08/29 Instance: Oh, the Irony

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08/29 Instance: Oh, the Irony

Post by Starfish » Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:18 am

Timeline: After Kyle/Rahne

Rogue: Rogue sat on the newly finished front floorboard where the driver's seat would go later, and looked over the newly upholstered backseat with a grin. She leaned out the door and grabbed the socket wrench from the floor of the garage and ducked her head under the seat to start bolting it down. The car had come a looooong way and she was proud of it. She wasn't really anywhere near done yet, there was still so much to do, but it was getting there.

Rahne: Rahne leant against the side of the the open garage door and watched Rogue working on Creed's car with narrowed eyes. What a vulture the girl was.

Rogue: Hmm. She frowned as she bent down further, unable to reach a back bolt. Rogue laid down on the floorboard and shimmied as close as she could get to the seat, reaching her arm under to see if she could get it that way. Ah ha! She beamed and started to tighten the bolt, her head bobbing slightly to the classic southern rock she had playing.

Rogue: Rebuilding this car was almost a metaphor for her rebuilding her relationship with Vic and she'd make it better than it was when it was brand new if she could.

Rahne: Rahne walked into the garage and turned the music off, since the girl was obviously to absorbed to notice she was being glared at.

Rogue: Rogue lifted her head with a confused frown in the direction of the radio and her eyebrows rose in curiousity as she saw Rahne standing next to it. She pushed to sit up and gave her a small smile, "Hey, sugah. What's up?"

Rahne: "Nothing," Rahne shrugged, "don't call me sugar ... or shugarh or however you fucking pronounce it?" Her arm started twitching slightly and she crushed it against her torso to keep it still.

Rogue: Rogue frowned, then shrugged, "Alright. How're ya doin', Rahne? Settlin' back in ok?" She moved to climb out of the car and frowned when her coveralls that Vic gave her got caught on the tracks for the front seat. She pulled it free then opted to fly the rest of the way out. Rogue set the wrench in the back seat and tugged the rag out of her pocket to wipe at her hands before putting her gloves back on.

Rahne: "Fine, everyone leaves me alone, which I like ..." she looked over the car, she had made alot of progress with it, "Never wouldda figured you for a greaser, unless that's something else you picked up from Creed along with his psyche."

Rogue: "Always been interested in it... Never had too much know-how though, just did what people told me. But yeah, Ah made sure ta keep playin' those abilities out so Ah'd keep his knowledge." She smiled at the car, "Lookin' good, ain't it? Ah'm real pleased with how it's lookin'." She turned the smile to Rahne, "Ya welcome ta take it out f' a ride whenever ya want once Ah'm finished."

Rahne: Rahne sneered, "Oh please, like you'd get me anywhere near that hunk of crap, the wheel's probably fall off when you turned the fucking engine on." She pulled out her cigarettes and lit one, "Don't mind do you? Didn't think so," she took a pull.
Rahne: "So, you steal this car too?" She asked pleasently.

Rogue: Rogue frowned, "They might, but Ah doubt it seein' as how it ain't got an engine yet." She walked over and lifted the hood for Rahne to see the emptiness. She shut the hood and tucked the rag in her pocket, then started to pull her gloves on as she tried to make sense of what she'd been asked, "What? Ya know Vic bought this car..."

Rahne: "Yeah, he bought it to work on, only you're doing it now. I was just wondering if you'd just assumed with us not being here you could just help yourself to our stuff." She blew out a slow stream of smoke.

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow, "Naw, Vic an' Ah started workin' on it 'fore he left. He knows Ah'm keepin' it up... Ya contacted him yet? Ah ain't told him ya back yet..." She reached behind her to the work bench and picked up her coke can for a drink.

Rahne: "Like I'd wanna talk to that asshole," Rahne snorted, "And I don't care about the rustbucket ... what I do care about is you helping yourself to my bike." She narrowed her eyes at Rogue, "Kyle told me I had it, then when I go down there to check it out I smell you and that fucker all over the damn thing."

Rogue: Rogue leaned against the work bench and took another drink as she nodded, forcing herself to ignore the comments about Vic and the Cadillac, she was probably still just angry. "Yeah. Somebody had ta drive it or tha engine coulda gone ta shit from sittin' f' so long. Who knew how long ya were gonna be gone." She shrugged. "Don't worry though, Ah ain't usin' it anymore. Saved up 'nough at mah job ta get a harley."

Rahne: Rahne watched Rogue from behind slitted eyes, "It wasn't your decision to make, you shouldn't just help yourself to other people's shit. Fuck, is everyone here a fucking leech?"

Rogue: Rogue's eyes narrowed slightly, "Didn't realize ya'd miss it." She pushed away from her perch and went over to a plastic bin to dig for more bolts. "With how ya talkin' 'bout Vic, ya even gonna want it anymore since he's tha one who bought it f' ya?" She glanced over her shoulder then went back to looking.

Rahne: "He owes me," Rahne said simply, "and don't worry, I ain't picking on you skunkie, you arn't the only one who decended on our stuff like a pack of hyenas." She shrugged.

Rogue: "Skunkie?" Rogue shook her head and rolled her eyes while her back was still turned. She placed some bolts to the side and looked over her shoulder again. "Yeah, cain't blame ya f' thinkin' like that after what happened." She turned around to fully face Rahne and went to put the bolts with the socket wrench as she watched the other woman with a concerned frown, "What happened?"

Rahne: "Kyle and Cessily helped themselves to our sex toys, if you really want to know, and fucked in our bed." Rahne finished off the cigarette and stubbed it out on the floor, No fun ...

Rogue: Rogue screwed up her face, "Oh fuuun. Thinkin' Ah'd be buyin' new ones if that happened." She laughed a bit and shook her head, then went to toss her coke can before heading to the minifridge, "Ya want a drink?" Rogue was honestly surprised Rahne wasn't ripping her a new one, she always had the feeling the other woman never really liked her much, and then the bike thing...

Rahne: "I don't want anything from you, or anyone else here," Rahne said, rubbing her arm, "I don't want anything to do with someone as ... as toxic as you!"

Rogue: Rogue froze with her hand on the door to the minifridge, poised to open it. She slowly turned around and fixed Rahne with a level stare. "Now, there's two things that Ah would like ta say ta ya 'bout that comment. One, Ah ain't toxic. Two, if ya fully meant it, ya wouldn'ta hesitated in sayin' it."

Rogue: "On another note, ya ain't gotta be rude 'bout mah offer of alcohol, a polite no thank ya woulda sufficed." She shook out her hand where it had been gripping the door tightly still and turned to pull out a small 'bitch beer'.

Rahne: "You're right, you're not just toxic, your a fucking bio-hazard," Rahne's claws dug into her arm, "'Cos it's all your fucking fault you stupid bitch! Everything was fine till you decided to uses your emo vampire retarded power to screw it all up!"

Rahne: "Bad enough you nearly wreaked Remy and Teej's relationship, then fucked over Bobby you had to go and ruin everything, you dumb bitch!"

Rogue: Rogue's back stiffened ramrod straight as her hand clenched tighter around the bottle. She set it on top of the fridge before she would break it and fisted her hands at her sides without turning back to Rahne, "Do not go blamin' that on me. Ya wanna know why Vic left? Ya ask him ya fuckin' self 'cause that ain't it." She wasn't about to tell her that was just the straw that broke his back. "Ah didn't do shit ta Remy an' TJ's relationship."

Rogue: She turned around slowly as she tried to keep her temper under control, "An' as f' Bobby? Ah ain't got any idea what ya talkin' 'bout." She couldn't mean the failed mission... Could she? "Ah love every single one of those boys like they were blood kin. Ah wouldn't ever do anythin' ta hurt 'em on purpose."

Rahne: "Really? Well you've got a funny way of showing it, I've got eyes and fucking ears you know, you knew Teej and Remy still had feelings for each other and you still screwed around with him, I ain't to sure what happened with Bobby but I know what you did fucked him up even worse and as for Creed ... heh, enough said."

Rahne: She shruged as she ungriped her arm and her foot began to rapidly tap, "Maybe I should thank you, hmm? You hadn't done that then I'd married him and be stuck with that fucking nutjob right?" Right. Right.

Rogue: Rogue rolled her neck as she took a deep breath, "Yeah. Yeah Ah knew an' yeah, Ah still kinda dated him. But ya know what? That's in tha past, ain't nothin' gonna change it now." She looked up to meet Rahne's eyes, "An' he knows Ah knew, so don't think threatenin' ta tell him's gonna make me do anythin' but laugh." She shook her head, "What happened ta Bobby ain't mah fault. Wasn't mah doin' at all, an' Ah ain't got a fuckin' clue where ya got that from, but whoever ya source is, ya can tell 'em otherwise."

Rogue: "No. Don't thank me, 'cause Ah ain't tha reason he left, Ah told ya that." She walked back over to the car and stripped her gloves as she climbed back in, trying to keep most of her mind and body busy. "An', f' tha record? Sure, he's a bit messed up, we all are a bit messed up, but that don't make him a, quote, fuckin' nutjob." She sent a glare up at Rahne then went back to her work.

Rahne: "A bit? Ha! Thought you leeched his memories. Fuck him anyway, I'm happier by myself, I'm better off, not some fucking housewife-pet thing. And you're just a parasite, stay away from my stuff okay." She forced herself to stop tapping.

Rogue: Rogue nodded, "Yeah, Ah did. A few months back, Rahne. He's well an' faded by now. All Ah know is what he's talked ta me 'bout." She fixed a bolt in place and pushed up to sit as she watched Rahne. "Parasite, huh? Guessin' maybe ya right, Rahne. Maybe ya right. But ya know what? 'Least Ah ain't bein' a bitch." She set her face in a hard glare as she watched Rahne, "As f' ya stuff, ain't got no use f' it, so it's safe."

Rahne: "Duuuuh I'm a bitch, fucking wolf freak arn't I? And there ain't nothing I can do about it is there, can't help how we're made. But at least I won't end up killing everything I care about. And stop trying to look scary little girl, you just look like you need to do a really big shit or something."

Rahne: She was having trouble stopping herself from twitching ... it had never been this bad before, what the fuck was in that shit she'd gotten? "Look, I got better things to do then get into a pissing contest with you, enjoy your rustbucket, beggar." She turned to leave.

Rogue: "Hold on, now." Rogue quickly flew to block the door and watched Rahne carefully, remembering how Vic had been. "Rahne... Ya still doin' drugs?" She put her hands on her hips and her brows furrowed in slight worry. She managed to ignore the comment about killing everything she cared about. Rahne really had no idea how deep that went.

Rahne: "Fuck off am I telling you that. Drugs, drugs, dugs, that's all you people are fucking worried about. So what if I am, my fucking life, or are you worried that I'll bring the 'tone' of your fucking little club house down?" Rahne pushed past Rogue angrilly.

Rogue: Rogue ground her teeth and stepped in front of Rahne again, "Yeah. Ah'm worried 'bout ya life. 'Club house' though? Really? C'mon, Rahne, ya can do better'n that," she shook her head, "If Ah cared 'bout that 'tone of mah fuckin' lil clubhouse', Ah'd tell ya ta just go do ya shit elsewhere. So, no, Ah ain't gonna fuck off, 'cause ya mah not like me one bit, but Ah do care 'bout ya."

Rahne: "You care about me! We've barly ever spoken, and I. don't. like. you. I never did, you're a thoughtless, selfish brat. I've said my piece now let me go, and would you prefer me to call it a fucking whore house or something? 'Cos that's what this place is you know."

Rogue: "Ah know ya don't. But Ah couldn't care less. Ya a friend of Remy's an' Vic loves ya." She took a breath, "No, Ah ain't thoughtless. Selfish? Maybe. A brat? No. But one thing Ah am is someone ya cain't break an' make stop givin' a damn with ya petty fuckin' insults. Ah've been through so much worse than what ya throwin' out, so don't even try ta make me back down with 'em."

Rogue: Rogue stepped aside and crossed her arms, "Yeah, ya can go. Don't mean Ah ain't gonna keep an eye on ya when Ah can." She made a mental note to talk to Remy about it and possibly tell Vic she was home... Maybe.

Rahne: "If he loved me he wouldn't have left, he's just a user, everyone is." She shrugged, "And you just fucking stay away from me, don't watch me! I don't need watching. Fuck off, like I need a babysitter."

Rogue: "Everybody needs somebody ta care 'bout 'em." Rogue shrugged, "An' ya cain't stop me from watchin' out f' y'all any more'n Ah can stop Bobby from watchin' out f' me." She fixed her with a calm, level stare, "That's what family does, sugah."

Rahne: "Family? Don't make me laugh, my family is back in Scotland, like I'd even wanna be assosiated with an inbred hick like you, but I guess little street vermin like you gotta take what you can get huh?" Rahne scraped the ground with her foot, a muscle under her eye starting to twitch under the strain.

Rogue: "Sugah, Ah ain't inbred, an' Ah damn sure ain't a hick. Though ya right, Ah'll take what Ah can get since Ah ain't got anybody else." She tilted her head some, "If ya don't wanna be here, why stay? Why not go back ta ya family in Scotland? Sure Liz'd fly ya home if ya asked her ta do it." She frowned, "'Cause it's damn obvious ya got somethin' 'gainst us with all ya hits at tha entire student body. 'Less ya just usin' it as a defense mechanism like Ah used ta."

Rahne: I can't go back, they'd wanna make me stop "I ain't anything like you! Just shut up and leave me alone and don't fucking watch me you crazy stalker!" Rahne backed away and growled, eyes narrowing.

Rogue: "If Ah were a crazy stalker that'd have ta mean Ah liked ya. Sorry, hun, but ya ain't mah type. Mah type is tall, blonde, an' country." She smirked. "An' ya more like me than ya think." Rogue stuffed her bare hands in her pockets and made her way back to the Cadillac. "Ya don't want me watchin' out f' ya, then go home."

Rahne: I can't, they'll make me stop, make me register "I think I'll just fucking leave anyway, I only came here 'cos I didn't have a choice, and least if I'm gone no one can harass me about shit."

Rogue: Rogue frowned, "Didn't have a choice?" She turned around to face Rahne, "Why not?" Her frown was replaced with a slight realization, "What happened, Rahne?"

Rahne: Rahne sucked her teeth, "You really wanna know? Will that shut you up?"

Rogue: "Not necessarily. But it'd be nice ta know, yeah." She leaned against the passenger door and crossed one leg over the one she was using to hold herself up. Rogue crossed her arms and tilted her head, "An', no Ah wouldn't tell a soul 'less ya in serious 'could kill ya' kinda trouble."

Rahne: "Too late, that already happened, that's where you're lucky though, no one knows you're a freak ... mundy." Rahne hissed, before turning on her heel and stalking back to the mansion. Shouldn't take her too long to get packed up again and then she could just vanish again ... and no one would be watching her 'cos of the cocaine.

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow, "Mundy?" Sighing and rolling her eyes she pulled her gloves on and decided to go talk to Remy. Maybe if he talked to Rahne, she'd listen.
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08/29 Instance: Oh, the Irony

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:49 am

Oooch. Cat fight. Kinda.

Bitch indeedy.
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08/29 Instance: Oh, the Irony

Post by wingyding » Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:59 am


Shall we just sit back and watch the fur fly?
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08/29 Instance: Oh, the Irony

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Sat Aug 30, 2008 6:49 am

Ben is SO staying out of Rogue's way for a little while longer.

He can probably hear her stomping down the hall after that from the other end of the school.

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08/29 Instance: Oh, the Irony

Post by Starfish » Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:17 pm

Oh my... >_<

Really well played, you two. Very intense argument. But still, poor girls. Crazy angry Rahne is fun, though. :cracked

I think Cess will have to organize a group hugging event for everyone soon. And an intervention for Rahne. :shifty
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08/29 Instance: Oh, the Irony

Post by steyn » Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:34 pm

yikes, great read!

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