8/31 Game: Made of Fail

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8/31 Game: Made of Fail

Post by Slarti » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:22 pm

Timelined Tuesday, Dec. 13

<Cassie> "So, is people getting abducted by crazy cults and evil folks something like a regular thing around here?" Cassandra asked her fellow students as they strolled into the Danger Room. "I mean, there has to be a reason this made it on the class list."

<Kevin> "It happens often enough, yeah," Kevin said.

<Bobby> "And mad scientists - don't forget the mad scientists." As the SHIELD liaison and strategy teacher, he kind of had to be here. Didn't mean he was happy about it.

<Sue> "You tell me, you're one of the recent abductees...." Sue pointed out, giving Cassie a friendly nudge.

<Paige> "It haaaaaappens!" Paige told them as she bounced in. "Am I late, am I late?!"

<Bobby> "Paigerz! The party don't start til the Paigey walks in." He grinned at her.

<Cassie> "I had hoped this was an unique occurrence," Cassandra replied, putting on a disappointed face. "Does that mean I'm not special anymore? Not everyone manages to get themselves killed in their first semester, yes?" She paused, a frown appearing on her forehead. "Hey, does that mean there may be other people who'd want to eat me?"

<Sue> Sue blinked at Cassie, "Uh... you might want to, er, rephrase that question..."

<Bobby> Bobby snorted at Cassie and made a beeline to Paige to ruffle her hair.

<Cassie> "Why, I'm delicious," Cassie said with a cheeky smile and looking quite happy with herself.

<Sue> "I'm sure you are." Sue patted her fondly.

<Paige> Paige giggled at Bobby and flailed a little at the hair ruffling. "My hair!!!"

<Danger> "I'm sure some of your classmates will be more than eager to put that claim to the test, but I would greatly prefer if any sampling could wait until this session concludes," Danger commented, the female robot emerging from the control room to join the mutants assembled on the ground floor.

<Bobby> Bobby slung his arm around Paige's shoulder and watched the robot. "Yeach," he said quietly to her. "Is it just me, or is she still kinda creeptastic?"

<Paige> "Always," Paige whispered back, grinning up at Bobby.

<Sue> Sue absolutely refused to blush at Danger's comment. Absolutely.

<Cassie> "Are you talking about me or Miss Metal-Cheeks?" Cassandra asked, giving Bobby and Paige a wary sideways glance.

<Sue> "Why do they have to pick one?" Sue asked in reply, shooting Cassie a grin.

<Bobby> Bobby gave Cassie a wide-eyed look and tilted his head at her in an imitation of Danger's sometimes odd mechanical movements.

<Cassie> "Thank you!" Cassie exclaimed, returning Sue's grin. "I had hoped someone would notice my creepiness." She leaned over and gave the blonde girl a quick peck on the cheek.

<Paige> Paige giggled at Cassie and shook her head a bit.

<Sue> And then she did blush and disappear from view for a moment.

<Danger> "I'm at an absolute loss why anyone would ever want to abduct and violently kill you," Danger deadpanned in Cassandra's direction, before focusing her attention back on the rest of the group. "Anyway, let's proceed with the task at hand, shall we? Welcome, current and former students." Her artificial eyes lingered on Bobby and Paige for a moment.

<Paige> Paige backed up just a little, putting herself just slightly behind Bobby. Creeepy robot too.

<Sue> Sue reappeared with her head cocked on one side, "Diiiiid the creepy robot lady just make a joke?"

<Bobby> Bobby gave Danger a slightly sickly smile.

<Kevin> Kevin shivered the robot was very creepy. "So, what are we going to do? Are we going to fight against captors or try to break out of a cage?"

<Kael> There was the sound of someone falling over outside the DR door, followed by some muttering that while not English was very plain in inflection. A couple of moments later, the door opened to admit a...fuzzy around the edges Russian that had apparently given up trying to get the top of his uniform on. "...Am I late? I'm late, aren't I?" He was slurring a little, rubbing an eye and trying to stand up straight.

<Sue> "It's okay, no one ever shows up on time... I think all the clocks keep getting blown up with the kitchen."

<Melody> "Wow, a drunk Russian, I've never seen that before," Melody remarked dryly, completely hidden behind the bulk of the wolfman.

<Danger> "As some of you may have experienced first-hand, the number of attempted or successful kidnappings to occur at this place has reached a statistically alarming rate," Danger elaborated. "Obviously, the wold is an exceptionally dangerous place for young mutants, and it has become evident that your current training has left you ill-prepared to deal with all threats you may face."

<Sue> "Ill prepared is the understatement of the century."

<Bobby> "Mmm white Russian," Bobby observed. "You know, we need some real ones in here."

<Melody> There was a slight scuffling noise and a small, grey face topped with dark hair peered over Kael's shoulders to glare malevolently at them, tiny black claws digging into his shoulder.

<Paige> "I'm down for some white Russians," Paige grinned.

<Bobby> "Wonder if we can make them with cake vodka?"

<Sue> "Uh, Kael... you have a.... thing on you...."

<Kael> Kael let out a series of noises that were suspiciously close to whimpers as he was climbed up by some form of demon, slightly snouted head turning to stare crosseyed at the thing on his shoulder. "...I am not drunk." He said carefully, this time not slurring quite so much and moving carefully out of Melody's way. "Am I seeing things? And my wodka. Not yours."

<Danger> "I was trying to avoid using the term 'useless'," Danger pointed out, looking at Sue briefly. "Anyway, Professor Xavier and his associate, Mr. Shaw, have proposed various measures to improve your safety. One part of that is upgrading the security suite of the estate. The necessary construction work has already begun. However, this will not replace the skills each one of you needs to successfully avoid situations such as the one your friends have recently found themselves in."

<Melody> "Now, now sweetie, momma said scratching people up isn't nice," she tried to unhook the baby from Kael's shoulder and Harmony growled in response like an enraged kitten.

<Sue> Sue shielded up and turned invisible. "Done! Can I go now?"

<Bobby> Bobby looked at the demon spawn. There was a reason Ripley wasn't in daycare.

<Paige> Paige glanced at the baby too and just barely managed to not stare. She loved kids.. but that one? She tried not to shudder.

<Kael> Kael's ears automatically flattened against his skull at the sound. Oh boy. "...I'm sure if she vants to stay there she can, da?" He managed weakly, and this time didn't stagger so much as he picked his way to the group and tried not to think about the mad little zombie on his shoulder.

<Melody> "Wwwwrrrrrrrrrrgh," Harmony grizzled, digging her little claws in tighter, and Mel winced, "Sorry, I tried trimming them but they grow back in a matter of hours, and she destroys mittens."

<Danger> "Obviously, it won't be that easy," Danger commented. "While an efficient tool, relying solely on your mutant powers will not reliably protect you. I'm sure Miss St. Commons here can attest to that, as can those recently captured and experimented on against their will."

<Bobby> "Yeah," he said, finally deciding to be useful. "There are a thousand ways to get your powers taken away, and then you're fucked."

<Sue> "Well obviously, if you're as daft as my brother..." Sue waved an invisible hand dismissively then realised she was invisible.

<Kevin> I wonder what would happen if I just dusted the kidnappers? He rolled the shoulder that had been shot. On the other hand, not even my powers can help me avoid problems. Thank god for healing mutants. "We need to find a way to keep our powers. It seems like it's really easy to mitigate them."

<Kael> "I just vant to learn to be more useful than the puppy that-" He hiccuped and rubbed his nose, "-hides under things, da?" So he turns up to lesson drunk. Well, to his credit he did think he'd be sober by now...

<Kael> Not his fault he'd forgotten how powerful home-brewed vodka was.

<Cassie> "Hey, don't blame my powers!" Cassandra spoke up, tearing her attention away from the creepy undead child. "The only reason I got caught and eaten is because I've been somewhat of an idiot."

<Broo> Broo walked up to the door of the Danger Room, ready to knock at it, but paused with hand midair when the thing slid open. "Oh right... they do that around here." he pondered out loud, then saw the others inside. "Hello, is this the lecture on anti-kidnapping?" he asked, unsure whether to step in or not.

<Sue> Sue slowly slid back into the visual spectrum, "See!" She declared, pointing at Cassie, "Even she admits it's retardedness' fault!"

<Sue> At the appearance of Broo, Sue shrieked and vanished again.

<Bobby> "Bug kid!" Bobby greeted with a wave. "Hey!"

<Broo> "Hello Professor Drake!" Broo waved.

<Danger> "Yes, you're just in time," Danger greeted the newest student at the school and gestured at Broo to join the others. "Anyway, as the teaching stuff declined my proposal of equipping you all with tracking implants, we're left with no other choice but to better prepare you not to get kidnapped in the first place.."

<Bobby> Bobby cleared his throat, remembering the tracking implants meeting. That had been a fun one.

<Sue> Sue may have accidentally 'nudged' Danger with a field after that little revelation.

<Paige> Paige shuddered at the memory. She may have gone off a little... maybe.

<Broo> Broo walked in with a quick shuffle to join the group and not miss out on any new learning experience. "Miss fellow student Sue Storm, I'm sorry that I startled you." he told the vacant spot where he guessed she was.

<Kael> "...You vere going to microchip us? You know I'm not a real dog, right?" Kael swayed a little before he found a handy wall on, all but forgetting about the baby on his shoulder.

<Kevin> "I actually think it's a good idea." It would be a way to track their own people in case they started acting funny.

<Melody> "WWWWWRRRRRGGH!" Harmony made her displeasure known at her steed moving without permission, while her mother debated the wisdom of having come to this thing ... microchipping them?

<Bobby> Getting back to Kevin's question, Bobby shrugged. "We need the science people to work on a like... counter-counter-power inhibitor. But I haven't seen any, so far. Not even at SHIELD..."

<Sue> "Uh... you're fine?" Sue reappeared and reached to pat Broo on his head. He was short.

<Kevin> "Ah. Well, we're behind a lot, then."

<Broo> Broo grinned up at the pat, then looked over to Bobby, "Oh, I can try and make something up." he suggested. "And maybe a tracking device small enough that you won't feel it when embedded under the skin."

<Bobby> Bobby gave Broo an impressed blink-blink.

<Melody> Mel tried surreptitiously rubbing the back of her neck to check for suspicious lumps.

<Kael> Kael nearly fell over from the baby...shriek? in his ear, once again flattening them. Drunk was definitely better than hungover for this, apparently.

<Danger> "I assure you, the procedure would have been entirely voluntary," Danger added. "In fact, to those still interested in a maximum of security, I can only recommend seeing me later for the... advanced courses." The machine turned to the side and loaded up the prepared program. "For today, however, we will begin by mixing things up from the usual."

<Broo> "Mind you... at the moment I can only think of radioactive elements for tracking... however I doubt that would do much harm. We are all already mutated, what else could a little radiation do?" Broo pondered out loud.
<Sue> "Uh... yeah... right... I think I'll pass...."

<Kevin> "Or we could have a radio signal that can be picked up by satellites..."

<Melody> Mel was filled with an overwhelming urge to grab her baby in the presence of all these mad people (and robots) an renewed her efforts to try and peel Harm off Kael's back.

<Paige> "I am not putting a tracker in anyone." Paige said firmly.

<Bobby> "Wouldn't work on me anyway." Bobby made a poofing noise and sent up a spray of snow.

<Danger> "Instead of trying to break into some place, you're going to try and escape one." The scenery changed to one not unlike that found in the destroyed Hydra base, with a number of hallways connecting several secured holding cells.

<Paige> "Snow!" Paige twirled a bit in the snow as it fell.

<Kael> "...Vell, if I can do it like this than sober should be a cakevalk, da?" He tried to help Mel detach the small monster, before yelping a little. She didn't want to let go, apparently.

<Cassie> "Are we going to be tied up?" Cassandra asked, managing to actually sound hopeful about that prospect as she stepped up to one of the cells to peek through the bars. "Kinky."

<Melody> "... I think she likes you," Mel huffed and Harm clung to Kael, snarling ferociously and snapping at her mother's hand with her razor sharp teeth.

<Bobby> Bobby gave Danger a curious look. Had this been in the memo? He should have read the memo...

<Kevin> "Oh man." He hated this place - it looked and smelled too real. It could also feel real too. Taking a breath, he looked around. "Being tied up too? Let's start small, shall we?"

<Broo> Broo paused, watching the place change around him. "This is eerily similar." he commented, then looked over to the snow. "Professor Drake, that is why I suggested radioactive elements for tracking, just need to be injected with it bi-monthly and your whole body, molecules and all, would be easily picked up... just don't try to get through airport security, I read they frown on bringing anything radioactive on flights."

<Danger> "We could gag you," Danger commented in response to Cassandra's question, sounding similarly hopeful that someone would agree with her. "Anyway, you will find yourself locked up in one of these cells at the beginning of the scenario. As you may be able to guess, your goal will be to escape this predicament and leave the complex."

<Sue> "Aren't some mutants immune to radiation?" Sue frowned, "Wouldn't that balls it up a bit?"

<Kael> Luckily fighting with the demon had distracted the half-changed werewolf from the shift, or he would have ended up on his ass. However, something did catch his attention... "Someone mention kinky?"

<Bobby> Bobby thought about this. "I don't want to be sterile!"

<Paige> "You have to make more beautiful babies!" Paige poked Bobby with a giggle.

<Danger> "Before you get too hopeful, however, I should inform you that the prison has been designed with countermeasures to your mutant powers, so be wary of using them," Danger continued. "Additionally, armed guards will patrol the hallways, and there are further hidden security features that will need to be avoided."

<Melody> Mel wrenched her child off the poor werewolf, and the child began to howl like a banshee and slap her shoulder to show her displeasure. "... Remind me again why I was worried someone might kidnap you, Princess?"

<Bobby> Giggling with Paige stopped when he heard the rest of Danger's description of their little exercise. He exchanged a glance with Paige.

<Sue> "We're supposed to get out of locked rooms with no powers? How?" Sue frowned, she wouldn't be dumb enough to get captured in the first place. This was a wholly inaccurate scenario.

<Broo> "Fellow student Kevin Ford might be right on using satellites. I will have to look in to making nano transmitters for tracking. Micro transmitters can be removed. Nano transmitters should be fine. A couple thousand injected in a person... latched on to cells.... that would work..." Broo mumbled while he scribbled down ideas.

<Paige> Sighing, Paige put on her Professor Serious face. "Alright then... we will have to work as a team to escape."

<Kael> "She drew blood! I'm bleeding - I don't think you need to vorry about that-" He finally caught up with what everyone else was saying. "...So...right. No powers?" He looked at himself. "So no fur?"

<Bobby> "Who knows how to pick locks? Or hack computers?" Bobby raised a hand and looked around.

<Paige> "Where's Hope when you need her? Oh oh pick locks! I can! Rachie taught me!" Paige bounced a little.

<Broo> Broo suddenly looked up, "Do not worry, fellow student Sue Storm, I used to pick my room's lock every time I became bored."

<Sue> "We probably won't have tools for lockpicking with us if we're really kidnapped. They'd probably have thought of that."

<Kael> Kael raised a hand hesitantly. "I can...but it's been a vhile since I have...?" And he wasn't going to admit focusing was an issue, nope.

<Paige> "Nooo but we have bobby pins!" Paige brandished a couple from her hair.

<Melody> "I've got some hairpins in?" Mel suggested, trying to soothe the howling baby.

<Danger> "Keep in mind that the simulation is based on our expectations on how a resourceful potential kidnapper would try to deal with challenging captives such as mutants," Danger pointed out. "Therefore, don't expect the an easy pass. You're here to learn, and sometimes, failure is the best teacher."

<Broo> "Unless failure means imminent death." Broo helpfully suggested.

<Bobby> "Unless the room is completely empty you might be able to use something in it against your captors. Even then, you might have metal or plastic on your clothes." He shrugged. "It's worth a shot."

<Danger> "That proposal was also denied," Danger commented, giving the command to lock the door behind the group of students and start up the program. "Try to have fun anyway."

<Sue> "If I was kidnapping people, I'd steal all their stuff and put them in a room that has everything nailed down..."

<Kevin> Kevin sighed. The place was metal anyway, so he couldn't use his powers. "Well. Someone has to take point lead. We need to find weapons and a schematic of this place."

<Paige> "Can we go through the ventilation?"

<Cassie> "So, anyone know any good prison songs?" Cassandra asked, always helpful, and looked at the others with a cheerful smile on her lips. "Oh, maybe we can get out on probation."

<Broo> "Oh dear, weapons?" Broo asked, seeming a bit concerned about the idea.

<Bobby> "Nobody drop the soap." He couldn't help it.

<Sue> "No way, you'd never get out on good behaviour." Sue shook her head at Cassie.

<Kevin> "Ventilation? Didn't the last place have air that could neutralize us? Air vents are a no-go."

<Sue> "If they have that shit it'll have already got us so why would it matter?"

<Broo> Broo walked over to the door, cocking his head to the side, and just tried to turn the handle.

<Kevin> "Calm down. This isn't real, remember? We can try the vents."

<Bobby> "Okay, well, first we should just sweep the room for anything of use," he suggested. "Vents are worth a look, too. Anything that could be an exit."

<Cassie> "Don't be so sure," Cassie told Sue, showing off a sly smirk. "I can be very persuasive. We'll just have to wait until one of the guards comes by, then I'll..." Her voice trailed off when one said guards came into view, turning out to be a robot rolling by on small tracks. "Never mind."

<Melody> "I wonder if it'll like ... flash a big red light if we hit a dealy trap? Like a gameshow," Mel wondered out loud, jogging the baby as she started to wear herself out with her sobbing.

<Melody> "... Okay, that was kinda awesome, it was like a Michael Bay dalek."

<Broo> "What's a michael bay dalek?" Broo asked.

<Sue> "I can probably fit in there if someone boosted me up..." Sue eyed the vent cover.

<Cassie> "Something that will hopefully never see the light of day," Cassie chimed in with an answer. She reached behind her head and let down her hair. "I have this hairband here. Maybe we can turn it into a tool, or a weapon."

<Kevin> "Ok, it's probably got sensors and a camera and weapons," Kevin guessed as the robot stopped and turned to face them.

<Bobby> Bobby checked his pockets and came up with a piece of gum, forty-six cents, his keys, and his grandfather's pocket knife. "Score."

<Melody> ".... Do we wanna know why the professor is carrying a knife around with him?" Mel asked, now walking Harmony to get her to settle.

<Bobby> "Because I'm a hick," he grinned at her, then watched the robot, waiting for it to roll away so he could try the door.

<Sue> "Well we can use that or the loose change to open the vent cover..."

<Melody> "You're not a real hick unless you play the banjo and have a pet raccoon."

<Paige> Paige giggled at Bobby. "My brothers..." her sentence fell flat. "So I have bobby pins for lock picking. Nothing else useful."

<Bobby> "Yep, maybe we could distract 'exterminate' over there and give it a shot." He tossed the folded knife to Sue. "I have a corgi. That count?"

<Cassie> "I'm sure Broo would fit in there easily," Cassandra pointed out, standing up on her tiptoes to look up at the ventilation shaft. "We only need to get off the cover and help him up." She held up her index finger. "Don't worry, I've learnt how to make a human ladder at the circus."

<Sue> Sue caught the knife and walked over to stand below the vent cover, "Someone want to give me a boost?"

<Bobby> Bobby gave the baby an eye. "Maybe we could send her?"

<Cassie> "I can take you on my shoulders," Cassie offered, going down on one knee behind Sue. "And no worries, I've done that before."

<Sue> "Okay..." Sue gave a small shrug and moved to step up on Cassie.

<Paige> "Bobby... we're not sending a child! There could be traps."

<Bobby> "She's got natural defenses!"

<Paige> "She's a baby!"

<Melody> "... Okay, to be fair she could probably chew through any metal bars that might be up there," Melody admitted.

<Kevin> Kevin rolled his eyes. "The baby? Really?" He checked his pockets. He had nothing. Time to start carrying some weapons. He went over to the vent to see how progress was going there. "Do you think they have cameras and are watching us?"

<Sue> "Babies bounce." Was Sue's input to that.

<Cassie> Wrapping her arms around Sue's legs, Cassandra slowly pushed herself back up, dangerously swaying for a moment before managing to reach an upright position. "Now I remember why I'm usually the one on top..." She took a deep breath and clenched her jaw.

<Bobby> "...are you sure?" Bobby gestured. "See! Even Mel thinks so!"

<Sue> "Of course there are cameras watching us. We're in the danger room." Sue rolled her eyes, getting to work on the screws holding the vent closed.

<Melody> "I think he meant more in the scenario?" Mel suggested, "and I think so, they're gonna be watching us to make sure we don't do any funny shiiiiiiii-uff."

<Paige> Paige just gave Bobby a look of disbelief. "I... we.... fiiiine, if her mother says so."

<Danger> Speaking of cameras, the one fixed to the ceiling of the hallway outside the cell slowly swiveled towards the captive students, lingering when it spotted some of the messing with the lock and others trying to pry off the vent cover. It started to make a beeping sound, a red light flashing on its underside.

<Sue> "Don't look now but the cylons are coming."

<Bobby> Bobby hooked his hand into a claw to demonstrate the baby's... er, cute talons of death. "She's better armed than most of us," he said. "Notwithstanding the wolfman over... well, shit, he passed out." Bobby nodded at the big Russian dozing against a wall.

<Sue> "Waaaaasteeeeeed..." Sue shook her head.

<Melody> "Wwwwwrrgggh," Harmony growled at Bobby and lazily tried to claw him.

<Paige> Paige was glad Bobby was indestructible. "So... what is our plan?"

<Cassie> "Try to look inconspicuous!" Cassandra hissed under her breath, swiftly turning around to smile at the patrolling robot, the movement almost throwing Sue off her shoulders and toppling both of the girls over.

<Melody> "Maybe we'll get a people guard and we can overpower him?" Mel suggested hopefully.

<Bobby> "Aheh-heh-heh..." He gave the baby a little wave, and nervously looked up at the camera. "I think we might want to disable that."

<Sue> Sue yelped as she fell off Cassie and rolled over onto her back to glare at the ceiling. "Yes, thank you so much for the warning, Cassie."

<Melody> "Okay, umm," Mel thought, then looked around the other girls in the room and settled on Paige, "Professor, take off your bra."

<Paige> "I'm sorry... what?!" Paige moved her arms to cover her chest.

<Melody> "We can use it as a weapon! ... No I'm serious, hear me out! If a guard comes to check on us we an use it to choke him!"

<Cassie> In the middle of trying to help Sue back up, Cassie promptly dropped the other girl again when she heard Melody's request.

<Paige> "I need my bra!" Paige protested.

<Sue> Sue flailed at Cassie, "Fuck sake, woman! Someone else do this, Cassie's useless!"

<Melody> "You're the biggest! it'll be more sturdy, plus you like ... got wages so you can afford the really good, well made fancy ones."

<Cassie> "I think that would be worth a shot," Cassie said, trying to hide the mischievous smile playing across her lips. "If that doesn't work, we can always use it as a slingshot to take out the robot."

<Melody> "No good, we don't have anything to load in it," Melody sucked her lip as she thought.

<Bobby> Bobby stared up at the camera and moved over to it... it was tracking him. The beeping was intensifying as well. He gave the others a glance, realizing they were making no progress, and sighed. Narrowing his eyes at the camera, the lens frosted, then iced over, then cracked.

<Bobby> At this attack, the dalek in the hall swung around and a weapon was leveled at him. "Fuck."

<Bobby> It fired.

<Paige> "Bobby!!!"

<Kevin> "We could go down the hall and take out the robots."

<Sue> "Oh for fuck's sake!" Sue exclaimed at Bobby's fail. "No powers! Jesus! Not even the staff can follow their own bloody rules, no wonder this place has gone to hell and people are getting kidnapped left, right and center."

<Cassie> "Oh great, now it killed Mr. Drake," Cassandra remarked, sounding not very concerned as she looked down at Bobby.

<Melody> "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Mel screamed. The baby screamed. The baby then proceeded to leap out of her mother's arms and attempt to savage the thing that had made the bright light and the bang.

<Paige> Paige knelt down to Bobby, checking his vitals. At least they had a medic on the team.

<Kevin> Kevin used the distraction to peek around the hall. It seemed empty. "I say we go down here as the vent isn't working."

<Melody> Unfortunately the door was in the way so all that happened was Harmony scrabbling at the door making furious shrieks.

<Melody> However, each one of her swipes was sending slivers of metal flying in each direction, there were serious chunks being torn out of it.

<Sue> "Oh that's just bloody brilliant..." Sue rolled her eyes, "See what you've reduced us to? Relying on a toddler." She looked at Cassie.

<Melody> "What you sayin' about my baby?" Mel narrowed her eyes as more chunks of metal went flying.

<Cassie> "Why are you looking at me now?" Cassandra frowned and held out one hand in the direction of Bobby, lying motionless on the floor. "I didn't get myself electrocuted."

<Cassie> She looked down the him. "Speaking of, shouldn't we be giving him first aid or something?"

<Sue> "Professor perky has it covered. You're supposed to be standing still enough for me to use you as a ladder."

<Kevin> "I think I'm gonna stay in the ops room forever and ever," Kevin said. "We need a leader and a plan of attack."

<Cassie> "Don't blame me! I'm a great ladder! I told you to look inconspicuous, but you had to fall off," Cassie shot back, holding out her hands. "That's one of the simplest acrobatic figures!"

<Sue> "You span around without giving me a chance to adjust my balance!"

<Melody> "WwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWWWWWRGH!" Harmony had succeeded in making a hole in the door and shot through like a cannonball, and from outside the door came the sound of metal and robotics in distress. Melody just stared after her little Princess, ".... Daaaaaaaaaaaayum."

<Bobby> Bobby groaned and slapped a hand to his head. "I really... need to stop doing that." Remembering the last time Danger zapped him, he quickly sat up and shifted to ice, then back, for fear of getting electrocuted again. Then he realized the rabid baby had destroyed the door. "Um..."

<Melody> "She's ... uhh, at that age," something heavy collided with the door and slid down, "... temper tantrums."

<Sue> "Welcome back, Professor dumbass."

<Paige> "Miss Storm. Kindly keep your rude comments to yourself," Paige snapped at her, getting to her feet.

<Cassie> "It's called flexibility!" Cassie put her hands on her hips and gave Sue a look. "Maybe you should train with me, then I could show you what that is." She lowered her gaze to watch Bobby come to his senses again. "Oh good, I was just about to give him mouth to mouth."

<Kevin> Kevin looked at the door and slipped past the infant only to be knocked unconscious by another robot's blast.

<Sue> "I promise I will if everyone stops being stupid..." Sue replied, tugging on Cassie's hair a little with a frown.

<Bobby> Bobby got up as well, shrugging at the comments. "Yeah, well, didn't see anybody else stopping the camera."

<Paige> "I don't recall asking under which condition you felt compelled to comply." Paige shook her head a little and reexamined what they had to work with.

<Melody> "MMMMMMRRRRRRGH!" There was a repeated smashing noise then silence, and Melody peered around the door to check on her little darling, who was sat proudly amidst the metallic carnage, covered in oil and gnawing on a large gear, "Another outfit ruined," Mel sighed before slipping out to retrieve the monster.

<Melody> "Umm ... totally professional, experienced super-heroes and government agents? Door's open," she tried to clear some of the oil off Harmony's face with a tissue as the baby grizzled happily to herself, her lust for violence temporarily sated.

<Sue> "I don't recall getting yourself electrocuted being the best way to escape ever either but you don't see me complaining..." Sue muttered uncharitably.

<Paige> "Miss Storm, I'd appreciate you losing the attitude and contributing. If you have nothing productive to add, please keep it to yourself so that you can avoid an extended class time with me practicing how to be a team player. Now then, let's escape."

<Bobby> "Yeah, I was noticing that." And since Kevin had managed to get himself shot too, Bobby slipped out the door to check on him. He could see another of the robots.

<Melody> "Do I get extra credit for my baby saving our as-butts?" Mel asked hopefully.

<Paige> After following Bobby, Paige knelt down by Kevin to check his vitals. "He should be ok. We just need to get him out safely."

<Danger> Danger began to see the weak spot in her scenario. The countermeasures she had prepared took into account all of the students unique powers and specific weaknesses - with the exception of Melody's child, that she never expected to be there in the first place.

<Cassie> "This seems to be actually working," Cassandra said as she stepped out of the cell. "We just have to follow the rampaging zombie toddler. Looks like Danger failed to take into account our ability to think outside the box."

<Paige> "Think inside the box! It's bigger on the inside!"

<Danger> "No, I failed to take into account your ability to not think at all," Danger replied, her mechanical voice even more deadpan than usual.

<Melody> That made Melody snort, "owch."

<Bobby> Bobby gave Paige a proud smile, then flipped off Danger's disembodied voice.

<Sue> "I'm totally with Danger on this one." Sue folded her arms and leaned against a wall, having followed them into the hall.

<Bobby> "Hey, I wasn't even supposed to be here today!"

<Sue> She couldn't get in trouble for agreeing with a staff member, right?

<Paige> "You do realize you are a part of this, right Miss Storm? As you haven't offered many suggestions either."

<Sue> "I offered the suggestion to try the vents which Cassie so kindly failed to help me with."

<Melody> "Isn't that the point though, you're never supposed to be kidnapped right? It's like that guy in harry potter who turned out to be the 10th Doctor, 'CONSTANT VIGILANCE'."

<Melody> Harmony spotted the other dalak and started the growl.

<Cassie> "At least I was being useful as a human ladder," Cassandra pointed out, looking back over her shoulder as she hurried down the hallway. That way, she didn't even see the net being shot from a launcher popping out of the ceiling. "Eeep! The giant spiders got me!"

<Sue> "Yeah exactly, we shouldn't even be in here. We're supposed to have stopped them from taking us." Sue rolled her eyes at Cassie, "I swear, I don't know how you get through life..."

<Bobby> "Oh, good, we're still going - I figured the announcement of fail was the clue we were done." Bobby started eying the walls warily.

<Melody> “We seem to have encountered a flaw in the plan," Mel remarked, "Harm can't reach the rocket launcher," she pointed at the toddler who was standing under it growling and making grabby hands towards it.

<Melody> "Wrrrgh! Wrrrgh! Krrrgh!" The child grizzled, "Krrrrrrlh! Krrrrheeeel! KEEEEEEEEEEL!"

<Sue> "Fastball special?" Sue offered.

<Melody> "We are not punting my baby!"

<Cassie> "Actually, I don't," Cassandra admitted, pausing her struggles long enough to show Sue a wry smile from inside the net that had her wrapped up into a neat bundle, wriggling on the floor. "Hey, I already had to cheat myself back from the dead once."

<Sue> "Because of your fail. I know." Sue nodded. "It's okay. We forgive you because you're pretty."

<Bobby> Bobby decided to go with the flow, and so he charged the dalek while the baby had it distracted. Using the long-forgotten little bruiser league football tackle, he knocked it over.

<Cassie> "Don't forget witty, funny, and most importantly - delicious." Cassandra grinned, managing to push herself into an upright position. For a moment, anyway, before she fell over in the other direction and landed on her face.

<Sue> "See! Why couldn't you have tried something like that on the camera? Thrown a shoe at it or something?!" Sue demanded of Bobby.

<Cassie> "Not to mention graceful," she mumbled.

<Melody> "See, that's a much better idea," Mel nodded, having to raise her voice to be heard over the homicidal toddler's cries of 'KEEL!'

<Paige> "Why didn't you?" Paige demanded of Sue.

<Sue> "Well I was busy being dropped by Cassie for the camera fiasco... and look at me," she gestured at her small frame, "I'm hardly built for rugby."

<Melody> "... You know, they say it's never a good idea to meet your idols, they tend to loose their magic ... I didn't realise that it would be this bad though," Mel remarked, sounding genuinely disappointed. She'd always figured that the superheroes wouldn't be ... well ... fail.

<Bobby> Bobby and the toddler were making a pretty good team on the Michael Bay dalek though. "That's it! Get it!"

<Cassie> "Don't mind me, I'll find my own way out of this," Cassie remarked from the floor, still wrapped up tightly in the net. Her attempts to push herself forward were oddly resembling those of a caterpillar.

<Melody> "KEEL!" A panel was ripped off the dalek and the wire guts were sent flying against the far wall. At least the baby was having fun.

<Sue> "Oh for-..." Sue went to help Cassie out with the knife she'd borrowed from their earlier task.

<Cassie> "My saviour!" Cassandra leaped back up on her feet once out of the trap, flashing a grin and extending both arms to celebrate her regained freedom. She thanked Sue by pulling her into a tight out to squeeze the air out of her lungs. "Now let's smash more of these bucket guards and be out of the dreary place!"

<Melody> "By 'let's' you mean my baby, right?"

<Sue> Sue oofed at the hug, "Careful! I'm holding a knife you nutty zombie!"

<Danger> "I believe you have done enough damage already," Danger commented as she paused the program and appeared in one of the doors. "Both to this virtual prison and your reputations. Congratulations on your successful escape - thanks to this infant."

<Melody> "KEEL!"

<Sue> "I fucking told you! This is embarrassing!" Sue flailed, she made sure the blade was no longer a danger before shoving the knife back at Bobby with a force field. "I'm going to get cake.... and gin... anyone else who wants to drown their sorrows can join me in the hot tub." She headed for the door.

<Melody> "Hey! Watch the potty-mouth!" But of course it was too late, "'uckin'!"

<Melody> "... Damnit."

<Melody> "... We have a HOT TUB!?"

<Cassie> "Ooh, wait for me, we can celebrate our victory together," Cassandra remarked, skipping after Sue.

<Danger> "Thank you for making it obvious that the reason for the frequent abductions of students from this school is not their dangerous occupation, but rather the fact that they make for laughably easy prey." Danger made the prison disappear again. "The class is dismissed while I analyse your performance. I'm quite sure you all failed. With the exception of Harmony."

<Melody> "'UCKIN'! KEEL!"

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Re: 8/31 Game: Made of Fail

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lol, sorry I had to leave, the game looked so fun

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