8/11 Game: Moon Madness

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8/11 Game: Moon Madness

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:00 am

Current Timeline.

<Carol> Carol stood in front of her borrowed vacuum-proof transport and pile of suits and waited for the students to turn up in the hangar. She was still only half sure that this was a good idea but at least, if it went well, they might warm up to her a little bit. Hopefully. She pushed a hand through her hair and decided to tie it back for now.

<Broo> Broo was the first to arrive, wearing a massive grin across his face. "Am I late? Am I late?" he asked as he hurried to Ms Danvers.

<Carol> "No, you're here first, congrats. You get to ride upfront." Carol gave the kid a smile, "Put a suit on."

<Tyrone> Tyrone dropped out of a portal six feet in the air onto something soft. "I'm not late am I?" he huffed. "Oh... sorry Broo"

<Broo> "Ow." Was the only reply Tyrone got from the smushed bug.

<Broo> "If it's not too much trouble, Mr Tyrone Sir, would you mind getting off me now?" he finally added.

<Melati> "Did I miss anything yet?" Melati asked as she strolled into the room, accompanied by the the squeaking of the old travel bag she dragged along behind herself. "No one told me how long this field trip is gonna take, so I wasn't sure how much to pack."

<Carol> ".... We're not going up there to live it's just a field trip... what the hell have you got in there?" Carol eyerolled.

<Tyrone> "Erm, yes, erm, sorry," Tyrone stepped off Broo and offered to help him up, "I didn't hurt you too much did I?"

<Archangel> She was followed by Wa-no, his skin was the metallic blue of a certain headworm, once-white fluffy wings made of metal blades instead. 'Warren' was apparently having a blue day. "Probably an awful lot of booze, in which case I formally request I be allowed to help lighten the load." Archangel grinned, educated tones smooth. "I got the message. Seeing if I'm allowed back into heaven for the fuck of it."

<Melati> "Just the bare necessities," Melati replied, dropping the bag next to the pile of space-suits to the sound of glass clanking together coming from inside.

<Carol> "All of you suit up..." Carol went to the bag and opened it up, fishing around for a bottle of scotch. "I'm keeping this."

<Broo> "Thank you, Sir." Broo said getting up, "No damage done, I was just pinned under your weight." he added with a smile and ran for the suits, looking for his size.

<Tyrone> Paying no attention to Broo's reply, Tyrone headed towards the space suits, "You don't happen to have one in black there do you?"

<Archangel> Archangel raised an eyebrow, before going to the suits. Finding one for a winged guy, he pulled it on but left it loose at the waist for now, stretching out his wings until they shook with a steely hiss. "Are we allowed to take pictures?" He smiled innocently at Carol - hey, he was willing to put his bitchiness aside... for now.

<Melati> "Help yourself," Melati commented and waved at Carol. "That's what I brought it for, anyway. Just leave me some of the jellybeans." The lizard girl stepped up to Broo and looked over the small mutant's shoulders. "I guess they don't make these with tails in mind."

<Broo> "Or for short people. Oh, here's one for me. Extra, extra, extra small, short sleeved, short legged. " he held up the suit. So close to space. So damned close.

<Carol> "There should be something for all of you here," Carol replied, "There's exactly one vacuum-proof camera so don't break it. Broo got here first so he gets to sit up front in the pilot seat because I'll be outside - I couldn't convince them to give us enough fuel to take off and reach escape velocity but it's no big. I can lift this thing no problem."

<Archangel> "You try finding suits for people with wings some time." Archangel chuckled. He wondered idly if all the added bells and whistles would make him vacuum-proof... and shuddered. Not something he wanted to test outside of lab conditions, honestly. "Melati, sweetheart, could you be a dear and help me zip up? My wings are vacuum proof but I doubt the rest is."

<Tyrone> "So... one mo... you're going to be piloting us into space from outside the ship?"

<Carol> "Yep. What's the matter? Don't think I can do it?" Carol raised an eyebrow in challenge.

<Melati> "Here, you take this," Melati said as she shoved the vacuum-sealed camera into Broo's little hands. "The Colonel made this sound like it's precious, so I guess I shouldn't be the one to handle it." Her hands free, she stepped over to Warren to help him with his suit.

<Archangel> Archangel just smiled, but held his peace as Melati helped him into his suit, holding his hair out of the way of the zipper. "I can always hold it. I don't tend to break things." People, yes, but not things. Strangely, he found himself wishing Elizabeth was here...

<Broo> Broo fumbled with the camera and nearly dropped it. "Got it! Got it." he placed it carefully down and went ahead, putting on his suit.

<Tyrone> "Ok... if you're sure you're upto the task... then I guess I can come along," Tyrone muttered under his breath.

<Broo> All suited up, Broo excitedly tested out the helmet, sliding the golden visor up and down repeatedly. "Ms Danvers, will we be staying in the ship at all times, or will there be opportunities to go outside?" he asked.

<Carol> "I have yet to break a plane, you'll all be fine." She gave Tyrone a pat on the shoulder, "Now put on the suit, you too Melati." She looked down at Broo, "The ship is equipped with an air lock. If you can behave yourselves, you will be allowed outside."

<Broo> "I always find the lack of security measures we use here very exhilarating. Normally suiting up would happen in a clean environment with several people rechecking the suit in case of tears or holes. Here, it's just 'Suit up!' right in the hangar. Oh so much fun!" he said with an extra dash of more excitedness.

<Tyrone> "Outside? In the vacuum of cold dead space?" Tyrone shuddered, "Are you insane?"

<Tyrone> "Check my suit please?" Tyrone whispered to Broo.

<Broo> "Hmm? Oh, sure." he replied and shuffled next to Tyrone, going over it as much as possible. "Did you know that if you did have a tear, the best way to patch it up is just using a bit of duct-tape. What a marvelous invention. Just a little bit of sticky plastic that can keep you from suffocating and freezing to death.

<Carol> "You have cutting edge fabric right there - it heals itself. No need for checks, stop whining... and if you still don't trust the suit, stay in the ship. Duh."

<Melati> "There you go, all pretty for the space prom." Melati patted Warren on the back once she had made sure all the locks and seals were nice and tight. "Okay, now do me."

<Tyrone> "Heals itself? Are you sure we don't need to take duct-tape? Just in case there it malfunctions?"

<Broo> "Wait... this is unstable molecule suits? How wonderful, no need for the duct tape then!"

<Tyrone> "Unstable...." Tyrone started hyper-ventilating.

<Broo> "Mr Tyrone, you seem to be rather pale for someone of your skin tone."

<Carol> "Oh my God, this is a voluntary trip. If you're that worried, just stay on the ground. Jeez." Carol picked up Melati's snack bag again and carried it onto the ship.

<Archangel> "Oh, if only, sweetheart, but unfortunately that would mean taking the suit off first." Archangel smirked, before doing as she asked. "Later, however..." He added quietly as he checked the seals and locks, stretching his wings as he did it to make sure he had full maneuverability.

<Tyrone> "No... no... I'll be alright... just give me a second," Tyrone whined.

<Melati> "I don't know, speaking from my own experiences on the scrapyard, no matter how sophisticated your equipment is said to be, it never hurts to pack an extra roll of duct tape." Melati demonstratively showed off the roll of tape she had stuffed into her bag along with all the other stuff.

<Carol> "Okay... enough, let's get on the ship before I change my mind." She shooed them up the ramp. "You all get to keep those suits, by the way - they're all custom made."

<Tyrone> Tyrone whimpered, but headed onto the ship.

<Tyrone> "Probably need a new suit after takeoff," Tyrone muttered.

<Melati> The green-skinned lizard girl looked back at the winged mutant. "Actually I meant that you should help me put on my suit," she clarified, before cracking a smirk. "But can I get back to you about that?"

<Carol> ".... Ew." Carol's nose wrinkled. "Yep... opening the scotch."

<Broo> Broo hussled straight through the ship and into the front. So many controls. He was almost salivating over them all.

<Carol> Carol looked in through the open doorway, "Nobody touch anything unless I specifically tell you to or you could really break something."

<Melati> Melati hurried to zip up and grabbed the last remaining helmet, before she grabbed her bag and hauled her ass on board of the small craft. "Yes, ma'am!" She gave Carol a salute, then found herself a free spot inside the cramped vehicle.

<Broo> "May I drive it out the hangar, Ms Danvers?" Broo called, then realized something, hand hovering over the switch to turn on the comm's of all the suits. "May I turn on the communications system, Ms Danvers?!" he yelled even louder.

<Carol> "While I try not to think about what government system you hacked that know which button that is, yes, you can turn on the comms..." She hit the control to close the hatch. "Leave the piloting to me, please. If you scratch the paintwork, it comes out of my paycheck."

<Broo> Broo did a salute while facing the controls. He pressed the comms button. "Checking, checking, can people hear me? One, two, three. Check?"

<Tyrone> "Ow! Yes I can hear you. Turn down the volume please Broo."

<Carol> "Volume control is on your end - for those with super sensitive hearing and all that." Carol hit the control for the hangar door, "It's like you never go to class... shocker."

<Broo> The little insectonaut was bouncing in his seat as he strapped himself in.

<Archangel> Archangel grinned. "Oh absolutely. You're all fine, by the way." He came and grabbed a seat next to her, wings flat against his back as he pulled his hair into a ponytail and then pulled the helmet on. "Loud and clear." He murmured, pulling the straps on. "So, Mel. That drink... can it be fed into our helmets, do you think?"

<Carol> "Seatbelts, please kids, even for those of you with healing. Just want to be on the safe side.... you know, while I'm carrying the thing in actual gravity."

<Archangel> "Already done, Kirk, I might regenerate - which, by the way, pale and fluffy can't do - but doesn't mean it's a pleasant experience."

<Tyrone> "I do go to class... robotics class is great fun. Pietro is my favourite teacher."

<Carol> Carol didn't reply, she just picked up the plane... maybe shook it a little.

<Melati> "Don't shake the baby!" Melati shouted while scrambling to strap herself down.

<Broo> "Oh, that reminds me, for those wishing to learn more about the sentinels, please make sure that you have someone strong with you in case the robot we have suddenly decides to reprogram itself." The second he said that his little hands grabbed hold of his armrests.

<Tyrone> "Whoa!!! I thought you said you were lifiting this thing and not using old fashioned solid rocket boosters."

<Carol> "That'll teach you not to follow instructions promptly." Carol grinned to herself, "Are your seatbelts on now? Because we're about to start moving."

<Broo> "Ready and waiting Miss!"

<Archangel> Archangel simply sat back - as much as he could with his wings - and looked down at his gloved hands with a smirk.

<Carol> Carol carefully steered the ship out of the hangar and then up at a steep angle but at a more reasonable speed than she would have if she was going up alone because metal was less durable than she was.

<Tyrone> "Whaaaaaaahhoooooooo!!!!!!!!!" Tyrone cheered, "Awesome!!!!"

<Broo> "Gleeeeee!" Was Broo's voice as he felt the g-force and watching the the open sky in front of him.

<Archangel> It'd be faster if he flew on his own, but he kept quiet. This was, after all, a fact-finding mission, and he wanted fresh air as it were rather than sitting in the back of a certain idiot's head. He leant over to Tyrone. "Did you know, if she was to go a little faster this entire thing would become white-hot?" He said conversationally. "We'd all be boiled alive. Pretty cool, huh?"

<Tyrone> "Whhhaaaaaaaaa?" Tyrone panicked for a second and then the adrenaline got the better of him, "Are we nearly there yet?" he giggled.

<Melati> "Can we do this without the screaming?" Melati asked as she reclined in her seat and put her feet up. "Some of us want to enjoy the trip." She fidgeted with the control of her comm system to find out how to route her music player to the speakers in her helmet.

<Carol> "As much as it pains me, you're all perfectly safe in there. This bucket is designed to get into space and come back down. You're fine. Stop making trouble, Warren, or I'm leaving you on the Moon to think about what you've done."

<Archangel> "Are you kidding? I'm used to more noise than this." He did wish Warren was awake for this, just so that the other could get a damned good feel for how it felt to be the spectator for once. Ah well. "Of course, miss, sorry miss, won't happen again miss."

<Melati> "Now that's better," she said as she hit play and filled her helmet with noise, only to doze off in her seat moments later.

<Tyrone> "Woooooooo.... The Moon! Grounded on the moon? Awesome!" Tyrone giggled some more, "I think I might have peed myself a bit..."

<Carol> "... Jeez," Carol shook her head, "How did you make it past twelve?"

<Archangel> Archangel gave Tyrone a look before shifting as much as he could towards Mel. "...Wonderful."

<Broo> "Don't worry, Mr Tyrone, I had several cups of coffee before coming along. The suits are designed to filter your urine." Broo informed him.

<Archangel> "Somehow I think he may still be in puberty."

<Carol> "Don't tell him that! For God's sake!"

<Archangel> Archangel glanced at Mel. "About that booze."

<Carol> "This is why I drink. You are why I drink. If I somehow get cirrosis, you're all to blame and I am sueing your asses."

<Archangel> "Sue my father, he's the asshole who made me." The grin Archangel had behind the helmet was evil.

<Melati> "Booze?" Melati asked, the magic word having pulled her out of her drool phase. "It's all in the bag, man, just be careful when you unstrap it."

<Tyrone> "And my Mum and Dad made me... Oh God I did not want that mental picture."

<Melati> "Are we in space yet?" she asked, craning her neck in an attempt to find something like a window to peek out.

<Carol> "Don't worry, you still have gravity right now..." Carol would have facepalmed if she wasn't carrying the plane. Instead, she banged her head on the hull a couple of times. "As for when we're in space, the craft is fitted with artificial gravity generators. There's a button over your head, Broo. It'll be orange right now but when you need it it'll turn green."

<Tyrone> "Yeah... are we nearly there yet miss?"

<Carol> "Look out the fucking window!"

<Archangel> "Tell me, Tyrone...was there cocaine and possibly acid used in your manufacture?" Archangel asked innocently, before shifting just enough to nudge the bag a little closer, pulling out a bottle and lifting the visor enough. Yech, vodka. Ah well, needs must, and this need was a real must.

<Tyrone> Tyrone turned to look out the window. "Oh God I think I'm going to hurl..." he opened his visor just in time, the cloud of vomit heading straight towards Warren's open visor.

<Broo> "I have a sudden craving to listen to Escape (The Piña Colada Song) now. I really don't know why."

<Carol> Carol could feel the air around her thinning and had just enough time to add, "Broo, for the love of God, HIT THE BUTTON!"

<Melati> "Hey, can we fly by that Russian lizard orgy satellite?" Melati asked. "I wanna flash them."

<Archangel> Goddamnit, so close to the drink. Archangel snapped his visor down and screwed the top back on with a disappointed sigh. "Ass."

<Broo> Reaching up, he realized he may be a bit too short to be the pilot for the craft. He really should have gotten a couple telephone books to sit on, or a booster seat. Unbuckling himself he reached up and pressed the gravity button.

<Carol> "Okay, if you'll look out of the front window, you'll notice the sky getting a lot darker really fast. Soon you'll see stars and then I'll be turning us toward the moon. I can't talk for a little while so try to be less obnoxious than usual for now...."

<Archangel> He relaxed back as he felt the ship lurch and the odd... drop to his entire body as they broke through the atmosphere, half-imagining the gravity letting go of them like a large, invisible hand as they broke free. He glanced at the front window, before looking out of the side and smiling to himself as he saw the curvature. "Will wonders never cease..."

<Archangel> ...Whether he was talking about the view or Carol not able to talk was another thing entirely.

<Carol> The feeling of leaving the protective barrier of the atmosphere was always one she enjoyed, the rush of being bombarded by solar radiation. She took a moment to get lost in the energy before catching up with the plane and giving it the gentlest of nudges to turn it toward the moon.

<Broo> "Well now, feels like the gravity generators are working quite well. This is very close to normal gravity... still a bit light, but close." Broo remarked. "I really should have a look at them and see if I can tweak them a bit."

<Melati> Even Melati's seasoned cool couldn't stand up to the breathtaking sight, leaving the mutant lizard awestruck for once. "Fuck me, that is beautiful," she whispered.

<Carol> Carol cringed at the idea of Broo tinkering with government property. That would be a bad idea. So so bad.... at least without permission.

<Broo> "Wait... we're in space!" Broo realized and jumped out his seat to nearly cling on to the window of the plane, pressing his face against the window's surface and just stared as hard as possible.

<Archangel> "Mmm." One of Archangel's wingblades twitched as he watched the view. Suddenly the idea of seeing if he could survive in a vacuum wasn't so scary. He found himself wishing Elizabeth was here, sharing this. "... Broo, may I borrow the camera a moment?"

<Tyrone> "Awww.... I was kind of lucking forward to being weightless," Tyrone said as he wiped the last trace of vomit from his face.

<Broo> "Of course, Mr Warren," Broo said, tearing his gaze away from the window and unlatching the equipment, moving back to Archangel to give it to him. "Do be careful. It's very simple to use. Still shots, recording, pause, play, focal length, zooming, here here and here." he gave the crash course.

<Carol> There was a moment of static on the comms before Carol's voice came back, "- hear me? Hello?"

<Archangel> "Thanks." He took the camera, getting a few shots of the front window and the curvature. "We can hear you, Carol." Unfortunately. "Having fun out there?"

<Carol> "Yeah, actually. The radiation from the Sun is pretty awesome. We're turning now so you'll be able to see the Moon very soon."

<Tyrone> "Hi Miss! So are we going to pick up speed now or are going to take three days to reach the moon like those old Moon missions?"

<Carol> "What did I say earlier about this being just a field trip? Now that there's no air, we've been picking up speed the whole time. We'll be there in a few minutes."

<Tyrone> "Ok, ok, I was just asking because there is this shark documentary I wanted to watch on TV tonight."

<Archangel> "Energy absorbtion and converstion is a rather exhilharating experience, isn't it? I'll admit, I'm rather jealous that I don't get to spread my wings out there, but my vacuum survivability hadn't been tested yet - and I'm rather loathe to try it in the field, as it were."

<Carol> "Solar radiation feels like nothing else - and I've been hit with everything. It's amazing." She smiled to herself, "Took me a while to adapt to it but now I have to stop and adjust for other reasons."

<Broo> "Like your suit riding up?" Broo asked.

<Carol> ".... No, Broo. No."

<Melati> "Just don't drop us on the way down," Melati remarked. "That old grey rock's already got enough craters; no need to turn us into another one."

<Tyrone> "Crater... wait you are slowing down aren't you? Please tell me you're slowing down."

<Carol> "You have less to worry about from a Moon landing than an Earth landing. Slowing us down for the former's a lot easier."

<Tyrone> "I think... I might portal back down to the ground from orbit... I think I can reach that far," Tyrone muttered under his breath.

<Archangel> "What, afraid you'll piss yourself again?"

<Broo> "Not to worry, Mr Warren, like I said, these suits are made to take your urine." Broo helpfully added once more.

<Tyrone> "Hey... these suits are designed for that. And at least my suit isn't covered in vomit," Tyrone snickered.

<Carol> "Check your window, kids." Carol attempted to distract them with their approaching destination.

<Archangel> "Not for want of trying." Archangel held back the sneer - just - before doing as Carol suggested. "Well hey. Now that is a sight to behold..."

<Melati> "Just saying, as that grey ball is almost as big as the window here, and quickly getting larger," Melati replied. "But I trust you know what you're doing."

<Carol> "Don't worry, I got this." The ship would travel on its own momentum and it was going fast enough so Carol flew around to the front of the ship and waved through the window.

<Broo> Broo flailed where he stood on his seat, waving back at Carol. "This is amazing, Miss Danvers. Thank you so much for letting me come along."

<Tyrone> "... whaaaaa??? Who's flying the ship?" Tyrone panicked.

<Carol> "Seriously. Go to class. It'll stop you sounding like a moron."

<Archangel> Archangel just sighed. "I don't think there's a class good enough to do that, Carol."

<Carol> "I'm am optimist."

<Tyrone> "I told you, I do go to class. Robotics class has a great teacher."

<Archangel> "... I rest my case."

<Tyrone> "Don't you be rude about Mr Maximoff!"

<Carol> "Okay... slowing down," Carol applied pressure to the front of the ship, "Sounds like someone has a man-crush."

<Melati> Melati chuckled and waved at Carol through the window. "If you need anyone to come out and help you push, I can toss one of these jokers through the airlock."

<Tyrone> "No... he's just the only teacher who isn't a total..." Tyrone trailed off as he realised what he was saying.

<Archangel> "My dear, sweet, be-vomited Tyrone..." Archangel gave him a sweet smile through the visor, still holding the bottle of vodka. "I'm rude about everybody. I hate everybody - though, I'll admit, I hate Melati and Elizabeth a little less than most. So I'll badmouth who I bloody well please."

<Carol> "None of those jokers can propel themselves in a vacuum so... as much fun as it would be to watch, better leave them in there."

<Tyrone> "Want to test that theory about surviving in vacuum?"

<Archangel> Besides, being stuck in a fluffy idiot of a pseudo-personality's head didn't make him precisely friendly. "You can try. However, I can propel myself in said vacuum."

<Carol> "With what? Farts?"

<Broo> "I can actually make a makeshift rocket pack from everyday items in here." Broo suggested.

<Carol> "I don't need help! I'm actually a little offended right now."

<Broo> "No, that wouldn't work at all, it would be trapped within the suit."

<Archangel> Archangel managed to hold back the eyeroll. "Energy absorbtion and creation. And I have wings. I'm perfectly capable of flight in a vacuum."

<Tyrone> "Now I might not got to class much... but what are those wings flapping against? There is no air!"

<Archangel> That, however, got not only an eyeroll but a facepalm too. "First part of what I just said. First part of what I just said."

<Archangel> "Energy for thrust and momentum, wings for steering - I wouldn't precisely be able to flap them against anything out there, not without taking them out of their sockets at any rate." Why'd he decide not to spectate? Oh yes. Fresh air. Ugh.

<Tyrone> "So... you take energy in and pass it out again? So both you and Ms Danvers are flying by fart power!"

<Archangel> Archangel just looked up at where he could see Carol out the front of the ship, letting the look on his face say it all.

<Carol> "So same way I do," Carol leaned against the plane again to slow it down some more, keeping up the pressure as the surface of the moon approached. They stopped a few feet above the surface, a small cloud of dust rising up around her and making the energy around her seem more obvious as she gave Tyrone a look that was deadly.

<Melati> "Can I take that as inspiration for the next project I have to do for my art class?" Melati asked Tyrone with a grin.

<Archangel> How the hell did Warren stand these people? How the hell did he stay so damned nice? He would have snapped and strapped explosives to every single ass in the building by now...

<Tyrone> "Yeah why not! I might attend art class more then."

<Archangel> "...Dear Lord." He had to be nicer to Warren in future. Fluffy, apparently, had more of a backbone than he thought he did. "Nicely done, Carol. Can I please get out of here? I'm suddenly feeling oddly claustrophobic and vaguely dirty." He watched as the tiny Broo bounced excitedly at the window.

<Carol> Using the low gravity, she leveled out the ship before flying up above it to give it a very small nudge and a satisfied smile as it touched down safely on the soft surface of the Moon. "I'm coming in first because I need scotch." She flew around to the airlock to let herself in.

<Melati> "Hell yeah, we gotta toast on that smooth landing!" Melati was already out of her seat-belts and pulled her bag out of the luggage container. "First successful field trip to the Moon? I say that deserves to be celebrated."

<Carol> "Sure, celebrating... that's why I want the scotch." Airlock successfully negotiated, Carol stepped into the cabin, the dust from the Moon's surface still clinging to her clothing and hair.

<Tyrone> "Woo... chuck the scotch over here Mel!"

<Archangel> Archangel unstrapped himself and immediately opened the vodka, taking a good mouthful and pulling a face. Uuuugh. "Yes. 'Celebrating'. Personally if I have to be in a small contained area with you again I'd rather be passed-out drunk, but unfortunately I can't get that drunk." No, but Warren could... oh, that was a delicious plan.

<Carol> "The scotch is mine. Get your own." Carol snatched it before there could be any protests and opened it to take a good drink. Better.

<Melati> "Guess we won't need these then," Melati commented, chucking the paper cups she had packed back into the bag, before grabbing a bottle for herself. "Don't worry, there's plenty for everyone. And I made sure to only pack the best stuff - after all, you don't get to celebrate another moon landing every day."

<Carol> "Well I do..." Carol pointed out, "but, sure...." she had another sip. "Okay... before we go outside, all of you have to swear on whatever you give a shit about, that you won't wander off or do anything retarded." She focused the last part on Tyrone.

<Tyrone> "Hey!!!! What are you looking at me for?!"

<Carol> "Because you're a dumbass, that's why."

<Archangel> "I wonder why." Archangel muttered against the neck of his bottle. "Of course. The worst I might do is steal a rock or two, Girl Guide's promise."

<Tyrone> "And now you see why I don't go to all my classes!"

<Carol> "I teach exactly one class which you're not even signed up for. You can't use that as an excuse... and you are a dumbass. You should go to class." she raised an eyebrow at Warren, "Don't worry, I did that the first time too."

<Tyrone> "Yeah, you teach the most boring class on campus!"

<Carol> "It's not boring... if you went to it, you'd know. Politics is useful - and we spend at least twenty minutes per class discussing who we want to assassinate the most."

<Melati> "Can we do something stupid if we don't wander off?" Melati asked, raising her hand.

<Carol> "No! Nothing stupid! We're in space - stupid could kill you!"

<Tyrone> "I might stop by... one class.."

<Carol> Mind you, she probably wouldn't mourn many of them.

<Archangel> "Politics is fascinating and explosive." He grinned at his own personal joke there, wondering if he should try to encourage Warren to go to a hypnotist again... without the uh... labs here it could prove amusing.

<Tyrone> "How far are we off the original Moon landing site. I kind of want to see that..." and maybe get a souvenir of an American flag.

<Carol> "We're not that far, I can show you where it is but everyone has to stay together."

<Tyrone> "Awesome! Tranquility Base here we come!"

<Archangel> Archangel took another drink. He knew he should be more excited about being on the Moon, but for some reason he just... couldn't feel it. Hn. Mind you, that could have been for any number of reasons, like why Warren could feel at all. "I'll admit, I wouldn't mind seeing it."

<Melati> "Alright, nothing that could kill us, got you!" Melati gave Carol a salute and cracked a grin. "Just to be clear here, that doesn't include flags, right?"

<Carol> "It's a nice spot... good view." She offered them a smile. "Okay so for this trip, we'll have to go out one at a time but we're going to be tethered together because you never know what crazy shit might happen.... what doesn't include flags?"

<Melati> "Things I'm not allowed to do because they could get us killed," Melati replied.

<Archangel> "Like I said, I just want rocks." Because studying them was fun, apparently. "And possibly some ice. Neat vodka isn't the same when it's not over the rocks."

<Carol> "What are you planning on doing with a flag? Because, I gotta tell you, if it's defacing that site in any way I will kill you myself."

<Broo> "Ready and waiting!" Broo said standing ready in front of the teacher who was still busy with her drink. "There's so many things I wanna see and do outside, oh this is so exciting."

<Archangel> "Americans take their pride seriously, remember, kids." Archangel snorted.

<Melati> Melati smiled at Carol and raised her finger. "I think I'll just find my own spot for my flag then."

<Tyrone> "What? You brought a flag as well?!"

<Archangel> "Why, afraid it'll one-up your idea of pissing your name into the dust?"

<Carol> Carol took another pull from the bottle before putting the cap back on and heading to the air lock once more, picking up a long length of material with a number of fastners on it to take with her. "The airlock controls are pretty self explanitory and they won't operate if you haven't sealed the doors properly. Check your helmets before you enter the airlock, okay?"

<Melati> "It's nothing special, just something I stitched together last night after signing up for this trip," Melati said, pulling out the sheet of cloth that simply had the letters 'Mel was here' stitched on it in crude patterns.

<Archangel> He took a final pull, wishing his healing didn't cancel it out, and put the bottle down. Locking down his helmet and making sure it was all connected, he nodded. "Understood." He might be an asshole, but he liked surviving, damnit.

<Broo> "Um, Miss Melati, there is no wind outside. The flag that was planted was made out of plastic, stiff already." Broo informed Mel while he checked his helmet, making sure everything was right.

<Tyrone> "I was more traditional... I just brought the Birmingham City flag"

<Carol> Carol stepped into the airlock and closed the door behind her. Once she was outside, she closed the outer door and sealed it up, "Okay, next."

<Broo> Broo shuffled into the airlock, closing the first door, sealing it and pressed the button to go outside. The second he was out, he had to fight every bit of himself from exploring. "Ready. Next." he said, after closing the outer door.

<Archangel> Archangel ducked in next, tucking his wings in tightly. Double-checking everything, he sealed the door behind him and then opened the other, stepping carefully out and then sealing the door again. "Done. Next."

<Tyrone> Impatient, being at the back of the line Tyrone created a portal and used that to step outside. "Whoa... what happened to the gravity?"

<Melati> Melati looked at the sorry piece of cloth in her hand. "Ah, fuck it," she said while waiting for her turn and chucked the makeshift flag back over her shoulder. "Looks like I'll have to think of something else to mark my presence then."

<Carol> As each student arrived beside her, Carol attached them to the tether. "You're on the Moon." Carol rolled her eyes.

<Archangel> "Attend classes, and you'd know." Archangel grinned, but his voice was unfocused. "... You're... right about the solar radiation..." He very, very carefully opened his wings to catch as much as possible, the metal seeming to start to glow faintly, lines flickering to life through it.

<Tyrone> "Yeah, I know 1/6 th gravity... just came as a bit of a surprise."

<Carol> "Just don't overcharge or get too distracted," Carol warned, checking that everyone was connected to the tether securely.

<Archangel> "I'll release charge before we go home, promise." He said quietly, an unfocused smile on his face. "Oh, so many masturbation jokes..." Where are we?

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Yeah, I know." Especially with how nice it felt to absorb that kind of raw energy.

<Broo> "Miss, my helmet's fogging up. I think my air conditioning unit isn't working right." Broo said, while holding his hand up. "Oh, no, nevermind, it's working. Oooh, everything is so pretty."

<Carol> "Drink it all in," she gave the bug kid a smile, "Let me know when you're all ready to move again."

<Melati> Melati brought up the rear and hooked her suit into the end of the tether. "Ready for walkies, boss," she announced and performed a few hops in the low gravity.

<Carol> Carol turned toward their next stop, "Tranquility Base is that way, if you have trouble walking in the low gravity I can just drag you all along."

<Archangel> Archangel shook his head. "I should be fine, so long as I don't try to flap my wings." He smirked a little, focusing with difficulty.

<Carol> "Yeah watch the tether with those things too, they're sharp..."

<Archangel> "Oh, don't worry, I have perfect control over the blades." Which were covered in fine, pulsing white lines now...

<Carol> Assuming they were ready, Carol led the way to the site of the first lunar landing and hoped they'd follow her.

<Melati> "Come on, losers, we're on the moon! Let's get going!" Melati grinned behind the visor of her helmet, not hesitating to follow Carol with long jumps.

<Broo> "Wheeee!" Was all Broo could manage as he jumped along.

<Tyrone> "Woo! I'm flying.... and... I'm falling... and... I'm flying..."

<Archangel> Archangel followed, but with his wings out... well, he was more gliding slowly than walking, rarely touching the surface. "... I could get used to this," he said quietly.

<Carol> The constant commentary from Tyrone annoyed her quickly so she decided to make the 'flying' part more permanent and lifted off the surface, pulling them with her.

<Tyrone> "And... I'm fall erk..."

<Tyrone> "Whoa ground... I want to be on the ground... I don't like this..." Tyrone struggled and started tumbing through space after Carol.

<Broo> "Oh whoo-" He called out when he was yanked up with the others, "This is amazing. Now I wish I had wings!" Broo said, arms outstretched as if flying. And then he saw he was about to collide with Warren. "Oh dear, Mr Warren, I believe-we're-going-to-"

<Archangel> "What? I-" Archangel suddenly realised the miniscule bug was about to hit one of the wingblades - called blades for a damned good reason. He tried to pull it in before Broo hit it, but the momentum pulled him, if anything, closer. "Broo!" He tried to block the path, but he was too slow, actually feeling panic as the guy hit his wing.

<Broo> Broo didn't hear any tearing, but then again, you wouldn't hear anything in the vacuum of space. What he did hear was the sudden rushing of his air expelling from the rather large hole in his suit. "Oh dear... Miss Carol... I think I might have a problem!"

<Carol> Carol turned, unhooking the end of the tether from herself and Broo from the others, grabbing the tiny kid's ankle to make sure he didn't shoot off into space with the rest of the students. "Don't panic, hold your breath. The rest of you: STAY HERE." She started back for the plane.

<Tyrone> "Stay? I'm spinning uncontrollably in space? And you tell me to stay?"

<Archangel> Archangel used tiny bursts of energy from the blades to counter Tyrone's movements, planting himself back on the surface and holding the tether. "That's why I'm here." He grit his teeth, actually... worried for the tiny brat? The hell? But Broo was amusing at least. Broo? What's happened to Broo? Where am I?

<Broo> As he was being dragged through space back towards the ship, the boy struggled to keep his breath, the vacuum pulling last possible bit of air from him. And then there he was, breathless, no air, and still quite well alive.

<Carol> The interference from the air escaping stopped and she turned to look at her passenger even as they neared the plane, "Broo?!"

<Broo> "Um... Miss Danvers... I think there's something very weird going on at the moment." the boy said. "I seem to be still alive."

<Carol> Carol stopped, pulling Broo down so that his face was level with hers (though she kept hold of his ankle), "Oh thank God."

<Archangel> Archangel reached out and grabbed Mel as the girl made to follow Broo and Carol, chewing his lip inside the helmet. He felt... bad? Huh. Interesting. "As loathe as I am to do as I'm told, Mel, in this case we really do have to stay put. Don't worry, I have us. Carol, is Broo alright?"

<Broo> "I seem to be, Mister Warren." Broo replied. "What luck, not only do I get to be in space, I get to live in it as well!"

<Melati> "Lucky boy," Melati said, grinning in relief when it didn't seem as if Broo was about to croak anytime soon.

<Carol> Carol hugged the tiny insect boy, "You are so lucky. So so so lucky."

<Archangel> "Oh thank God. Don't do that to me, Broo, I don't like making a habit of worrying about other people." Archangel let out a breath. I'm... I'm awake! I... this is... can you hear me?

<Broo> "Miss Carol, I still need my vital organs to work... you're squeezing rather... tightly..." Broo mumbled.

<Carol> "... Sorry." Having a girlfriend made of liquid metal meant she didn't usually have to worry about that. Carefully she set him down on the Moon's surface to check him over, "Do you want to keep wearing the suit or..."

<Broo> "You mean I can take it off? I'm allowed to?" He asked all excitedly.

<Carol> "If you don't need it to survive in space, and clearly you don't, you can take it off... but we'll still need to attach you back onto the tether, okay?"

<Melati> "I don't see what difference it makes at this point," Melati commented. "I mean, you're hardly going to catch some space bug if you ditch it."

<Archangel> Archangel rubbed an arm. "I'm... really sorry, Broo." He said, then wasn't sure why. "I mean it was hardly my fault, space being what it is but..." But what? He stood a little awkwardly, wings automatically flaring and making him have to let a small burst of energy out to stay still.

<Broo> "Hey... ha! Miss Carol caught a space bug though." Broo said as he started to take off his suit, falling over on the dusty ground, not being used to the moon gravity while undressing.

<Carol> Carol decided to help him with his balance, waving away the cloud of dust that rose up.

<Broo> "Oof.... Not a problem, Mister Warren, it all worked out in the end," he replied with a grin as he kicked the suit off where he was sitting, and got back up, trying to dust himself off.

<Carol> "Don't bother," Carol shook her head, "That stuff gets everywhere worse than sand."

<Broo> Broo just could not stop grinning. He bundled up his suit and used some of the latches on it to bind it together, tying it to his pants.

<Archangel> "Just... call me Warren." No don't do that, he's not Warren, I am! Oh hell... you can't hear me, can you? Why am I awake? I'm never awake! Archangel looked up then, catching sight of the Earth above them. "...Oh my."

<Carol> "Alright, let's get back to the others..." She held out her hand to Broo, "And then we can be space tourists for a little bit."

<Melati> "And carve our names in the sand before we leave," Melati added.

<Tyrone> "We're back to peeing in the sand again? Well... I've still got my flag."

<Archangel> Archangel carefully pulled a wing around, unhooking one of the long blades from it with a smirk, before using the camera he still held to take a picture of the Earth. "I have a perfect carving tool if you'd like to borrow it?" He held up the blade, the end white-hot from the amount of energy he'd absorbed. "I need to burn off some energy at some point... I'm not used to absorbing this much at once."

<Carol> "Hit me with it if you have to," Carol offered, starting back with Broo. "I'm used to it by now."

<Broo> "Are we allowed to make marks on the moon?" Broo asked making sure the tether on him wouldn't come off.

<Melati> "Whatever you guys end up doing, try not to wreck my suit in the process. You know I rarely say no to an adventure, but I'm not too keen on finding out whether I can survive in vacuum, as well."

<Carol> "Sure, just don't deface the original landing site... people might get pissed years later when they come up here."

<Tyrone> "Can we get moving already? I really need to pee and I think this suit is full."

<Carol> "Why the fuck didn't you pee before we left?! What is wrong with you?!"

<Broo> "Most excellent... Actually... now how big should I make the words for 'Bring Back Firefly'?" Broo pondered while he held his chin in thought staring at the ground.

<Tyrone> "Excited..."

<Carol> Carol giggled and patted Broo on the head. She was going to have Tyrone tested when they got back.

<Archangel> Archangel just stared at Tyrone for a few moments, then shook his head, pondering the rocks before stooping and picking up a fist-sized one. "Mine." ... Is that... oh my God we're on the Moon. We're on the MOON!

<Tyrone> "You know I reckon, I could manoeuvre around by myself up here if I used portals..." Tyrone contemplated unhooking the tether.

<Carol> Reaching the rest of the 'class' Carol, reattached the tether to herself and set off again. "No one else rip holes in their suit." She directed that at Tyrone.

<Tyrone> "Hey... I like breathing."

<Archangel> "In other words, don't bounce too close to the guy with blades for wings." Also directed at Tyrone.

<Melati> "Dude, I'm so glad you're with us," Melati told Tyrone and flashed him a grin. "Because usually it's me who gets these speeches."

<Tyrone> "I also like not having holes in my body."

<Carol> "Good to know. That means I can just threaten to shoot you and then you'll learn stuff, right?"

<Archangel> "And yet you keep talking..." Archangel muttered to himself quietly. ...You're an asshole. And people think you're me?

<Tyrone> "You know I have the power to become intangible right?"

<Carol> "Yeah but that won't save you." They were within sight of the lunar module now. Carol had already taken the liberty of roping off the area to protect it from the vandals.

<Tyrone> "Whoa." Tyrone reached into his bag and pulled out the Birmingham City flag, "Shame I couldn't fit a flag pole in there too. Oh well I'll just lay the flag on these rocks over here."

<Melati> "And I have the power to shut out the whole lot of you and instead enjoy the fact I'm on the motherfucking Moon," Melati commented, smiling to herself as she hit the music player strapped to her arm, the speakers in her helmet blasting the right soundtrack for jumping around on the Moon's silent surface.

<Tyrone> "Hey Warren could you take a picture of the flag? I want to send it to Birmingham Council, so that they know where the flag from the Town Hall went."

<Archangel> Archangel smiled. "Carol? Would you mind if I untethered myself just for a few moments to get some good shots of the lunar base?" He gestured with the camera. "I won't be going far, I promise, and I have my energy blasts and wings for stability-" He turned to Tyrone, before half-shrugging. "Sure."

<Carol> "Just be careful... I can come get you if there's a problem, just give me a shout... and if you still need to discharge before you get back on the plane, feel free to use me as target practice. I really don't mind."

<Archangel> He set up the shot, getting a good one for Tyrone before straightening and nodding, unclipping himself. Grinning, he pushed off, spreading his wings and using a couple of discharges to hold him carefully. "This is... insanely fun."

<Broo> Broo lifted a hand, "Miss Danvers, if I make a rocket pack that I can use, can I use it in outer space and fly around like Mr Warren?"

<Carol> Carol frowned, looking down at Broo, "Honey, I'm not your mom..."

<Tyrone> Tyrone unclipped himself from the tether, "I still think I can fly around using portals..."

<Carol> "No... don't even think about it. Seriously... it's dangerous."

<Archangel> From his vantage point above them, Archangel began taking pictures of the Moon landing, smirking quietly to himself. Oh, his bosses were going to love this... though that probably meant he'd be brought in for tweaking. Joy. Lowering the camera, he reattached the blade. "Carol? Could I use you as a discharge wall, please?"

<Tyrone> Tyrone created his first portal and disappeared, reappearing in midair half a dozen yards away.

<Carol> "Sure..." she went to attach the tether to one of the spikes she'd used to rope off the site before lifting off the surface herself. "Hit me."

<Archangel> "With pleasure." The smile wasn't a nice one. He might not have been able to hurt her, but it would be satisfying. Charging the energy, the light through his wings pulsed and seemed to drain into him, and he slammed a beam of white-hot energy into Carol. ... I had no idea I could do that! That's awesome!

<Carol> The heat surprised her but it was managable and she absorbed it readily, watching the other students on the surface of the Moon to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

<Tyrone> Creating another portal Tyrone headed back towards the group... "Uh oh I'm spinning, look out Broo," with which he landed on the poor guy again.

<Carol> Carol's eyebrows went up. Oh he hadn't... "Tyrone! Get your ass back on that tether right now."

<Broo> This time there was a tumbling, however Broo was able to lift Tyrone up over his head. "The strangest thing is that I can actually lift you in normal gravity as well. I was just pinned under you before."

<Tyrone> "I think... maybe you should come get us Miss... I don't trust myself to not flatten Mel if I try and get back."

<Carol> "I'm a little busy right now. You got yourself into this mess. I already told you no."

<Archangel> He cut it off. "That'll do. Thank you." He shook his hands out, before looking down at the rapidly-cooling suit. "So... home now? And can Tyrone please be tied up outside the ship?"

<Carol> "If it wouldn't put my butt in jail...?" She left the rest unsaid.

<Tyrone> "Fine... I'll make my own way back to Earth. I reckon I can do it with a few portals. See you back there..." Tyrone huffed. "Sorry Broo..."

<Carol> "No... nonono don't even think about it! You don't know where you'll end up!" Carol made a start toward Tyrone to catch him.

<Tyrone> Tyrone waved and opened a portal. "Bye!"

<Carol> "... Fuck!" That kid was going to be the death of her... unless of course he died. "... FUCK!"
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