2/24 Instance: You Suck!

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2/24 Instance: You Suck!

Post by Slarti » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:27 am

Timelined after X-Men Extra Credit

<Rogue> Rogue stripped the top part of her uniform and let it fall to hang around her waist. She took the patch and lifted her tank top a little while pushing the uniform a bit lower to expose her hip. She put the patch on and let out a sigh of relief, feeling nearly as light as air and thankful all over again for this miraculous invention. She gave Hank a smile and stripped her gloves, tucking them into the belt on her uniform.

<Rogue> Rogue stepped out of the exam room and stopped before heading to her desk, "Oh, hey, Miranda!" She gave a wave and a smile, "What're y'all down here f'r, sugah?"

<Miranda> Miranda looked up from the paper in her hand. "Oh! Heeey." She shook the page a little. "Oh... test. Y'know, for after the hospital..." She looked down a little at that, nervously twisting a lock of hair around her finger.

<Rogue> Rogue winced a bit, "Oh. Yeah..." She stepped over to her and gave her a smile, "An' tha verdict iiiiis?"

<Miranda> She looked up at Rogue and bit her lip, then starting talking rapidly. "Well, Dr. McCoy gave me this paper and babbled at me for like fifteen minutes and I swear to God he wasn't even speaking English! I mean, I know it's a school and we're supposed to be getting smarter here and all that but oh my God there was just no way I could follow that! He needs a translator!"

<Rogue> Rogue laughed and nodded, "Yeah, he does. That's what Scott's for." She held her hand out for the paper, "Can Ah see?"

<Miranda> She happily handed it over. "Scott's the hot one right? Little uptight and a little crazy with the sunglasses, but not bad overall." Miranda nervously nibbled at a thumbnail. "Um, he was smiling, so I assume that means it was negative, but why can't it just have a little plus or minus like a pee stick?"

<Rogue> Rogue laughed again, "Yeah, he's tha hot one." She leaned in a little, keeping an eye on Scott's office door to make sure he wasn't going to come out and catch her, "An' he's a damned good kisser too. An' more." Rogue straightened and looked down at the paper, mimicking Hank by straightening invisible glasses. "Let's see mah dear... Oh mah stars an' garters!!" Her eyes went wide in mock horror.

<Miranda> "Reeeeally?" Miranda perked up and looked over to the door Rogue seemed to be checking on. Her momentary happy fantasy was rudely interrupted by Rogue's acting, however. "Oh my God. What?!"

<Rogue> Rogue broke into a grin, "Nothin'. Y'all're fine, sug." She handed the paper back, "An' yeah, really... An' his lab coat? Really comfy."

<Miranda> "Oh my God." Her nose wrinkled and she snatched the paper back. "Don't do that to me!" Oh, Scott. She was happily and easily distracted again. "Reeeeeeally?!"

<Rogue> Rogue was enjoying this... She'd never actually been able to talk to anyone about Scott and get this kind of reaction... Or to anyone about any boy really... "Really." But... She flashed her ring, "But Ah really should shut up now."

<Miranda> "Well, maybe now that I know for sure I'm not, like, dying and all, I should see what's behind those shades..." Miranda grinned, craning her neck as if she could see through his office door. "Why shut up? It's, like, girl law to dish!" She caught a flash on Rogue's hand and looked again. Had she had that before?

<Rogue> "'Cause Ah'm engaged now. So if Ah'm dishin' 'bout anybody, should be 'bout Sam, right?" She grinned, "But... Ah'll answer ya questions with yes'r no answers 'bout Scott or Remy."

<Miranda> "Engaged?! Oh my God!!!" Her voice went up an octave and she clapped, crushing her paper. "Congrats! When did that happen?"

<Rogue> Rogue winced at the high pitched yelling but had to smile, "Thanks! After he died."

<Miranda> Her happy smile fell off for a moment before she remembered the whole died/came back thing. "Awwwww."

<Rogue> She laughed at Miranda's quick change of expressions. She looked back at her desk and bit her lip for a moment then looked back at Miranda, "Y'all wanna go grab a celebratory coffee? Y'all're clean an' Ah'm engaged type thing? An' maybe go look at rings?" Rachel wasn't girly enough for that and Lorna was busy 'napping' if Bobby had his way.

<Miranda> "Yes! Absolutely!" She jumped up, folding the paper and stuffing it into her bag. "And we totally have to do those yes or no questions, although not so much on Remy. I think I got his number. But Scott..." She lowered her voice for that, giving his office door a shifty grin.

<Rogue> Rogue arched an eyebrow. She what about Remy, now? She shook her head and brushed it off. Engaged. Rogue grinned, "He's fun, believe it'r not."

<Miranda> "Awesome. I can work with fun!" She smoothed down her hair with a last glance over her shoulder.

<Rogue> "Well good! But it's a challenge ta find that fun..." She looked down at herself and made a face, "Lemme go up an' change real quick?"

<Miranda> "Sure, no problem!" She made for the door to go wait for her. "Challenge can be fun too, as long as it's not too challenging."

<Rogue> "Keep a fresh pot o' coffee on. Always." Rogue went out the door and headed up for her room to change and maybe run a brush through her hair... "Be right back!"

<Miranda> A few minutes later, Miranda bounced alongside Rogue on the way to the garage. "Oh my God, it's so good to see the sun! Spring has to be here soon. Has to."

<Rogue> Rogue laughed, Miranda's excited nature definitely contagious. "Ah agree... Ah'm sick o' all this cold... But Ah'm from down south. Much warmer there already." She pulled out her keys, "Bike?"

<Miranda> "I'm from the south too, but I guess not the same south as you." Miranda grinned. "Bike!? Ooooo!" The flash of keys brought her eyes to Rogue's ring again. "So, that's, like, your engagement ring, or like a temp ring?"

<Rogue> "Temp ring... Kinda. Was mah commitment ring... Wore it on mah right hand. Sam wants ta buy me a real engagement ring f'r mah left though. But f'r now, it works." She passed the keys to her other hand and held her left out for Miranda to see. "Pretty though, ain't it?"

<Miranda> "Very pretty!" Miranda squeed happily and took Rogue's hand to look at the sparkly. She felt a sudden rush and swayed slightly. "...oh...”

<Rogue> Rogue beamed as she reached out to admire her ring, "Thanks!" Her smile dropped instantly and she yanked her hand back with a gasp. She squeezed her eyes shut and held her arms in tight to her chest. "No... No, no, no." Rogue threw up her shields once the initial shock had left her and she opened her eyes again. Worry about Miranda first...

<Rogue> "Y'all ok?" She instinctively reached a hand out to make sure she wouldn't fall and then jerked it back once she realized what she was doing.

<Miranda> "Oh. Yeah." She laughed it off, her hand to her forehead. "Just a little... I'ma sit down..." Miranda looked for a bench, or the steps, but decided the ground looked perfectly good and crumpled.

<Rogue> Rogue reached out again to make sure she wasn't going to fall to the ground and pulled her hands back just as fast as they had shot out. "Ah'm so sorry... Ah don't know what happened..." The patch was on, right? She checked it, smoothing over it with her fingers to make sure it was fully on. She had given it enough time... What happened? Finally Rogue sank to her knees on the ground in front of Miranda. "How do ya feel?"

<Miranda> "...kind of... I dunno." Miranda pulled her legs up and rested her chin on her knees. It was a weird sensation. Kind of excited, but confused, but elated, but drained... "I, uh, guess I just need to eat?"

<Rogue> Oh, right. She'd never absorbed Miranda. Oh crap... What were her powers? Rogue cracked the shields enough to find out and tilted her head, shutting the shields up again. Would be better if she just kept her emotions calm then and tried not to focus on it. "Y'all don't remember what Ah said mah powers are, do ya? Not that Ah can blame ya... Been on tha patch f'r a long time."

<Miranda> "Um..." Miranda thought. That had been back when they'd first met, really, and she tried to not think about... "Oh." Her nose wrinkled. "You sucked me!"

<Rogue> Rogue's spine straightened in surprise, "Ah didn't do it on purpose!" She frowned, "Ah just put a patch on down in tha med lab!" Crap. Crap, Crap, Crap!

<Miranda> "Oh! Sorry... I um, didn't figure you, like, did." She shuffled to sit Indian-style. "It wasn't so bad."

<Rogue> Rogue fell off her knees and onto her rear on the ground, frowning at Miranda. "How can it not be so bad? Ah coulda knocked ya clear inta a coma! An' now Ah know every lil thing 'bout ya..."

<Miranda> "Really?" Miranda frowned back. "It was... I dunno. Kinda a rush." She wasn't so crazy about the other girl knowing her life story, however. "Okay, that's kind of embarrassing... but, you know, it's college, and college is all about experimentation!"

<Rogue> Rogue sucked in a breath through her teeth. "Yeah... Could really have done without havin' sex with Remy via y'all."

<Miranda> Miranda had the sense to blush.

<Rogue> Well... At least now she knew what she missed out on. She closed her eyes tight and dug the heels of her hands into her eyes. Did she really just think that?! She let out a frustrated noise and tried to push thoughts of her and Sam forward to block out Remy and Miranda.

<Miranda> "Um... Selene... it wasn't our faults. We were kinda having a power misfire going both ways." She touched the other girl's knee. "Please don't tell Darren? Pleeeease? I don't know if she told him, and I don't want to cause any problems..."

<Rogue> Rogue let out a surprised sound and her eyes flew open and then squeezed shut again, "Aah!" She swatted at Miranda's hand on her knee lightly, "Okokok Ah won't tell just don't talk about y'all anymore!" She took a deep breath and tried to calm down and shove the Miranda psyche back behind the walls but it wasn't working. She scrambled to her feet and started pacing to try and get some energy out of her.

<Miranda> Miranda jumped a little at the outburst, then got up to follow Rogue's pacing. "Okay, it's okay. It's no big deal... I'm fine. You're fine..." She nibbled on her thumbnail again. "You probably just got a dud patch."

<Rogue> "Yeah... Yeah, probably." She stopped mid pacing and turned to face Miranda. "Are ya sure y'all're ok?"

<Miranda> Miranda squeaked at the sudden stop. "Yup! I'm great!" She smiled and gave a little turn to show how great, then made a noise and brushed the dead grass off her pants.

<Rogue> Rogue shoved her hands into her jacket. "Ok... So... Ah gotta get a new patch. 'Cause it probably is just a dud, right?"

<Miranda> "Right! It's a dud." She nodded. "Go swap it out, and we could still get that coffee!"

<Rogue> "Ok!" Rogue took a deep breath and gave her a bright smile. Right. Just a dud. "Wanna go with me or wait here?"

<Miranda> "I'm good!" She took a dramatically loud breath of the cool air. "I'll just commune with nature for a few -- gotta get into the groove for the bike ride!"

<Rogue> Rogue nodded, "Ok. Ah'll be right back." Rogue stood still for a second and then took off at a jog back to the mansion and through to the medlab. She bounced on her heels until the elevator came and went down to switch out her patch. She crumpled and tossed the old one and headed back out, going a bit slower to make sure it took effect.

<Miranda> Miranda felt surprisingly energetic now. After circling a oddly penis-shaped shrub, and randomly poking it, she decided to explore the other side of the garage, taking off at a trot and laughing. She'd forgotten how much she loved to run!

<Rogue> Rogue pushed out into the garage and blinked when she didn't see Miranda. She walked out to where they had been standing and frowned, "Mir? Where'd ya go?!"

<Miranda> She sprinted around the other side of the garage, several sprigs from the decorative grass planted around it in her hand. "Aren't these cool? Like giant foxtails!" She skidded to a halt near Rogue, petting the seed fronds.

<Rogue> Rogue just pulled back and blinked at her for a minute, "Um... Yeah? Y'all sure ya ok? Or are ya always this," she paused and waved her hand for a moment trying to find a word, "way," she finished lamely.

<Miranda> "Way?" Miranda cocked her head. "Oh, I guess I'm just happy! I'm, like, not dying!" She picked a stem from her little bouquet of dried grass and waved it at Rogue. "All patched up?"

<Rogue> "Um... Well Ah guess that's somethin' ta be happy 'bout..." She nodded and pulled her keys out again, "Yeah. So... Coffee?"

<Miranda> "Yes. Coffee!" She followed Rogue into the garage, wondering what to do with her grass. Finally she dropped most of it by the door, except for one particularly fluffy piece.

<Rogue> Rogue grabbed both helmets and held the spare out for Miranda. "Coffee an' then rings, right?"

<Miranda> "Right!" She moved to take the helmet and then remembered something. "Oh right! I was trying to look at your ring before. Dur!" She tucked the grass frond into her bag and took the helmet, taking Rogue's hand to look at the ring. Immediately, she felt the same dizzy, lightheaded feeling and eeped.

<Rogue> Rogue blinked and wavered on her own feet a little, falling to sit on her bike. "Well shit..." She felt like she wanted to cry. Why was the patch not working anymore? "Guess y'all just ain't meant ta look at mah ring," she teased without much humor.

<Miranda> Miranda stumbled backward a few steps until something stopped her and she slid down the side of the vehicle to the floor. She blinked. "...I guess not..." She closed her eyes, letting the garage rotate slowly around her. It was a little like being drunk. "Maybe it's me?"

<Rogue> "Ah don't see how that'd make much sense..." Rogue watched Miranda for a second, "Tha patch should override all powers." She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, standing slowly. She opened them and held her hands out for Miranda, "Maybe it just needed a jolt? Try again." She had a feeling she was going to regret this.

<Miranda> She shrugged and watched Rogue come to her. Miranda stared warily at her hands for a moment and then took them. "Oh God!"

<Rogue> "What?!" Rogue jerked back and instinctively lifted into the air. She looked down at the ground about a foot from her feet and frowned, "Well fuck."

<Miranda> Head spinning, she slumped sideways a little and noticed the floating. "...maybe you got 'nother dud?"

<Rogue> "Two in a row?" She landed heavily and moved to try and catch Miranda, trying not to touch her with her bare hands. "Ah'm so sorry, Miri..."

<Miranda> "'S'ok." Miranda giggled, trying to focus on Rogue to grab her sleeve, but missing and grabbing her thumb. She felt another rush. "....oops."

<Rogue> Rogue jerked away and finally just wrapped her arms around Miranda's waist, holding her up carefully. "Gal, too many touches ta mah skin does tha same as a prolonged touch... Ah really don't wanna explain ta mah best friend why his current fuck buddy's in a coma."

<Rogue> She winced. And there were those memories again. She smiled for a moment before shaking herself. No!

<Miranda> "That'd be a li'l awkward..." She giggled again, her head falling back against the door of the truck with a dull thud. "Oooooooow."

<Rogue> Rogue blinked at her, "Delayed reaction? Darlin', let's get ya down ta Hank..." She bent and scooped Miranda up carefully. "Ya achin' anywhere?"

<Miranda> "Noooo. I feel... light!" She giggled again when she felt herself be picked up. "Ne'er 'ad a girl pi' m'up, be'ore."

<Rogue> Rogue checked the truck door for dents, saying a silent prayer of thanks when there wasn't any. She didn't need Bobby mad at her twice in one day. She shook her head and started towards the mansion

<Rogue> "Ya sound drunk." Rogue looked down at her again and she was passed out with a smile plastered across her face. "Sleepin' off tha faux-drunkenness then? So long as it's not a coma..."

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2/24 Instance: You Suck!

Post by wingyding » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:57 am

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2/24 Instance: You Suck!

Post by stjohn » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:22 am

lol, Rogue can make people drunk now!? Hec needs to find a way to market this...
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