9/20 Instance: Creamy Disappearance

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9/20 Instance: Creamy Disappearance

Post by Starfish » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:01 pm

Timeline: Current.

Max: Max was out of breath, one leg hanging off Penny's bed, other entangled with Penny's legs, and he was already starting to lose feeling in the arm trapped under her head. He didn't mind one bit. He grinned at her, then looked over to the alarm clock. "I think... your roomies will get here... in a bit..."

Penny: Turning her head ever so slightly, Penny looked at Max through half-open eyes. She seemed tired at first glance, but her expression revealed more contentment than anything else. "You are the one who can speak, so you explain to her why we are naked," she signed at him. "Though, I'm sure she'll know, anyway."

Max: "Isn't the that other new girl your roommate as well?" Max asked, then realized something, "I heard she turns invisble.... hello? New girl? You're not really in here... right?" Max called out around them, one hand slowly going down to cover his quill.

Penny: "Oh yes, she seems nice," Penny replied, rolling onto her side so she could sign the words more easily. She wore a sly smirk on her face. "I didn't see her much, however. Maybe because she can turn invisible."

Max: "Ha, that's a good one. No really though, I'm startign to get the feeling I'll have to feel around the room each time we want to fiddle around." he told Penny, leaning into her and bumping his head against hers.

Penny: Penny gave silent laugh and stroked through the quills on Max's head with her clawed hand, before leaning back to sign back at him. "Why," she asked. "If she didn't want to watch, I'm sure she could simply sneak out."

Max: "Unless I scarred her for life and she's in a corner somewhere rocking about in a foetal position. Anyway, it's...." he looked at the clock one last time, "too late to do anything else in here... meaning we gotta take it somewhere else... but before we do... guess what I'm in the mood for... other than what I just got minutes ago."

Penny: Watching her boyfriend with a thoughtful look on her face, Penny's mind went through all the things they had done during their little break together. "I don't know," she eventually signed. "Do you want to try out something new?" Her lips formed an excited grin. "Melati showed me a few things I didn't know yet."

Max: Max opened his mouth, closed, thought a little and then said, "I would love to find out what she taught you... but what I was talking about was something sweat and creamy... and cold."

Penny: It took her another moment to get her mind off the obvious naughty things she was thinking of. "Oh, you mean icecream," Penny replied, eyebrows arching upwards.

Max: "My treat, think you're in the mood for some ice cream?" he asked.

Penny: Penny nodded eagerly, before uncurling her legs from Max and sitting on the edge of her bed. She turned to look at him. "Think we'll find some downstairs," she signed.

Max: "Nooooo," Max said as he pushed himself up as well, "I want the good stuff, the softserve, in those fancy sugary cones, with those toppings and stuff, from that ice cream place next to the park." he said, adding more descriptions on how marvelous the icecream there was.

Penny: "Oh, that sounds nice," Penny replied and nodded. "We can go there. Don't have anything else planned for the day. Nothing without you, anyway." She smiled, leaning over the bed to press a soft kiss to Max's lips, before climbing out of the bed.

Max: Max grinned like an idiot until Penny had her panties back on, then he started putting clothes on as well. Moments later they were out of the door, and moments after that they were out of the garage's door.

Penny: Once they had made their way through traffic and arrived at the park, Penny peeled her spikes out of the cushions of the van's seat. "Yay, we didn't hit anything," she cheered, before clapping for her boyfriend.

Max: Max gave the victory arms up pose of a winner. "I'm getting better and better at driving on the wrong side of the road." he said as he got out the minivan, quickly stepping around to open the door for Penny. The second she got close enough he gave her a kiss, "Got anything in mind for icecream?"

Penny: Biting her lower lip, Penny thought about ice-cream for a moment, before nodding eagerly. "I want all the flavours," she signed, grinning. "Maybe I'll start with vanilla and strawberry."

Max: Max grinned, "If you get a stomach ache tonight, it'll be your own fault." he warned her as they headed towards the icecream shop.

Penny: Penny leaned over and planted a kiss on Max's cheek. "I never get tummy aches," she reminded him, gently nudging his side. "And you know I eat anything."

Max: He had a tough time wiping the dirty grin on his face when they got to the counter and looked through all of the flavours.

Penny: Penny did the same, even though she had her face pressed to the display window to marvel at all the different colours of icecream. When it became their turn to place their order, she avidly gestured at the employee behind the counter and pointed at the sorts she wanted in her cone.

Max: "Whoa there, Penny, sweety, I don't think they can fit all of those flavours on one cone." Max said, then gestured to the employee to make an extra cone, and then he gave his order. After some degree of Cirque du Soleil balancing act, they walked out the store, licking icecream.

Penny: Holding the cone proved as difficult as it looked when one was gifted with long claws on each hand. Penny carefully cradled her icecream between her fingers, the sweet treat already running down her red skin. Fortunately, things became a little more manageable once they had found a lonesome bench in the shade of a large nearby tree.

Max: It was nice and peaceful, some people walked by, the sun was slowly going lower, and Max discovered his icecream had found a path through his fingers without him knowing when he saw white sticky drops on his groin. "I think we forgot the napkins." he said.

Penny: Licking her hands to prevent too much of the sticky cream from dribbling down on her legs, Penny glanced up Max. The downside of having her hands full was that she had no way to tell him anything, and so had to resort to giving him a helpless look.

Max: "Hang on, hang on, I'll be right back.. " Max said and got up. He was licking his cone holding hand as he quickly headed back to the shop, hoping they haven't closed yet.

Penny: Penny almost dropped her cone when she waved after Max, watching her boyfriend disappear inside the store. Afterwards she returned to the heroic task of taming her icecream, sitting by herself as she licked it carefully. Her scoop grew smaller as she watched the people walk by. Every now and then she turned around to look at the doorway, but saw only strangers walk in and out.

Penny: Several minutes passed without Max returning, eventually leaving Penny wondering what took him so long. Wondering if he had managed to get his quills stuck in something again, she decided to investigate. Rising from the bench, she made her way back to the store, still licking her icecream as she peeked through the door.

Penny: With no sign of her boyfriend, neither inside nor outside, the red-skinned girl started to look increasingly lost and helpless.

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Re: 9/20 Instance: Creamy Disappearance

Post by puppygirl » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:00 pm

Awwww Bright-Eyes! Inner Darren wants to swoop to her rescue :'(
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Re: 9/20 Instance: Creamy Disappearance

Post by Slarti » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:06 pm

Ohnoes! They really are too cute together, guys. ><

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Re: 9/20 Instance: Creamy Disappearance

Post by wingyding » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:14 pm

Eeep! All the mysterious disappearances lately. >>

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