11/09 Instance: Two Bitches and a Pussy

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11/09 Instance: Two Bitches and a Pussy

Post by littlebamf » Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:14 am

A couple of days after 'Cher the Condoms'

Rahne: Rahne rubbed her nose as she sat infront of the TV, not really paying attention to what was on it some ... show or other. It could be the eternal Shark Week for all she cared. She really didn't wanna be here right now, Victor was upstairs with Marie and it was still painful to be around him, but at the same time since the crash she didn't want to be away from Marie.

Rahne: Rahne shuddered again as she remembered laying on the road unable to move, that had scared her more then anything else had ... but ... it was wierd, it hadn't freaked her as much as she'd expected it. MacCoy has checked her over and confirmed that she wasn't suffering from shock or anything. In fact .. since the accident she'd felt ... better about everything, she found it was easier to sleep and she didn't feel like everyone was looking at her all the time.

Rogue: Rogue had paced the security room several times after she had seen the tape, trying to calm down before she went to Remy's. It would do her no good to yell and scream and upset the baby. And Tante and Johnny being around if she did that wouldn't be smart either. She looked at the time as she finally left and made her way to Remy's. Thankfully, he should be in class now. That man could talk her out of anything it seemed.

Rogue: Once her feet hit the path, she lifted and flew the rest of the way, landing silently on the porch as she rapped on the door with her leather covered knuckles, going over how she would approach Rahne in her head.

Rahne: Rahne half turned her head when she heard someone knock, waiting for Tante to get it- ahh wait ... she was out with Johnny wasn't she? Fuck, and Victor was having his Daddy time so looked like it had to be her. Her nose told her it was Rogue, not really who she wanted to see right now, but at least she'd be easy to get rid of.

Rahne: Getting up she opened the door, "Remy's at class, Johnny's out with Tante and if you want Victor you'll have to wait till he's finished with Marie," she told the girl in a bored tone of voice before going to close the door again.

Victor: Vic heard the door open downstairs but ignored it, looking down at the bundle in his arms and waggling his fingers for her, smiling as she burbled. He'd done his crying for now, and Rahne was obviously fine. He'd barely been able to say two words to her before picking up Marie and immersing himself in spending time with her. This actually hurt worse then when he'd first come back.

Rogue: Rogue put her hand out to stop the door from closing, "Ah'm not here f' any o' them." She pushed the door open wider and took a step into the door frame, arm still braced on the door. "Here ta talk ta y'all. Gonna try an' stay as civil as possible. Not f' y'alls sake though. F' ya baby girl's. Ya know why Ah'm here, Rahne, or should Ah just enlighten ya mahself?"

Rahne: Rahne resisted the urge to roll her eyes, "Oooh, I dunno. Maybe you're another one who thinks Remy and me are fucking and have come to beat the living shit out of me over it? Or maybe you're here for styling tips, they say two day old tomatoe stains are in this summer."

Rogue: Rogue shook her head and actually smirked a bit, "Gal, f' one thing, beatin' tha livin' shit outta ya is not bein' civil. F' another, Ah know damn well y'all ain't sleepin' tagether." She pushed the door open enough to come all the way inside and she shut the door behind her. "An' why would Ah come ta someone who hates me f' stylin' tips? Likely ta make me look like a damned clown."

Rogue: "Nope. Ah'm here 'cause f' some reason, Ah found mah bike knocked off its stand in tha middle of tha garage... Now, tell me, sugah... Y'all know anythin' 'bout that?"

Victor: Vic glanced at the door as Anna's recognisable scent came up. Great. Meant Rahne was going to be pissy later. Probably accuse him of sleeping with her too. He looked back at Marie and stroked her head, smile gone.

Rahne: Ahh ... Rahne looked skywards and brought her hands together, pursing her lips like she was trying to get to the bottem of a deep, theological question, "Y-eeesss ... I do believe I do. I rather think I might have been a bit pissy as you might call it and kicked it over last week. I do hope it wasn't too badly scratched."

Rogue: Rogue's eyes narrowed, at least Rahne had admitted it. "So, tell me, Rahne... What on earth drove ya ta decide ta do that ta someone elses property?" Her hands clenched into loose fists at her sides as she fought to keep calm.

Rahne: "Because I could, because I was angry and it was there," Rahne said honestly, leaning against the door frame, "This the part where you scream and try to break my nose then?" she inquired as she watched Rogue's hands ball.

Rogue: "No. Already told ya Ah ain't doin' that. F' one, Ah don't hate y'all as much as ya might think. In fact, Ah don't hate ya at all. Ah ain't gonna lie that Ah'm pissed as fuck that ya did that but Ah ain't gonna beat ya up."

Rogue: She crossed her arms under her chest and shook her head, "Just 'cause y'all fuckin' hate mah guts 'cause o' somethin' Ah did ta Vic, does not mean ya can just go 'round defacin' mah property like that. Ah could press charges 'gainst ya if Ah really wanted."

Rahne: Rahne snorted, "Yeah sure you could, only problem being that if you did that you've have to come outta hiding won't you? They'll need you real name after all kiddo." God, this girl was so full of shit.

Rahne: "And for clarity's sake, I don't hate you, I mearly despise you." There was only one person she'd ever truly hated, and he was dead, she knew about hate.

Rogue: "Mah liscence says Rogue," she gave her a smirk, "So that'd work just fine." Rogue sighed and dropped her arms, "Despise. Alright, fine. Y'all despise me. But that is close enough. Either way, that is no fuckin' reason f' y'all ta knock over mah bike." Rogue had no idea how to explain what her bike meant to her to get Rahne to even think about apologizing.

Rogue: "Look, mah bike is like mah baby. Alright? No, it ain't anywhere near tha love y'all feel f' Marie, but it's tha closest Ah can come ta coddlin' somethin' an' havin' it be mine. Neena nearly got her ass beat f' takin' it without askin' me. Neena. One of mah good friends. An' yet here Ah am with y'all havin' actually done damage ta it an' all Ah'm doin' is standin' here. Why? 'Cause Ah respect ya kid an' it would hurt both her an' Vic."

Rogue: "But let's make one thing clear. Ah have tried ta get y'all ta like me. Ah have tried not ta step on ya toes or do anythin' ta upset ya. An' yet, y'all do that kinda shit ta me? Ah have no respect f' y'all. If Vic didn't love y'all an' ya didn't have a child ta take care of, ya can bet y'alls ass ya'd've gone flyin' across tha room by now."

Victor: And there was the anger scent. Well fuck this. Vic looked down at Marie. "I'm sorry, baby. I ain' hangin' around where I might get hung, ya know?" He sighed, standing. "Love ya, Marie, never forget tha'. An' tell yer Mama I love her too, alrigh'?" He gently put her down in her cot, placing Mouthy where she could reach it. Looking down at his daughter, he turned away and opened the door quietly, fully intending just to slip out and let them get with it.

Victor: He got halfway down the stairs, however, and heard Anna's statement. His eyes narrowed and he changed plans. Heading towards the voices, he stopped in a doorway. "Y'd do what t' Rahne, Rogue?"

Rahne: "In that case how about I just out you as a mutie freak to them, or I just hire a fancy enough lawyer so you end up paying me back for my 'psychological trauma' that your quite frankly retarded actions caused last winter," Rahne matched smirks with Rogue.

Rahne: Rahne snorted, "Fuckin' hell, I though you had a boyfriend you could be all touchy-feely with, getting that obsessed with a hunk of metal is pretty creepy if you ask me. You're that fussed about it i'm sure one of your sugar daddy's can pay for the repairs."

Rahne: She outright grinned at Rogue's threat, "Oooh, i'm shaking, another empty threat from the little wanna-be hard-ass. I don't care if you like me or respect me but i've got no time for little girls like you, throwing your weight around like you mean something-" she was cut off by Victor's voice, "Oh don't worry, not like she'd actually do anything to me, she ain't got the balls."

Rogue: Rogue glared at Rahne, fighting to keep her temper under control. Rahne wanted her to rise to the bait, wanted her to hit her so she could have something to actually blame on her. "Fine. Out me as a 'mutie freak', but then, that'd have ta out y'all too, wouldn't it, seein' as how ya cain't hide it as well as Ah can. An' y'all can blame me all ya want f' Vic leavin' ya. Ah do every day no matter what tha fuck he told me."

Rogue: "However, no amount o' money'll make it better f' ya, but if ya want money, Ah can give ya that. Ain't no fuckin' skin offa mah nose." She grinned again, "Jealous, Rahne? Jealous that Ah have someone ta hold me at night an' whisper he loves me as he goes ta sleep? An' Ah earn mah own money, thanks." She knew Vic was in the door behind her but she just couldn't bring herself to care at the moment.

Rogue: She laughed again, "This 'wannabe hard ass' has seen more fightin' than y'all have, Ah'm sure. An' Ah've sparred enough with Remy an' Bobby f' them ta be able ta attest ta me actually bein' a hard ass. In fact, tha entire fact that Ah ain't touched ya, an' Ah won't is 'cause Ah got control o' mahself. Ah don't give a shit what ya think o' me or what ya say 'bout me, 'cause half of it ain't true ta begin with, but it ain't like Ah've purposefully desecrated y'all's personal property 'cause Ah had misplaced anger issues."

Victor: There was a snarl from Vic. "That's e-fuckin'-nough, the pair of ya, an' y' especially, Rogue." Vic stepped into the room properly. "You are comin' very, very close t' fuckin' pissin' me off an' you do not want to do tha' righ' now." He said it very quietly and calmly. "I don' give a flyin' fuck what this is abou', or who started it, but all of what y' jus' said, frien'? Is below the fuckin' belt an' beneath y'. At leas' I thought."

Victor: "Desecratin' property? This abou' yer bike? Oh, yeah. Same day I...." He grit his teeth. "Same day I pissed Rahne off, same day she met Anna. Mmm. Your bike's real fuckin' importan' in tha', Rogue. Jesus, I'da bin more fussed abou' Rahne then a buncha scratches tha' can be fuckin' polished ou'." He turned to Rahne. "As fer ya, y' ain' helpin' by insultin' her back. Jus' walk th' fuck away."

Victor: Vic turned back to Anna. "I can' believe I'm havin' t' say this t' ya, girl, but leave, alrigh'? Jus' leave. You have no fuckin' idea what y've walked int'. Go before y' make a fuckin' mistake."

Rogue: "No. Ah ain't gonna leave. An' why in tha hell would Ah be fussed over Rahne?" She looked back at Rahne and arched an eyebrow, "She ain't pregnant anymore an' from what Remy's said is gettin' better every day. Ain't no reason ta be fussed over her." She shook her head, "Cain't believe Ah'm sayin' this ta y'all, Vic, but Ah don't give a damn what ya think right now. This ain't 'bout y'all. Rahne's hated me since 'fore y'all ever thought 'bout leavin' here an' it's gone too fuckin' far."

Rahne: Rahne was mildly suprised that Victor seemed to be defending her, and from everything Rogue shot back at her the only sign that any of it had hit a nerve was a slight tensening of her shoulders that only someone with superhuman senses would have noticed. The only sign she gave was a slightly bitter but amused huff, "Heh, little girl you havn't got a clue."

Victor: Vic grit his teeth, unable to really believe this was happening. "So y' threaten her? In fronta me? Knowin' how I feel? Y' insult her, tell her she's petty, when I fuckin' know what she's been through?" His voice was rising and he fought to keep it down. "Mosta this is because of me, because of th' fact y' fuckin' violated me an' sent me off th' deep end!"

Victor: Do y' see, Rahne? I'm fuckin' up a friendship. For ya. Jus' fer ya.

Rogue: Rogue shook her head at Vic, "Ah knew it. At least ya finally admit it ta mah face 'steada lyin' again. Thanks f' that. 'Least Ah ain't feelin' guilty f' no reason anymore." She turned her back to Victor, not wanting to look at him anymore. "Oh, Ah don't? Then enlighten me why don't ya? Tell me so Ah can 'have a clue'."

Victor: "Why don' ya jus' fuckin' touch her like y' did me?" The words were out before he could stop them. "Leave her the hell alone, Rogue. Jus' go. I didn' lie, I jus' figured I should be able t' live wit' it, after all, I've been fucked every other way, why not like tha'?" Vic looked down, unable to look at either of them and wishing he was still in Afghanistan. "Jus'....jus' go. Please." Sorry....

Rogue: Rogue took a step away from Vic, stomach in a knot as she turned to look at him, not letting the pain show on her face. "No. No, Vic, ya did lie," she couldn't even bring herself to say anything about why she felt like she had been punched in the gut. "Ya said it wasn't mah fault. Doin' somethin' ta try an' make me feel better was still a lie."

Rogue: She swallowed hard and shifted her weight on her feet, "Ah didn't do it ta fuck ya over. Though Ah'm guessin' that's all either of y'all thought 'bout. Fine. That's fine, Vic." She turned back to Rahne, "Stay away from mah bike. Would tell ya ta stay 'way from me too, but ya do that anyway," she stared at the door as she spoke to Vic next, "Victor though? Stay away from me."

Rogue: She left without looking at either of them, taking care to shut the door quietly. Marie hadn't ever done anything to her, why should she slam it and upset her. Rogue fought her body as it wanted to leave the ground and fly back to the mansion, but she managed to walk all the way until she reached the porch. She paused when she got there and lifted off, flying away from the grounds.

Rahne: Rahne watched the girl leave, biting her tounge on the 'grow up, emo kid' comments that wanted to be said, she could smell how upset Victor was. She turned back to go into the living room, "Hadn't you better go after her?" she asked over her shoulder.

Victor: "You heard her." Vic's voice was blank. "Don' want ya gettin' the wrong idea anyway." He turned to head back upstairs, pausing with a foot on the bottom step. "I hope yer happy, Rahne." He swallowed. "I didn' hafta do tha' for ya. I'll go say my goodbyes t' Marie an' then I'm goin' out on my bike. Y' need anythin', jus' ring me." He didn't wait for an answer, heading upstairs.

Rahne: Rahne paused in the doorway of the room as he left, "Then why did you?" she half asked before sighing. Thier relationship seemed to get even more complicated by the day.

Rahne: She waited until Victor had shut the front door before going upstairs to her baby, it was about time for her feed anyway and she was starting to grizzel as Rahne came in, "Looks like Mammy's gonna hafta give you your bottle now huh?" she said, grabbing it out of the fridge and picking Marie out of the cot. Now all she had to do now was look forward to Remy comming home to chew her out over this.

Rahne: She half wondered if she should have told Rogue that she got her 'karmatic justice' for violating her precious bike by tottaling her own and breaking her neck in the process ... naaah, the kid probably would have just used it for emo fodder anyway. Some people were just never happy.

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11/09 Instance: Two Bitches and a Pussy

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:05 am

Wow. Vic, dude, you got a lot to learn about women.
Now all she had to do now was look forward to Remy comming home to chew her out over this.
Oy! He doesn't. He lectures her on drugs. Different. Remy knows better than to step between two chicks. :P
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11/09 Instance: Two Bitches and a Pussy

Post by wingyding » Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:24 pm

This was just all kinds of fucked up, here. :shakeno
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11/09 Instance: Two Bitches and a Pussy

Post by Ferguson » Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:50 pm

Oh that was a fun read :D

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11/09 Instance: Two Bitches and a Pussy

Post by Love das flockige » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:55 pm

great read. 'twas intense!:clap
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