11/30 Game: Dehydrated

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11/30 Game: Dehydrated

Post by Slarti » Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:32 am

Monday, March 6

<Jessica> Just looking at the weather outside was making Jessica feel cold so she'd decided some hot chocolate was in order after checking on the frogs. She wound her way down from the girls' dorms and headed along the hallway towards the kitchen and the super fancy coffee machine.

<Scott> Scott was sitting in the kitchen with his cup of half cocoa and half marshmallows. Nuthin better than American food for gorging yourself.

<Jimmy> Jimmy scuttled out of an adjacent room in his spider-bot, cackling maniacally as he manhandled what looked like a beat up old sink down the corridor before vanishing into the basement.

<Christopher> Chris had been beating on said coffee machine trying to get it to work and dispense the nectar of the gods he required to live out the rest of the day. "Work damn you..."

<Jessica> Jess made a mental note not to venture back into the already creepy basement level for the forseeable future. Picking up the pace, she passed through the dining room into the kitchen and headed straight for the cupboard to get a mug.

<Paige> "That'll be a quarter, Mr. Nord!" Paige giggled at Chris as she moved to try and help him with the coffee machine.

<Melati> "This place may be creepy as hell, but you can't deny that huge kitchen isn't damn sweet," Melati remarked, talking to no one in particular, as she fished a bottle of soda out of the fridge and popped the lid with one of her claws. "This gear could feed an entire company."

<Paige> "Quarter, Mel! Man I'm going to make more money on you guys than my salary!"

<Jessica> "I think that's the idea," Jess moved to get the chocolate powder, "You know hitting it won't actually make it do anything, right?" Jess asked the teacher beating on the machine.

<Christopher> "You find it on me and you can have it." He tried to make sure he didn't make any dents. "Just don't come to my classroom, I can't afford that drop in pay."

<Melati> The green-skinned reptilian student turned her head and frowned. "Oh, come on, what now?" she demanded to know, looking over her shoulder at Paige. "I really didn't swear this time!"

<Jessica> "I think 'hell' is also a bad word." Jess said in a stage-whisper.

<Paige> "Uhhhhh I am not going through your pockets... you can owe me," Paige flailed slightly. She turned her attention to Melati with a giggle. "Yes you did!"

<Jimmy> A few moments later he reappeared and scuttled off towards the dorms.

<Scott> "Don't understand why you guys want coffee if you could have perfectly fine cocoa. Madness." He supped on his creamy goodness.

<Paige> "Ohhhh cocoa!!! Who wants hot chocolate?!" Paige started climbing on the counter to get to the chocolatey goodness.

<Jessica> "They're all addicted to caffeine." Jess slipped in to use the milk steamer for her own hot chocolate.

<Christopher> "I'll defer that to Hope for you, though I don't carry small change." Chris laughed a little. "You sure, I hit my radio really hard the other day and it kicked to life." He grinned over at Jessica.

<Melati> "Hell isn't a bad word," Melati insisted with an expression of disbelief on her face. "It's only a bad place. Like Jersey."

<Jessica> Jess giggled at Melati's remark.

<Scott> "Jersey isn't so bad. I once did a gig in a comedy club there, with Bob. People were very nice."

<Paige> "You said the d word," Paige pointed out. "But I cooooould charge you for the H word too."

<Christopher> "But man does that place smell." Chris joined in on the fun.

<Tyrone> Tyrone had been trying to keep a low profile in the corner, but he couldn't help laughing. Jersey seemed more of a swear word than Hell.

<Paige> Once her precious chocolate was in her hands, Paige carefully hopped down from the counter. "Do we have milk? We have to have milk."

<Jessica> Jess poured the hot milk into her cup and stirred, lifting the jug in offer to Paige. "Coffee machine put to good use."

<Tyrone> "Can that thing make a nice pot of tea at all?"

<Paige> "Thank you Jessiekins!" Paige happily took the milk and started making the hot chocolate.

<Jack> Jack came stumbling into the kitchen, hobbling on one foot, and loudly pronounced, "Holy motherfucking Christ all shit living assholes, fuuuck, that was painful." he ended as he held on to the kitchen counter and rubbed his big bunny toes. "Hate stubbing toes. Oh hey all."

<Jimmy> Jimmy scuttled past a few seconds later with what looked like some old oil drums, vanishing into the darkness again.

<Paige> Paige stopped what she was doing and just stared at Jack for a hard moment. "I think you just need to pay 10 bucks, sir."

<Bobby> Bobby wandered in after the rabbit, picking up a ball of fluff from the floor. "Dude, you're shedding in the kitchen!"

<Christopher> "Well... you're gonna owe Paige a fortune you do that again."

<Jessica> "We have a kettle for that," Jess pointed at the item on the stove. "I'm sure you know how to make your own tea." She blinked at the string of curse. "Jack!" She put her hot chocolate down so fast she spilled half of it before she pounced the rabbit-mutant and hugged him.

<Paige> "Bobby!!!" Abandoning her hot chocolate, Paige pounced on Bobby for a squishing hug.

<Christopher> When Chris saw Bobby it reminded him of his new toy. "Oh God I'm gonna kiss that boy if this works." He popped out the sonic screwdriver and got to work on getting the coffee machine to work.

<Sabretooth> "If there's gonna be hot chocolate, kiddies, y' better make your new drill sergeant some an' keep him sweet." A low, growling, part-Cockney part Scots accent came from the door. "An' there better be marshmallows." A large - well, huge, technically - muscley lion man in just a pair of jeans pushed into the kitchen. "Ello, childers."

<Bobby> "Paigey!" Bobby hugged her just as tightly and gave her a kiss for good measure, only then remembering to look around at the others. Oops.

<Melati> "You took the words right out of my mouth, fuzzball," Melati remarked, greeting Jack by raising her soda bottle to toast. "Good thing I don't have to pay for them, though."

<Tyrone> "Fine. Mind showing me where the teapot is then?" Tyrone grumbled

<Jack> "That's not shedding, that's umff" he said as he got smothered by Jess. A second later he just went gaga and leaned into her breathing in deeply.

<Jessica> Jess' eyebrows went up at Bobby's greeting to Paige. Someone had news!

<Paige> Just as quickly as Paige pounced and returned Bobby's kiss, she abandoned him to pounce on Vic. "VIC!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I MISSED YOU!"

<Scott> "Lookit, all the oldtimers are here." He felt quite old himself, he had to admit, though.

<Jessica> She lifted a hand to point at the cupboard that contained the teapot before using it to scritch Jack behind an ear.

<Bobby> Bobby found himself dumped, so he wandered over to join Paige and Vic. "Hey hey, furball."

<Christopher> "Do I count in that or am I still too wet behind the ears?" Chris laughed a little and gave Vic a wave even though he didn't really know him.

<Jack> Jack's injured foot automatically took the cue and started stamping on the floor at the scritching. "Ow-owowow, stopitstopitstopit..."

<Sabretooth> Vic caught Paige with a grin and gave her a hug - carefully - before brushing a fleck of glitter out of his mane. "Missed y' too, dame. You gonna kiss me like you jus' kissed him?" He gave her a dirty grin before mussing Bobby's hair. "So, guess y' took my advice, mate?"

<Jessica> Jess giggled and gave Jack another cuddle, "Sorry, I can't help myself."

<Bobby> "Better not!" He grinned and gave Vic a wink. "Sure did. Best. Advice. Ever."

<Jack> "That's fiiine," he said, still a slave to whatever little pheromone that his body could pick up from Jess.

<Tyrone> Tyrone looked at the daunting, but obviously British, man that had entered the room. "Would you a cuppa too Sir?" he asked quietly.

<Sabretooth> He looked at Chris with a smirk. "So wet, my kids could run rings aroun' you. Long time no see, man." He put on a pout for Bobby. "Awww, but roomies share everythin', man!"

<Paige> "Awwww!" Paige's face flushed at the question and Bobby's answer. She gave her iceman another hug. "So I should be thanking Vic?"

<Jessica> Jess gave Jack a smile and a kiss on his cheek before moving to rescue the remains of her hot chocolate and giving Bobby another look.

<Sabretooth> "Someone mentioned cuppa. You sir, y' jus' became my best friend. An' yes, Paigey, yes y' should, an' Rahney wants to hug y', just so you know."

<Scott> He took another sip from his cup. "Is there any reason why you decided to have your big reunion in the kitchen?"

<Christopher> "There's coffee in here and other bits of awesome?"

<Jimmy> Jimmy came zooming out of the basment and made his way on some other suspicious errand ... or he would have done if he hadn't collided with the giant lionman, "Wooooooah mate!"

<Bobby> Bobby caught the look from Jess and gave her one of his own. He slung his arm around Paigey's waist.

<Melati> "Hey, looks like you're not the only furball at the school anymore," Melati commented, leaning against the counter as she seized up the large feline mutant, while taking another swig from her soda.

<Sabretooth> Vic was about to say more when he was nearly knocked over over by - "Holy fuck, the hell are you, Chrome Dome mark two?" He stared at the spiderbot. Not Darren's handiwork.

<Jack> The second Jack broke free from the warm fuzziness of Jess, his spine went straight "Geeze mother hugger," he said when he realized there was a rather big guy with big teeth and a big mane that looked like he could claw his bunny ears off in one swipe.

<Carol> Carol slammed the phone down, on her feet in the same instant and collecting the items she was supposed to carry at all times from the end of her desk on her way to the door, stuffing them in her pockets.

<Paige> "Vic, you owe me 50 cents."

<Christopher> Chris finally managed to get the coffee maker working and got himself a mug. "That thing hates me I swear."

<Sabretooth> "Oh sweets, I owe y' nothin'." Vic hugged Paige again with a chuckle. "My mouth's been foul since th' moment I opened it an' the RAF ain' changed it none, jus' gave me a wider vocabulary. I can swear in fifteen languages now."

<Jessica> "Of course it does - you keep hitting it." Jess said, matter-of-fact-ly.

<Scott> "I've never had to pay one single cent yet, I want to mention." He gave everybody a proud smile

<Paige> She laughed and hugged Vic back, "Well I take all the money and donate it to charity. So it goes to a good cause."

<Claudine> Claudine was reading as he came into the kitchen, humming and avoiding the varying people easily.

<Jimmy> "Maaaaaate, what're you? Auditioning for Lion King on stage? Manhatten's that way," he jerked a thumb over his shoulder, "you can't be a student, y' don't look crazy enough to live here."

<Bobby> "D'awwww," Bobby said to Paigey, giving her a snuggle

<Jack> Jack's ears were down flat on his skull as he stared up with big eyes at Lion-O Mark II. "...." he said.

<Christopher> "And I'll keep hitting it until I remember to use my new toy to make it bow to its human master." He hit it again just for safe measure, before putting the screwdriver away.

<Paige> Paige giggled and kissed Bobby's cheek. She had made the decision to donate the money after the majority of it wasn't coming from Rachel anymore.

<Sabretooth> Vic smirked at Jimmy. "Nah mate. Ex-student. An' this is all natural, though funnily enough Simba is one of many names." His tail ticked. "I, sweetness, am your new drill sergant. Though I'm gonna hafta get imaginative, can't see you doin' pushups." Damn, there were...a lot of scents in here.

<Bobby> Bobby was noticing his fellow teacher was screwdrivering the hell out of the coffee machine. Mmmhmm... he still had that backup footage.

<Sabretooth> One in particular was making him actually a little hungry. Frowning, he scanned the group - and found - "...A rabbit?" He grinned.

<Christopher> "Thank god you're here Vic, another one of these little ... angels asks me to hammer things for them and I'm gonna go nuts."

<Melati> "Oh, you can drill me anytime, Sergeant," Melati tossed in, not even attempting to hide the lewd grin on her face.

<Tyrone> "How about bunny hops? I think Jack might have an advantage there though," Tyrone giggled. "Here's that cuppa."

<Jimmy> "Ugh, a P.E teacher?" Jimmy pulled a face.

<Jessica> Jess sat down next to Jack and shifted closer to him a little protectively.

<Carol> Following the sound of voices and still in a hurry, Carol made her way towards the kitchen, "Oh good, a person I was actually looking for."

<Jack> Jack swallowed. "..big." he mumbled.

<Sabretooth> "You wish it was jus' P.E., kid." Vic smirked, before Mel got a laugh. He held up his hand, showing the wedding ring. "Sorry, dame, spoken for."

<Paige> "It wasn't me!" Paige told Carol immediately.

<Scott> "Was it me, Ma'am?" He did have a weakness for older women...

<Christopher> "It was him." Chris pointed at Bobby.

<Tyrone> Tyrone went pale, "I'm sure it wasn't me. I didn't do a thing."

<Bobby> "I didn't do it!" His response was automatic.

<Carol> "None of you are right." Carol gave Vic a significant look, "But you'll all be interested anyway."

<Jimmy> "Uh-huh, like no P.E. teacher never said that before."

<Sabretooth> Vic heard Carol, head turning to her and tail ticking. "Hey, Lieutenant. I swear it was like tha' when I got here. Sup?"

<Christopher> "He so did, I have picture evidence. Even did it in his boxers." Chris laughed.

<Carol> "I just got off the phone with Fury. He's got some intel on Hydra. Current intel. They're about to hit another facility. If we get there fast enough, we might be able to stop them."

<Paige> "Ohhhh I would like these pictures pleeeeeeeeeease!" Paige giggled.

<Claudine> Claudine was still nose deep in his book, fumbling for a cup and apparently not paying attention. The word Hydra, however, made him drop it.

<Paige> Well that sobered her right up. Paige swallowed. Hydra. "I'm in," she told Carol.

<Jessica> And Jess was on her feet again almost instantly, "Me too."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, I wasn't the one who sneaked into the president's daughter's room in a Doctor Who costume." Bobby poked out his tongue at Chris... then caught the conversation.

<Bobby> His tongue may have still been out.

<Paige> Paige tapped Bobby's nose gently with her fingertip.

<Christopher> Chris straightened up immediately. "I'm in." Bobby's comment going completely in one ear and out the other.

<Bobby> His tongue popped back in. "Okay, Hydra.... where?"

<Jimmy> "Hydra, huh?" Jimmy looked thoughtful for a moment before sighing, "Don't suppose there's enough time to get Broo to fit the grenade launchers on this before we go?"

<Scott> "Oh, those guys again." Admittedly, he hadn't suffered quite as much as the others under Hydra. Apart from losing his sweet digs after the attack, though.

<Melati> "Hydra?" Melati's expression instantly hardened, her clawed fingers gripping tightly around the bottle in her hand. Eyes narrowing, she pushed herself off the counter. "What are we waiting for then?"

<Sabretooth> Vic's face went serious. "You heard th' lady. Asses in uniforms, if you still got 'em, time t' scramble. Move." He looked at Carol, then at Bobby. "Jus' like old times, huh."

<Carol> "Suit up, I'll be in the hangar. Wheels up in five." She headed to the door. "They're not far."

<Tyrone> "Sure... I'll come. I can sit in the plane and make tea for everyone."

<Jessica> Jess practically ran for the door to get up to her room. She was going and there was nothing and no one that would stop her.

<Bobby> "Yeah... a little too much." He glanced at Paige. "You sure?"

<Paige> "I'm going," she told Bobby gently. At least one person with medical training had to go anyway, right? Plus... revenge.

<Christopher> Chris was out of the room the second after she said suit up. He wasn't missing out on a chance to fuck up the people who messed with his family.

<Claudine> Claudine blinked at them. Well...why not? He might be able to steal something interesting and see the X-Men in action! Oooh. A moment's thought and his clothes had turned into a replica uniform, as he doubted there'd be one for him already...

<Jimmy> "Guess that's a no then?" Jimmy remarked, "Lemme go get my megaphone ..." he scuttled off.

<Jack> The tasty rabbit was able to muster enough courage to slink away from the scary hungry looking big guy with sharp teeth and claws. When he noticed Jess had gone, he quickly snuck behind Mel, just so there was at least a healer mutant between him and Mr Mufasa.

<Sabretooth> Vic put his hand on Bobby's shoulder and squeezed gently. Then he was gone, running to his and Rahne's rooms. He might not have a uniform, but he had his work clothes, as it were...

<Bobby> Bobby just nodded, moving to get ready.

<Melati> Emptying her drink, Melati slammed the bottle down on the counter and walked off. "Hey, I was just about to say that," she remarked when Carol and Vic told them to get moving. "Anyway, you heard the news, boys and girls. Time to suit up and dish out."

[[Time passes, clothes are changed]]

<Warbird> "Okay, looks like they're still here..." Carol started the vertical landing sequence and lowered them to the ground, "Priority on detainment. Watch each others' backs and don't do anything stupid."

<Sinny> Between leaving the school and arriving, 'he' had gone back to being an 'it', once again not quite comfortable with a fixed gender, shifting into its original shape of grey skin, black hair, red eyes and the red diamond - and completely androgynous. "Soooo. Mission. Right. Is it dangerous?"

<Micromax> "Who is taking point?"

<Warbird> "Very. They'd rather kill you than go home with us." Once wheels were down, she cut the engines. "I probably should." She unbuckled and got out of her seat. "Bulletproof."

<Husk> "I've got a basic med kit if there is an emergency," Paige let her team know. "Anything that can't wait until we get back to base."

<Komodo> "We're not doing this for the first time," Melati pointed out, pulling tight the straps around her fingerless gloves. "We've danced this dance before."

<Iceman> Bobby gave the new kid a second look as he adjusted the collar of his SHIELD uniform.

<Sabretooth> Vic was all in charcoal, the clothes obviously military and also obviously not run of the mill, no badges or identifying marks on it at all. He flexed his claws. Officially, he outranked Carol but...this was her show, and he wasn't the sort to pull it here anyway. "Not the only one. I'll take rear f' that reason."

<Peanut> "Don't do anything stupid? You do know who you're talking to, right?" Jimmy tossed the megaphone anxiously from one hand to the other.

<Sinny> "I see." Claudine scratched a cheek, apparently way too happy about being on a potentially fatal mission.

<Cloak> "Actually... this is the first time for me..." Tyrone gulped.

<Micromax> "'We've danced this dance before'? Why did Steven Seagal come along, and where is Melati?"

<Husk> Paige adjusted her uniform a bit. It had been while, but it still fit like a glove.

<Sabretooth> Vic grinned. "Don't worry. I'm sure someone brought th' lube, kid."

<Iceman> Looking at the new kid though, made him look past her -- him? -- and right to Jess. "Um..."

<Arachne> Jess got to her feet, nodding to the instructions. She was only there to look for one thing.

<Sinister> Claudine gave Bobby a wide-eyed look. "Hi? Um. New. Name's Claudine. What's yours?" Socialising, it'd learn how to do it, honest.

<Iceman> "Hey," he said, giving the new kid a look again. Must have caught him staring. "I'm Bobby... Mr. Drake... um... teacher..." He moved past her to Jess.

<Warbird> "This place is a government research facility, I don't know what kind of tech is inside so be careful." She lowered the ramp and headed out in front of them. The sound of gunfire floated outside from the door that had been left ajar after its security panel had been blown off.

<Iceman> "Hey," he said to Jess, keeping his voice down. "You sure you should be here?"

<Husk> Paige moved to walk with Vic. "I guess I should be in the back too?"

<BlackJack> Jack's mind was racing all over the place. How can I get away from the new gym teacher, but still go to gym to ogle others in gym shorts. How come I haven't bumped uglies with Mel today, I really need to let off all this nervous energy. Why haven't I hit on that guy...girl... person yet?

<Komodo> Melati looked back over her shoulder, where the rest of the team made the final preparations before their deployment. "Not sure if it was the right call to take the new blood along," she remarked. "They have no idea what they're up against. I'm afraid what will happen when they find out."

<Sinister> Bobby...oh, it knew that name. That had been a fascinating file. Chewing the tip of a finger, it watched him thoughtfully.

<Arachne> "If there's any chance that she's here, I want to be here. I can't sit at home and know this is going on." Jess started for the ramp.

<Peanut> Jimmy winced at the gunfire, he knew this was a bad idea, he might have the spiderbot but he had no weapons and he could only disarm an enemy if he had a chance to talk to them ... he was so getting shot.

<Iceman> "Yeah, but... Paige told me..." he looked around to make sure he wasn't overheard.

<Sabretooth> Vic moved past to Mel - team leader, if he remembered correctly. "They hafta find out sometime. Better y' learn how to mold 'em then they get dropped in a situation they can't handle. That's why I'm here, need t' make sure the kids survive, huh?"

<BlackJack> All the while, Jack tried his best not to be noticed as he pounced after the group, ears twisting and hearing the firing in the background.

<Arachne> "I'll be careful, I always am." Jess' tone was firm, "If it'll make you feel better, watch my back."

<Komodo> "Alright, X-Men, showtime," Melati announced, cracking her knuckles as she stepped up to the ramp. She looked back at her team. "Veterans, keep an eye on the new students. Rookies, find a meat-shield and try not to get shot."

<Husk> Paige took a deep breath. "Alright. It's a beautiful day to save lives."

<Warbird> Carol was already inside the building and pulling members of staff that had been shot to safety out of the hallways and into a security office and trying to get as many details from them about the size of the team of Hydra agents they were dealing with as she could.

<Iceman> "Yeah..." Bobby shifted to ice, resolving to do just that. But he had to watch Paige's back too. He looked back over to her with a slight smile of reassurance.

<Micromax> "I suppose I will have to be the meat-shield again?"

<Sabretooth> "Yes ma'am." Vic saluted her with a grin. "By 'meatshield' she means me, kiddies - not even machine guns keep Lion-O down, so if y' get a little too nervous, get behin' me an' try not to stare too hard at th' ass, it's another woman's property."

<Peanut> "Can I quickly add that I'm NOT a meat shield?" Jimmy said quickly.

<BlackJack> "You are now," Jack said from behind him.

<Husk> Paige laughed and gave Vic a playful nudge.

<BlackJack> Jack did unfortunately stare.

<Peanut> Jimmy turned to his old buddy, old pal the porno rabbit, "We're so dead, blood."

<Iceman> "I'm an ice shield," he added helpfully, but his attention was on the two girls he needed to protect. Dammit, he needed to replicate or something.

<Sinister> "Oh, I don't think I need one, but I'm not sure, I haven't been te-uh, I haven't been in a situation that required it." It sidled after them, deciding to stay behind the man who could take things to absolute zero. Wanted to see how, damnit...

<Arachne> Jess decided she didn't want to risk further discussion and headed down the ramp in front of the others to get to the building, moving straight up onto the ceiling.

<BlackJack> Jack tapped at the spiderbot, "Doesn't this thing have a wall of metal tucked away inside?" Jack asked Jimmy.

<Micromax> "You know, I hate confined space. Not because I can't grow there, I can. But chances are I bring everything down on...well, everybody else."

<Peanut> "Not yet, and they wuldn't let me put any artillery in her either," Jimmy patted the bot sadly, "She can run a fair speed though, rekon we should zoom on in and see if we can find a PA system for me to gibber over?"

<Sabretooth> Vic was already moving, automatically taking position and oddly feeling strange doing this without a gun and a disciplined squad. He needed to get back into the swing of it, watching the kids seriously. "Quiet now, team. We don' know what we're up against, let's have a gander first, yeah? Warbird, you good over there? Oh...it's Sabretooth, by th' way."

<Sabretooth> ...And didn't that feel weird to say...

<Sinister> "Oooh, we get cool codenames?"

<Warbird> "Yeah, there's a lot of injured up here already but I've found a security office and I'm checking the feeds for locations on our targets."

<Micromax> "I'm still unhappy with the one Xavier gave me. I sound like a new type of viagra."

<Komodo> Melati quickly covered the distance to the government facility, greeted by the destroyed entrance gate. "Looks like they weren't concerned with being stealthy," she informed the others via her radio. "They hit this place hard. The guard house is still smoking and riddled with bullet holes."

<Iceman> Looking back to make sure Paige was okay, he noticed he had the new... person... behind him.

<Micromax> He followed Melati closely. The girl was tough, but she sometimes over-exerted herself.

<Sinister> It smiled at him brightly.

<Husk> Paige kept a pace that put her somewhere between Bobby and Vic. She could keep an eye on Bobby from back there and still use her buddy as a shield if she had to. It was brilliant! And Bobby had a stalker. She couldn't stop from snickering.

<Iceman> He gave her a pained smile in return. Looking ahead, he realized he'd already lost track of Jess. "Motherfucker!"

<Arachne> Jess kept to the ceiling, listening for sounds of where the Hydra team was and turning a corner.

<Sabretooth> "Alrigh'." Vic nodded to both sets of information. "Judgin' from what they did to th' school, they don' need stealth. That works f' us. Nice an' quiet, guys, let's not let 'em know we're here."

<Cloak> "Mr Sabretooth, if there is somewhere in particular you want to go to I could just create a portal and take us there." Tyrone squeaked.

<Iceman> Bobby gave Vic a snort. "Quiet... yeah... you don't remember, do you?"

<Warbird> "Okay it looks like their team has split up." Carol scanned the feeds, "There's a lot of them but they're in groups of three or four terrorising the scientists so they don't need numbers."

<Iceman> There were injured on both sides, and the Hydra goons were easy enough to pick out. Bobby caught one of the injured, green-clad bastards still trying to take aim with his gun. He iced it.

<Sabretooth> "Of course I do, mate, I jus' live in perpetual hope." Vic grinned at Bobby, before looking at the squeaky polite one. He liked him already. "Could be damn useful. Hnn." He frowned in thought, before it was broken by Bobby icing the gun.

<BlackJack> As Jack followed Jimmy at the very fast pace of the spiderbot, Jack added, "What about gadgets to make sneaking into places easier?" PA system, PA system... where would they have put that?

<Arachne> She paused at the end of a flight of stairs, listening to the instructions a Hydra agent was barking at some of the scientists. "I've got some." She muttered over the comms before dropping from the ceiling and rounding the corner quickly, hitting the agents with venomblasts while the scientists ran for cover.

<Husk> Paige just smiled at Bobby. His powers were so cool! Why couldn't she have a neat power like that?

<Sinister> Claudine chewed its lip, watching the power, frowning a little. "Maybe I should try looking like one? Would that help?"

<Iceman> Not wanting to take any chances, he started checking the fallen goons and relieving any who weren't too badly injured of their pesky consciousness before freezing and shattering their weapons.

<Komodo> "So do I," Melati tossed in, taking fire from the squad of Hydra agents that were guarding the entry hall of the main building. "Looks like I've found their rear guard." The lizard girl took cover behind a stone pillar, pouncing forward once one of her opponents tried to circle her.

<Peanut> "The stealth mod isn't working yet, it keep's on resetting to dalmation spots," Jimmy groaned, skittering towards the wreck of the security hut on the basis that Hydra goons wouldn't bother with a building that had already been wrecked and that it might have a map in it.

<Warbird> "There's a few in a chemistry lab about four doors up from you, looks like they're mixing something so look out. I'm on my way back to you."

<Micromax> Scott grew in order to take fire away from Melati. He'd let her do her thing while the bullets just pinged off mostly harmlessly from his now massively thickened skin. True, his size wasn't as impressive as if he had been outside, but on the other hand, he was one hell of a good target.

<BlackJack> "If only we were sneaking into a dalmation warehouse." Jack said. The second Jack and Jimmy reached the hut, he started looking through the rubble.

<Peanut> "Yeah, bad guys are so inconsiderate, huh?" Jimmy prodded what looked like the remains of a desk with a metal leg.

<Sabretooth> "Noted. Alrigh', to the labs we go - I'll take poin'. Hey. Could y' drop me straight in on their heads?" He turned to Tyrone. "Th' moment you do, I wan' the rest of you t' come in through the door - they'll be too occupied wit' me to turn on you, hopefully."

<Iceman> He heard explosions and instinctively ducked, looking around.

<Cloak> "Sure thing, sir!" Tyrone opened a portal.

<Sabretooth> "Good lad. Now, who's gonna back me up?"

<Husk> "What can I do?" Paige tried to think of something to turn her hands into. Maybe steel?

<BlackJack> Jack paused when he rescued a hustler magazine from under a pile of rubble. The middle fell open as he lifted it and the centerfold was there to be seen by both guys. "Uhm.... what were we looking for again?"

<Warbird> "I'd be glad to - I want to punch something." Carol stepped out of a side corridor. "Everyone still accounted for? Where are Peanut and the rabbit?"

<Micromax> See, the problem when he was fighting inside was always that he had to be considerate. What was more important, flattening some terrorists, or making sure there would still be a building after he was done? Those where the thoughts running through his head while...flattening some terrorists against the wall.

<Sinister> Claudine thought for a moment, then raised its mental shields, feeling out. "They're looking for something, I think, but they're distra-eeeew..."

<Peanut> Jimmy stared for a few moments, then shook his head, "Uh ... map, map would be good."

<Sabretooth> "Awesome. You an' Husk can make sure nothin' gets through to the kids an' chew up th' bastards a little. Ice, y' wit' me? Could use you an' I know your lady'd feel better wit' her knight in shinin' armour there to protect her." He smirked at Bobby.

<Arachne> Once she was sure the Hydra agents would be staying down and that the scientists were alright, she moved along the corridor further to search for more.

<Warbird> Carol gave a nod, moving towards the door in question.

<BlackJack> "Oh, right," Jack said, rolling the magazine up and replacing one of his batons with the magazine in their holster.

<Sabretooth> "Alrigh', Cloak, drop me on their heads." Vic turned to the lad.

<Husk> Paige shifted to steel, making a face as she pulled away her layer of skin. That was always gross. She moved quickly to catch up with Carol.

<Cloak> "Ok, this will be fun." Tyrone smiled as he opened the other portal above the heads of the terrorists.

<Peanut> "Ah-ha!" Jimmy exclaimed, coming up with a folded piece of paper that was a little burnt around the edges, "Le map!"

<Micromax> "Komodo and me are taking out the rear guard, over," he proclaimed over the radio.

<Sabretooth> Vic grinned like the bastard he was. "Warbird, Husk, rest of y' - make sure y' quick, I don' want my balls nailed t' the wall in there." He saluted them and dropped through, knocking one agent out cold while the others just...stared for a moment.

<BlackJack> "Ah-ha! Keycard that's... still attached to a hand. Ew." Jack tapped the severed hand of the previous security guard with his baton until the thing came off.

<Warbird> Carol was through the door in a second, blasting one of the agents off his feet as she ran towards another. It had been a while since she'd been in combat.

<Husk> Paige went much more daintily after Carol, smashing weapons that fell on the ground and keeping an eye out for anyone who got past her.

<Peanut> "Revolting, but useful," Jimmy scanned the map, "PA system's in the main security room, and Hydra ain't cut the power I don't think ... second floor, south wing. Good thing this baby can wall-crawl."

<Iceman> A shot took a chunk of his uniform and ice from his ribs and Bobby spun in place. "Hey!"

<Arachne> Jess found another group and slunk along the ground beneath the line of the window so they didn't see her coming. Stealth she could do.

<BlackJack> "Second floor? Pfft, I can jump that.... but if I miss, I'll need a boost spiderguy." Jack told Jimmy.

<Peanut> "Let's find an open window then, ain't much going on out here so we should be safe from nutters with ak-47s."

<Husk> A bullet bounced off of Paige and landed in the nearby wall. "HEY!" That gun was definitely getting smashed!

<Micromax> Scott had grown quite considerably now. True, he couldn't stand, but his reach was enough to grab some Hydra goons trying to flank them and throwing them at some others attempting to provide covering fire. All the while Melati just went to town at made one goon after the other weep.

<Warbird> Carol didn't respond well to people pointing guns in her face, disarming one, she may have hit a little too hard as she sent them straight through the wall and into the corridor beyond.

<Iceman> He sent a torrent of ice in the general direction of the shot and formed a slide to shoot down the hall after his attackers.

<Sinister> Claudine's eyes widened as it suddenly realised this was...real combat. Squacking loudly, it instinctively shifted into one of the attacking Hydras, making the agent about to go for it pull up in confusion. Then the agent simply turned and decked the one next to him. "Oooh! Mine now!"

<Maverick> "Save some ass kickin for me!" Chris charged in, letting stuff hit him so the force would be transfered. His body beginning to glow as he managed to take a few good hits.

<Sabretooth> Vic was busy being shot at, standing calmly as the semi-automatics emptied clips into him, before simply reaching out and wrapping his fingers around the barrel of the gun, bending it like paper with a smile. Then he clubbed its owner over the head with it. "Everyone okay so far?"

<Arachne> Jess dodged the fire that she drew when she entered the room, hitting the goons with venomblasts to take them out and trying to ignore the sounds of gunfire and explosions drifted down to her from the floors above.

<BlackJack> "You'd think a governmental building would have windows..." Jack told Jimmy as they ran along the side of the building, still staying out of sight of anyone that might brandish a weapon, or a radio, or a mean glare.

<Maverick> Chris made sure to keep himself in front of bullet fire as much as possible as he began firing off force blasts now that he was charged up.

<Peanut> "I'm sure somone will make a hole in the wall for us soon enough, mate."

<Husk> Paige continued to keep up with Carol, punching people in the face and smashing their guns into pieces.

<Sinister> So many abilities...Essex had been right, the school was a melting pot of discovery. Shifting back to its default, Claudine used her puppet to take care of another one before growing bored and simply switching the man off, the agent sliding unconscious to the floor. Now...what to try next...

<BlackJack> "Waait, what's that there. That looks like a window to me." Jack pointed out with a baton.

<Warbird> "Everyone not in a Hydra uniform still in one piece?" Carol asked, glancing back at the others.

<Husk> "I am!" Paige grinned, smashing a gun.

<Sabretooth> "Alrigh', movin' on - movin' targets are harder t' hit. Warbird, any more intel for us? We're gettin' a few we can take back f' questionin', if you want 'em on the plane already." Vic dropped an unconscious agent on the floor, feeling the warmth that only combat could bring and licking a fang.

<Cloak> "Still here." Tyrone smiled, he was clearly enjoying himself.

<Peanut> "Tally-fuckin'-ho then," Jimmy grabbed Jack with one claw and ran up the side of the building, "smash the window in mate."

<Maverick> Chris looked himself over. "Maybe."

<Micromax> "Okay, the rear guard has been wiped out, mostly. Komodo is going to clean up the remainder and I am going to support the main force," he radioed, giving Melati a thumbs up and shrinking down while making his way to the others.

<Warbird> Carol opened one of the pouches on her uniform's belt and pulled out a bundle of zip ties. "Tie 'em up and line them up along a wall. We'll radio in when we're done."

<Husk> "Do you have any pink zip ties?" Paige asked hopefully, taking the offered ones from Carol.

<BlackJack> Just one clean swing of the baton and the window burst into bits. Jack quickly made sure the shards were out of the way as he got slipped in like a rabbit into a hat.

<Sinister> "I'll do it! I can even get their friends to keep an eye on them too!" Claudine took the wire ties a little too enthusiastically.

<Warbird> Carol raised an eyebrow at the question from Paige, shaking her head slowly. "They only come in black from SHIELD."

<Peanut> Jimmy climbed in with much less grace, before consulting his map, "Right, that sign says 'Green Suite 12' sooooo ... we gonna go left."

<Husk> "SHIELD should use pink ones. It would make people think twice before becoming a bad guy!"

<BlackJack> "Right."

<Maverick> "I can't just break the arms and legs?" He glared down at a few of the guys, half tempted to do it anyways."

<Iceman> Bobby was leaving Hydra goons cuffed in his own special way - encased in ice.

<Sabretooth> "I'll have my lot ship y' some pink ones, Husk." Vic came over, grinning ear to ear and giving her a quick hug. "Where's Icicle?"

<Warbird> "Well how about you suggest that to Fury next time he visits?" And she would record it for future warnings.

<Sabretooth> "No, Maverick. We ain't the bad guys. They get treated wit' respect they didn' show us, or we won't stop at jus' breakin' legs."

<Husk> She giggled and hugged Vic, pausing with a sudden scared expression. "Iceyman!? Where'd you go!? And I need to talk to Mr. Fuuuuury! I have a suggestion for him!"

<Peanut> "Nah mate, I said left."

<Micromax> He finally met up with the main group, just when they were busy tying up Hydra forces like ham. "Aww, I'm too late for the big action?"

<Maverick> "If I didn't agree I'd ask if that was a bad thing." He sighed over the comm.

<BlackJack> "Right." Jack nodded to Jimmy. "Left."

<Sinister> Claudine frowned at the lion man. That wasn't fun. "I can go through their minds if you like, I know how to." These were labs. There had to be something interesting, even if they weren't as fun as Father's.

<Peanut> Jimmy just stared at Jack for a few before scuttling down the corridor.

<Iceman> As usual, Bobby's powers had shorted out his comm, so he was blithely unaware people were looking for him as he moved into the complex.

<Arachne> Jess made her way further along the corridor. A bullet from her last encounter had grazed her arm and it stung like hell (which would surely be worse when it hid the fridged air outside) but it wasn't serious. "Any time the rest of you thinking about joining me down here? There's creepy things down here... aside from the Hydra agents."

<BlackJack> Jack followed the spiderbot, keeping an eye out for anything that might rear its ugly hydra head.

<Husk> Tapping her comm, Paige glanced at Vic. "I lost him. I thought he was with you?"

<Maverick> "Looks like we're missing a few." Chris looked around trying to remember everyone that had been with them.

<Sabretooth> "...I thought he was wit' me too. Hey, we got a psychic here? Think a few's wandered off." Yeah, he was missing the discipline already...

<Micromax> "Jess is alone, why is Jess alone?," he asked nobody in particular.

<Cloak> "Well I can take a few downstairs to where Jess is, if anyone wants to go." Tyrone offered, "Where exactly are you Jess?"

<Husk> "She's what?!" Paige swallowed, recomposing herself. "We need to find her."

<Warbird> "When I said you should watch each others' backs, that kind of implied not going anywhere on your own." Carol rolled her eyes. Damned kids.

<Micromax> "I'm coming along." 'Downstairs' was basically anathema to his powers, but he was worried about the spider girl now.

<Arachne> "Downstairs somewhere?" Jess replied in a whisper. "There's another couple of groups down here so try to be quiet...."

<Peanut> Most of the action seemed to be going on downstairs, luckily for them, so they didn't have any problems reaching the security hub, and a quick swipe of the keycard got them in, "Shove somethin' in front of the door so nothin' can get in," Jimmy told Jack while he tried to figure out how the PA system worked.

<Cloak> "Fine. I'll just follow the trail of unconciousness until I find you." Tyrone smiled "Ok, everyone who is coming get in this portal now."

<Sinister> "Oooh, I can try to find him? I'm telepathic." Without waiting for a reply, it searched for the really cold mind of Iceman, careful to shield its own. [Hellooooo? Mr Iceman sir, can you hear me?] Damnit, it needed to remember Essex's notes...could Bobby be communicated with when he was icy?

<Sabretooth> Vic swore quietly in Arabic. He hated splitting up. "Damnit, Bobby. Husk, take someone wit' you and go see if y' can find the bastard an' tell him roomie's gonna spank. Rest of us, to Spidey."

<Husk> "Maverick. You're with me." Paige headed off to find Bobby... with a body guard! She was so smart!

<Micromax> He shrank and jumped into the portal.

<Maverick> "I got your back Husk. If you wouldn't mind, my fair maiden, gimme a good punch. I need some energy."

<Cloak> "Careful inside the portal, only I seem to be able to see in there. I'll open the other end when I find Jess." Tyrone entered the portal quickly.

<Husk> Paige gave him a good punch with her steeled over body. "How's that?"

<Sabretooth> Vic waited until everyone was through. "I pay more attention t' my nose anyway." But holy hell was this disconcerting...

<Maverick> Chris almost toppled not expecting steel. "Good God girl, want to be an assistant for my class?"

<Warbird> "I'll call in and watch the exit. Be careful." Carol moved to round up their prisoners and drag them to the exits.

<Peanut> There was the sound of huffing and shovelling as Jack started trying to drag a desk over to block the door.

<Cloak> As he'd said Tyrone followed the trail of unconcious agents, it looked like Jess had been having a fun time. "Ok, I see you Jess, there is a group of people ahead of you, I'm opening my portal behind them. Everyone out!"

<Sinister> Claudine ran for the portal, making a mental note to add that Bobby apparently couldn't communicate telepathically. Damnit. Once in the portal, it reverted to a semi-liquid, silvery blob, looking like a blob of living mercury. "...That...wasn't supposed to happen..."

<Husk> "Uhhh sure!" She laughed a little and tried to think like Bobby. The goons with icecuffs were a dead giveaway. "This way," she headed down a cooridor.

<Micromax> He jumped out of the portal, grew massively in size, and just flailed away at the bad guys.

<Maverick> "Shoulda followed the slippery brick road?" Chris spied more idiots that were semi-iced.

<Cloak> Tyrone, collapsed to the floor wheezing. Taking that many people through a portal with his powers limited was draining.

<Husk> "Exactly... he can't be too far."

<Sinister> It glooped out, hitting the floor with a splat before it pulled itself into another shape that was worryingly familiar and then settling into its default one, firing a red blast out of a hand that slammed a bad guy against the wall.

<Arachne> Jess used the distraction they provided to take down another one.

<Micromax> "You go splat, and you go, and you go, and you go..."

<Peanut> And the little light was green aaaaaaaand, "Hello, you fuckin' loonies, Distract of the X-Men here to make your lives a little more ... interesting," Jimmy talked into the mic, gesturing for Jack to block his ears, "so how about a song? Everyone loves songs, esspecially drinking songs, here's my favourite just for all you hydra-folk; "Four and twenty viiiiiirgiiiiiiins went up t' Invernessssssssss..." he started to yowl, focusing his powers.

<Iceman> The last goon fell, teeth chattering before he lost consciousness. While Bobby'd won the battle, his uniform was a casualty. As usual. Also, he realized he had no idea where he was. "Well... shit."

<Sabretooth> Vic straight-punched an agent about to shoot Jess' back, sending him into a wall. "Maverick, Husk, any sign of our wayward Icecube?"

<Sinister> "What on earth...?" Claudine stared at the intercom...and then its eyes glazed over, form slowly melting into a silvery puddle.

<Maverick> "We've found his handiwork and it sounds like the fighting's stopped so I'll assume he's ahead somewhere."

<Husk> "Bobby?" Paige called out into the hall, wondering if he could hear them.

<Arachne> Jess put her hands over her ears as Jimmy started using his powers. Of course, they did little to help.

<Micromax> Scott went all woozy due to Jimmy' powers.

<Sabretooth> Vic knew that power, so his fingers went into his ears, and, taking a deep breath, he slid his claws out. The pain was excruciating, but it meant that he wasn't mindless as he silently started to wiretie the immobile agents.

<Peanut> All over the building people's arms dropped with their weapons, eyes glazing slightly as they tried to remember exactly what it was they'd been doing as the duclet tones of Jimmy's little ditty washed over them "-shagging in the hallways, shagging on the stairs. You could not hear the music for the swish of pubic hair! Singing-"

<Cloak> Already weakened, Tyrone collapsed almost instantly. Damn he hated drinking songs.

<Maverick> "Do I need to get my Tardis to draw you out of hiding?" He mocked the sound it made when appearing.

<Husk> "TARDIS!!! We need the Doctor to help us find my icey hero. Bobbbbyyy?" She kept looking, kept going, hoping he was alright. He had to be, right?

<Warbird> Carol was on her way to the jet when she heard the first of the helicopters. Then she saw it and a whole lot more. "What the hell....?"

<Iceman> ....what was that horrible sound? "Uh..." Then he heard other voices.

<Maverick> "I am the Doctor." He pulled out his sonic screwdriver to add to the noise.

<Iceman> "I need a Doctor..." He couldn't help it... just like he couldn't think clearly... and that was never good, since it meant he shifted.

<Sinister> The pool of gloop shivered a little, but like this it didn't precisely hear. It figured shifting so it could would be a bad idea, so it simply stayed gloopy. [What on earth is that sound? Is someone ill?]

<Husk> Paige started to squeal over the screwdriver, but then she heard Bobby and ran the rest of the way, sliding to a halt once she saw him. Well well!

<Maverick> "Yeah... didn't need to see that." Chris frowned.

<Iceman> "...what?" Bobby blinked, still in a daze from that awful song. He looked down but it still didn't process until the second time he looked down.

<Iceman> Even then, he just grinned.

<Warbird> One of the familiar suits got out of the chopper as it landed. "We'll take this from here." He said, approaching Carol and flashing a badge without giving her a chance to look at it. "Like hell you will!" She switched her comms on so the others could hear what was going on.

<Sabretooth> Vic's ears were already starting to hear, and he could hear Carol over the radio. "Sup, Warbird? Need a hand?"

<Husk> Paige just kind of stared for a moment, grin kind of matched his. "Why hello."

<Sabretooth> Oh fuck. Suits. "Kids, clean up, we got company, listen in an' stay quiet."

<Iceman> "Hai!" His grin was epic.

<Peanut> "- when the ball was over, everyone confessed; They'd all enjoyed the dancing but the shagging was a mess! ... Huh?"

<Husk> The yelling on the comm jerked her back to what she was supposed to be doing. She moved to Bobby, digging for something in her medic bag that would cover him so she could think. "Well my sexy iceman. We need to cover you up." Or go back to the plane.

<Warbird> The suits made a start for the building, spreading out over the grounds to take control of the building. "You have no jurisdiction here." The suit was still talking. "We were here first." Carol pointed out, "And I still have people inside." "Then I'd suggest you get your people outside ASAP."

<Iceman> The noise stopped and Bobby shook his head like a wet dog. Duuuuh.

<Sabretooth> Vic frowned as he listened in. He could step up and lend his weight, but he really didn't have jurisdiction here as a Brit, and...well...that would create a mess even he wouldn't be able to talk his way out of. "Cloak." He whispered quietly. "Y' up to portallin', kid?"

<Sabretooth> Damnit, kid was out cold. Vic crouched next to him, checking his pulse. "Cloak...c'mon. Fuckit, Warbird, speak t' me, what's happenin'?"

<Peanut> "Soooo ... did we win? Shit, didn't mean to say that over the PA .... umm ..."

<Maverick> "So who wants to jump through a hole in the wall?" Chris got a charged punch ready to try and get a way out.

<Cloak> Tyrone stirred, wow his head hurt. "Whhass happenun?"

<Warbird> The Hydra agents were begining to stir in the doorway, the cool air aiding their recovery from the haze. "We have the situation under control." Carol's temper was rising. "SHIELD is in place to deal with this stuff and you damned well know it. So get the hell back in your chopper and go away."

<Iceman> Finally, his eyes widened and he looked down again, then at Paige, then at Chris, then at Paige again, then down. "Fuck! Sorry!" He shifted back to ice.... where at least they couldn't see him blush.

<Husk> "Ohhh that works!" Paige blushed, realizing she had been staring instead of hunting to cover him. "Soooo we should um..." she cleared her throat "get outside I think?"

<Maverick> "Workin on it." Chris put a fist through the wall.

<Sabretooth> ...Sentinal was here. Fuck. "C'mon, buddy, no time t' fall asleep on th' job." He looked around at the rest of the kids before picking the boy up. "Everyone up an' out. Go."

<Iceman> "Yeah! That!" Mentally cursing himself, he iced the hole and made it bigger for their escape.

<Peanut> "Evac?" Jimmy caught the order over the coms and then turned to Jack, who'd just finished blocking the door, "Uh ... we gotta go now mate ..."

<Warbird> Agents were waking up all over now and trying to escape their bonds but apparently the suits were too busy trying to secure the premesis to notice. Carol was now in an argument about jurisdiction with the Sentinel Department agent and getting closer and closer to punching them. And then Hydra agents started disappearing. "Goddamnit! Now look what you did! Hey! Don't you dare press that button!" She started for one of the Hydra goons.

<Peanut> The rabbit mutant's cry of rage could be heard across the building.

<Cloak> "I can stand up by myself now." Tyrone said, "At least I think I can."

<Arachne> Finally safe from Jimmy, Jess lowered her hands from her ears and put one of them over the wound on her upper arm.

<Sabretooth> "Yes, evac. Y' sure?" Vic put the boy onto his feet, hand out just in case. The agents were disappearing, and some very colourful words came out of the Brit's voice. "Husk, you got Iceballs yet? We need out, now, th' suits have crashed the party." There was some equally explosive swearing from the lizard over the comm. "No, out, no dismembermen', jus' go Komodo."

<Sinister> The blob pulled itself into its generic shape, shaking its head. "I could switch them off, you know..."

<Warbird> The suit was still yelling at her to take her people and go and Carol had had enough. "Fine. But this isn't over. Oh and thanks for helping Hydra get away. I'm sure that'll look great in your report." She turned to walk away, taking out the remote control for the jet to start the engines. "Asshole..." she muttered.

<Husk> Realizing that most of the danger was gone, Paige reached to her neck and pulled off her layer of steel to reveal her own body again. "Ahhh much better. So who wants margaritas after this?"

<Iceman> "You were really shiny," he observed helpfully. Maybe Peanut's duh-powers hadn't completely worn off.

<Warbird> "Everyone on the jet, quick as you can." She was still annoyed as she headed for the jet.

<Maverick> "I'll come over after I've bleached my eyes...."

<Husk> Paigey giggled at him and smacked his icey bum a bit. "You can tell Vic you already got your spanking."

<Cloak> "Not, for me. I just want a nice cup of tea and then bed." Tyrone mumbled to Paige as he stepped onto the plane.

<Peanut> "Um ... we'll be there as soon as we've .... moved the desk back ..."

<Arachne> Jess hissed as the cold air hit the wound on her arm. Yep. That stung. She hurried for the jet.

<Warbird> Back on the jet, she threw herself into the pilot seat and checked the controls, "Do we have everyone?"

<Sabretooth> God, the suits turning up and Hydra pegging it... Fury was going to explode. Into tiny angry little Furies. Everywhere. "Yeah...think so." There was a definite frustrated growl to the lion man's voice. "Give me a sec. Makin' calls." He pulled his phone out, heading to the back of the jet. Esper had better be fucking awake...

<Warbird> "Good. Let's get the hell out of here so I can yell at someone on the phone for the next three hours." She got the ramp back up and took off. They had to get to the bottom of this Sentinel business soon.

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