the hell was he?!

<Bobby> Of course, even dead Shaw managed to find a way to annoy him. Bobby trudged down the hall of the girls' wing and to Hope's door. He took a deep, deep breath, found his Zen, or God, or whatever, then knocked.

<Hope> "It's open." She called out, trying Johnny's number again.

<Bobby> Damn, she was home. Though, he supposed if she wasn't he'd already failed at his job. Opening the door, he just went on in and jumped up on her desk to park himself. "Hey hey, guess who's back. You miss me?"

<Hope> Great. The guard that was hard to ditch. "Yeah yeah, find Johnny and I'll love you forever." She swore, hanging up and dialing again.

<Bobby> "You check the strip club?' Bobby snorted, nosing through the items on her desk.

<Hope> "Why would he pay when he has me for free?" Hope rolled her eyes. She already missed Phil and Stan.

<Bobby> "Because he can pay them to keep their mouths shut." Bobby grinned. Hey, he'd forgotten how fun this could be.

<Hope> "Go fuck yourself." Hope snapped at him. She threw her phone into her purse, digging in the bag for her keys.

<Bobby> "See, just like that." Bobby watched her impassively. "And I have been, for six weeks after the baby was born, actually, so thanks for asking about that."

<Hope> "Yeah? Well why don't you go back to spit up duty and leave this to the big kids." She patted his shoulder, heading past him to go to the garage.

<Bobby> "Yeah, no, you know how this works. You're not going anywhere without me." Bobby followed on her heels again.

<Hope> "Then put on your big boy panties. We're looking for a missing person." She considered that maybe she should have put her uniform on. Nah. "So either he's in trouble, or he's a bastard and he will be when I find him."

<Bobby> "You really think he's missing? Why?" Bobby was really skeptical of this. Johnny had many, many reasons to hide for a while. Hell, Bobby didn't blame him.

<Hope> "Look, I really don't care what you think of me. But he loves me and he always comes back or lets me know where he's going. He said he was going to Vito's last night and I haven't heard from him since. So I'm going to Vito's to check." Hope hit the unlock button on her keys, marching herself to her car door.

<Bobby> "Okay, princess - fair enough." Bobby let himself in the passenger side of her car.

<Hope> "Buckle up." Hope instructed, doing so herself. She put the key into the ignition and took off for Vito's.

<Bobby> For once, he did as he was told and after shooting her a glance, settled in for the ride.

<Hope> Hope reached into her purse and called Johnny for the hundredth time. Damnit where was he?!

<Bobby> Like that was going to work. He smirked to himself.

<Hope> As they neared Vito's, Hope could feel her throat start to close up. The red corvette wasn't in the garage and it wasn't there. So where had he gone? She slowed down, coming to a crawl as she pulled into the parking lot and parking the car.

<Bobby> Since it was day, the bar was fairly quiet, except for a few hardcore drunks. He looked over to Hope. "Go in, ask?"

<Hope> "Yeah." Hope stared at the steering wheel, trying to put herself together before she got out. They hadn't seen a wrecked car on the side of the road. Surely Sue would tell her if she got a call that Johnny had been in a wreck. Or she would have gotten the call. Somebody would. Eddie. She ran her hand through her hair, letting out a sigh.

<Bobby> "Want me to?" Bobby unbuckled the belt and popped the door latch, giving her a look. "But you take off without me, I'm calling your dad."

<Hope> "Don't tempt me." She gave him what smirk she could, unbuckling the seat belt and opening the car door. She slid out, grabbing her purse and taking another look around, hoping to see Johnny's car.

<Bobby> Bobby got out and went to the door, holding it open for Hope and then taking a look around the dim interior. Yep, it was Vito's.

<Hope> All bravado already gone, Hope shifted her weight awkwardly inside the bar. She headed to the bartender, fumbling with her phone to get out a picture of Johnny to show him.

<Bobby> "Hey, who was on last night?" The bartender pointed down the bar to another guy and Bobby shifted them to him. Since she was failing, and shaking a little, Bobby took the phone from her once she got to the pictures and found one himself. "You seen him? Last night? At all? Can't miss him. He's about my height... drives a 'Vette. Chick magnet."

<Hope> Hope shot Bobby an appreciative look, moving down to better hear the bartender.

<Hope> Bartender: "Ain't seen him in a few days."

<Bobby> "No? You sure?" Bobby rested his arm on the counter and leaned in, eyes narrowed. After another denial from the bartender, he shrugged and turned off her phone, handing it back to Hope.

<Bobby> "Well, we're from Xavier's, you can call Vito and tell him that... and then you can let us take a look at your security tapes." Pulling his SHIELD identification out of his back pocket to show the man, he put on a grin. "Just to be sure, you know."

<Hope> Wow. Bobby could actually be cool! Hope gave him a genuine smile as they were led back to the office. "Thanks, Bobby," she whispered to him.

<Bobby> "No problem," he smirked, listening to the explanation on how their really old-ass system worked. There were actual video tapes involved. After assuring the bartender he knew how to operate a 20-year-old VCR, he managed to get rid of him.

<Hope> "Do you think we'll find anything?" Or had Johnny lied and gone to a strip club... or worse?

<Bobby> "Dunno, and this will take a while." Bobby sat down and started scrolling through the video... which was just as boring as he'd expected.

<Hope> Biting down on her lip, Hope watched the screen, hoping and not hoping to see the corvette all at the same time.

<Bobby> Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward, pause. No... that was a Camaro. Fast forward.

<Hope> Hope shifted her weight from foot to foot, unable to tolerate the wait. Come on Johnny... where was he? She checked her phone to see if he had texted. Nothing. She glanced up at the tape. "WAIT!"

<Bobby> Bobby paused it again, rolling back a few frames to the distinctive shape of a Corvette pulling into the lot. He let it play, watching the entire encounter. Another shape meeting Johnny and Jamie?! And the mohawk was clearly visible, even though the video was dark black and white.

<Bobby> The three piled back into the Corvette, then... though it was hard to make out, Bobby thought he saw somebody slump over the wheel. He paused. "Huh..."

<Hope> She knew that damn mohawk. It was that freaky kid from the mall. Quentin? Yeah him. "Re... rewind it..."

<Bobby> Backing up the tape, he rolled through it again. "It's Quire all right. And Johnny, and Jamie." He sighed and scrubbed his hand over his face. "Fuck."

<Hope> As the boys slumped down in the car, it was hard to make out what happened next. Hope could see Quentin shoving Jamie aside and taking the driver's seat. Hope was also vaguely aware that someone was screaming. She wished they would shut up. They were horribly loud. Oh. It was her. She slammed both hands onto her mouth, but the screaming continued.

<Bobby> Bobby jumped up, letting the video continue as the Corvette tore out of the lot. "Jesus, Hope! Calm down!" He grabbed her by her upper arms, looking down at her in horror at the banshee wailing.

<Hope> "Calm down!? You want me to calm down!?" What the hell was wrong with him?! Well, calm was a good idea. She needed to think. She needed a plan. If she could get within a couple of miles, she would know where he was. The problem was... where to look? And he could already be dead. No. She couldn't think like that. Not now. She had to find him. She shook out her head a bit, red hair resettling as she locked eyes with Bobby. "I'm calm. Let's go."

<Bobby> "Yeah... you're Buddha, princess." He looked her over, mouth twisted sideways. "Look, I get it... I've been there, but now is not the time to go off half-cocked, so let's think about this."

<Hope> "The longer we wait, the less chance of finding him alive. You want to stop and wait, be my guest. I'll get you a taxi. I'm going now."

<Bobby> "Yeahuh, we have fuck-all idea where they went, so you're going to what? Drive around in circles? Make yourself a target by doing it alone? That's awesome strategy, babe."

<Hope> "....Bobby you are fucking brilliant!"

<Bobby> Oh, hell no. "No... nooooo. That, princess, was called sarcasm. Meaning that's exactly what we shouldn't do. That's how that works."

<Hope> "No it was brilliant. Tony will roll tanks to find me. One sure way to end this nightmare once and for all." Hope turned on her heels, heading out of the office.

<Bobby> "What the fuck?!" Bobby followed hot on her heels. "Hope, think about this. They got to the fucking president or whatever of the goddamn Hellfire Club." This was crazy. So, so, so crazy. "So you want to force Tony to orchestrate some big high-profile fiasco, probably my team, and this will end up ruining his fucking political career."

<Hope> "So you are making me choose between their lives and my dad's career?!"

<Bobby> "I'm trying to make you think!"

<Hope> "I am thinking. Aren't you listening to me!? The longer we wait, the less chance he'll be alive!"

<Bobby> "Fine, whatever. We drive around in circles, but you're not doing it alone, and we see pink hair, I fucking handle it. Not you."

<Hope> "Fine." Hope slid back into her car, wiping her hands on her pants before taking the wheel. She had to calm down and focus so she could sense Johnny's powers. She still wanted to kill Quentin, but she could argue that point after they found him.

<Bobby> "Fine." Bobby got back into the car himself and got out his phone to text Lorna. It was gonna be a long day.

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Re: 3/30 Instance: Roll Tanks

Post by steyn » Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:18 am

I'm surprised Hope didn't put a tracker on the corvette.

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Re: 3/30 Instance: Roll Tanks

Post by Esynthia » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:42 pm

It was Johnny's idea! >.>

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Re: 3/30 Instance: Roll Tanks

Post by TechPrincess » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:45 pm

steyn wrote:I'm surprised Hope didn't put a tracker on the corvette.
I kept saying this! Why didn't she put a gps tracker on that thing? lol
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