9/22 Instance: Sweet Offerings

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9/22 Instance: Sweet Offerings

Post by Ferguson » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:23 am

Timelined for after [Game]Community.

Jessica: Jess settled onto the sofa with a good book and enjoyed the quiet. It was nice when she had the house to herself, rare enough that the novelty hadn't worn off.

Paige: Paige adjusted her dress a bit, careful not to drop her plate of baked goods for the Drew family. She made sure she was acceptable, then rang the bell on the door.

Jessica: Jess sighed a little and closed her book over her finger, getting up and going to the door. "Oh... hi..." she gave a small smile, "Uh... my parents aren't here but you're welcome to come in..." she opened the door a little.

Paige: "Oh thank you." Paige went on into the house with a smile. "I wanted to bring you by some goodies and invite you to our neighborhood party."

Jessica: "A party?" She closed the door behind her and gestured towards the kitchen. "Tea? Coffee?"

Paige: "Tea would be lovely, thank you." She headed in the direction gestured, setting the goodies down on the counter once she arrived. "Yes, just a small get together to get to know some of our newer arrivals. Nothing fancy."

Jessica: "Oh... that sounds nice actually." She moved to get the tea made, "When is it?"

Paige: "7 o'clock tomorrow night. A lot of people will be there. It's a great time to meet everyone!"

Jessica: She nodded, "I think I can make that." She moved to the fridge, "Do you take milk or sugar in your tea?"

Paige: "Milk and just a little sugar please." She took a seat in one of the kitchen chairs. "I'm so glad that you can make it! Will your parents be able to attend also?"

Jessica: "They should be able to, their evenings are pretty free." She finished making the tea to Paige's specifications and brought the cup over to her.

Paige: "Oh thank you." Paige took the cup and held it for a moment to let it cool. "How are you liking things here so far?"

Jessica: "It's really nice..." she smiled, taking a seat, "Everyone seems very friendly."

Paige: "I'm glad to hear that too. Have you met my friend Scott Simmons?"

Jessica: "Yes... well, only in passing." She eyed the plate Paige had brought with her.

Paige: "He's a really sweet guy, new in town like you."

Jessica: "Oh really? Well at least then I'm not the only new person around."

Paige: "I thought it would be a great opportunity for both of you to get to know people. It can be hard moving into such a tight knit community."

Jessica: She nodded, "It has been... I've made some friends through the dance school though so that's nice."

Paige: "I'm so happy to hear that you are settling in a bit. My father was the mayor before he passed away. He felt it important to make sure everyone here felt welcome."

Jessica: She smiled, "We do, I promise. My father loves his job and mother is making sure that we visit everyone at least once so we can familiarise ourselves. It's exhausting really."

Paige: "Well if there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask." Paige took a sip of her drink.

Jessica: "You've been great so far," she assured the other woman.

Paige: Paige beamed at her. "Well thank you."

Jessica: "You're welcome... I think it helps that you obviously like baking."

Paige: "Oh I just throw together a bit of this and a bit of that. We have a ladies' bridge club that meets on Sunday afternoon while the men watch sports. You are welcome to come join us. You don't even have to know how to play. We can teach you."

Jessica: "I have no idea how to play but I'll think about coming. I'll see what mum says to it." she smiled.

Paige: "Sounds great! We meet at my house this week. Well, hope to see you there tomorrow for the party." She finished her tea, then set the cup down in the sink.

Jessica: "You will, thanks for the invite and the cakes." she got to her feet, "I'll bring the plate back tomorrow."

Paige: "Sure thing, no rush." Paige flashed her another smile. "Have a great afternoon."

Jessica: "You too... I'll see you to the door." She followed her out.

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Re: 9/22 Instance: Sweet Offerings

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