9/14 Game: Merry Christmas from SHIELD

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9/14 Game: Merry Christmas from SHIELD

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:54 am

Timelined Christmas Eve

<Jessica> Jess sat quietly in a corner of the private room they'd occupied for the occasion, feeling oddly out of place. She hadn't lost nearly as much as everyone else in the attack on the school. She still had pretty much all of her possessions, including her clothes, and she was dressed to fit in with the usual hellfire crowd so they didn't gossip about Sebastian behind their backs.

<Shaw> Not that he could care, as he sat beside her nursing his scotch.

<Jimmy> Jimmy on the other hand wasn't nursing his cider, he was downing it in large gulps as the waitress wordlessly kept him topped up. It was a tell of how low his mood was in that he wasn't trying to hit on her.

<Warren> Warren, on the other hand, couldn't have felt more out of place if he tried. Sat on a stool, white wings hunched around him, he watched everyone come and go with wide blue eyes as he cupped a glass of wine carefully. He'd scrubbed up well, not looking too far out of place with the Hellfire crowd - if it wasn't for the deer-in-headlights look.

<Jack> Jack on the other hand wasn't low enough in his mood not to hit on the waitress as he drank his drink and asked for it to be topped up.

<Melati> Melati stood with her arms crossed, her back leaned against one of the heavy stone pillars lining the large room, reserved for private ceremonies in the Hellfire Club. She had acquired a new wardrobe for the occasion, the black leather of her jacket and pants only slightly out of place. It certainly fit the somber mood.

<Jimmy> Eventually Jimmy broke the silence, "... Merry fuckin' Christmas, 'eh?"

<Shaw> Sebastian ran a finger around the rim of his glass and gave the winged boy another glance. "I'm sorry, but who did you say you were again?"

<Jessica> Her eyes wandered over the other former students wondering if any of them blamed her like Hisako had. She blamed herself regardless.

<Warren> Oh crap, the important-looking man was talking to him. "W-Warren, sir. Melati brought me i-in. She seems to think I need looking after."

<Jack> "Merry Christmas back to you to, Jimmy. That actually reminds me, I have a present for you back at the Jackalope." Jack told Jimmy.

<Shaw> "Ah." His eyes slid to the lizard girl, one eyebrow up in question.

<Jimmy> "I had a present for you too ... it probably got eaten by monsters though," Jimmy just stared at his glass.

<Warren> He took a sip of the wine. Expensive, he could tell, he just wish he knew how, a quick, nervous look going around the room. So many mutants...and everyone looked so damned unhappy for it being Christmas.

<Melati> "I found the kid while making my rounds out in town," Melati explained, letting her gaze drift from Warren to Shaw. "He was being beaten on by a bunch of rabble for being a little too obvious. So I thought I'd do a good deed on Christmas and took him in."

<Jessica> Jess sighed quietly and moved to get out of her seat and go to the bar, she couldn't get drunk but she'd be damned if she wasn't going to try. A small silver corgi poked its head out from under her chair as she walked away.

<Jimmy> "Where you planning on keeping the puppy? We don't have a home anymore."

<Shaw> "How... charitable of you," he smirked. "Considering the situation."

<Melati> "Guess the sight of someone with angel wings on Christmas day got them a little worked up," she added. "Probably not very good Christians. Or very devout ones."

<Warren> Warren looked down into his glass. "Melati did say something had happened..." He said quietly. "I-I'm not a puppy, I have wings." Jimmy got a slightly confused look.

<Jack> "No worries, Jimmy, I sort of screwed up with your birthday present, so just think the one waiting for you is like a double present to make up for the birthday t-shirt." Jack was sure 'I'm a virgin cancer patient, sex me before I die' t-shirt was in bad taste, but he was drunk when he ordered it for Jimmy.

<Shaw> Sebastian suppressed his smile behind his glass.

<Jimmy> ... Well wasn't he the special little dumpling? Jimmy sighed, itching the stump that remained of one of his legs, watching Melody as she slipped back into the room after taking out her baby to settle her. the tiny ghoul dozing on her shoulder now

<Melati> "Didn't you wonder why everyone is wearing black at a Christmas party?" Melati asked in response to Warren's remark, giving the winged boy another sideways glance. "Here's a hint - this is actually not a secret gathering of the mutant church of satanism."

<Warren> Warren looked up at Melati, before he cringed. "Oh. Oh - I-I'm sorry - I didn't - I thought-" He stammered to a stop. "You...lost people in it?" He said a little quieter. "I thought...the news, it only said there'd been an attack, it didn't...say if anyone..."

<Shaw> "Albeit we are in the Hellfire Club," he observed, taking another sip and watching Jessica.

<Warren> He looked back at Shaw. "...I get the feeling that should probably mean more than I think it does, though I have t-to admit, the...ladies did have me confused."

<Cessily> Cessily watched the congregation of students and teachers, standing in silence with her hands clasped. She was wearing an elegant yet plain black dress, her fiery red hair pulled back and tamed by a black ribbon. Occasionally she would reach up to wipe some liquid silver off her cheek.

<Shaw> Deciding he should exercise his manners, Sebastian set the glass aside and stood. Though he was forced to sidestep the silver creature that had taken up residence under his feet, he made it to the young man smoothly enough and offered his hand. "I am Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the New York branch of the Hellfire Club."

<Warren> Warren automatically took the hand, smiling nervously - the other man was imposing. "Your...majesty?" He blushed, unsure what he should be doing or saying. "Good to meet you, sir, and...thank you for not calling me an idiot."

<Melati> "Yeah, we lost some friends," Melati replied, her voice and expression tense. "Good ones." Her lips were pressed together, forming a thin line, as she looked into the distance. "Wasn't the first time, though. Probably not the last time, either. Certainly the worst, though."

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled, all teeth. "That's not necessary. You may call me Sebastian." His eyes rose to the wings. "It would be most rude to insult an angel on Christmas Eve, yes? Even in the Hellfire Club."

<Jimmy> "Yeah, now we're homeless, helpless, hopeless and lots of other shit that ends in 'less'," Jimmy grumbled, before glancing at the punk who was sitting in the corner tapping a beat on the table, brown eyes narrowed, "Don't suppose we could all join up with SWORD, Warlock?"

<Jessica> Jess could hear the conversation going on behind her as she attempted to work her way through the line of different alcohols on the back row. Some she was never going to drink again because they were vile but a few were okay. She looked down at the skittering sound of metal claws on the floor, "Hey... did you get lonely?" She bent to pick up her pet.

<Cessily> Waiting in patience as she let several moments pass by, Cessily eventually stepped forward in an attempt to unobtrusively draw the attention of the assembled. She didn't say anything yet, mostly because she still lacked the courage and did her best to reign in her own emotions.

<Cessily> "I thank all of you for coming tonight," the silver skinned teacher spoke up, her voice wavering and subdued. "Even though it's Christmas Eve, it is no merry occasion that brought us together."

<Jessica> Jess cuddled Sharky, who helpfully morphed into the shape of a squirrel monkey so that she could still hold her drink, and turned to pay attention to Cess.

<Shaw> Sebastian turned to listen to the silver teacher, eyes wandering over her only once before he retrieved his drink.

<Darren> "Hmph, I think you'd use up our yearly budget in one week of healthcare, kiddos," Darren gave a small smirk before going back to tapping the table like he was trying to knock something out of it.

<Warren> "...Thank you, si-Sebastian." Warren wasn't sure he liked that smile, wings ruffling a little under the look. "But not an angel, I can assure you." So...he'd turned up in time for a funeral? He looked down at his wine and took another mouthful. He was going to need more wine...

<Shaw> "Of course," he answered with a slight inclination of his head, gesturing to a server to get the boy another drink.

<Cessily> "It was difficult for me to try and find the right words to say, but eventually I came to the conclusion... that I couldn't." Cessily paused, letting her gaze drift across everyone present in the room. "There simply are no words that would ever be appropriate to describe this tragedy, that could encompass the loss we suffered, and that would do credit to those we lost."

<Jessica> Jess' glass creaked in protest as her grip on it tightened and she set it down on the bar, wrapping both arms around Sharky instead.

<Jimmy> Jimmy just stared down at his drink, Melody jogged her baby nervously and Darren's tapping trailed off as everyone listened.

<Warren> Warren blinked as a serving girl brought him a new glass just as he finished his, taking it nervously and watching the silver girl. Not far away, Ankka held a quietly sobbing Noriko and stared into space and an unusually sombre Kael leant against the bar to listen, vodka in hand.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked down into his scotch. Angelina had died there that day. He'd identified her remains for the authorities, and called her uncle.

<Cessily> "I realized that the best I can do is what I always do, little as it may be - to help mend the wounds and lend hope for the future." Cessily paused, biting her lip as she collected herself. "This year marks the tenth anniversary of our school. This year is not the year we lost it, even though the building itself may be gone, buried along some of our dearest friends and colleagues."

<Carol> This was not really her scene and she'd dealt with a very irate phone call from her father for having to cancel family plans but Carol strode into the hellfire club dressed to impress. She was out of uniform so she didn't draw too much attention and she wandered through the main hall in search of the people she'd come to see.

<Cessily> "Because we carry its spirit in us, just as we carry the memories and the love for the departed is us." Cessily took a deep breath, forcing herself to look at the others through teary eyes. "As long as we endure, our home will persevere. As long as we remember, our friends will live on."

<Warren> Warren's attention wandered a little, going back to watching the room, before looking back at Melati. She'd picked him up off the street and given him somewhere to stay - was that the spirit of this school they were talking about?

<Jessica> Jess sniffed, cuddling Sharky and moving back towards Sebastian.

<Melati> Melati remained motionless as she listened to the eulogy, watching with an unmoving expression. Despite the girl's hardened demeanor, she couldn't hide the glistening moisture collecting in her eyes. She didn't even try to.

<Carol> One of the staff pointed her to where Sebastian Shaw was spending the evening and she gave him a smile, heading for the private room and opening the door as quietly as she could.

<Jay> Sitting behind Darren, Jay was hunched a little, hands wrapped around his beer as he listened and golden eyes firmly on the tabletop. He wasn't crying, but there was an air about the SWORD member that spoke of an emotion best left alone.

<Cessily> "This is all that I can tell you tonight," Cessily continued, reaching up to wipe away the tears from her shiny face. "Because nothing I could say would come close to your own memories of those who were taken from us. So instead I only ask of you to think of them, in the way you remember them, and how you want to preserve their memory."

<Jimmy> "Mountin' Viper's head on a wall'd be good for me," Jimmy muttered angrily to himself.

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip, stepping up close to Sebastian and leaning against him, putting an arm around his waist.

<Carol> Well this was awkward.... Carol paused just inside the door, closing it behind her and leaning against it. She'd just wait.

<Cessily> "Let us now spend a moment in silence as we remember those who led the way into the unknown beyond this life." As Cessily fell silent and lowered her head in reverence, Cassandra appeared in the far end of the room.

<Warren> Warren turned as someone new came in, blinking at her before his eye were caught by a heavily-bandaged cybergoth curled into the side of a guy with...tentacles? No, vines coming out of his head. He shook his head, eyes going back to the silver girl.

<Shaw> He welcomed Jess back to him and took her hand in his, holding it to his side and knowing enough to be silent at this time. His eyes moved to the open door and the new arrival.

<Melody> Melody hung her head and muttered a prayer under her breath, holding her sleeping baby close.

<Darren> Darren leant back in his chair and stared at the ceiling.

<Jessica> She rested her head against Sebastian's shoulder, cuddling Sharky to her chest with her free arm.

<Cassandra> Clad in black and veiled in shadows, the raven-haired girl silently took her place in front of the wall behind the silver teacher. There was no grand show and no flashy theatrics as she closed her eyes and held out her arms, only eerie silence as she conjured the ethereal darkness.

<Warren> Warren kept his eyes fixed on his glass, though he offered a prayer for the departed, despite not knowing them. He felt awkward, and jumped as darkness closed over them, blue eyes wide, but...well, he felt strangely honoured that they'd let him, a complete stranger in on this.

<Cassandra> One by one, shadowy silhouettes resembling the faces of the students and teachers who perished formed in the air, the ghostly images slowly drifting in hazy movements.

<Jessica> Jess closed her eyes and bowed her head, not wanting to look at the shapes in the air.

<Shaw> Even Sebastian was unable to stop from gaping at this display.

<Carol> Carol's eyes swept over the shadows, that was kind of creepy... but probably not meant in a creepy way. She hoped.

<Jimmy> Jimmy glanced up, then swore loudly as Kevin's face loomed at him, "Shit! Oh man! I'm sorry about those spitballs! But it was just so funny how you sucked the life out of them and they turned to dust …"

<Jessica> Jimmy's comments resulted in a sob from Jessica and a small noise of complaint from Sharky when she squeezed too hard.

<Cessily> "May they find the peace that was denied to them in this life in the next," Cessily closed her eulogy, slowly looking up again at the assembled students and teachers. "Thank you." She turned and silently stepped aside.

<Shaw> He gave the bald boy a sour face and tightened his hold on Jessica.

<Warren> Warren watched the display, glass paused against his lips. The deceased, maybe? There were...a lot, actually. A guy with an easy-going smile and strange-looking eyes, a sweet-faced pink girl that made the tiny Noriko turn her face into Ankka's chest and sob...

<Sue> At the bar, Sue reappeared to raise a silent glass to the Johnny spectre before fading out again.

<Melody> Even Melody, who's mutation revolved around dead, raised an eyebrow, "That's some crazy, Harry Potter shit right there," she muttered, as the image of the plant girl appeared to make a beeline for the bar.

<Darren> Darren watched the images of the dead flicker back and forth before closing his eyes and shaking his head, "That's enough now," yet more ghosts to add to the list of people who haunted him.

<Melati> Melati's face remained hard and unmoving, the usually loud-mouthed girl watching the somber display without any remark. Some muscles would tighten underneath her scaly skin every now and then, her clawed hands clenching into fists repeatedly.

<Shaw> He sighed at the long-faced young man's image, not looking forward to having that conversation with Monet when she awoke.

<Jessica> Jess risked a glance up at the figures and regretted it. There were two faces there that she'd said 'I love you' to and they'd both died in the attack. She tightened the arm around Sebastian too and tried not to let her mind wander back to the cursed feeling.

<Carol> After another long silence, Carol cleared her throat.

<Melati> Turning her head, Melati gave the blonde woman who had just shown up and who she didn't know a scrutinizing look. She may not have been dressed like one of the waitresses, but otherwise could have fit right in with them. "Thank you, but we don't need anything," she told her.

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow, "Really? And here's me with a Christmas present for all of you and everything."

<Warren> Warren turned at the voice, feathers ruffling a little more before he smoothed them down.

<Shaw> Were the door staff drunk tonight? Sebastian frowned at the newcomer.

<Melati> "Unless you know how to bring back the dead, chances are we're not in the mood for any presents this Christmas," Melati replied, her eyes narrowing.

<Carol> "I honestly wish I could... but that's not the ability I was gifted with." She moved further into the room, "My name is Carol Danvers, I'm a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force... but I also work for SHIELD." She produced her card from her purse, approaching Shaw and offering it out to him to look at.

<Shaw> Sebastian moved away from Jessica enough to accept the card, then shot a glance to Kent in the corner. At the man's nod, he offered her his hand to shake. "What an unexpected surprise, Miss Danvers."

<Carol> Carol took the hand, giving it a firm shake, "I would have called ahead but that would have ruined the whole surprise aspect..."

<Melati> Melati had pushed herself off the stone pillar and stepped over to the young woman. "Is that so, blondie?" The reptilian girl seized up the newcomer, before making an inviting gesture towards the rest of the room. "Welcome to our little Christmas party then. We're just saying goodbye to our dead friends."

<Warren> ...United States Air Force? SHIELD? Warren stuck to his wine, glancing at Melati and then back to Shaw, trying to make himself as unobtrusive as possible.

<Melati> "Too bad you couldn't make it the day they died." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and barely contained anger.

<Carol> Carol sighed, "That decision is way above my paygrade." She held up her hands, "If it was up to me, I'd have been there right away. Have to defend my own kind after all."

<Melati> Keeping her arms crossed in front of her chest, Melati wasn't ready to give up her judging expression just yet. "So you're a mutant then?"

<Jay> Mel's comment did get a very angry, pain-filled look off the redhead with the metal wing, before Darren's hand on his shoulder and a few quiet whispered words made him look down again.

<Carol> "Yeah, I am." She raised herself a little way off the floor to demonstrate her flight power.

<Jessica> Jess eyed the woman, backing a little way behind Sebastian with Sharky.

<Carol> After a few moments, she lowered herself back to the floor, "The reason I'm here... is because you all need a place to live and some transport. I've managed to get you both."

<Melati> "And let me guess, you got us a caravan, flygirl?" Melati asked, the cocky grin she gave the other woman already a big step up from the stern expression she wore before.

<Shaw> Jessica's reaction made him turn to give her a curious look, but his attention was soon regained by this Danvers.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "God, no! I refuse to spend any time in a caravan, I don't care how fancy it is." She shook her head. "No... I found a pretty big building that no one is using and borrowed some resources to start fixing it up. Should be ready in a couple of weeks... try not to focus overly much on the part where it used to be an asylum, that's not a reflection on you guys... honest."

<Jessica> Jess did manage a small giggle behind Sebastian for that, "Pretty sure it is...." she muttered into his ear.

<Warren> Warren blinked. Some school, if the US military itself was willing to help out...but then Mel had said something about vigilantes? He looked down at his wine. Maybe he should ask if he could tag along - though somehow he doubted the lizard-girl would let him have a choice...

<Shaw> He suppressed his snort. Barely.

<Carol> "I also made a few calls and requisitioned you a new jet... but this one comes with a condition."

<Warren> Jet? Something in him perked up at that and he started listening closer.

<Melati> "No food on board?" Melati asked, still fixing the woman with a cocky smirk.

<Carol> "Oh you can eat... just don't throw the food at your new pilot."

<Melati> "Let me guess, this will be you?" Melati's remark sounded more like a statement than a question. "Can we throw other things?" Her smirk turned mischievous.

<Carol> "It will be me... and no. I dread to think what you people would come up with." She wrinkled her nose.

<Shaw> "I'm sure if you've visited many zoos you have an idea." He sipped his scotch, hiding a smirk.

<Carol> "I have two younger brothers. Zoos have nothing on them." She pulled out another piece of paper from her purse with an address on it, "This is where you'll be moving to."

<Warren> "Um..." Warren really didn't want to call attention to himself, but...well...this seemed like the best time for it. Or the worst. "...Would you...I mean would you be...accepting new...placements?" He cleared his throat. "Because I don't really have anywhere else to go, and - well - you seem...safe and in need of extra hands...?" He tried not to fidget with his wineglass.

<Carol> "Fury wants you guys to keep doing your thing, so you all carry on doing what you normally do... I just have to supervise to try to make sure you don't piss off any more terrorists.... at least not without warning SHIELD first..."

<Melati> Melati snatched the note from the SHIELD agent, skimming it briefly before passing it on to Shaw. "Don't worry, mate, we take care of our own," she told Warren, turning towards the winged boy. "If one thing our headmaster was... is know for, it's taking care of any mutant kid in need."

<Melati> "Remember that school spirit Miss Kincaid mentioned?" She gave Warren a comforting smile. "That means we're not going to let you down."

<Warren> Warren smiled back, and for the first time since the day a couple of months back when he'd woken up and had no idea who he was, he felt a little bit hopeful. "Thank you. It'll be nice to have a home."

<Shaw> Sebastian wasn't sure why he received the note, but he read it nonetheless, committing the address to memory before he gave it to Miss Kincaid.

<Carol> "So, keep my card. My office and personal numbers are on there as well as my SHIELD e-mail address. If you need anything in the mean time, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. The building should be ready just after the start of the new year. If you're worried about how to get there, transport can be provided too." She gave them a smile.

<Cessily> "We're very grateful for your help, Miss Danvers," Cessily said, keeping the note in her hand. "I'm sorry for the rough welcome, but I hope you understand that we've just been all through a lot. Besides, this evening is dedicated to the memory of our lost friends."

<Cessily> The silver teacher offered the blonde officer a kind smile. "Of course we'd look forward to discuss everything in detail tomorrow."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "It's fine, I understand... and the timing kind of sucks but this was the only way I knew for sure I could get a group of you all at once." She gave the silver girl another smile, "Might have to take a rain check on tomorrow though... my family are already pretty pissed that I didn't come home this evening so I might have to put in an appearance... but I can do the day after that."

<Jessica> Jess gave monkey-Sharky to Sebastian so she could go back to the bar for another drink.

<Cessily> "Even better," Cessily replied. "I was hoping to be able to spend a day with my family, as well."

<Shaw> His eyebrows shot to his hairline at the clinging creature, which made a suspicious cooing noise and snuggled into him.

<Carol> "Alright then, call me on Monday and I'll come down to discuss whatever you need." Carol gave them another smile, "I'll get out of your way now and let you carry on with this... sorry to disturb you all."

<Cessily> "No worries, and thanks again, Miss Danvers," Cessily said, returning the Colonel's smile. "We'll talk on Monday."

<Carol> Carol gave them another smile and a half-assed salute before turning for the door and waving over her shoulder, "Merry Christmas from SHIELD."

<Cessily> As soon as the blonde woman was out of sight, Cessily crossed her arms and leaned sideways towards Sebastian. "So, what do we think of this?" she asked. "Maybe this is the small spark of hope that..." Her voice trailed off when she turned her head, noticing the silver creature clinging to her fellow teacher.

<Shaw> "Indeed, it's interesting Fury has taken it upon himself to..." Oh yes, he knew that look.

<Jessica> Jess returned from the bar with an interesting looking cocktail and a glass of scotch for Sebastian, she held his drink out to him - Sharky reached for it.

<Cessily> "Watch out - it's got you!" Cessily shouted, instantly sprouting shiny blades from her arms. "I'm going to end you, foul monster!"

<Jessica> Sharky shrieked and bounded off Sebastian, running for Jessica instead and clinging to her leg.

<Shaw> He just took his scotch from Jessica and ran his free hand over his face.

<Jessica> "Don't hurt him!" Jess picked Sharky up and cuddled him as he slid fluidly into his otter-shaped form.

<Warren> Warren nearly fell off his stool at the shout, wings flaring a little and his skin seeming to darken a little in shock, blue eyes wide. "What-?"

<Shaw> "It's... a pet, of sorts," he explained, as no one else seemed inclined to.

<Cessily> "It's an abomination!" Cessily shrieked, chasing Jessica and the silver creature around the other students. "It's been carved from my stolen flesh, and it's here to kill us all! Die!"

<Jessica> "It's not going to hurt anyone!" Jess lifted into the air to avoid the teacher while Sharky's form rippled through various shapes as he tried to find one that might help him against a creature like him but so much bigger and scarier. "Sharky. Corgi." He instantly obeyed. "How can you be scared of this? How?" She held him up.

<Cessily> Cessily raised her arm to strike, stopping the long blade only inches before the impaled the small, silver creature. Her face was distorted from fear and rage as she fought against her urge to slay the creature. She had seen it kill Angel, ripping her friend to bloody shreds in front of her eyes.

<Jessica> Sharky wiggled his little stubby legs and sniffed the blade before looking back at Jess. "He's harmless... I promise..." She drew him back to her and cuddled him again.

<Warren> Warren had very carefully backed off, wings tucked against his back tightly and a metallic sheen over the white feathers as he watched the silver girl with the suddenly blades warily. Stolen...flesh? Maybe he should have found this stuff out before signing up...

<Cessily> Whatever uncanny powers the corgi-like creature seemed to possess, it began to work. Cessily's expression gradually softened, until she slowly lowered the blade. "Just... get it out of here," she said, the tension still palpable. "Please."

<Shaw> Sebastian stepped forward and took the creature from Jessica with a reassuring nod. It cuddled up to him alarmingly.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, as Sharky shifted back into the squirrel monkey form for better clinging. "I guess he can stay in your office...."

<Shaw> "Of course." He gave Miss Kincaid a sympathetic smile and left with the creature whimpering into his neck.

<Warren> As people seemed to calm, Warren's skin returned to a more natural shade and the feathers once again looked white and fluffy. He rubbed his head, looking at the wine and putting the glass down as a slight headache kicked up. "Why do I get the idea my life just got interesting..."

<Jessica> Jess chewed on her lip, hugging herself and looking down at the floor, "I'm sorry..."

<Cessily> "No, I'm sorry," Cessily said, still visibly shaken. "I lost myself." She ran a hand through her hair and looked through the room, their little commotion having received quite some attention. "I think... I need a drink now."

<Jessica> Frequently, lately, she envied all of them and their ability to get drunk. With a sigh, she returned to her seat, kicking off her shoes and curling up to wait for Sebastian to get back.

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Re: 9/14 Game: Merry Christmas from SHIELD

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