9/9 Instance: Voodoo Remedy

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9/9 Instance: Voodoo Remedy

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:58 pm

timeline day after Puttieline

Rahne: Rahne stepped out of the shower, scrubbing at her face with a towel. So now Vic knew ... and her family would be here soon ... shit. She took a deep breath of the warm air of the bathroom and her eye was caught by her reflections movement in the mirror.

Rahne: It was misty and hard to see, but you could definetly tell she was pregnent looking at her now, her breasts and stomach were getting bigger by the day pratically, now that she was able to eat properly .. and now that she could boy was she starting to pig out.

Rahne: She looked away quickly and rubbed herself dry, pulling on a pair of baggy linen trousers and t-shirt before going back into her room and slumping down on her bed, letting out a deep sigh ... fuck.

Tante: Heading up the stairs she knocked on the door, shifting her laundry basket to one him. "Time y' were up an' outta dere. Left some nice grits an' sausage wit' other things down dere, keepin' warm in d' oven. Y' got any washin'? Gonna do a load."

Rahne: Rahne rolled over onto her side, facing away from the door, she didn't want to see anyone today, "I'm not hungry, don't feel so good," she lied, "and I did my washing yesterday."

Tante: Tante rolled her eyes and opened the door. "Well, I'm glad t' hear y' did y're washin' up. But if y' think dat y're hidin' out in here all day again, y' got another thing comin'. Get up an' get a bit of food in y', even if it's jus' a bit of fruit. Dat chil' needs it now."

Rahne: "I'm not a total baby," Rahne huffed, rolling over with a reluctant sigh as Tante just barged in, "Suppose I'll hafta now, just to get you off my back about it, just make sure you get the door if we get any 'guests' okay?" Rahne huffed, getting up.

Tante: "That's right you'll have to go, an' I'll have none of y're lip today girl." She crossed the room to toss the curtains open and opened the window a crack to blow out the fug in the room. "Now get y' down. I'll be along shortly." At least the girl had bathed too. She was starting to look after herself better which was a good sign.

Rahne: "What're you gonna do, smack me on the ear with your wooden spoon or something?" Rahne drawled, folding her arms and slinking ot of the room downstairs. As soon as she got to the kitchen the smell of the food in the oven smacked her full in the face and her stomach rumbled, okay ... she was down here so she might as well eat. She helped herself and sat down at the table.

Tante: She shook her head and finished setting the room to rights, checking discretely that the girl wasn't getting into any trouble and headed downstairs, tossing the load in before she came in to watch Rahne eat. Good. The girls belly was getting the best of her attitude. Shuffling through the cupboards she started amassing the means for todays lunch and dinner, setting the knife and cutting board out. "Y' talk t' dat fella yet?"

Rahne: Rahne glanced up at Tante, then down at her plate as her stomach did an uncomfortable flip that she didn't think had anything to do with the baby, "Uh-huh ..."

Tante: Giving an approving smile she nodded. "Dat's good. You did your part wit' dat. Men oughta know. He steppin' up t' d' plate?"

Rahne: "He's ... he's in the army now ... well ... air force but it's the same thing really ... I had to call him in Afghanistan." She said, stareing at her plate, "He ... he said he wants to be involved ..." She shook her head slightly, "He's seeing about getting leave ..."

Tante: Nodding her head in satisfaction she went to cutting up some vegitables. "Dat's good. Too many men don'. Y' should be happy wit' dat den. Not dat dere won' be some complications...but at least dis chil' will be properly cared for." She gave Rahne a look. "An' y're fillin' out some at long last. Thought y' were a skeleton dat ate a watermelon when y' first came here."

Rahne: "I don't get why he'd want to be though," Rahne said, chin on her hand and pushing some bacon across her plate, "I didn't think he'd want too ... the idea of being married scared him enough to run away ... and he always said he never liked thingy, responcibility you know? A ... a kid's like ... the ultimate in that. I thought he'd just hang up on me or something ..."

Rahne: Wait ... why am I telling her all this? Rahne thought, and quickly shoved the bacon into her mouth.

Tante: "Oui, but a chil' is a must. Y' have t' step up t' d' plate t' make sure it's cared for. D' other commitments - dey are choices. Not so much wit' a baby as y'll know, neh?" She slid the veggies into a pot and then cut up a bit of apple, laying it on the side of Rahne's plate. "An' he's friends wit' Remy, as y' are. Y' saw what it was like wit' him an' his son."

Rahne: Rahne eyed up the apple suspiciously, before spearing it with her fork and putting it to his mouth, "Yeah ... but ... he left me, with Remy it was ... the other way around you know, he still loved Teej ..." she sighed.

Tante: "Ah, but life is complicated ain't it?" She bustled around, wiping her hands on her apron before taking out a bit of crockery. "Did y' ask if he started hatin' y'? Maybe it's not about y' for him at all. Maybe it's about him. Maybe he thinks he'd mess things up between y' two an' y'd be better off. Y' won' know till y' ask."

Rahne: Rahne itched her arm, she'd never even though of asking him if he hated her, she'd be too scared what his answer might be. "I ... guess you're right." She needed to know why he'd left ... what exactly had happened to fuck up her life so badly. She ate the apple Tante had given her.

Tante: Turning she gave the girl a warm smile again. "Look at y' today. Y' feelin' a bit nervous an' things, no doubt, but y're a might happier, neh? Y' ain't barkin' at everyone at least."

Rahne: "A bit? More like alot, my parent's are gonna be here soon and they still don't know everything ..." she rubbed her forehead, "And I don't care what Rem said, I'm still dying for a smoke."

Tante: "Hmm." She rubbed her palms briskly together. "May have somethin' for dat. Dere's herbs an' things y' can take t' help ease dat sort of thing dat wouldn't hurt d' baby. If y' want it, let me know." She looked around, thinking, till she spotted a couple of fresh loaves of bread that she'd baked yesterday. "Oh! An' here I was tryin' t' figure out what t' do for dessert. We'll have some nice bread puddin'."

Rahne: Rahne sighed, "Well ... it'll probably make me a helluva lot less bitchy," she said, thinking back to Lorna and Bobby, "I'm willing to try anything at this point."

Tante: She snorted in amusement and pushed the stool over so that she could reach the cupboard where she kept her things. Bringing them down she set out a small diffuser and started plucking out the things she needed, some of them in glass bottles, others in gauze packages.

Tante: Filling the diffuser with water she lit the candle beneath it and sprinkled in a few drops of infused oils. "Dis will jus' calm d' whole house down. Been enough of a ruckus lately, neh?" For the rest she set to work crushing a few leaves and hard stems and then putting them in a pot to boil into a decotion. "DIs...it won't be tastin' so nice, but we can put a bit of honey in it t' ease it some. Works good though."

Rahne: Rahne's nose wrinkled and she gave the woman a suspicious look, "This ... this ain't like ... black voodoo magic or something is it?"

Tante: "Pish, chil' dat's all jus' rumors an' movie things. People don' understand it." She smiled reassuringly. "Dis though...dis is jus' knowin' d' herbs."

Rahne: "Herbs I can deal with," Rahne said as she pushed the plate to the side, "And ... will this help with all the cravings then?"

Tante: "Oui." She took the pot off the stove and set it aside, stirring in the aforementioned honey. It would help it keep a bit too. Pouring it in an empty bottle through a net of guaze to strain the peices out she set it on the counter by Rahne to cool. "Dere chil'. Take dat twice a day - about three tablespoons - an' by d' time it's done y' should be feelin' a lot better. Y' let it cool down first though. Don' need y' burnin' y're mouth on it."

Rahne: "Uh-huh?" Rahne looked at the sticky liquid and managed a small smile, "Sure this ain't just a placebo though?"

Tante: "Oh, y'll see girl. Dat ain't any placebo. If I wanted t' make y' somethin' fake I'd have shook cheaper herbs into dat pot."

Rahne: Rahne snorted a little, "Okay, I'll give it a shot," she poked the warm bottle, anything to distract her from her parents arriving later on, "Won't kill me ... hopefully." She teased.

Tante: She put a fist to her hip. "Chil' I've been doin' dis longer dan y've been alive. Dat won' hurt y' or d' baby neither. Don' worry none." She reached over and fluffed the girls hair. "Y' look a bunch better wit' a smile. I'm glad t' see it."

Rahne: Rahne grumbled and shook her head away from Tante, "Aye, aye, whatever," she bit her lip, debating for a few moments ... she really had been shit to Bobby and Lorna and ... everyone really.

Rahne: "Umm ... Tante? ... Thanks." She said, picking at the remains of a lable on the bottle.

Tante: "Y're welcome." She put all her herbs away and then pulled down the brown sugar. "Y' wanna help me wit' d' bread puddin' or maybe take a bit of a walk? See some of y're friends maybe?"

Rahne: "Um ... I'd like to help I think ... Remy said that he'll take me to the airport to pick up my folks and take 'em back to the hotel so ... I shouldn't thingy you know? Go too far." Plus there was no way in hell she was up to seeing the student's en mass just yet.

Tante: "Ah, dat's right. Forgot dat part." She shook her head. "Good thing y' reminded me before I got dis done. Gonna need more food. It's jus' y're maman an' papa?"

Rahne: "My wee brother too, Duncan, he's Johnny's age ... they ain't too happy to be bringing him but Nana's too old to deal with him now ..."

Tante: "Of course. Dat'll be fun for Johnny. He's not around enough children." She knew Remy had worked to get him occassional play dates through the old contacts that Talia had made, but it wasn't enough in her opinion. "So...grab y'reself an apron den girl, we better get busy wit' all dem mouths t' feed."

Rahne: Rahne gave another small smile and stood up, taking her plate over to the sink, grabbing an apron like Tante told her, "It's been ages since I last coooked something proper ... hope I don't mess it up." She said, slightly appologetically.

Tante: "Y' won'. Y're way too worried about everythin'. People make mistakes...but as long as y' set it to rights best as y' can an' keep on goin' - no one ca be asked to do more dan dat."
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9/9 Instance: Voodoo Remedy

Post by Esynthia » Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:10 pm

awww :) that was really good. I'm glad Rahne's starting to get in a better mood. all that grouchiness aint good for the baby ;)

Go Tante Mattie!!!

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9/9 Instance: Voodoo Remedy

Post by wingyding » Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:00 am

Go Tante!
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