8/24 Game: What? What? In the Butt

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8/24 Game: What? What? In the Butt

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:27 pm

timeline: December 5th

Fabian: Fabian munched thoughtfully at a candy scavenged from one of the floats while on the job.  He had to blend in, after all, right?  "So...there are some really ugly floats, aren't there?"  He commented as he surveyed the crowd.  So far nothing, maybe all of this had been faked.

Jessica: "Personally, I'm not really into the parade thing so I think they're all kind of bad..." Jess wrinkled her nose as a loud one went past and retreated down an alley to climb up to the roof.

Fabian: "Some are more artistic.  I suppose when it's a community thing and not something that's going to be overly televised they don't bring out the big guns, do they?"  No, they were going to possibly have to worry about other big guns today.

Facade: Cecilia stole some of Fabian's candy and wrinkled her nose a little. "It sure ain't carnival or anything, but then again it's supposed to be a memorial for Pearl Harbour so I suppose they can't make it look too festive."

Kevin: Kevin kept his hood up, wary of all the people crushing around them.  Even with his bracelets, he was nervous.  "They're pretty cool.  It took some time and effort to engineer them," he offered, looking around nervously. 

Jessica: "Maybe I'll enjoy them better now that they're at a safe distance..." Jess peered down from her roof.

Fabian: "We should go to Carnival."  Fabian said, momentarily distracted by that wonderful idea as he walked the parade route slowly.  "So, anything questionable so far?  I don't see anything at the roofline on 27th."

Facade: "We have to! It's practically a requirement if Spanish is your native language...or close enough in your case," Cecilia said, smiling and helping herself to more candy.

Jessica: "I don't see anything but that's probably because everyone looks suspicious to me...."

Kevin: "Nothing down at the other end, either," Kevin said, glancing around through binoculars.

Facade: "That or you're completely paranoid," Cecilia muttered, shuffling a little closer to Fabian. "No sign of your sister so far."

Fabian: Fabian just gave a quiet smirk to Cecilia but sighed.  "Soon enough I hope...that's not good to say, is it?"

Jessica: "If it helps, I see plenty of XU students that look very shifty...."

Facade: Cecilia looked up. "I can too, y'know, when you sit on the wall like that it totally doesn't make you look like a sniper - just saying."

Fabian: "The one on the roof or the people watching the parade eating candy?"  Fabian chuckled a bit and looked down the way.  "Is that a duck float?  What does a duck have to do with the military?"

Jessica: "If I was a sniper I'd be lying down and barely visible." Jess rolled her eyes.

Fabian: "Nobody said you were a good one."

Anna-Maria: Laying down, Anna-Maria was situated on an opposing rooftop, looking down at the crowd through the scope of her gun when movement directly across from her caught her attention. Squinting, she repositioned her gun and started to take aim, squeezing the trigger, frowning when the shot went a bit to the left of the girl.

Jessica: "Yes thank you, mr inconspicu- holy shit!" She jumped back from her spot and rolled to her feet, ducking down behind the low wall.

Fabian: And that was a shot.  "Okay, and speaking of snipers, who has sights on that?"

Facade: Cecilia jumped and shielded up as a shot rang out above her and people began screaming and running. "Shit! Did you see where it came from?!"

Jessica: "They shot at me!" Jess wasn't sure she should poke her head up to look for the shooter in case they tried again.

Facade: "No shit!" Cecilia shouted, ducking down and looking for the sniper.

Fabian: Now was the time for crowd control and Fabian went into that mode, herding people against the buildings on to safety.  "Cee, time to bubble things off if you don't mind, provide cover for people now that we know where they're shooting towards."

Kevin: "Where did it come from?"  Kevin remained standing, looking around, too shocked to duck.

Facade: "On it," Cecilia said, putting a shield up around Fabian and herself on the ground. She wasn't going to the hospital for the second time this month or losing her boyfriend after he'd narrowly survived the last shooting.

Jessica: "I'm afraid to look..."

Fabian: The floats were now stopped as the drivers and the riders ran for safety, Fabian stealing one of the megaphones from the closest float to more effectively herd people towards the openings in Cecilia's shield.  "Anyone have sights on the buildings the street behind Jess?"

Facade: Cecilia's eyes searched the rooftops. "I think it came from one of the opposite rooftops - there!" she said, pointing at one of the building where the glint of a scope stood out shiny in the afternoon light.

Jessica: Jess couldn't just sit there the whole time, she decided to try and make for the alley again, relying on her speed.

Kevin: Kevin tried to herd people down a side-street so there would be a building between them and the bullets.  There seemed to only be one shooter.

Fabian: Fabian was beginning to make his way that way, feeling out for any sign of powers and getting a bit of a familiar feeling.  "I believe we know who we're looking for as well."  He said with a dark tone to his voice.

Facade: "Shit," Cecilia muttered, extending several shields in front of her to push through the crowd. "Let's go. If we wanna catch her now's our chance."

Kevin: Kevin followed after Cecilia, directing people to get behind buildings and not the floats.

Anna-Maria: As the girl rolled, Anna-Maria frowned and patiently waited for another shot to open up. Once the girl jumped up and started running away, she pulled the trigger again, firing off a shot. Well, she hadn't planned on shooting her in the ass, but she supposed that would do. Jumping up, she switched positions and spotted a lone person trailing after the girl with forcefields. She fired at him as well.

Jessica: Jess let out a yell of surprise more than pain, the pain came afterwards and she was damn glad she could fly. "I'm so handing in my notice when we get back..."

Facade: "Kevin!" Cecilia shouted, doubling back to see if he was alright. "Where're you hit!?"

Jessica: "Oh yeah that's fine, don't worry about me or anything..." Jess muttered to herself, lowering carefully onto the ground in the alley.

Fabian: "Cee, can you bubble her?!"  Fabian stopped and took shelter just in case, trying to catch a glimpse for the shooter.

Facade: "I'll try!" she said, crouching over Kevin and throwing a forcefield in Anna-Maria's direction.

Kevin: "I'm hit?"  He asked stupidly.  He remembered stumbling, but he didn't feel anything.  He tried to get up, but found that he couldn't.  His arm felt funny.  "My arm...?"  He poked at it, noticing blood dripping from his right hand.  "No, my shoulder."

Jessica: "So am I, in case anyone cares..." She leaned against the wall to take the weight of her injured side.

Facade: "Fuck!" Cecilia exclaimed, trying to apply pressure with one hand while simultaneously keeping her shields up on Anna-Maria.

Fabian: "How bad are you two?  Do I need to do some patching?" Fabian didn't like using his healing since it didn't exactly do any good but at least it'd hold for now.

Jessica: "I can't walk properly, she fucking shot me in the ass!"

Kevin: "I'm bad too."  The pressure  Cecilia was applying was helping the bleeding, but not the panic.

Fabian: Fabian began his boosts to at least get their wounds to start to seal.  "I apologize to your shoulder and your ass when we get home.  It's not going to be pleasant."

Facade: "It'll be alright," Cecilia said to Kevin. "The healing'll hold you over until we get home. It's better than what I had to deal with when Fabian used the healing on me."

Jessica: "Good thing there's a useful professor around..." She was going to have to buy Anna some booze to say thank you. Twice in as many weeks.

Kevin: "Ow, that effing hurts!"  Kevin grimaced.  He did stand up shakily.  "Ok.  Well, that's interesting."  He used the front pocket on his hoodie as a sling.

Jessica: "Where is she now? Do you have her?" Jess looked at Cecilia as she caught up to them.

Anna-Maria: Two down, two more… Or neither was quite down. Anna-Maria frowned at the shields and debated whether she could get through them or not, deciding it couldn't hurt to try. She aimed another shot at the boy and turned her aim on the other, pausing, hesitating at the sight of Fabian.

Fabian: "I see her."  Fabian answered, leaving Kevin and Jessica's wounds alone now to turn his attention to Anna-Maria, pushing her powers hard.

Anna-Maria: As the bullet ricocheted, she practically dropped her weapon as it flew right back by her head, feeling her shields beginning to crumble.

Jessica: She sent Sebastian a quick text to let him know she was alright, despite having been shot in the ass, and moved to find more cover.

Facade: Cecilia winced as Anna-Maria let loose a bullet inside the dome. "Yeah...I got her." Shitshitshit! She actually shot Fabian's sister by proxy! God hated her.

Kevin: Kevin sat back with a scream.  He felt that one all right.  "I'm down.  Really, really down."  He pushed against his side, blood seeping around the gloves.  He smiled.  They had her so now he could pass out quietly. 

Fabian: "I'll have you patched up, don't worry."  It would just really suck later but Fabian went ahead to get ready to knit Kevin back together.

Jessica: Hearing Kevin, Jess ran back to collect him, "I'll get him to cover..." She gathered him up carefully. "Deal with your sister."

Fabian: "Give me a minute and he won't bleed out."  Fabian pointed out and, while there was still some bleeding Fabian decided that was enough, leaving to make his way on up the fire exit towards Anna-Maria.

Jessica: Jess carried Kevin to a safe location and debated staying with him so they didn't lose him to emergency service personnel or something. "Do you need me to come to you?"

Facade: Cecilia followed Fabian. "IfthatbulletsheshotriccochetedandhitherI'msosorry!" she said in a rush to him.

Fabian: "...she did it to herself."  Fabian shrugged, walking up with her, looking for any signs of anyone else being with his sister.

Facade: Cecilia peeked over the edge of the building. "Oh fuck...she's better not be dead," she muttered. "Please don't be dead, please don't be dead - why would she shoot a bullet inside a dome!? What the hell is wrong with her?!"

Jessica: Jess decided to take their ignoring of her as a 'no' and stayed with Kevin.

Fabian: "She's not right."  Fabian admitted, pulling himself over the edge and cautiously approaching his sister. "Fancy meeting you here."

Facade: Cecilia released the dome and put up another shield in front of them just in case.

Anna-Maria: Anna-Maria had stayed down after the ricochet, almost fearing any other shot coming back at her and debating how exactly she was supposed to deal with the Fabian situation. Then, Fabian was there and speaking to her. Part of her really wanted to follow through with the mission Stryker had given to her, but it was her brother, and she could feel all the fear surrounding her from the fleeing crowds…

Jessica: Her phone buzzed with a reply from Sebastian that made her smile - he'd promised to kiss it better. Though now it was slightly weird that she was sat with her ex practically in her lap and unconscious.

Anna-Maria: She stared up at the pair of them, eyes wide, mouth working as she tried to come up with words, only quietly managing, "Help."

Facade: Cecilia shoved the gun away with her foot. "That's what we've been trying to do all this time," Cecilia said, shields still up.

Fabian: "Put the gun down, Anna, we'll get you help."  Fabian said calmly, holding his hands out to hopefully keep her calm.

Anna-Maria: "He'll find me," she insisted quietly to her brother, peering around as if Stryker would know what she was doing at the moment. She felt so ridiculous in this moment, and Fabian would never let her live it down.

Facade: "Like hell he will," Cecilia muttered. "We gotta school full of mutants. I'd like to see him try."

Fabian: "We'll find him."  Whoever this person was Fabian was sure that could be done before getting on the headset. "Jess, you two still good down there?  We're going to need to exit vehicle."

Jessica: "Yeah, we're fine... I'll go get it, give me a few..." She picked Kevin up to take with her and decided it would be easier to just fly back to the van.

Facade: Cecilia wondered if they should try to restrain Anna-Maria but decided against it. Somehow she didn't think Fabian - or Esteban - would be pleased if they took her back to the school in cuffs.

Fabian: Fabian was currently thumbing his tranq gun thinking similar things to Cecilia.  He would give her a chance, confident that he could shoot her if she ran.  "Mind giving us all a lift down, Cee?"

Anna-Maria: With some hesitancy, Anna-Maria pushed the gun aside and slowly pushed herself up, getting to her feet. She should be taking Fabian out, not willingly going with him, but he was her brother.

Jessica: Sitting Kevin safely in the front passenger seat and buckling him in, Jess climbed into the driver's side and started up the engine. "Where do you want us?"

Facade: "You got it," Cecilia said, catching them all in a bubble. "Try not to fire anything inside here. I really don't need another hole in the head."

Fabian: "Just street level of this building, we'll bring her on down."  Fabian replied going to steer his sister on down, very much ready to get back to the school.

Jessica: "Alright, we're on the way," She set off to navigate the streets, deciding to drive mostly on the sidewalk to avoid the floats. She really hoped Fabian's healing held until they got back to the school or it was going to be one hell of an uncomfortable trip.

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