10/12 Game: New School, New Rules

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10/12 Game: New School, New Rules

Post by Starfish » Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:10 pm

Timeline: January 16th

Cessily: "Goddammit!" Cessily squeaked as she performed her little jump, quickly pulling her hand away from the light switch next to the door as it spat out sparks with a bang. "Oh hell no..." The papers she had been carrying had been scattered across the dusty floor.

Hope: "Why are we staying in this God-forsaken place again?" Hope asked, wrinkling her nose at their surroundings.

Cessily: At least the lights flickered to life, making the large room slightly brighter, but not the least bit more welcoming. "Everything is alright," Cessily quickly assured the others, smiling awkwardly as she crouched down to pick up the papers. "Just some technical difficulties. Please don't mind my little outburst."

Aohdfionn: "Hey now, less of th' 'godforsaken' thing, thanks." What the room's light couldn't banish was a shadowy mess up in the corner, a pair of red eyes blinking out from it. "Hey Cess. Some of us called this home way before you."

Cassie: "Because it's a really bad idea and that's kind of our thing?" Cassandra suggested with an impish grin in Hope's direction. She sat on one of the old wooden desks, her legs dangling over the edge and swinging back and forth.

Anna: "It's not that godforsaken - there's two chapels on the property..." Anna wandered in with a squeaky trolley laden with treasure.

Hope: "That you have to risk life and limb to get to," Hope pointed out.

Cessily: "Hello, fellow teacher!" Cessily smiled as she greeted Anna, while balancing her armful of papers towards the larger desk in the front of the room. As she dropped it all on one big pile, her gaze drifted towards the trolley. "Is that... do you need that for the lecture?"

Anna: "Well that's fine because I do that every day just by walking out the door." Anna waved a hand dismissively and knocked over a pot of paint in the process, "... Good thing the lid's still on."

Hope: Hope let out a sigh. What had she been thinking in coming here?

Anna: "No I just thought I'd park it in here for later..." she answered Cess while picking up the paint tin, "Thought the place needed some tarting up..."

Cassie: "Perhaps that's god's way to test your resolve," Cassandra commented with a snicker. "Anyway, I like the new place. It's spooky, and there's so much to discover. Did I mention it's spooky?"

Aohdfionn: Fianna closed his sketchbook and dropped out of the ceiling, where he'd been having a few quiet moments putting a few pictures on paper. His shadows banished as he hit the floor, he shoved a hand in a pocket - and grinned at Cassie. "'Ello, sweetheart."

Jessica: Jess hurried up to the main building, taking to the air so she could take the faster route over the snow covered lawn. Skidding on the tiles a little as she landed, Jess quickly rounded the corner and stopped at the 'classroom'. "Uh... am I late?"

Cessily: "Ooh, that's an excellent idea." Cessily leaned over to take a closer look at the contents of the trolley. "Can I help? I'm quite useful for everything requiring extra hands. Actually, I think we all should help. Make our new home homely together."

Hope: Hope bit back a comment. "I don't know that paint is going to make this place any less creepy."

Anna: "Anyone can help! It's probably better if I'm supervised anyway - you know I'd do this drunk. I have all my best ideas that way." Anna nodded sagely.

Cessily: She turned towards Jessica and smiled at the newcomer. "No worries, Jess, we're not on a tight schedule," she said. "It'll still be a while until we can go back to a proper timetable. For now, we'll just do a lot of improvisation."

Jessica: "Oh good, got a bit sidetracked..." she would have to check the frogs later. She located a place to sit and went to sit in it.

Cassie: "Hello, fellow shadowy person." Cassandra leaned back on her desk to give Fianna an upside down smile, kicking her legs back and forth.

Hope: Hope had to bite back another comment that she wanted to aim at Jess. Maybe she shouldn't have come back.

Aohdfionn: "Oooh, painting? I like painting." He sat on a desk and folded his legs under him, returning Cassie's smile. "Yeah, turns ou' your little ghostie friend needed a good cuppa, so I'm joinin' in. Promise I won't try and freak y' out. Much."

Cassie: "Hey, Jess!" Without sitting back up, Cassandra simply turned her head to grin at her friend. "Sidetracked? By a certain someone, perhaps?"

Jessica: "Yes..." she nodded, "But not like that.... we're house hunting."

Hope: "House hunting?" Hope didn't quite know what to make of that. Hadn't he already bought her one house? How many did she need?

Jessica: Jess looked over at Hope, "Yeah for somewhere in the city... this place is nice and everything but it's very busy... and Boston's only a half hour away."

Hope: Hope flat out laughed at her. "This place is nice?!"

Jessica: "Well... it will be... when it's not falling down." She gave a shrug, "And everyone else is here..."

Cessily: "We'll make it nice," Cessily said, looking up from her papers as she tried to sort the stacks to find the one she needed first. "Which actually brings us to the very reason we're here today." Finding the building plan, she unfolded the large sheet of paper.

Hope: "This place should be condemned, and it probably was." She ran her fingers through her hair.

Cassie: "Most likely," Cassandra agreed, leaning closer to Hope. "Isn't that exciting?"

Jessica: "Luckily we found a better use for it than knocking it down." Jess pushed a hand through her hair to move it out of the way before digging in her backpack for her things.

Hope: "No. No it is certainly not exciting. We already have the world trying to kill us, we don't need our house to do the same."

Anna: Anna dragged the trolley to the back of the room and started to organise the paint by colour 'quietly'.

Cessily: "I understand your frustration, and that some of you might hope to return to our old, everyday routine, but unfortunately, that won't be possible for a while." Cessily managed to tack the plan to the wall and turned around again. "We're all in this together now, and we must do our best with what has been given to us."

Aohdfionn: "I dunno, I kinda liked livin' here." Fianna eyeballed the twitchy redhead before going back to studying Cess and Cassie, respectively. The ring on the other meant she was out of bounds. Mostly. Probably. Ish.

Cessily: "I know this place is nothing like any of us would imagine a school to be," Cessily continued. "Then again, we're also nothing like anyone would imagine students and teachers to be, either." The silver woman chuckled.

Anna: "I think it's fun!" Anna chimed in, "It'll be a good project to keep all you troublemakers out of trouble."

Hope: "And when we're attacked again? All they need to do is huff and puff and they'll blown this place down."

Cassie: "It certainly beats the boarding school my godparents wanted to send me to," Cassandra remarked, sitting down on her chair so she could lounge on her desk.

Jessica: "I think the point of SHIELD being here and so helpful is so that we aren't attacked again. They even gave us a shiny new plane that we're not allowed to crash."

Cessily: "This place might not seem like much, I know, but I don't think it would be any safer elsewhere," Cessily said, her expression becoming serious for a moment. "Not against the kind of people who see us as their enemies. We believed our old school to be secure, and we've all seen how it ended for us."

Aohdfionn: Fianna regarded the other girl with a frown. "Hey now, this place ain' all that bad, sweetheart, I've been livin' here just fine before it was fixed up, an' frankly, it did fine then. It's bein' done up." Attacked? What had these guys gone through?

Cessily: "Of course, we could probably all hide in some deep bunker, but do we really want to crawl into some hole and be afraid our whole life?"

Hope: "Well I notice you aren't staying here, so why are you even voicing an opinion, Jessica?"

Jessica: "I will be staying here much of the time, actually. And I'm living here right now." She shifted in her seat to look at Hope again, "And I have just as much interest in this place being safe, regardless of where I live - my friends and family are here."

Aohdfionn: Oh hell, he knew a cat fight when he could smell one. Fianna switched desks, climbing over them like a cat to come sit next to Cassie.

Cassie: "Awww, you do care for me, after all," Cassandra remarked, leaning over to dramatically throw her arms around Jessica.

Hope: "Must be nice for you. Most of mine died."

Jessica: Jess laughed and patted Cassie, "You still annoy the hell out of me." She frowned sadly at Hope, "A lot of mine died too."

Aohdfionn: Fianna leant back a little. "Why do I get th' serious feelin' I've missed some pretty big shit goin' down?"

Hope: "Yet amazingly, everything turns out ok for you. It always does."

Cessily: "We've all lost friends we deeply cared for," Cessily said solemnly, biting her lip as she pushed aside the mental images of her colleagues and students.

Jessica: "I know I was lucky. I didn't lose the one member of blood family that I have left and Sebastian got out alive too. I know that I could have lost a lot more but I lost people I loved just the same." She bowed her face into her hands as she tried to shut out the image of Kevin's dead body. She was supposed to be happy right now, damn it.

Cassie: "You could say that, yes," Cassandra said to Fianna, leaning back in her chair so she could pull up her legs and rest her shins against the desk. "You know, we didn't move here because of the great view - even though that would have been reason enough for me."

Cassie: "No, our old school kinda blew up," the raven-haired girl added with an awkward shrug. "Or was blown up, in fact. You see, there are some people who really don't like us, and they happen to have a lot of guns, explosives, and horrible monsters that will try to eat you. Very nasty story that."

Aohdfionn: Fianna tilted his head, pulling out his sketchbook again and opening it out, looking down at where he'd been drawing something...well. He wrinkled his nose, trying to shut out the rising scents as he pulled the pencil from behind an ear. "Oh wow. An' here I thought my story was bad. Jesus, I'm sorry f' bein' such a jerk when I first met you guys."

Cassie: "Ah no, it's okay. We've had fun!" Cassandra offered the pale boy a lopsided smile. "When you tried to spook us, I mean. Not when our home was burnt down and some of our friends died." She lowered her gaze, her perky attitude disappearing. "That was... not so fun."

Aohdfionn: "An', to be fair, I thought you were jus' a bunch of kids breakin' in. Ah well, it worked out." He caught the look on her face. "Heeey. Can imagine not. C'mon, let's not think abou' that, you're - we're - buildin' a new home together here, righ'?"

Hope: "I just... I don't think I'm up for this."

Anna: "Exactly!" Anna smiled, cringing as her pile of tins fell over with several clangs. "Up for what?" she turned her attention to Hope, catching the rolling tins with her teke and rolling them back to her.

Cessily: "That's the spirit, Fianna." Cessily smiled, looking from the pale boy to the redheaded young woman. "I know it's tough, Hope. And no one blames you for thinking that, believe me."

Hope: "All this crap about building a new life and everyone so happy and optimistic. It's crap. I'm not doing this."

Aohdfionn: "Seriously? Is it?" Fianna gave Hope a genuinely confused look. "That's pretty much why I ended up this side of th' pond - guess I could go back t' bein' homeless and hungry if that's true..."

Anna: "That's okay, Hope... Everyone grieves at a different rate and in their own ways. If it takes you a little longer, that's not a bad thing... but I'm sure none of the people we lost would like to see us sitting around being unhappy and letting life pass us by when we need to carry on."

Hope: "Carry on doing what?! Living in some infested nut house? Pretending that everything is going to be just splendid?

Anna: "Making the best of things," Anna stopped stacking her tins, "Trying to move on from the bad things and remember what is great about Xavier and his message. Trying to uphold the values that they died for. I know it doesn't seem like enough but it's kind of important..."

Aohdfionn: Fianna decided this, prehaps, was not the best of times to be a new guy wandering into what was obviously an old and painful conversation. Opening his sketchbook, he started drawing the people around him, quick sketches of expressions for practice as he listened in.

Cessily: Cessily ran her right hand through her hair, her lips pressed together as she felt the rising tension. "I don't think anyone of us is pretending everything will be splendid," she said. "Not even me." She took a deep breath. "But we'll have to try. For Charles, and Angel, and Clarice... and for each other."

Aohdfionn: The pencil paused. "Wait...Xavier? As in th' guy that set up X-Men? You guys are the X-Men?"

Jessica: Jess pushed both her hands through her hair once she'd sucessfully banished the mental image. "That would be the one, yes..."

Aohdfionn: He grinned. "Oh man, that's all kindsa awesome. You have any idea how many kids look up t' you guys back in England? And the amount...of shit...oh fuck, I'd heard somethin' big had happened to you guys. And you still pick up and carry on? Holy fuck you guys have balls!"

Cassie: "The one and only!" Cassandra flashed an impish grin, cocked her head, and held up her hands as she struck a little pose. "You may have heard of me as the Uncanny Dusk - circus acrobat, street performer, superhero!"

Aohdfionn: Fianna couldn't help the laugh. "Hell yes I have - you were my favourite, y' know, with th' whole shadow thing and all."

Jessica: "Careful, you'll make me jealous." Jess warned, a slight teasing smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Aohdfionn: Fianna blinked at Jess. "Arachne, right? Fuck, the whole spider-thing...see, I'm an arachnephobe, but the whole wall climbin' thing...so - oooh, Cess, that would make you...Mercury? Fuck, how the hell did I not spot this shit?!"

Cassie: "Really? That's so sweet of you." Cassandra put on a coy smirk while she twirled a strand of her black hair around her finger. "I always love meeting my fans."

Jessica: "Yes, that's me - there's another spidery mutant too and she actually has the whole web thing. I can't do the webs. I got something better."

Cessily: "I guess this is our fault for not properly introducing ourselves," Cessily said with a chuckle and gave the boy a kind smile. "We were too busy barging through your door it seems. Well, and we thought that telling people we're superheroes on the run might either make them suspicious or send them running for the hills."

Cassie: "Please don't ask her for a demonstration," Cassie said with a pleading voice.

Aohdfionn: Fianna gave them all a slightly shy grin. "Yeah, see...I was goin' through some shit back ho-back in London, so...I kinda got to followin' the X-Men because well, there were a load of kids like me who'd been through some serious shit and still came back. Gave me hope, you know? Made me think maybe givin' in wasn't the best option. You guys...heh, guess you can say you saved my life a few times."

Cessily: "See?" Cessily spoke up, her face lighting up as she smiled. "This is why we need to keep going. Not only because of each other, but everyone who builds their hopes on us."

Jessica: "And so mutants like the rest of us that have nowhere else to go have somewhere they can call home... I loved that about the school. It was the first place I could call home."

Hope: "Until home started exploding and people died.... as I said... I just can't do this. You can keep your hope and change. I think I'm out." Hope pushed off from the wall.

Cassie: "It is certainly the most exciting place I've ever known, and I say that as someone who lived with a travelling circus," Cassandra pointed out.

Aohdfionn: Fianna looked down at his sketchbook, feeling embarressed but...well...he looked up at Hope, blinking, eyes flaring a little. "Well...guess if y' don't feel like y' can cope with shit...can't say I've ever had shit explode around me, but I know how it feels t' lose someone." He scratched the side of his face. "...Several someones."

Cessily_: Cessily took another breath, but was still smiling as she nodded at Hope. "If that is how you feel, I understand completely," she assured the other girl. "Please, take some time to think about it, but know that no here will think less of you if you decide not to stay."

Jessica: "So you're going to just give up?" Jess looked over at Hope, "Would Johnny be happy, do you think? If you just gave up on your future?"

Aohdfionn: "I dunno, it's kinda her decision, righ'?"

Hope: "Isn't that what you're best at, Jess? Giving up and hiding your head beneath some sheets?"

Jessica: "I really wish you'd just let that go. It wasn't just some fling, so get down off your high horse. And this isn't about me. This is about you."

Aohdfionn: Oh wow, dem's fightin' words. Fianna leant into Cassie. "So...wanna see th' view from the ceilin', sweetheart?" He half-whispered.

Hope: "No it was shacking up and having a good time instead of helping people who were being eaten because youre precious little psyche coudn't handle that. So fuck off with your self righteous self. I've lost him twice now and unlike your boytoy, mine isn't coming back."

Cessily_: "Perhaps this is not the right time to discuss this," Cessily tossed in, trying to calm the waves. "And not the right way, either. Please, I know you're all hurt, but you don't solve anything by fighting each other."

Cassie: "Oh, I think I'd love that very much," Cassandra whispered back, the corner of her mouth forming a smirk as she gave him a sideways look.

Jessica: "I'm going to say it one more time. It was not a fling. I love Sebastian. I know you're hurt because I didn't lose him but you wouldn't feel any better if I had so don't try to pretend you would. Yes, I stepped back for that because, shockingly, it bothered me that someone might EAT ME. If you had a bug mutation, you'd get it. But, as usual you don't care how anything impacts on other people."

Jessica: "Your lack of empathy is your problem, not mine."

Aohdfionn: Fianna glanced up. "No time like th' present, am I righ'? Preferably before the claws come ou' and the fur starts flyin'?"

Anna: Anna shot Cessily a slightly alarmed look and wished the other teacher wasn't immune to telepathy. Instead she pointed at the paint tins, gestured vaguely in the direction of the bickering and hoped she'd get the message.

Hope: "Your lack of thinking is your problem. You are 10 times more selfish than anyone I've ever known, and that includes Tony. You do whatever feels good to you at the time with no regard for the concequences. So when you start looking out for other people, then you can preach at me. Until then? Go fuck your boyfriend. That's what you do best." Hope headed for the door.

Cessily_: Cessily followed Anna's gestures with her eyes, trying to decipher her colleague's silent message. "Girls, please, let's not get his out of hand," she spoke up, stepping towards the two. "I'm sure we can deal with this argument in a more sensible way with an... uhm, paint fight?"

Jessica: "Fiance." Jess corrected to her back, "You could try looking out for other people yourself. Insulting me isn't going to bring Johnny back."

Hope: "Fiance?" Hope paused. Of course Shaw hadn't told her that bullshit. She'd have told him what an idiotic idea that was. She pulled her ring off and threw it at Jess's head. "Fuck your FIANCE then! And enjoy your fucking life!"

Aohdfionn: Oh look, sketchpad. Yes. Fianna went back to drawing...though the fact he was drawing the two girls fighting as a practice was neither here nor there...

Cassie: "On a second thought, I think I want to watch this," Cassandra remarked under her breath, leaning over to Fianna again.

Jessica: Jess' quick reflexes saw her catch the missile aimed at her head easily, "Thank you for your permission." She glared after her.

Hope: Hope flipped Jess the middle finger on her way out. Screw Sebastian's deal.

Jessica: "Well that's one person that won't get an invitation to the wedding." Jess dropped the ring into her backpack and leaned back in her chair.

Anna: "She might calm down...?" Anna offered, wrinkling her nose. She should have opened the paint sooner.

Cessily_: Cessily dropped her shoulders and sighed. "This is not how I imagined our first official meeting to go," she said. "I better check on her later."

Jessica: "Sorry..." Jess gave Cessily an apologetic look, "I suppose I should just stop trying to be happy if it upsets everyone so much."

Cassie: A faint smile found its way back on the silver teacher's lips. "It's okay," she assured the student. "It's been incredibly tough times for all of us. Everyone is a bit tense, and for good reason."

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "Hope and I haven't been friends since I got brainwashed last year... it's never going to fix itself. Especially not now."

Aohdfionn: Fianna kept his mouth shut. He was too new, and he'd learnt the hard way what happened if you didn't...

Cassie: "Then perhaps it's for the best if you both gave each other some distance," Cessily suggested.

Jessica: "Why do you think we're moving to Boston?"

Cassie: "Oh well, more cake at the wedding for me," Cassandra commented, lounging in her chair with a slight smile on her lips.

Anna: "Congrats on the engagement!" Anna grinned, "It's nice to get good news. I'd say that calls for a drink!" she opened a drawer on the trolly whipped out a bottle of Jameson's. "Whiskey anyone?"

Cessily_: Cessily arched her eyebrows, but couldn't keep herself from grinning at Anna. "You know that technically we're still trying to have a class here?" she asked. The next moment she chuckled and shrugged her shoulders, before joining her fellow teacher at the booze trolley. "Well... new school, new rules?"

Anna: "Class was derailled the moment I walked in here," Anna replied, pulling out some glasses too, "You all knew this was going to happen. May as well just accept it and get merry."

Aohdfionn: "Hey now, I didn't, not that I'm complainin' any." Fianna grinned, shutting his sketchbook.

Aohdfionn: "Oh, name's Aodhfionn, by th' way. Fianna if you can't pronounce it, Jack if y' can't be bothered with either."

Anna: "If I can't pronounce it?" Anna repeated before laughing hard, "You're adorable!"

Aohdfionn: "Yeah well, you're Irish, 'course you can pronounce it." Fianna grinned. "Seein' as it's Irish and all."

Cassie: "I know we're technically still underage, but you should really know that you're one of my favourite teachers ever," Cassandra remarked as she sidled up to Anna's trolley, peering at the contents of the drawer while trying to look as innocent as possible.

Anna: "Legal where I'm from, lady... wait, you're eighteen right?" Anna handed Cassie a glass anyway, "I won't tell if you don't!"

Aohdfionn: "I can totally show you a card that says I'm eighteen, does that count?" Fianna grinned innocently - well, tried to, the fangs and red eyes didn't really help his case.

Cassie: Cassandra just smiled and touched her index finger to her closed lips. "It can be our little secret, Miss O'Keefe," she said, taking the offered glass.

Anna: Anna handed Fianna a glass too, "And I know you can't get drunk technically but you shouldn't miss out on a technicality." She made sure Jessica and Cessily got a glass as well.

Cessily_: "We're horrible teachers," Cessily remarked, while gladly accepting the glass offered to her. When everyone had one, she grinned and held it up into the air. "To the happy couple!"

Anna: "Pfft, we're the best teachers ever," Anna grinned, raising her glass in the toast too.

Jessica: Jess laughed a little, taking the offered glass, "Thank you..."

Cassie: "And to her dashing bridesmaid," Cassandra added, raising her own glass.

Jessica: Jess laughed, shaking her head, "Oh no, you'd steal the show."

Aohdfionn: "Ah hell, not to sound too cliché here but - to a new home too, seein' as it sounds like I'm not the only one havin' a new start here." He joined in, though he couldn't help the glance at the door, wondering why someone could feel the way she had enough to do that...

Cassie: "Not to mention steal your groom," Cassandra added with a snicker.

Jessica: "Yes and that's definitely not allowed!" Jess gave Cassie a small nudge with her elbow.

Cessily_: "It's not a cliche if it's true," Cessily said, giving Fianna a kind smile. "And I think we can all drink to that."

Cassie: "Fine, I'll only borrow him once in a while," Cassandra laughed as she tried not to spill her drink. "Yes, to a new love, and a new home."

Jessica: Jess nodded in agreement, "I will drink to that."

Anna: Anna snorted, taking another sip of her drink for the toast. "And now let's all get wasted and paint this room up nice."
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