10/31 Instance: Positive Confirmation

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10/31 Instance: Positive Confirmation

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:55 am

Timeline - After 'Trust Ratings' and before 'The Ass-tounding Blink'

<Clarice> Clarice sat on the bed that was apparently her's, poking through the contents of her bedside cabinet and the desk next to it. Sooooo many things with frogs on them, notebooks, pens, random little toys, plushies. There was a frog shaped pillow that looked like it had been well loved.

<Clarice> She jotted down a note on the pad of paper balanced on her knee, Item one; I fucking love frogs? Well it explained the tattoo at least. She turned to the tank on her desk, within which a couple of real live frogs bobbed about, "I don't suppose you guys have names written down somewhere, do you?"

<Remy> "Dey do, actually. Third book along on your shelves, you wrote dem down, chere." A voice from the doorway spoke. Remy was stood there, dressed in jeans and tee shirt, a couple of milkshakes in hand and an unsure smile on his face. He'd stayed away for as long as he was capable of, but he couldn't take it anymore. Whether she could remember him or not, it didn't matter.

<Remy> It had taken a second or so for him to recognise her without the pink, and he found himself preferring her ... natural skin tone, so to speak. "Bonjour, chere. I ... know you don't remember me, but I'm Remy. Remy LeBeau? Thought y' might appreciate a drink, oui?"

<Clarice> "Jeeze!" She jumped, "What is it with people in this asylum and sneaking up on you?" She turned to the door and looked the guy up and down, fancy accent, very easy on the eyes. Hellooooooooo.

<Clarice> However, on the subject of eyes, Oh my fucking God what the hell demon eyes!? They were creepy as all hell! "Umm ... hi?"

<Remy> Remy hadn't bothered with the sunglasses. As he watched her ... disturbingly normal ... eyes widen when they met his, part of him wished he had. "Asylum? Non, d' people's strange, ma chere, but it's no asylum." He smiled. "Je suis desole, Remy should've knocked." He held up the glasses. "So ... can I come in?"

<Remy> He wasn't entirely sure what to make of this. He'd been warned, of course, but it hadn't prepared him at all. "I take it you don't know me at all, huh."

<Clarice> Remy ... Fabian had said ... "Oh shit ... you're my boyfriend aren’t you? Sorry, umm ... come in. Sure ... take seat and ... stuff?" She flailed inwardly, awkward city or what?

<Clarice> "Umm ... when I talked to Fabian he said ... but I'm like ... afraid that I don't ... umm ... I don't like ... know you-know you ... sorry."

<Remy> Remy gave her a smile he didn't really feel, doing as he was told and coming to sit down. The milkshakes went onto her nightstand, and - despite what he wanted to do - he sat with his hands in his lap, a card flipping between his fingers from apparently nowhere. "Oui ... dat I am, chere." He smiled at her. "But given d' circumstances, Remy'll try not to make y' feel too awkward."

<Remy> He pushed hair out of his face. "Got to admit, Clarice ... y' look strange without d' pink." He'd come armed - his wallet came out, a photo in it of the pair of them after seeing a film, smiling in the camera booth. "I ... didn't know if you knew how y' were s'posed t' be, so I bought a picture, just in case."

<Clarice> Automatically she tugged the bandana she was wearing over her hair down to make sure it was covering her ears as she leaned in to look at the photo, "It's .. I've seen other photos and it's just so bizarre to like ... look at." It was her face, her smile, her hair ... but just bright pink, purple, red and green, "The eyes kinda freak me out in them but ..." she sighed, feeling a great pit of guilt open up in her stomach, "We ... look happy."

<Remy> "We were. We ... still are, when y' remember, I mean." He smiled at the picture, folding the wallet away. "well, t'ink Remy wins d' freaky eyes competition dere, eh?" He chuckled. "I like how y' meant to look. Always have done ... don't tell no one else dis, but Remy's favourite colour's pink." He chuckled. "D' Astoundin' Blink ... you were d' one who finally convinced me dis was a good place to be."

<Remy> Remy looked at her then, the faintest little tendril of guilt coming from her before he closed off that side of things. Best not freak her out by telling her he could feel her emotions. "Do ... you know anyt'ing of who you are? Don' mean just about us, mean d' whole thing, who Clarice is."

<Clarice> "Well, they look like they glow. Glowing eyes sounds really creepy," yeah, ignore his eyes for the moment. "You like pink huh? I ..." she frowned, "I ... like green, do I like green normally. Not so keen on pink. Too girly," she was still having nightmares about Selena's room.

<Clarice> "Blink ... is my super-hero names, right?" She scribbled down a few more notes in her pad so she didn't have to look at him, "I ... I've just had things explained to me so far, nothing is really ... like, ringing any bells. That's why I'm going through all this crap and writing stuff down, to see if it helps."

<Remy> "Oui, it is, it's d' sound your portals make." He blushed a bit at the girly comment, but the grin was good-natured. "Dere's a good reason why Remy's is pink, chere. Be warned, dis is gonna be a little strange for you, oui?" He held up the card, flipped it, and then charged it. The playing card flared white-pink, leaving trails that flickered when he moved it.

<Remy> "Green's y' favourite colour, oui. And dat's a good idea, actually, maybe it can help y' remember." He nodded. "Personally, I like d' glowin' eyes. Remy's can glow sometimes, if he's really excited about somet'ing." He smiled, draining out the charge in the card. "Is dere anyt'ing I can explain? I mean I bought your favourite milkshake."

<Clarice> Clarice jumped at the flare of light, and then watched it enraptured, "... Wow ... that's ... that's actually really pretty," she said, smiling a little, "I ... this might sound like a weird question but ... we match?" She pointed to the card, "We like ... match there or something?" Milkshakes huh? She hadn't been one for milkshakes back hom-in Circle Pines, but apparently she didn't drink caffeine either so maybe it filled the gap?

<Remy> "Colours, oui, your powers are pink too." Remy smiled happily. It wasn't much, no, but it was something. "Merci, I didn't design dem but it's nice dey look good. Remy makes things go boom." He winked at her. "It's what makes him special."

<Remy> He watched her for a moment. "Chere ... do you mind having a hug? I ... missed y' like hell when you went, locked myself away, was even t'inkin' of leavin' when I thought you weren't comin' back." He looked down at the card in his hands.

<Clarice> Annnnd even more guilt, he seemed to have .. really cared for her and she's gone and fucked a guy on a bar top .... arrrgh! She could at least give him a hug, "Sure ... I can do that it's just ... well," she blushed, he seemed like such a sweetie too, damn her! "It's just still a little weird for me, this whole thing."

<Remy> "Yeah, can imagine." Remy shifted a little closer, wrapping an arm around her, pulling her against him and without even thinking about it nuzzling into her hair. Even with how different she looked, she still smelt like Clarice. "Well, non, I can't, but ..." He sighed. "Can't imagine dey were nice enough t' let you remember you had a boyfriend, oui?" His gut tightened. He wasn't stupid, after all, but he could hope, right?

<Clarice> This was ... nice? Was she being snuggled? She wasn't really a touchy feely person unless it was like ... Adam and Paul, but she'd known them forever ... or at least she thought she did. Ugh!

<Clarice> Argh! No! Not that question! Shiiiit! Well, at least she didn't have to bring it up herself right, "They ..." she coughed, "Um ... they didn't let me remember anything ..."

<Remy> Remy was quiet for a moment. Honestly, he wasn't sure if that was an admittance of anything, or her way to avoid the question. Did he honestly want to know? Was it cheating, if she didn't know - no, he couldn't be angry at her if she had, it wasn't her fault. "... You thought you were single ... oui? Did ... did anyt'ing happen, Clarice?"

<Remy> He stopped a moment. "If it did ... Remy's not angry. Not at all. It's not your fault you couldn't remember him, oui? It's dere fault - Trask's fault, but ... but I'd like to know, better den findin' out in a bad way, eh?"

<Clarice> Oh man, why did she feel so baaaaaaaaad? She didn't even know this guy and she felt like ... like a kid who'd been caught stealing from their mother's purse or something, "I ... well ... I asked Paul out and we dated for a bit," she mumbled, "only ... well. I guess the real reason we never got far was that he's gay ... at least that's what Fabian said ..."

<Remy> "Jean-Paul?" Remy couldn't help the laugh. "Oui, a bit. He has a boyfriend." He shook his head. "Dey tried fixin' dat too? Wow, Remy would've gone mad dere." He nuzzled her a little again. "Okay, Remy just finds dat idea funny, chere, honestly." He smiled. If that was all that happened, then he was fine ... really. "Is dat all or is dere more?"

<Clarice> "Yeah, Fabian laughed to," she gave him a tight little smile that obviously didn't reach her human eyes, "umm ... I ... well, I really liked Paul and when it didn't work out I went to the bar and ... and ..."

<Clarice> She took a deep breath 'And I was a total whore', "Edward was there ... and we got drunk ... and then we like ... locked ourselves in 'cos he worked there ... and then he said I was beautiful and no one had ever told me I was beautiful except for my parents and I was really, really fucking drunk and ... and we sorta ... screwed on the bar."

<Remy> Remy forced himself not to tense, not to swear, not to do anything even as a nasty spike of anger at Eddie suddenly hit him. No, it wasn't the boy's fault, it wasn't the boy's fault, neither was it Clarice so he had no right to feel as betrayed as he did and ... "For d' record, ma chere ... Remy's called y' beautiful since he met y'." He said finally, smiling a little sadly.

<Remy> He finally let the anger out on a breath. It was misdirected, but hell did it hurt. "Not angry with you, Clarice. Merde, it's not your fault, you were someone else den ... y' still are, really, but you'll remember, oui? No one's to blame, but promise if Remy sees Trask he's a dead man for makin' you do dat."

<Clarice> "It wasn't even good," Clarice groaned, "it was horrible and awkward and it hurt and he just like ... got up and got dressed afterwards and I felt like dirt," she backed away from him a little, not able to look him in the face. It was ridiculous how guilty she felt, despite the fact that she didn't know this guy from a hole in the ground.

<Clarice> "And ... and nobody made me do it but me, I got balls enough to admit when I screw up ... I ... I'm sorry man, you seem like a really great guy too .." hell, what did you even say in this sort of situation? Everything that came out of her mouth just sounded lame.

<Remy> ... And didn't even sound like his Clarice. Remy sucked in a breath and then let it out slowly. "Answer me dis, chere, would you have done it if you had known about me? Dat all dat was a lie and you knew I was waitin'? D' Clarice I know - d' real you - wouldn't. Besides, any man who does dat to a girl's a class jerk, oui?" He smiled at her, tilting her head up a little.

<Remy> "Listen, ma chere. You didn't screw up. Dis wasn't your fault. Okay? Remy's not angry, or upset, not at you anyway." He blushed a little. "Glad you think I'm a great guy, though." He smiled at her. "Look, if you want, we'll drop it. Merci for tellin' Remy, like I said better I find out like dis den at a bad time, oui? Are dere any questions you want to ask about ... about us?"

<Clarice> "Oh GOD no! I got more class then that! Cheaters are like, the scum of the earth!" ... Which meant she was now the scum of the earth. Fucking Christ! "Yeah ... 'cos just thinking about it makes me wanna have a scalding hot bath."

<Clarice> "Umm ... I ... I guess?" She sucked her teeth as she tried to think of something to ask him, "Have ... have we been together long?"

<Remy> "Well den, you don't need to feel so bad, oui?" Remy said, brighter than he felt but that was the important part. He could deal with misplaced anger in the Danger Room later. "Non, not long. Remy hadn't been here long, and he nearly missed out on you because Fabian asked first." He smiled at the memory. "Y' got me into Buddhism, actually, because you didn't like d' fact Remy was a t'ief." He reached over and picked up his milkshake.

<Remy> "We made it official a little bit before you were taken. Remy though you'd changed your mind when he got d' fake letter."

<Clarice> "I'm still having a really hard time picturing myself as a Buddhist ... but I even managed to convert people ... wow. You were a thief, like .. a professional one?" Dashingly handsome, French thief? Did he like ... steal diamonds and works of art? That would be so cool!

<Clarice> "Yeah, they said that you'd been sent fake letters and stuff, did they like ... say anything about us in the letter then? Did they like ... dump you on my behalf?" Her nose wrinkled in distaste at the thought.

<Remy> "Remy can imagine you are." He smiled carefully. "But oui, y' are, and you showed Remy you don't need t' be on drugs or drunk to have fun, oui? Quit smokin' for you and drinkin', though definitely havin' trouble with caffeine." He grinned. "Remy likes his coffee."

<Remy> He rubbed the back of his neck, looking serious for a moment. "Y' can read dem later if y' like ... jus' said you didn't want to be recognised any more, dat maybe you'd be back one day, dat Remy wouldn't be able t' recognise y' ... gotta admit, it hurt, chere, but it wasn't real." He waved a hand. "And ... oui, could say Remy was professional, only way he ate sometimes."

<Clarice> "You don't? You did?" Clarice blinked at him, "Wow... that ... that sounds like you're ..." she started to blush a little, "you're like ... really serious ... about me?" She looked away, feeling ... ashamed? Of betraying these beliefs that had obviously had such an impact on him, "I ... I um ... well, drank and stuff back hom-back there. I just ... it's what you did ... I don't think religion ever came into anything, like ever."

<Clarice> "I ... well I guess that makes sense. I'm meant to be some internationally reviled terrorist or something ..." she sucked her teeth thoughtfully, "how do you know the letters were faked then? Dr. Trask said our memories had to be taken away for the cure to work, maybe I did sign up for it?"

<Clarice> "I asked Fabian about it when we spoke earlier ... he said I was pretty pro-mutant before ... but I dunno, I don't remember."

<Remy> "Oui ... I am." Remy gave her a small smile. "Dere's not a lot y' can do when you don't remember what you're supposed to believe in, chere." He was quiet for a few moments. "Remy's no scientist, Clarice. He doesn't know anyt'ing about dis ... cure or how it works. What he does know is dat dere is no way on dis green Earth you would have willingly signed up t' have everyt'ing dat is fundamentally you taken away."

<Remy> He looked at her carefully. "Y'd been t'rough some hard times. Dere's some t'ings dat have happened dat would have broken anyone else, ma chere. But y', you held up through it all. Y' didn't want to change who you were because of a few people's opinions. Pro mutant? Oui, dat's one way of puttin' it, you believed dat everyone should be as dey are, dat it's a right, not a curse. Y' were pretty damn inspirin'." He blushed a little, ducking his head. "... At least, y' were for Remy. Dey were fake, chere, Remy knows dey were fake."

<Clarice> Clarice sat in awkward silence with the gorgeous French thief for a few moments after he finished. That ... that there was a pretty impressive speech and she could tell it came from the heart, but it felt almost like he was talking about someone else, and it felt almost ... wrong for her to be hearing it.

<Clarice> She managed a small smile, eyes flicking to him and then back, "... Mutant me is a lucky girl, to have a guy like you," he was much sweeter then Fabian, and taller too. Maybe that's why she'd picked him over the Spaniard?

<Remy> Remy gave a small, awkward shrug and a crooked half-smile. "Remy doesn't know about dat." He blew hair out of his face. "... Maybe dis was a bit heavy t' lay on you dis early." He hesitated, before an arm went around her shoulders, pulling her against him gently - almost nervously.

<Remy> "Listen, chere ... it's gonna be okay. Remy'll look after y', an' if dere's any god up dere, you'll remember dis in time. Until den ... I'll be here f' you."

<Clarice> He really was a huggy one, wasn't he? Still, there was something comforting about being held like this, she let her eyes drift closed and leaned against him, "Thanks, Remy."

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Re: 10/31 Instance: Positive Confirmation

Post by PsychoKez056 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:19 am

Feelz and snifflez! and awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Re: 10/31 Instance: Positive Confirmation

Post by Scumfish » Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:15 pm

Awwwww Remy!! <3 Awesome instance guys, many hugs for both of them ^^
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Re: 10/31 Instance: Positive Confirmation

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;3; D'aww you guise...

Srs; we're never letting Eddie go about any of his shortcomings are we? :3

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Re: 10/31 Instance: Positive Confirmation

Post by PanicSwitch » Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:50 pm

And now I am diabetic... :toothy

Very cute instance guys!
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