10/5 Game: Debating the Dead

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10/5 Game: Debating the Dead

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January 9th.

<Carol> Carol was glad for her ability to remember names and faces as she crossed the clear path from the tents occupied by SHIELD to the administration block, energy flickering over her and changing her SHIELD uniform into civilian clothes - jeans and a light sweater as she didn't feel the cold. The students had been given a bit of time to unpack things into their rooms before she'd sent people up with messages.

<Heather> Heather wasn't sure how she felt about sharing the bathroom with everyone else on her floor but she supposed she could live with it. At least they didn't have to check under the seats for spiders. She wandered back down the stairs once she'd unpacked her few belongings and waited in the entrance hall.

<Aodhfionn> If by 'things' and 'unpack' she meant 'steal every spare blanket and pillow to make the ultimate fort-nest' then yes, Fianna had unpacked. There was a bed in the room, though the monstrosity that hid it could also have been mistaken for a tiny mountain of soft - Fianna had been cold and hated it. He loved the nest, so much so that when he'd got the message, he'd nearly ignored it. Nearly.

<Aodhfionn> But as always, curiousity had won out, and now he was perched on a rafter, wreathed in shadows and sketching random things while he waited. Old habits died hard, and he was going to see what sort of people were going to turn up before he did anything.

<Carol> Climbing the few steps to the front door, Carol pushed a hand through her hair before stepping inside, shaking the snow off the bottom of her jeans. She glanced up to see who'd arrived, flashed the very shiny girl a smile, then disappeared into her office for coffee.

<Heather> Heather glanced around the entrance hall, checking the space either side of her before stretching her wings out. At least there was lots of room... pulling them back close to her, she tapped her clawed feet on the tiled floor, hooking her thumbs in her belt loops and twisting this way and that to look around some more while she waited.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna watched the shiny girl and the wings for a long moment, pencil moving over the pad as he did, doodles of feathers and wings going across his page. He wondered if he'd be able to nick a feather...probably not, too shiny.

<Jamie> Jamie pulled up outside the gates and shivered. This was weird. He looked over at Jean and reached over to run his hand over her thigh, trying to wake her softly. "Jeannie, we're here."

<Jamie> He looked in the backseat at their stuff they had acquired over the break and sighed. He would be glad to get settled if only to get the rental car back to the agency in one piece. It was enough on his conscience that they were driving it without it being legal. But if they broke it? Eurgh.

<Carol> Returning from her office with her coffee in hand, Carol raised an eyebrow then glanced up at the ceiling when the scratching sound registered. "I guess everyone else decided to decline the invitation..."

<Aodhfionn> "Y' lucky I showed at all, sweets, it's warm in my room an' there's snacks." Fianna didn't otherwise move, his voice a little odd in the shadows. "But then out here there's a pretty view or two too, so hey."

<Carol> "Hey, it's mostly warm down here now too - they fixed all the windows in this block." She sipped her coffee, turning her attention to the winged student. "Hi."

<Heather> Heather's wings flared out a little and she looked up to the sound of the voice, "Holy shit there's a person up there?!"

<Aodhfionn> "Yeahuh, I'm th' resident ghostie. Boo."

<Heather> "Uh... okay... hi?" Heather wrinkled her nose a little before dropping her gaze back to the woman with coffee. "I guess everyone else has more to unpack than I do?"

<Jean> Jean woke up and stretched, eyes opening slowly. She looked first at Jamie, giving him a little smile, then outside. Her mouth dropped open. "You've got to be fucking kidding me?!"

<Carol> "Alright, well I guess you've both seen inside here so how about I tell you what's going on outside first?" She thumbed to the door behind her, "You're more than welcome to take coffee from my office with you if you're worried about getting cold - I can always heat it up for you."

<Aodhfionn> "Hey." Fianna grinned down, though the only sign of it in the shadows was the glowing red eyes creasing a little. "Don't worry, spookin' quota's all filled up, lookin' for a good possession whatsit now. And hell yeah I've seen inside here, I been here longer than your damn government dipwads, girl." Aaaand more doodles.

<Jamie> "I wish I were, babe..."

<Jamie> He parked the car and pulled the keys out of the ignition before sitting back in the seat, "You sure you wanna go in? We can always go... somewhere else? But... not another bordello... Please?" He practically squeaked.

<Heather> "Outside sounds fine," Heather smiled, glancing up at the red eyes in the shadows again, wings unconsciously curling around herself, "Coffee also sounds fine."

<Jean> Despite the situation and the scary-ass building in front of her, she smiled at Jamie. He'd been sooooo embarrassed by staying at Jack's. It was super cute. "I guess we should check it out? We came all this way..."

<Carol> "Help yourself," Carol gestured to her office, "You coming down, Mr Ghost, or do I have to come up there and get you?" She watched him over the rim of her cup as she took another sip.

<Aodhfionn> "No more coffee f' me. I think I'm coffeed out." The sketchbook was finally closed with a snap, the shadows dropping to reveal the top hatted albino tucking a pencil behind his pointy ear. "Ooooh, miss - will y' be wearin' the uniform if you do? Because I might jus' hafta make you then."

<Carol> "You'd enjoy that far too much so I don't think so." She had another sip of coffee, "I'm done with uniform duty today... unless something blows up."

<Heather> Hands curled around a mug of steaming black coffee, Heather shuffled back out into the hall, trying not to scratch the tiles with her claws. "Okay I have cofee..."

<Aodhfionn> "I'll hafta make sure somethin' blows up then, won't I?" Fianna grinned fangily at her, legs dangling over the rafters and kicking idly. "Car's jus' pulled up outside, by th' way. We gonna wait for 'em or go see who it is?"

<Jamie> "And if there's even a hint of a hint of a ghost, can we leave?"

<Carol> "Well I did suggest going outside so we may as well just be a welcoming committee for whoever it is...." She turned for the door, "Come on if you're coming."

<Heather> Heather watched her walk by her office door before hurrying to follow, wings narrowly avoiding knocking over a vase.

<Jean> "Yes. We can, like, run." She might even burn the place down on her way out.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna smirked, picking up the long coat that was draped over the rafter next to him and pulling it on. Dropping off it easily, a pair of gloves were pulled on, the only skin revealed was his face and that was shadowed by the brim of his top hat. With the dull, leaden sky, that meant he wouldn't have to cover himself in shadow to stop the burning, thank god.

<Aodhfionn> Tucking the sketchbook under an arm, he hurried after the other two, looking every inch an out-of-time Victorian.

<Carol> Heeled boots clicking on the cleared steps, Carol moved onto the driveway and over towards the car, ducking her head a little to avoid the glare on the windshield and see who was inside, giving the occupants a small wave. "Hi?"

<Heather> Heather almost got stuck in the door and flailed her wings a little before she made it down the steps, pleased with herself for not spilling her coffee.

<Jean> Jean's hand was raised, she started to wave, then a giant bird person flailed through the front door. "Uuuuuh..."

<Aodhfionn> "Hey now, your wings're pretty, girl, but no need t' shove 'em in my face." He gave the shiny bird girl a grin. "No kiddin', they really are pretty and you're makin' me jealous."

<Heather> "They're useful too," Heather nodded, "Just not when you want to get through a door without looking like an idiot."

<Jean> And then there was a vampire. "Umm..." She reached over to Jamie and tugged on his sleeve.

<Carol> Carol moved to the driver's side and tapped on the window, "You guys here to move in?"

<Jamie> Jamie gave a pained smile. "Busted," he muttered under his breath. "I guess we sh- What's up?" He looked over where Jean was looking, "Holyshit!Doesthismeanwecanleave?"

<Jamie> Jamie eeped at the tapping on the window and turned to face the woman. "H-hi..."

<Carol> "You going to hide in there all day?" She gave the occupants of the car a friendly smile, "Promise we don't bite."

<Aodhfionn> "Trust me, I've yet t' see anyone who doesn't look an idiot some of th' time." He looked over to the people in the car, giving them a friendly grin. Well they looked depressingly normal...

<Jean> "....he has fangs." She tugged harder on his sleeve.

<Carol> Carol decided to try the door, obviously they'd forgotten how to do that on the long drive. "Need some help?"

<Jamie> "I see that, babe... Wanna lea-ohshit." He jumped at the door opening next to him. "I'm not sure we're in the right spot..."

<Carol> "Where are you looking for?" Carol raised an eyebrow, "Most people know not to take the turn off for this place so you're obviously not local."

<Jamie> "Um. The place... With the people..."

<Jean> "...and the mutants... so... yeah, I guess we're, like, in the right place, but I don't know if it's the right place..."

<Carol> "Well this is a place with people..." Carol laughed a little, "You're looking for where the Xavier University students and staff moved to? You're in the right place. My name is Agent Danvers, I work for SHIELD - those guys behind me are two new students."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna nearly laughed - with his sense of smell, he could tell the two were bundles of nerves. "Hey, see, told y' I was the resident ghost, I ain' even tryin' and they're scared." He grinned at Heather.

<Jamie> "SHIELD." He frowned over at Jean, "Isn't that who Professor Drake worked for?"

<Heather> Heather giggled, "Guess you probably shouldn't try, they might put the car in the wrong gear and demolish half the building in panic."

<Jean> "Uh... yeah? I think so... him and... some of the other professors..." Jean nibbled on her thumbnail.

<Carol> "Yeah I know him and the rest," Carol nodded, "You're in the right place, I promise. We can help you get unpacked if you like."

<Jamie> "Ah! Ah ha! He said it, Jeannie!" He leaned closer to her and whispered, "He's a ghost. We can leave now."

<Jean> Jean's big green eyes moved back to the vampire guy. They got bigger.

<Aodhfionn> It was so tempting, so very tempting to pull the same sort of stunts again - just to shit them up. But Carol was right there...and then he caught the whisper. The grin that spread under the top hat was fangy and evil.

<Jean> Her mouth dropped open.

<Carol> "He's not a ghost, I promise. He's just a creepy little shit with too much free time." Carol frowned, deciding to try a different approach. "You guys like coffee?"

<Jamie> Jamie's mouth dried up and he tried in vain to swallow. "Um. Yes? Coffee's good...With lots of sugar. And milk. And flavoring. Otherwise it sucks."

<Carol> "There's a whole lot of stuff in my office you can throw in it," she gestured to the building, "First door on the right."

<Aodhfionn> Okay, he probably couldn't do anything with Carol right there, but he was good at subtle. Clearing his throat, he tried to wipe the grin off his face, adjusting the top hat. Unfortunately, with solid, glowing red eyes, he was kinda given to looking creepy without even trying, grin or not... "Hey there - she's right, I ain' all that scary, just a mutant like everyone else. Honest."

<Jean> "Question," Jean started, leaning over to see this Danvers lady. "Are there real ghosts?"

<Aodhfionn> He ran his tongue over a fang.

<Carol> Carol gave a shrug, "I haven't seen any, even when I sneaked in here as a kid."

<Jamie> Jamie's eyes were still on the creepy guy, glued to watching his fangs. "So... I guess this really is it, Jeannie." He unbuckled and pulled their bags from the backseat into his lap. "On three?"

<Jean> She took her bag and a deep breath, giving him a little nod. "One..." She gripped her door handle.

<Carol> Carol stepped back out of the way once it seemed they were going to actually get out.

<Heather> "Oh hey, they're getting out of the car... does that mean we're going back inside?" Heather glanced round at ghost-boy.

<Aodhfionn> "If you're creeped out by me like this, be glad it ain' actually sunny t'day or you'd be seeing me doing what I do best." He grinned at the two in the car. "Nah, Military Chick's showin' us the outside today, an' besides, I've been here a few months, I know the inside. Mostly draughts, rattlin' chains and bloodstains."

<Aodhfionn> "...Did I say bloodstains? Meant rust stains, but it's a li'l hard to tell sometimes."

<Heather> Heather snorted and hid her giggles behind her cup.

<Jamie> Jamie looked up at Carol, then at the other two, "Two... ifwedieIjustwantyoutoknowIloveyou..."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna leant over to Heather. "I'm sorry, it's jus' too damn easy. Guy's got t' get his kicks somewhere, righ'?" He half-whispered to her, grinning.

<Jean> Jean winced. "I love you too...." Eyes closed, she yelled, "THREE!" and opened the door and jumped outside.

<Carol> These kids were melodramatic. If she wasn't working she'd consider Irish-ing up her coffee a little. "You're fine, come on inside."

<Aodhfionn> And just as they jumped outside...Jean's shadow waved to her.

<Heather> Heather snorted her coffee.

<Jean> Jean screamed and burst into flame.

<Jamie> Jamie had his eyes closed as he jumped out of the car then whirled as he heard Jean's scream, diving over the hood to tackle her, but forcing himself to hit the ground instead when he saw her on fire. "Ohgoshno!"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna couldn't help it - he nearly doubled up he was laughing so hard, pulling off his top hat before it fell off, backing away a little from the fire automatically.

<Carol> "Oh, for the love of-" Carol put her coffee on the hood of the car, "You. Knock it off." She sent a glare at Fianna, moving to Jean to grasp her by the shoulders and look her in the eye, "No one here is going to hurt you. Calm. Down."

<Aodhfionn> "Oh God - face - hah!" He flailed a little, still laughing, trying to sober up under the glare but breaking off into little giggly spats as he did, trying to straighten and failing miserably.

<David> David headed over to the sounds of screams and laughter. It almost always led to some form of entertainment. "And that was just a really weird thought to have. Had a kinda rape-y vibe." He realized out loud, a weird sort of disgusted frown forming on his face.

<Jamie> Jamie pushed himself up and brushed himself off at the familiar voice. "Dude?! Dude!"

<Jean> Jean was hyperventilating a little, but she managed to get the telekinetic flames under control. Barely.

<Carol> "Okay?" Carol asked after a few moments, glancing briefly at Jamie.

<Jean> She glared at vampire guy. "Yeah."

<David> "Yo," he called out, spotting a familiar face, and some not so familiar faces. "How's it goin? And who're Dorkula and Andrea the Giant?"

<Carol> "Great," Carol looked over at the voice, "Oh God... today is just getting better and better...." yep. Irish-ing up the coffee.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna finally managed to get the laughter under control, still tittering a little as he pulled his top hat back on, straightening it and glancing up at the overcast sky. "Sorry, sweetheart, I'm an asshole an' too easily amused. Seriously, I ain' a ghost or a vampire-" He was cut off by the new voice. "Dorkula? That's a new one, ain't heard tha' before. Ello, kid."

<Heather> "It's pronounced 'Heather'."

<David> "Are you a cosplayer? You know the Golden Girls weren't actually gold, right?"

<Jamie> Jamie went and scooped Jean under his arm, dragging her over to David so he could say hi without her getting accosted. "Hey! You survived! Don't know who these guys are really yet. Besides creepy as all get out. Just got here."

<Aodhfionn> He couldn't help the snort of amusement. "Mind y', easier to say than my real name. Fianna MacDuibh at your dubious service." So saying, the top hat came off and he bowed to Jean. "And I offer my most sincere apologies for frightening you, my lady."

<Jean> "OMG! Somebody I know! You're now normal compared to all this!" Jean gave David a big, rib-cracking hug.

<Aodhfionn> "...Also, if y' feel the need to, please laugh an' take the piss outta my name. Mam was Irish, seemed to think it was a good idea to name me somethin' from her home but figured Paddy was too borin'."

<Heather> "... I'm going to get more coffee..." Heather drained her cup and turned to go back inside, dodging Fianna.

<David> "Oof! I survive a building falling on me, just to get crushed to death by a little red-head". He added, faking a grimace and much pain. "How are you guys?"

<Carol> "I think I'm seconding the coffee... and some scotch." Carol headed for the building too, "And then we're going to show these guys around, so help me God."

<Jean> She spun them both around so David was between her and the vampire. "Fee...what?"

<Aodhfionn> "Fianna. Full name's Aodhfionn, if you don't wanna try either just call me Jack." He smiled easily at her, glancing up at the sky as it brightened. Ffff.

<David> "I think he said something about a doobie." He offered over his shoulder.

<Aodhfionn> He glanced back in the direction Carol and Heather had gone. "Hey, inside holds caffeine an' a lesser chance of me becomin' a pile of ash. You guys want a drink or somethin' to make up for the scare?" He jerked his thumb to the door, the gloved fingers noticably more pointy than they should be.

<Jean> Finally, she let go of David, but she was so staying behind him and Jamie.

<Carol> Carol added some scotch to her refilled cup of coffee and leaned on her desk while she waited for the others to sort out their own coffee. "I'll show you where the dorms are in a little while," she offered to the newcomers. "After I've shown you where is safe to go poking around and where isn't."

<David> "I always thought finding out for ourselves is so much more fun." He helpfully pointed out, somewhat muffled from the stir-stick in his mouth as he wrestled with sugar packets.

<Carol> "You can feel free to get mangled by anything you want to get mangled by, I'm sure no one'll mind... well maybe the people trying to wipe you off the machinery later but, eh..." she waved a hand dismissively. "Not the point I was getting at."

<Jamie> "If there's even a tiny hint of a ghost, we're leaving." He took Jean's hand and waved for David to go first. He surely didn't want to lead.

<Carol> "There's no ghost..." Carol rolled her eyes, straightening up. "Okay, we all good for coffee?"

<Heather> Heather nodded, holding up her cup and trying not to hit anyone with her wings.

<David> "Don't look at me. I'm still making my coffee." He very slowly and theatrically stirred his coffee, waiting for someone else to lead the way.

<Carol> "Taking that as a yes then." Carol headed back for the door.

<Jamie> "Craaaaaap."

<Carol> "The coffee's not that bad." she called over her shoulder, "Come on, it won't take that long."

<Jamie> "It's not the coffee I'm worried about..."

<Heather> "It's okay, ghosts are only real in movies," Heather shrugged a little, "If we were in any danger, my powers would let me know."

<Jean> Jean took a cup of coffee, but her eyes were on that creepy vampire guy, who seemed to have settled into a corner. He had pulled out a book or something, but was drawing in it.

<Jean> Creepy.

<Jamie> Jamie blinked at the winged oscar award. "Really?" He tugged on Jean's hand, "Babe... Babe, maybe we should keep her close."

<Heather> "Yeah really," Heather grinned over her shoulder, "You're looking at the best 'Lifeguard' in Australia." Yeah that wasn't a bit cheesy.

<David> "It seems a little presumptuous to say what's real on not considering the present company." David pointed out.

<Jamie> "Ha... hahaaa... That's corny."

<Carol> "If it's a mutant it's a mutant. There's no such thing as ghosts." Carol held the door open for them.

<Jamie> "Says who? People used to say there's no such thing as mutants, too."

<Jean> Jean's hand was fairly well velcroed to Jamie's and her head bobbed until her ponytail shook.

<Carol> "Says me, the woman who wants you all to get some sleep in this place."

<Jamie> "So you lie to us like you would lie to children about monsters in their closets?"

<David> "I think she just admitted she's lying so that we aren't concerned. The place IS haunted!"

<Jean> "She wants us to go to sleep..."

<Carol> "If you were kids worried about a monster in the closet I'd look for it, kick its ass, then tell you it was dead. You'd sleep after that, right?"

<David> "No, because that'd mean there was a monster. And they could have friends. What if they were just scouts for a full-scale invasion?"

<Carol> "... You people are just too hard to please. Anyone ever tell you that?"

<David> "Heh. That's the first time a girl said that to me and not the other way around. Wait. Did I say that out loud?"

<Jamie> "David. Dude. Of course you didn'-... Yes. Yes you did."

<Heather> "Pretty sure if there's ghosts they're not dangerous anyway." Heather offered, sipping her coffee.

<Jean> "Nuh-uh, I've seen The Excorcist."

<Heather> "Movie." Heather pointed out, "Not real."

<Jamie> "What about evil people who die? Their ghosts have gotta be dangerous."

<Heather> "But they're ghosts... they're dead... they can't hurt you..."

<Jamie> "Why not? One of the old teachers at school could possess people."

<Carol> "Oh she's still here," Carol gestured vaguely in the direction of the surgery building, "But mutant. Not ghost."

<Heather> Heather pointed at the Agent Danvers' back, "This!"

<Jean> Jean made a rude noise and just drank her coffee. "I'm a telepath, I know better..."

<Jamie> "Yeah. She's a telepath. She knows better."

<Heather> "You haven't lived here for a week already. Give it time, you'll see it's crazy." Heather glanced behind her at the building, "Creepy students not withstanding."

<Carol> Carol melted them a path from the main complex to the outer buildings because going around the lawn would just mean longer listening to the crazy talk.

<Jamie> Jamie drew back at the melting of the things. "Um... Maybe we should agree with the nice lady about the ghosts so she doesn't melt us next, huh, babe?"

<David> "Heh. Our fearless leader seems a little... steamed."

<Jamie> "Womp womp."

<Carol> "It's this or I laugh at you all falling on your asses on the icy paths... well, admitedly, that'd be more fun for me..." Carol frowned.

<David> "We could just pop a couple dupes off and use Jamie as sleds."

<Carol> "That... would probably get me in trouble." Though it also sounded like fun... a bit... maybe the scotch was a bad idea.

<Jean> "No Jamie sleds!" Unless it was her doing the sledding... they might have to try that later.

<Heather> "I don't need a sled... don't think I'd know what to do with one anyway - never done that before." Heather peered into the bottom of her cup. Out of coffee. Boo.

<David> "It's not a difficult concept. Have you ever slid something across something else? It's that same thing, only you're sitting on the sliding thing." He had gave her a smug smile. "This has been another informative explanation from Dr. Sled, PhD."

<Carol> "Okay so... this building is where the staff live now... leave them alone unless it's an emergency." Carol gestured at the Gray Gables building. "Nextdoor, here, we have the hangar and the parking garage... we've only done the ground floor of that side but you probably won't need much more than that... at least not for a while."

<Jamie> "Erm. No thanks." He looked at the buildings being pointed out to them, "Who's bright idea was it to use this place?"

<Carol> "Mine." Carol glanced over her shoulder at him, "If you think you can do better on a lower budget, be my guest."

<Jamie> "But... it's so unsafe!"

<David> "I think there's a shack out by hobo Bill with less creepy ambiance. I'm sure we could squeeze in a couple of people there."

<Carol> "We're fixing it! For free, I might add." Carol pointed out, "It's going to take time - the building's been abandoned for a while and we've only been working on it for a few weeks."

<Jean> "It's creepy... it's like every abandoned hospital in every horror movie I've ever seen." She thought about this. "What was it, anyway? Like, before."

<Jamie> "Isn't there like... asbestos or something? Shouldn't we have on gas masks?"

<Carol> "Uh, it was an asylum... and a hospital," She pointed at the building one over from what was now the hangar. "The hospital building's going to be apartments."

<Jamie> "An asylum?! Are you kidding me?!"

<Carol> "Nope." Carol shook her had, "Look it up on google or something, the internet connection's mostly stable now." She gave a shrug, "All the hazardous materials are gone, I promise. We wouldn't have moved you guys in otherwise.... well maybe him." She thumbed over to David.

<Jean> "Oh. My. GOD! I KNEW IT!" Jean may have screeched a bit. There was flailing.

<Carol> "Of course... if you're really worried about asbestos, there's still some suits in one of the tunnels that they left behind when they filmed that movie... Session 9? So you can use those... you know, if you want..."


<Carol> Carol facepalmed, "I promise there's no ghosts. I've lived on this site since we started work here just after Christmas, we'd know by now if there were ghosts."

<David> "Yeah, but that's what you would say if you were possessed by a ghost. I think there's a horror movie with this exact same premise."

<Jamie> "Or it's what you would say if you were working with the ghosts. To feed us to them!"

<Carol> "If I was going to feed you to ghosts, I'd have killed you already because you're driving me crazy."

<Jamie> "Maybe they don't want us yet. Maybe you have to fatten us up first."

<Carol> "Right... because you're all going to get fat on coffee."

<Heather> "It's okay, I think it's great here." Heather flapped her wings, sending up a cloud of snow. "Snow is fun!"

<David> "She's put something in the coffee!"

<Jean> Jean flipped the contents of her cup high into the air.

<Carol> "I'm not putting anything in the coffee!" Except more scotch when she got back to her office. "If you didn't like it you could have just said..."

<Jamie> "I thought it was quite tasty... Which... Might be part of the problem." He fumbled with his cup then dropped it into the snow.

<David> "We should all get her before she can do us in. Lock us in a creepy room for the ghosts to eat our souls or something."

<Carol> "You know... I could throw you all the way to Boston... if you're lucky, you'll land in the harbour."

<Jamie> Jamie stepped behind Jean. "She can't throw us that far if you catch us in the air, right?"

<David> "Sounds like a pretty convenient way to silence me since I'm on to you." He peered at her suspiciously.

<Jean> Eyes narrowed, Jean just nodded. "We're onto you, spooky SHIELD lady."

<Carol> "Yeah that's exactly why I want to silence you. It's not at all because you're annoying."

<David> "A-ha! She admits it!"

<Carol> "How would you like me to throw you? Head or feet first?"

<Heather> Heather looked between them, wondering how far this would go.

<Jamie> "Ooh, David! Throw her off guard. Pick sideways!"

<David> "I like your thinking, Jamie." He turned back to Carol and proudly stated, "Sideways!"

<Carol> "I can totally manage sideways. I'll just pretend you're unconscious... that'd be nice."

<David> "You can silence me, but you can never silence an idea!"

<Carol> "That's okay, I can deal with it just being you."

<Heather> "You aren't really going to throw him that far, are you? Because that might hurt a bit... why would you let her do that?" They were a lot weirder than they seemed on tv.

<David> "Nah. She won't. She's SHIELD. They have all these lame rules and stuff."

<Carol> "Yeah we have rules... fortunately there's nothing specific about throwing mutants that piss you off eighteen miles into the nearest city..."

<David> "Yeah but I might land on someone. And I'd survive but they won't. There must be some kind of form for that, right?"

<Jamie> "A suspension form."

<Carol> "Ugh I hate paperwork...." Carol shook her head, "Fine you're off the hook, for now..."
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