6/8 Instance: Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

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6/8 Instance: Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Post by Ferguson » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:36 pm

Current Timeline

<EnSabbah> En Sabbah nur was biting in a nice shrimps and mayonaise hors d'oeuvre served on freshly baked baguette, prepared by his private cook, while observing the players of the San Antonio Knuckleheads walk onto the pitch, ready to face the Denver Grapefruits.

<EnSabbah> He would be cheering for the Knuckleheads, obviously, seeing as he owned about 34% of the team. He even had gotten himself a branded baseball cap.

<Raven> "Really, it was only a matter of time before Malice was discovered," Ronnie continued to say over her salmon, "I'm frankly amazed she remained hidden as long as she did, my dears."

<Shinobi> Shinobi delicately picked at his sushi. "Of course she got discovered. She's hardly subtle." He murmured, shrugging carelessly.

<@Fabian> "We weren't counting on them actually finding a way to hold her, however. Was she able to get out how they did it before she went silent on us?" Fabian stared out the window, trying to find the appeal in the game that was going on but gave up, turning to the others. "I don't know, I think she's sort of made to be subtle."

<Shinobi> "Is she a she? Could we really assign a gender to something so...discorperate? She takes on the gender of whatever she's in...surely she's more of an 'it'."

<Essex> He should stop hoping for more sophisticated locations to hold their little meetings, Essex thought to himself and looked down at the field with mild contempt visible on his face. So much time wasted that could have been spent on making real scientific progress.

<Raven> "And what with these executions the X-Men are now performing on our operatives ..." Ronnie gave a small shrug, "Alas, she wasn't, we are in the dark, dearies."

<Juggernaut> Cain didn't much pay any attention to the others, he was more concerned about the game that was about to start on the field. He had quit a large amount of money riding on it.

<Shinobi> "How do we know it's the X-Men, Raven? They have their cute little 'no kills' rule, don't they?"

<EnSabbah> "Whatever she is or isn't she played her part to my satisfaction, and that is all that counts." He finished the shrimps. "Now, I want you to pay attention, because some of the college players down there are going to be your future henchmen." After adequate body modifications, obviously.

<Raven> "Am I the only on here who bothers to double check the security footage?" Ronnie sighed, before eyeing up the football players.

<Juggernaut> Cain cracked his knuckles, "Well, however it was, I'll like to see them try and get to me." he chuckled to himself, eyesing the two mascots on the field trying to fight eachother.

<@Fabian> "From the people who have escaped so far it would seem they were recognized so I don't believe some of them are playing by their rules at the moment." Oh, well, henchmen training. Now the whole thing did interest him somewhat.

<Raven> "You know, back home we don't bother with all this ... padding, what's the fun of a full contact game if you can't kick people in the face properly when they're down?"

<Shinobi> "Those? But they're nothing but meatheads - no offence, Cain - and with all due respect, sir." Shinobi cast a look to Raven. "Of course not. I just find it hard to believe. After all, they do have an illusionist, yes?"

<Essex> "Clearly your understanding of such abstract concepts as identify is limited by a disappointingly mundane view of reality," Essex commented with a brief glance in Shinobi's direction.

<Juggernaut> Cain grumbled and almost gave Shinobi the finger.

<Raven> "Yes they do, I was suprised to see dear Jason with them, I would have thought he would be on our side ... perhaps he is mearly upset with Hearld and Pestilence's little break in?"

<EnSabbah> "Well, Shinobi, you can not submit your usual grad student to the treatment these guys will be going through." He liked Shinobi, the boy was smart. And at the same time stupid enough to do what he was told, because he'd think it was his own idea.

<@Fabian> "So, what is to be done about Malice? I suppose it's only a matter of time before they attempt to wring her for information with their little AI project, yes?"

<Shinobi> "I suppose." Shinobi shot Essex a look when he was sure the good doctor wasn't looking - frankly the man terrified him - before nodding. He ate a little sushi, trying to pay attention to the game, but it was hard to enjoy several grown men fighting over a ball. "A head-on attack is hardly going to go our way, what with some of the mutants there."

<Juggernaut> "Just let me run in there, and one of you lot can just follow and not get hurt, grab her, and head out? Easy."

<Trevor> "Since an unrestricted fight for survival has been the idea to begin with, I can't see how the X-Men abandoning their pretentious ideals isn't a success for us," Trevor remarked, sipping his drink. "Too bad for our allies, of course."

<EnSabbah> "Trevor is right, obviously. That said, I do believe that it's best to pull Malice out as soon as possible. The trick is not to overdo it, the X-Men are useless to me dead."

<Shinobi> "This would be so much easier if we could simply...mind control one or two of the more powerful ones." Shinobi sighed. "Alas, I am only good for sneaking."

<@Fabian> "So it will be less a straightfoward fight and more who we think will be able to get in and out with the least amount of trouble being caused...Juggernaut would be good for a battering ram, that is true. Though I think the family reunion would be a tad bit awkward?"

<Raven> "And when you think about it, since they're killing off the Marauders rather then capturing them, we run no risk of an infomation leak. Malice is currently the only hole we have to plug now," she glanced at Nur, "I could do it, I am a former student after all, I can get in there easily."

<Essex> "I fully support this sentiment," Essex commented, crossing his legs. "The loss of some of my enforcers may be regrettable, but eventually it's little more than a minor setback. In fact, I consider it a reasonable prize if it means we get to witness this transformation of our enemy's ideals."

<Juggernaut> Cain grunted, "And then you get caught, and then we do the loud and proud 'extraction', lead by me."

<Raven> "I assure you my duckie, I am a master of subterfuge ... which means being sneaky incase you're unsure." he told Raven.

<@Fabian> "Wouldn't the be suspicious about you turning up again?"

<Shinobi> "She is a shapeshifter, Fabian, do keep up."

<Juggernaut> "Yeah?" he told Raven, "Well, I'm the Juggernaut, bitch, and I don't care about sub...subterfuge."

<Trevor> "Leave the question of getting in and out to me," Trevor assured the others. "I'll also gladly make room in my schedule to come to our dear Raven's rescue, should it become necessary."

<@Fabian> "And if she were to shift she would be just another stranger to them and her presence there would be no more alerting than any of ours."

<Shinobi> "I don't know, if she were to take the form of one of them while they were out on their precious little 'patrol'...?"

<Shinobi> Shinobi continued to concentrate on his sushi, not bothering to look at those he was talking to.

<Raven> "Do give me some credit, Fabian my love, I know the layout of the place and this is the sort of escapade that I was built for ... unless you have a better idea, of course?"

<Raven> "And Cain, you mastery of rappore is to be admired, truely."

<Essex> "And while Mr. Nur and I agree that the X-men are more valuable to us alive, please don't hesitate to inflict as much pain as you like," Essex commented, the faintest smile showing on the edge of his mouth. "You certainly deserved it - and I believe it's only fair to remind them I did not appreciate what they did to my Marauders."

<Essex> "I wouldn't want anyone to get the idea I don't care for my employee's," he added, looking at the assembled mutants.

<EnSabbah> He just cocked his head at that remark.

<EnSabbah> "I want you to infiltrate the mansion, Fabian," he then pointed out.

<Raven> "... Fabian?" She cocked an eyebrow.

<Shinobi> Shinobi looked up as well, frowning. "Fabian, sir? Really?"

<@Fabian> "..." Fabian was with the others as he most certainly did not want to do this. Walking into the lion's den, so to speak was not something he felt like doing. "Sir?"

<Juggernaut> "Can always do a decoy play again, we get to rough up those little frilly superheroes in their spandex, while someone goes for Malice. Stuff like that worked before, will probably work again." Cain said as he watched the game out in the field.

<Shinobi> "You just want to do 'Cain Smash', don't you, my overlarge friend?"

<EnSabbah> "No. Only Fabian. And you will be taking Loki along." He was seemingly only concentrated on the game, not really paying that much attention to the disussion at hand.

<Juggernaut> Cain smirked, "I like smashing."

<Trevor> "Just tell me where they keep Malice and I'll get her out for you before anyone notices a thing," Trevor said, leaning forward to help himself to some of the exquisite snacks that had been provided.

<@Fabian> How the hell did this just happen? "...so I take it that I'm off training duty for the foreseeable future in that case?"

<Raven> Fabian and Loki? Really? Why? Ronnie was very bemused and shot Trevor and Shinobi looks.

<Shinobi> Shinobi shot one right back, face blank but the raised eyebrow conveying his own confusion. Still...if that was what the boss demanded...

<@Fabian> "...I suppose we are the right age to be incoming students...and Loki does have the family connection there." Obviously this was some sort of retribution, maybe because Famine had failed, who knows?

<Shinobi> "Thor? That huge stupid Fin? This is true, he'd be instantly trusted..." Shinobi nodded slowly.

<EnSabbah> "I have complete trust in your abilities, obviously. However, I have asked the good doctor to prepare a little something that will ensure you won't share our little secrets, even if you should be found out." He nodded at Essex.

<Raven> ... That sounded deliciously ominous.

<@Fabian> "Yes, Sir, of course." Shit.

<Juggernaut> "Yes!" Cain shouted, arms up in the air. "Yes!" he yelled again. "Whoo!"

<Shinobi> "...I think someone scored?"

<Juggernaut> "Touchdown, and another one of those fruits are off the field. THink he broke an arm, hehehe..." Cain looked back at the others, "What' happening?" he asked them

<Essex> Shifting in his seat, Essex reached into the jacket and pulled out a slim case. "Take one after lunch, and don't forget the glass of water," he instructed, sounding quite amused as he said that, and placed the open box on the table in front of them. A row of large capsules were embedded inside.

<Raven> "We're just poisoning Fabian, dear, nothing important," Ronnie smirked.

<EnSabbah> "Oh, you are right Cain." HE looked at the player being carried off the pitch. "I'll have to make sure he loses his scholarship. We really can't pay for someone who gets injured that easily, now, can we? Not in this economy."

<Juggernaut> Cain eyed those capsules. "You sure those are the swallowing kind? They're a bit large."

<@Fabian> "Thank you." Fabian managed to get out when Essex gave him the capsules. "Shall I send Loki to get his later or deliver it to him myself?"

<Essex> "Ah, nothing insidious like that, i assure you," Essex commented with a smirk. "Though side effects may include nerve pains, dizziness, the occasional bout of phantom pain, and sensory illusions."

<Juggernaut> Cain coughed, which almost sounded like 'anal leakage' as well.

<Raven> "Charming, I'm sure it'll be a doddle for you two boys then," Ronnie gave Fabian her brightest smile.

<@Fabian> "Oh, I'm sure." Fabian put on his best smile as he forced himself to swallow the medication. "So...should we talk about War?"

<EnSabbah> He gae Raven a crooked smile. "I am glad you are so optimistic about this. Obviously, at some point, all of you will be using the doctor's little helpers."

<EnSabbah> "Ah, yes, War. How is she?"

<Raven> .... Fuck! The smile remained on her face though, "She's raring to go, as they say."

<Shinobi> Shinobi concentrated on his food, trying to hide the nervous tapping of a finger on his chopsticks, suddenly not hungry any more. He forced himself to eat. Was it really coming to that?

<Essex> "Even though I don't expect you take my word for it at this point, I'm certain you'll come to the point where you are grateful for my special medicine," Essex said, a smirk curling his lips.

<Shinobi> Brainwashing. We're going to be brainwashed, just like the rest of them. Shinobi just nodded.

<@Fabian> Somehow, that statement made Fabian feel a bit better. They would all suffer this fate and they could have fun wondering what that would be like. "I trust she's looking forward to her trip abroad then."

<Raven> "Oh of course, she can't wait for her debut."

<@Fabian> "So...she leaves tonight, when do Loki and I leave?" Fabian glanced to Apocalypse, not sure if he wanted it a long ways away or over as soon as possible.

<EnSabbah> "Oh, right. Cain, there is a letter for Fabian, over there on the desk. That should answer your question."

<Juggernaut> "Hmm?" Cain looked over to the desk next to him. He got up and grabbed the letter and held it up to Fabian.

<@Fabian> "...I wasn't aware Xavier's still did acceptance letters." Fabian frowned as he took the letter. "I'll pack my bags then."

<@Fabian> What in the hell had he done to deserve this?

<EnSabbah> "I had one printed especially for you. Make sure to thank Malice for that, when you get her." He grabbed a bottle of whisky from the cabinet and poured himself a glass. "After all, some things have to be done with style."

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