9/3 Instance: Fools Fall In

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9/3 Instance: Fools Fall In

Post by Slarti » Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:54 pm

Timelined April 1

Lorna: Lorna fiddled with the bag under her seat, wondering if the contents inside would be alright for the flight. Probably a good thing she shoved some wrinkle releaser in with everything else. Clearing her throat, Lorna put her game face on. "Alright. Briefing time."

Rogue: Rogue shifted in her seat, tugging a bit at the restraints as she tried to focus on what Lorna was saying. Anything to get her mind off the fact that she was in a plane. ...Jet. Whatever. "Let's hear it, sugah."

Elizabeth: Checking a dial above her head, she swiveled her head around to look at Lorna. "Are we on a code name basis?" Lizzie snickered a little. "Or can we have nicknames today? I'd rather go out as Darth Butterfly if I'm honest..."

Rogue: "Oooh, nicknames?" Rogue gave Lizzie a smile, then shifted her eyes to Bobby. "Thinkin' we could play with really bein' Bugsy an' Dollface f' a day?" She snickered a bit.

Bobby: "All right, You're Darth Butterfly, Dee's the Cutlery Queen," Bobby twisted in his seat to give Lorna an encouraging smile. "... and we're Bugsy and Dollface. Check." He turned back to the controls as the jet leveled off, deciding to tug off his uniform gloves and get comfortable.

Lorna: Lorna smirked at her nickname and tried to put her game face back on. "Right, Rogue, you're going to be sticking by Bobby's side, Lizzie mine. Don't stray from that."

Elizabeth: "Oh I feel I should salute..." Lizzie snorted as she eased off the stick a little, rechecking the coordinates. "So, no straying from that but what are we actually doing?"

Lorna: "Well, we're going to go see this man... funny dressed man. He'll basically walk us through it all." Lorna couldn't help but smirk slightly, trying to catch Bobby's eye to see if he wanted in on telling the plans.

Rogue: "Can do." She gave a small nod at the orders of sticking to Bobby. She gave Lorna a weird look, "Funny dressed man? Why should that have anythin' ta do with tha mission?"

Bobby: "Yeah, Doll, you gotta hold a real special package for me, see." Bobby chuckled at his own joke before having a moment of panic trying to remember if he did pack that package. Lorna would so kill him, so he caught her eye and smiled again, just a little too widely.

Bobby: "Hey, funny dressed is all relative. I mean... look at us." He patted his uniformed thigh. "No judging the fellow mutant, after all." Well... the man in the white suit could be a mutant... it would explain a lot.

Elizabeth: "We're going to see Tom Cruise and be audited?" Lizzie raised an eyebrow. "And I thought I knew you two! But, seriously... What's the deal here?" she looked sideways at Bobby; oh, he was acting oddly alright...

Lorna: Lorna fought hard to keep her game face on. "Oh if it's that kind of a place we're finding another place entirely to do this thing." Well, Lorna supposed they were teased almost enough. "We're going to Vegas to see Elvis, okay?"

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow and smirked at Lorna, "Yeah, right. Ha ha. No, really, what's goin' on?" She looked over at Bobby and pitched her voice high and as Boston-y as she could, "Buuugsssyyy," she whined in true moll form, "be a stooley just this once? F' me?" She made a show of batting her eyelashes.

Bobby: "'Fraid I can only turn pigeon for the missus, Doll, and she's right - we got a date with Elvis." Bobby tried not to meet Rogue's eyes, because then he'd crack. He checked the controls one more time, making sure the course was set.

Elizabeth: "Alright. I'm confused. I have no idea at all what any of you are going on about," she sighed over dramatically, refraining from slapping Bobby's hand away as his checking was becoming a little OCD. "I don't even like Elvis. Why would you drag me along - wait, are we supposed to be taking the jet this far away?"

Rogue: Rogue gave Bobby a weird look, then turned it to Lorna for a moment. Slowly, something clicked into place and her jaw dropped a bit. "No way," she said softly.

Lorna: Lorna chuckled at the reactions. "For a while I was afraid nobody was going to get it." She dropped her game face. "It's wedding time, people!"

Elizabeth: Lizzie's jaw dropped. "Oh no! NononononoNO! Oh you bloody - right, I'm going to beat you upside the head," Lizzie grabbed a set of maps from under her seat and lightly slapped Bobby with them as he was closest. "This is some kind of joke..."

Bobby: "Hey!" Bobby ducked the whap as well as he could with the restraints and quickly slapped the jet into autopilot. "Now why would we joke about a thing like that? Kidnap, sure, but joke?"

Rogue: Rogue just shook her head, laughing some. "This is great. April fools, right? Ok, ok, ya got us. Now, really... What's tha mission?" She shook her head again, the laughing stopped. "Tha weddin' ain't until summer..."

Lorna: "Oi, Bobby, don't look for a minute, okay?" Lorna smirked and unzipped her bag, pulling her dress out carefully. "The mission's the April fool's joke. We're just that sneaky."

Rogue: Rogue gaped at the dress for a moment. "Holy crap! Ya ain't kiddin'..." Her face lit up for a second then it went flat as she looked over at Lizzie. "Ya happen ta pack weddin' clothes, miss maid of honor? 'Cause Ah sure didn't..."

Bobby: Bobby dramatically clapped his hand over his eyes. Oh, the dreaded dress... had to carry it to the jet, but couldn't look at it. "But at least we didn't elope and leave you guys behind," he piped in, eyes still covered.

Elizabeth: "No I didn't," she folded her arms crossly. "And the hell am I being maid of honour in this kinkfest!" She crossly plucked at the front of her suit. "And at least you didn't but you could have told us so we could have gotten ready as well. And still not sure I believe you..." sniffing a bit she looked away.

Lorna: "It'll be sorted when we land. Don't worry about it." Lorna was all grins now and trying not to bounce in her seat. "And even if you were wearing the suits to the wedding we're seeking out Elvis. You'd not be the weirdest dressed person there."

Bobby: "She's got a definite point there," he said, spreading his fingers to peek. All right, no white things in sight. "She's right... we'll take care of it. I mean, we knew we were kinda tricking you, but... well, we wanted you guys there."

Lorna: "And with the registration act looming we thought we'd just get a jump on things. This is the best way I know of getting married in a hurry..."

-------------- Time passes...

Geoffrey: Geoffrey checked his watch again and, also again, thought it over to make sure he did have the right place to meet the expected wedding party. They're not late, you're just impatient.

Lorna: Lorna was trying not to bound off the plane. She was seriously tempted to stop fighting what was a hard-fought battle but was sure she didn't need to jostle her bag any more than she already was.

Bobby: Bobby took a moment longer to get out of his restraints once the 'bird had touched down, but followed Lorna. He was on the ground. In Vegas. Well, by Vegas... to get married. Married. ...Yeah.

Bobby: He showed the too-wide smile to Geoffrey. It seemed frozen in place.

Elizabeth: Feeling like she was about to scream or go nuts, Lizzie checked everything was shut down and swallowed. Anyone would think she was the one about to get married. She'd just wanted for them to have the perfect day... This, as much as it was still Lorna and Bobby getting married, it felt slightly panicked, rushed in before the stupid act. At the thought of the act, her mind went to Sebastian... She should find out how that was going...

Rogue: Rogue slowly got up and made her way off the plane, still trying to let this all sink in. She smiled at Lorna's dad. Where they really getting married? By Elvis? Well, an Elvis impersonator at least... Unless the tabloids weren't lying. She gave Bobby a small smirk that clearly called him a sneaky bastard, then snickered a bit.

Geoffrey: Geoffrey tried to keep himself from smirking. "Well, I'm glad you-" Geoffrey was going to make a crack about them not speeding with the jet but he was cut off by his daughter tackling him.

Lorna: "Hey Dad! Everything's in order right? Well, not much to get in order really as long as the chapel isn't doublebooked...it isn't right?" Okay, maybe she was a bit nervous along with giddy.

Geoffrey: "Don't worry. Elvis is good to go and in the building."

Bobby: Bobby unzipped the collar of his uniform on his way down the ramp and finally unlocked to return Anna's smirk while Lorna tackled her dad.

Bobby: "Hey, Mist.... Geoffrey," he quickly corrected. "Good to know. I mean, good he's like... in the building and not off having some peanut butter and banana sammiches or... ODing or something." He winced. Yeah, too far on that one.

Bobby: Bobby shook Geoffrey's hand after Lorna let him go. "So! I think we're all set, but howsabout that fluffy dress and girly tux for our hostages here?" He nodded toward Liz and Anna.

Elizabeth: Lizzie looked over from where she was raising the jet ramp back up. "Fluffy dress? Oh please..." her mouth tightened a little as he mentioned ODing. God she was nervous if that was bugging her. Stepping forward, she gave her smile and held her hand out to Lorna's father. "Hello, not sure we've met actually."

Geoffrey: "I'm sure we would have but I keep falling off of mountains." Geoffrey grinned as he turned from shaking Bobby's hand, deciding that the OD joke didn't really need a follow-up. "And it's the fluffiest dress you can imagine. A cornucopia of fluff."

Elizabeth: Her face went from pleasant to Sith-like as the words sort of fell into place. Did she look like Fluffy? Possibly as in Destroyer of Worlds, but still...

Rogue: Rogue nearly let out a loud laugh at Lizzie's face, but stifled it behind a closed fist as she turned it into a cough. "Ya really got me a girly tux? How hard was that ta find on short notice?"

Geoffrey: "Well, one good thing about being near Vegas. Surprising what's found easily." Geoffrey noticed he was getting a look. "Lorna dear, I think I've mixed up your friends. It was the girl from Texas that was the fluffy little beauty queen, wasn't it?"

Lorna: "Yeah, that's right."

Geoffrey: "It's okay, I have scissors."

Elizabeth: "I was confused for Paige?" Lizzie almost sucked her tongue down her throat in shock. "And good. I can work with scissors. All I need is a few pins and a mirror for a view."

Bobby: Bobby found himself cackling at the horrified look on Lizzie's face, and edged closer to Rogue. "Well.... maybe we can use some of what she cuts off her dress on your tux?"

Rogue: Rogue bumped Bobby with her shoulder. "Don't try an' make me fluffy," she gave him a mock-glare, then smirked at him. "Ah'll see what Ah can do, stooley."

--------------- ...more time passes

Lorna: "So...let's see this dress." Lorna approached Lizzie slightly nervously, wondering what her father would have picked out for Paige to have worn.

Elizabeth: Lizzie walked out with her hands on her waist, as it wasn't practical to put them on her hips. "Well at least I'm roughly the same size as Paige so it fits..." she gave the skirt a swish. "I think I can make it work though. I need those scissors, some safety pins..."

Lorna: Lorna laughed, relieved to see it wasn't a monster. "I should have known Dad wouldn't have bought something as puffy as he was going on." Lorna passed the scissors over and dug into her bag for safety pins. "He got the right color green at least, though if he hadn't done that I would have been worried for him."

Elizabeth: Pulling up the skirt, she cut out a few layers of netting from underneath so it didn't stick out so much, laying them to one side. "Well, it's still got puff there, but it really isn't that bad as I thought on hearing mention of Paige..."

Elizabeth: "I'll just sort this out, then I'll do your hair and makeup and I'm not taking no," she grinned, pinning up part of the overskirt, then twisting some of the now spare underskirt around to make a 'flower' and pinned it to some underskirt, just below the raised hem to keep it up. "There. Maybe I could trim the bust line?" she bunched up another free layer of skirt and held it over her chest.

Lorna: "Well he did raise me. He's not exactly all that familiar with puff." Lorna laughed at the netting though; picking it up and wrapping it around her hair. "Tell me, too clashy with the dress?" Lorna looked on with mock horror at the talk of makeup.

Lorna: "My face is in your hands. You're a professional after all, yeah?" Lorna nodded at Lizzie's suggestion on trimming the bust. "Bet you didn't think you'd get to half make your dress when you signed on for this."

Elizabeth: "Actually..." she hunted in the bag and pulled out some hairpins and pinned Lorna's hair up, fiddling around with the netting, pinning it into the bun so it trailed over her back. "How about that?"

Elizabeth: She picked up her own netting again, having another look in the mirror. "Maybe. I'll decide in a moment. And I suppose I am professional. I can do this in a hurry - had enough practise!"

Lorna: "Huh." Lorna looked in the mirror, tilting her hair as she got used to the netting. "Nobody'd ever guess. That's fantastic!" Lorna turned back to grin at Lizzie. "Would you rather I call you a professional or a ninja?"

Elizabeth: "Professional ninja," she nodded, holding a few more hairpins in her mouth and talked around them. "It's nothing fancy. I just picked up tips behind the scenes," Lizzie pulled a pin out of her mouth, opening it as she did so and neatened up Lorna's hair. "Hairspray!" she held her hand out for it so she wouldn't have to lean over Lorna.

Lorna: "Hairspray!" Lorna clicked the can into Lizzie's hand, making sure not to laugh and move her head.

Lorna: "Hey, with your tips we're so going to outshine Elvis."

Elizabeth: Taking hold of the can, Lizzie gave it a shake, spraying a fair mist over Lorna's green locks. "It'd be nice if we could..." sighing, she took a step back. "Look I get why you're doing it now but you could have at least told us before we got on the jet... I could have brought some really nice jewelery, proper hair things... Just made it nice..."

Lorna: "But what's better, hair things or the look on your and Rogue's face?" Lorna looked back, grinning.

Elizabeth: "Yeah," she bit her lip, feeling downcast. "It's just all the nice things - plus the whole something old something new thing. I could have given you something borrowed and old."

Lorna: "Well, we've got the borrowed thing covered as is." Lorna picked up the edge of the netting in her hair. "Lizzie, if this wasn't what I wanted to do, do you think we'd be here? Hell, I just want this to be fun." Lorna smirked back. "And I'm pretty sure standing in a chapel changing room cutting out netting should make for some pretty memorable fun."

Elizabeth: "I never said it wasn't what you wanted," she shrugged a little, dumping the pins on the table. "Doesn't matter. So, have you got makeup? I didn't exactly have a reason to bring any..."

Lorna: "Course, got it in the bag." Lorna nodded, pulling out her box of make up. "I know you didn't say that. Guess I just thought you'd get a bigger kick out of it."

Elizabeth: Taking the box, she started to sort through it. "I'm sorry, guess I'd just have liked warning, because I was having fun planning and getting things sorted and well - I've just got things on my mind as well right now," biting her lip as she picked out what she wanted to use, she thought about the Club troubles again.

Lorna: "Well hey, we'll still get to plan a reception. Then you'll get to be in on seeing people's 'oh my God, what the fuck' faces." Lorna looked hopeful that the promise of surprising people would help to cheer Lizzie up.

Elizabeth: Fully aware that Lorna was trying to cheer her up, she smiled broadly and started busying herself with applying base foundation to Lorna's face. There was another thing just niggling at her, and she knew what that was and nothing would cure that. Damn it.

Elizabeth: "I think everyone will think we're playing a prank on them..."

Lorna: "That's part of the beauty." Lorna stayed still while the professional ninja was dealing out her makeup martial arts. "I'm pretty sure nobody'll ever top it."

Elizabeth: "Oh now you've said that someone will," she rolled her eyes a little, tweaking a lock of hair so it fell behind Lorna's ear.

Lorna: "Well then I look forward to it." Lorna laughed, half at imagining what would be used to top a real wedding passed off as a prank and half at Lizzie's eyeroll. "So, am I a masterpiece?"

Elizabeth: "I'm not done yet," she picked up the mascara, gently applying some, paying attention to the outside corners of Lorna's eyes especially, before setting it down, picking up her next tool. "You will be in a moment though, promise."

Lorna: "Heh, guess I'm just a bit impatient." Lorna grinned and looked up, never exactly a fan at putting mascara on. "And no need to promise. I trust you after all."

Elizabeth: "Nearly done and you've been having your makeup applied for the very taxing total of what... five minutes?" she screwed her nose up at Lorna. "You're almost done. I feel like I should be giving you a lolly for being a good girl."

Lorna: Lorna snorted, still trying to keep still. "It could so be my something blue. How fantastic would that be, seriously?" She grinned up at Lizzie. "Blue lolly would go a long way in keeping me calm."

Elizabeth: "Blue lolly? I've never had a blue one..." she straightened up and regarded Lorna's face. "I think you're done," sidestepping so Lorna could look in the mirror, Lizzie quickly set about putting herself in order.

Lorna: "Fantastic." Lorna looked in the mirror. "Just have to get in the dress now." Okay, now the nerves were building up which Lorna mentally chastised herself about. Just going about getting a silly piece of paper and having a chat with Elvis. All the actual important business was already done with so there wasn't anything to be scared about.

--------------- meanwhile, down the hall...

Rogue: Rogue looked down and tugged on the sleeves of the formed pinstripe tux jacket. She ran her hands down her sides, nodding approvingly before stepping out from behind the dressing curtain they had put in so she could change. "Whaddya think, Bugs? Look like a true moll now? Feel like Ah need a fedora," she winked at him, then picked at the hem of the skirt.

Bobby: Already in his own tux, just outside the changing room at the chapel, Bobby fidgeted with the cuffs of his shirt under the jacket. The last time he'd been in a tux was at his high school prom.

Bobby: "Hey, Doll! Prettiest moll around, babe," Bobby put on a big grin for her. "Look way better'n me, fedora or no fedora."

Rogue: Rogue laughed and went over to give him a hug. "Ya look amazin'." She pulled back and let her eyes trail over him and she waggled her eyebrows a bit. "Sexiest man alive. Should call People Magazine or somethin'." She tugged at the skirt again and made a face. "Ah just hope no one brushes mah legs. No idea how well this thin nylon'll hold up..."

Rogue: She looked back up to his face and she tilted her head to the side after a moment. "Ya doin' ok? Nervous?"

Bobby: Bobby snorted at her joke. "Nervous? Me?" He tried to straighten his tie yet again. "You'll be fine, Doll," he said, letting his eyes stray down to her nearly-bare legs for a split second. "You'd deck anybody you didn't want touching those anyways."

Rogue: Rogue snorted a laugh, "That's true. Though... Ya didn't answer mah question." She stepped up to him and gave him a mock-glare, her nose nearly touching his as she fought a smirk, "Ya nervous?" She poked him in the ribs teasingly.

Bobby: "Do we ever answer each other's questions, Doll?" Bobby dug his own fingers into her ribs in return, fighting a grin.

Bobby: At her reaction, he backed off the tickling. "Of course I'm nervous," he said, licking his lips. "I'm getting married. Like.... for real. Like... forever."

Rogue: She gave him a small smile and slid her arms around his waist, squeezing him gently. "An' y'all're tha most perfect couple if Ah ever saw one. F'ever ain't got nothin' on y'all an' what y'all've put up with from each other an' tagether."

Bobby: "Thanks, Anna." Bobby returned the hug, then let her go to search through his pockets, though he knew in which pocket the velvet box was hidden. "Now... about that package I need ya ta hold for me, Doll..."

Rogue: Rogue arched a quizzical eyebrow and gave him an innocent look, "Ya mean, it ain't tha package Lorna's gonna get tanight?" She snickered and held up her hand, "Yeah, that was bad. Sorry." She turned her hand over, palm up and moved her fingers in a 'give it here' gesture. Her eyes slowly got wider as he kept searching. "Bobby......"

Bobby: "I could say she gets that one every night... and bad's never stopped me." Bobby rubbed at his chin with a shit-eating grin, pulling the box from his pocket. Suddenly nervous again, he opened the box and turned it toward her, glancing down at the silver glint from the bands. "What do you think?"

Rogue: "Wow," Rogue said on a whisper. "Those're beautiful, hun." She glanced up to meet his eyes, giving him a broad grin. "Got good taste." Her face fell after a moment, "Ah'm sorry Ah wasn't there f' ya ta show me her engagement ring."

Bobby: "It's okay." Bobby bopped her on the nose with the box, then flipped it closed and handed it over to her. "I showed it to Sam instead, so it kind of all works out, yeah?"

Rogue: Rogue laughed as she tucked the box in the inside breast pocket. She frowned when it ruined the way the jacket fit to her perfectly and moved it to a hip pocket. "Yeah, Ah guess it does." Her eyes got a bit wide. "Oh crap. Ah gotta get back like tomorrow... Ah'm goin' home ta meet his folks f' Easter. Shit. Ah'll call him when we're done ta let him know Ah might be late."

Rogue: A slow shit eating grin made its way up her face as she looked Bobby over again. "Mah boy's gettin' married. Wow. Who'da thunk it." She laughed, "An' Ah'm a best man..."

Bobby: "Oh, can't miss the date with mom and dad." Bobby nodded. "You know... that's the first step to buying really overpriced bits of precious metal." He tapped the box in her pocket.

Bobby: "By the way, I'm not wearing a dress to be your maid of honor." He winked.

Rogue: Rogue gave a nervous laugh at that. "First step nothin'. That ain't happenin'." She shook her head quickly. "Nope. Leave all that fun f' everybody else... Although..." Rogue took a step away and put her fingers to her chin as she looked him up and down, then made some 'picture window' motions with her hands over Bobby as she squinted one eye. "Sparkley pink with a floofy skirt? So y'all."


Geoffrey: Geoffrey checked his watch as he left Elvis and sighed, prepping himself to see if the girls were ready. Well, the girls who weren't a best man anyway. He smirked over at Bobby and Rogue. "So, I can leave you with Elvis and you'll be fine, right?"

Bobby: "Absolutely, pops," Bobby saluted Geoffrey, running a hand through his hair nervously and fiddling with the collar of his tux shirt. "Maybe I should have had some blue suede shoes for this? Or is that a little overdone?"

Rogue: Rogue gave Geoffrey a smile and a nod, but stepped a bit closer to Bobby when his back was turned, to whisper in his ear as she eyed Elvis. "This is just creepy. An' so incredibly nerd of y'all." Rogue snickered as Elvis arched an eyebrow and gave a half smirk at the two of them.

Elvis: Elvis looked down at his shoes, giving a small nod of appreciation that the boy knew about blue suede shoes, also wondering if maybe he should have worn them instead of the white ones that went with the be-jeweled outfit he was wearing currently. "Hey, if you did, I wouldn't have stepped on 'em, lil man." He pointed his fingers at the Robert kid in a pistol motion and made a clicking sound with his mouth.

Geoffrey: Geoffrey was momentarily speechless by the Elvis. "...right. I." How the hell was anyone supposed to concentrate with Elvis there? "I think your shoes are good Bobby. Save something for the reception, right?" He reached over, patting Bobby's shoulder briefly. "Anyway, they'd clash with her hair. I'll go see if the girls are about ready."

Bobby: “Good point.” He nodded at Geoffrey. Bobby did wonder a little about being called 'little man,' but it was by the King, so he supposed it was okay. "How is it creepy, Doll?" Bobby turned to Anna to distract himself from his nerves. "Be happy it's just Elvis and we're not in Middle Earth or on the Enterprise." He repeated Elvis's little gun gesture at her.

Elvis: Elvis gave the girl a winning smile and widened his stance proudly as the boy copied him. He cocked one hip out and managed to hide the wince from the pain. He was getting too old for this, but it was for the good of the people. He was the King. "Uuuuh huh."

Rogue: Rogue gave Elvis a nervous smile and had to stifle her giggles behind her hand. Once she had control of them, she gently took Bobby's finger in her fist and shook his hand around. "Put that away 'fore ya poke an' eye out, Bugsy. But ya right, 'least Ah ain't in a wookie costume or nothin'..."

Geoffrey: "Don't give them ideas. There's still the reception after all." Geoffrey smirked as he headed out. "Girls? Are we ready?"

Elizabeth: Pulling at the top of her dress, she looked up as Lorna's father called out to them. "I think so, just about," she glanced to Lorna. "Are you ready?"

Lorna: Lorna looked down at her blue toenails as they seemed to be well dried. "Yeah, I'm ready." She stood up, slipping her shoes back on and giving the dress a final adjustment before swallowing. "Right, yeah. Ready."

Geoffrey: Geoffrey smiled at Lorna's tone. "Aren't going to get all starstruck at the King now, are you?"

Lorna: "No, I think I can manage." Lorna laughed, taking a proper breath and straightening up.

Bobby: Bobby shifted his weight and peered down the hall where Geoffrey had vanished. Wouldn't be long now. He swallowed and turned back to Anna. "Oh, just wait. The wookie costumes are for the reception back home." He winked at her. "You've got the rings, right?"

Rogue: Rogue gave a humorless laugh and stuck her tongue out at him. "Ah ain't wearin' one. No way, no how." She grumbled a bit then patted the pocket that she had put the rings in earlier, frowning, then opening the pocket to look inside, "Yep, it's in there." She leaned over so he could peek in the pocket for himself.

Bobby: Bobby raised a brow and looked into her pocket. "Not sure how well lookin' down another girl's shirt is gonna go for an almost-married... um..." His grin dropped slightly at what he saw inside and he reached out to pull the pocket open more to look again. "Uhhh.... Anna..."

Rogue: Rogue shifted her gaze to Elvis when Bobby said her real name, but he was obviously occupied with his hair...wig...thing and a comb. She looked back at him, curious as she tried to peer in past his head, "Yeah? What is it?"

Lorna: Lorna started to step out of the changing booth before having a moment of panic and going back in, hurriedly putting her choker on and breathing again. "Okay... have I forgotten anything else?" She looked up at Lizzie to help her out with this. "I've got a dress on, proper underwear, shoes, choker, hair and make up's done. Bobby's got himself together so he's accounted for..."

Elizabeth: "Your nerves? Flowers?" She grabbed the bunch from the side and handed it over. "There. You'll be fine!" Lizzie reached forward and gave Lorna a quick hug, half amused at herself for getting quite soppy. "Nothing to worry about."

Lorna: "Ahha!" Lorna clutched the flowers and laughed as she hugged Lizzie. "Perfect!" Lorna grinned again and stepped back out, smiling at her father. "Everything's good!"

Geoffrey: "Yeah, I know." Geoffrey smiled, taking Lorna's arm since she seemed to have forgotten that part.

Elizabeth: "One second!" Lizzie knelt down, rather gracefully despite the heels she'd been given, and arranged the back of Lorna's dress, so that the skirt fell neatly, and stood back up, wobbling a little as she did and gave her hair one last fluff. "There we are. As perfect as I can get it with so little warning," Lizzie said teasingly, moving to stand next to Lorna.

Lorna: Sticking out her tongue out at Lizzie, Lorna felt her stomach start to settle. "Oh, you know I'm perfect right now."

Elizabeth: "Yes, you are," taking hold of Lorna's free hand, Lizzie gave it a squeeze. "Now lets see if you still think that after taking a few steps!"

Lorna: "I'm pretty sure that I can manage walking. The shoes aren't that bad after all." Lorna squeezed back, laughing slightly. "I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to fall down a Vegas aisle though."

Elizabeth: "Not especially but you can fall over in bare feet if you're nervous enough. Seen it happen," she nodded, looking towards the door. "So...you ready?"

Lorna: "Yeah. I'm ready." Lorna swallowed again and tightened her hold on her father. "Let's do this thing...God I hope I don't start laughing when I see Elvis."

Geoffrey: "It's hard not to but I think it'll be alright."

Elizabeth: "I think I'll have to put my model face on... I don't see how else I won't laugh at a middle aged man, possibly with a growing beer belly, covered in rhinestones and wearing sunglasses indoors."

Geoffrey: "Just wait until he does the hip swivel." Geoffrey fixed his tie and tried to remove the Elvis-specific amusement from his face. "I think his hip might break."

Elizabeth: "You really shouldn't have told me that..." Lizzie sighed. "I'll be smirking the entire time."

Geoffrey: "Good, it's a wedding, there should be smiles." Geoffrey laughed slightly and settled into grinning.

Lorna: "Just as long as the shine from the rhinestones doesn't blind me I'm good."

Elizabeth: "Well, there should be smiles but you haven't seen my smirk. It's taken years of upperclass English breeding to produce this sarcastic expression of superiority," Lizzie smirked by way of example, tucking her hair back behind her ears in readiness to go in.

Bobby: "Um, I know that I gave Lorna a plastic engagement ring and all... but that rock is more candy than the carots I paid for, Doll." Bobby looked into the depths of her pocket again, hoping his voice wasn't rising much as he started to panic.

Rogue: Rogue arched her eyebrows, "Is it?" She reached in her pocket and pulled out the ring, holding it up to the light, "Looks good ta me..."

Elvis: "Uuuh huh," Elvis watched the package and licked his lips.

Rogue: Rogue ignored Elvis and held the ring out to Bobby, "She'll love it!"

Bobby: "Aaaheheheheh." Now he knew his voice had gone up an octave. "Yeah... just love." Bobby eyed the enormous candy ring. "I'm not going crazy, right? I gave you the rings, right?" He blinked rapidly. He'd packed the right rings, right?

Bobby: He did a double take at Elvis. "Hey! No eating my fian...wife's ring!"

Elvis: Elvis gave the kid a shocked look and held up his hands. "Hey, lil man. No offense. Don't get your hair in a curl."

Rogue: Rogue smirked as Bobby was occupied and pulled the real rings from a different pocket, having switched them when he wasn't looking. "April Fools," she beamed and held out the real rings.

Bobby: "Dude, what's with the 'little man' thing?" Bobby started muttering, confused and getting irritated. He patted at his hair, now paranoid about that too, then slowly turned to look at Anna and sighed with relief. Heart attack averted. "Good one, Doll." He poked out his tongue.

Rogue: Rogue tucked the ring back in the pocket and laughed, "Hey, ya know Ah had ta do somethin' ta get back atcha."

Elvis: Elvis looked over as he got a nod from an assistant through a small window to the outside waiting area that the bridal party was in place. He brought his arms up in a dramatic fashion and swiveled his hips as he looked down at the floor and pulled up the corner of his mouth. The little old woman at the organ took it as her cue to start playing 'Love Me Tender' for the walk down the aisle.

Rogue: Rogue had to hide a snicker at Elvis and gave Bobby a hug then turned him around with a swat to the rear to get him in place. She gave his hand a small quick squeeze then straightened up to look at the door.

Elizabeth: Hearing the twangs of the organ, Lizzie looked up to the ceiling. "Beam me up, Scotty..."

Lorna: Lorna couldn't help but snort. "Hey, no beaming out of my wedding." Lorna laughed more as she couldn't resist dancing a bit to the organ music before the door opened. Well, this was it.

Bobby: The music started up and Bobby froze, then had to check to make sure he hadn't really frozen. This was it... This was it, and he was really getting married. Holy shit. Holy. Shit.

Bobby: The door opened, catching the end of Lorna's little wriggle. Wow. He grinned. He could do this.

Lorna: Lorna caught sight of Bobby and grinned back. She wanted to laugh at the face he was making but was pretty sure hers wasn't too different.

Rogue: Rogue caught sight of Lorna and glanced over at Bobby, a big smile on her face. She was so happy for him. They deserved this after all they'd been through.

Elvis: Elvis stayed in his pose, fingers pointing out, wide wings off his sleeves draping as the small fan behind him blew them. No sense in an old man getting overheated. He brought only his head up to inspect the incoming group and his eyes went wide, a lusty smile on his face. "Have meeerrrrcy."

Elizabeth: "Sorry," she grinned ruefully to Lorna. "You deserve this so much, you two, but I can't pretend to be overjoyed by that." She fixed Elvis with a fairly evil look that promised great pain. "I'm sure that's not part of the wedding package," Lizzie added with a mutter.

Lorna: "Oh you'd be surprised." Lorna worked hard to keep a straight face. She tightened her hold on her father's arm as they started down the aisle. How exactly was a chapel this small sporting this long of a walk? Lorna was in a hurry to get down there, damnit.

Bobby: Bobby was distracted from the wonder of his very soon-to-be wife, and Liz looking good too, by Elvis's comment. He turned to give him a look with narrowed eyes. Yeah, he'd show him 'little man.' Later. Much later, because Lorna was here.

Bobby: "Lookin' good, Dee." It would probably be inappropriate to ask how hard it would be to get that dress back off... He took her hand from Geoffrey with a smile and took his place with her in front of Elvis.

Elvis: Elvis smoothed a hand over his hair as he looked up to a corner of the ceiling, then proceeded to open the small book kept on the podium in front of him. "Deeeeaaarrrrly belov'd. We are gathered here today to unite these two people in hooooollly matrimony an' make their buuurnin' love legitimized..."

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9/3 Instance: Fools Fall In

Post by Starfish » Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:23 pm

Okay, I'm not sure whether to call shenanigans or not... :shifty

In any case, this is a fantastic instance. Very well played, everybody. It had lots of funny gems that made me snicker while reading. Lovely read, and very convincing. That's why I'm not sure if it's an April Fool's Day joke, despite the date.

Of course, if this is actually no fake-out, Lorna's and Bobby's marriage won't last very long. Because Cessily will stab for not having been invited. She really wanted to take the wedding pictures.
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9/3 Instance: Fools Fall In

Post by wingyding » Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:28 pm

(god I hope, cause a vegas wedding on april fool's would just be too much. )
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9/3 Instance: Fools Fall In

Post by Ferguson » Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:41 pm

We are the epitome of too-muchery.

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9/3 Instance: Fools Fall In

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:42 pm

Bobby: "Yeah, Doll, you gotta hold a real special package for me, see." Bobby chuckled at his own joke before having a moment of panic trying to remember if he did pack that package. Lorna would so kill him, so he caught her eye and smiled again, just a little too widely.
Loved it. That ACK thing you do 500 times.
Elizabeth: "I was confused for Paige?" Lizzie almost sucked her tongue down her throat in shock. "And good. I can work with scissors. All I need is a few pins and a mirror for a view."

Is it bad that I evil giggled at that? I love Lorna's dad.

And just aww. I teared up. Damn hormones.
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9/3 Instance: Fools Fall In

Post by puppygirl » Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:46 pm

Finally finished reading this thing and it was really sweet guys, yay for everyone :D

*plots to see if she can elope to vegas with scummy to avoid having to actually plan her own wedding :shifty*
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