9/23 Instance: A New Beginning

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9/23 Instance: A New Beginning

Post by Slarti » Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:06 am

Current timeline

Raya: Out on the floor of the club, with everyone else milling around, it was difficult to pick anyone out, but Raya watched the crowd anyway, for a glimpse of Mr. Shaw. She wanted to ask if the offer for not having to be registered was still an option; after what had happened with dying it was awkward to go around without an identification card.

Shaw: Sebastian headed for the bar. He needed a drink after his last report on Buckman's activities. Whatever the man was up to... he needed to throw more resources at the situation immediately. Turning back to the room with his drink, he scanned the room. Crowded, but not packed.

Raya: Ah, there he was. "Mr. Shaw," Raya said, stepping up to him and even in the heels she wore feeling a little short, comparatively. "I know you don't know me, but I would like to ask you a question, about something you offered at my school, a few months ago."

Shaw: He put on his most charming grin and took a long drink, stalling while he tried to place her. "I'm so sorry. It must be a sign of advancing old age that I don't remember the name of such a lovely lady." He bent to kiss her hand. Xavier's certainly...

Raya: Okay, calm, she thought, blinking as he kissed her hand. "That's alright...my name is Sooraya. You spoke at Xavier's a few months back?" She was so nervous about having to ask this, but after a long consideration she really didn't have another good option.

Shaw: "Yes! Of course." Sebastian grinned again. "You still attend Xavier's?" He held onto her hand and led her to a small loveseat, motioning for her to sit. "I'm afraid I haven't had time to visit the school yet this fall. Would you like a drink?"

Raya: "I do, yes, and..." she sighed lightly, but nodded at the offer of a drink. "Yes, please. I..remembered an offer you'd extended the last you spoke at the school, about not having to get registered..."

Shaw: Sebastian's grin couldn't have grown any wider as he called over the waiter and asked for her order. "Of course. I wouldn't rescind that offer for one of our kind. Ever."

Raya: She smiled, relieved that it was still available. "I've had some...interesting events happen, and I..." she looks around, a little nervous about sharing it in public. "Actually, it's a little complicated. Is there somewhere less public we can speak?"

Shaw: "Interesting events, you say? Always a potent curse, according to the Chinese." She seemed nervous, so they must be most interesting indeed. He waited for her drink to arrive and stood, offering her his hand. "Of course. We can go to my office if you'd like?"

Raya: She nodded, and when she took her drink from the waiter and stood, followed him out of the main room, trying for a smile at the small talk. "I've...died. Legally," she said, wasting little time when they were both back in his office. "It's an odd turn of events, but my...death was recorded at the hospital, and with that documented I can hardly go and get a replacement card, and have to name anyone else as a mutant."

Shaw: Sebastian nearly stopped short at that, but managed to close the office door behind her. "Died, you say? My dear, what happened. Are you all right?" He pulled out a chair for her before taking a seat himself. The leather creaked loudly in the small room.

Raya: "It's...very difficult to explain. There was a mishap when mine and another student's powers mixed, and the end result was that my heart was paralyzed. Another girl healed the scar tissue, and I'm fine now, but..." she shrugged, biting her lip. "I really don't know what to do with a valid death certificate on record."

Shaw: "I could see how that would pose a considerable problem." He leaned back, steepling his fingers. "It seems to be a little more complicated than a simple mutant registration issue then."

Raya: Raya nodded slowly, watching him. "Yes, but that's...at least the part I have an idea what to do about."

Shaw: "Well, let me pose this question - do you want to be who you were?"

Raya: She blinked. Honestly, that had never even occurred to her, to be someone else. "Well...yes," she said cautiously. "I don't want to be anyone else, but...I don't know what's possible, and what isn't, at least in this situation."

Shaw: "Well, you wouldn't exactly be anyone else," he smiled, sitting up. "But, you could have a different identity. Sooraya is dead, after all. So, legally, you can be whoever you want."

Raya: Raya really wasn't sure what to make of that, but...the idea of erasing everything, and being able to start over without having to pay attention to her history...that was definitely appealing. "How could you do that?"

Shaw: "It's not really much more difficult than ensuring you're registered as a human. It involves recreating you as a new person. New name, new everything." She looked interested, so he was ready to dig. "It's just paper in the end, paper and computer files. Such things are somewhat insubstantial even in a so-called real identity. People change their names every day."

Raya: It took her a long time to finally speak again, worrying the inside of her lip between her teeth. She'd spent a long time being nobody, just a little desert mouse transplanted here in New York. If she could change that, why not? "...Alright."

Shaw: Sebastian's grin returned. "Well then, let's get that started for you."

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9/23 Instance: A New Beginning

Post by Starfish » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:41 am

Oooh, do we get to suggest new names for Raya now? I'm sure Selene could come up with something spiffy. Or how about Cess going through her repertoire of hippie names? :cracked
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9/23 Instance: A New Beginning

Post by wingyding » Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:14 pm

...I don't even want to know what 'something spiffy' translates to in Selene-Land.
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